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Lexie is what you would call a normal girl, she attends high school, has friends, and family she loves dearly and would do anything for. The only difference that casts her aside is the fact that her family members are wolves, and she.... is a human. She feels suffocated being the only female offspring her parents conceived, and surrounded by her four brothers who are fiercely protective of her, one of which being her twin that shares a bond with her that is so strong, he feels everything she feels, a bond so strong it confuses everyone, including them. So what will happen when their childhood friend looks at her as more than a friend, and a guy that looks at her like she is the worlds greatest gift? Why is her bond with her twin so unique? Who will help her through the toughest challenge of her life? Who will help her become who she was always meant to be? What is her lifeโ€™s purpose? And who will win Lexieโ€™s heart in the end?

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Chapter 1

Lexie POV

Overprotective. That is what I would call my family, you see, I don't get a chance to do anything reckless or irresponsible. My father and four brothers would be there in a flash if they had even a slight inkling that I'm about to do some dumb shit, I can hear them now "Lexie you know you can't do stuff like this" " Lexie be careful" " Lexie you don't heal like us please be sensible" Lexie bear we just want you to stay safe," like as if I don't know that I'm not one of them. Hell I can't even look at the opposite gender without an orchestra of menacing growls filling the air. You see I'm 17 and didn't shift like normal werewolves do around the age of 16, it's been a year and here I am still as human as the day I was born. Don't they ever think about how that affects me? How I would love to have what they have.? My family has always been protective of me but imagine that tenfold when I didn't shift. So yes I'm human, I just have to come to terms of the fact that I may never get my beautiful beast.

So here I am, lying on my bed, wide awake on a Monday morning. Wallowing in self pity at the fact that I'm not like my family of wolves. I'm human. It's extremely rare, actually it's unheard of for an offspring of two mated Alpha wolves to be completely human, but here I am in the flesh.

No, I need to stop my mental breakdown and accept this, accept that I'm a normal human girl. I'm going to get up and get ready for school, put on my armour of self confidence and self love, and get on with my life, but hear this, I will NOT be weak, I WILL be strong, mark my words.

After I gave myself a much needed pep talk I go to my walk in robe, grab out what I'll be wearing for the day and head to the bathroom to get my morning routine done. I turn the shower on, strip down and get in to allow the hot water to wash away all my insecurities. After I wash my body, hair and shaved, I turn the shower off and wrap a towel around my body.

Walking out to get dressed I hear a knock on my door. "Lex are you nearly done ? Breakfast and coffee is ready." My brother Jace says, " yeah Jace I'll be out in a minute, thanks", with that I hear his retreating footsteps.

"Good morning" I greet my family in which I get back in return as I sit down and salivate over a plate of bacon, eggs and toast with a steaming cup of hot coffee. "So first day back at school, how are you feeling?" my mum asked us, and by us I mean her two sets of twins.

Jace and Cade are my older twin brothers and Michael is my twin, while Kyle is the eldest, he finished school and now he is being trained to take over the 'family business' as I put it, when in reality he will be taking over the Alpha title from our father. "Uh yeah should be fabulous" Michael grumbled, both of us are definitely not morning people, we value our sleep way too much. "Yeah looking forward to it" I said in the same tone. "We on the other hand are happy to be going back, final year should be one to remember" Jace said a little to chirpy for my liking. Both Jace and Cade had big shit eating grins on their faces which can only mean one thing, these sneaky bastards are going to stir some shit up this year for sure. " boys, don't go getting yourself into any trouble, you are to set an example, also make sure you keep an eye on your sister." Dad says as my mouth drops open and my mum gives me a look that says she is sorry. "Might want to pick your jaw up off the ground lil sis" Michael whispers to me with a smirk. Come on I'm only the youngest by 12 minutes. " We will, you have our word" they say in unison, I swear they should be triplets the way they always do that. "good, well best be on your way, don't want you guys being late now do we?." Dad says

I rinse my dishes then put them in the dishwasher and grab my bag, phone and wallet and start walking out the door when my dad speaks up " oh and Lexie bear? No boys yeah." like I could even have a chance, I thought to myself, I opened my mouth to speak but 4 deep growls behind me stop me, I turn and see all four of my brothers eyes glowing with their wolves coming to the surface . Uh huh like I said, I have no chance with brothers that are overprotective. I just roll my eyes and walk to the car.

We arrive at school and as I step out of the car I see one of my best friends Davina walking over, she's also in our pack, beta john's daughter. She is absolutely beautiful, she has long luscious dark brown hair with dark smooth skin and brown eyes that can draw any man in, long legs and full lips, she is mostly the quiet type but when together we bring out the 'loud' part of her "What up hoe" I say as we hug, "not much, hows my main bitch doing?" She asked. "oh you know the usual, tall shadows following me making sure no Greek gods want to sweep me off my feet" I say with a smirk knowing what's coming, just as I finished thinking that we hear growls behind us and we giggle like the school girls we are. "Oh calm your tits you 3, your so easy to ruffle up." They all hug me and say their goodbyes as they walk off to their lockers, " we'll be watching bear" they say in unison again, argh I really wish they would stop doing that. It's creepy. I wave them off and loop my arm around davina's as we walk in the entrance of the school.

"What does your schedule look like?" Davina asks "umm let me look, I have math first" I say as I run my hand down my face, "oh good me too, but what I really meant was let me see your schedule" I give it to her and she squeals, "we have all our classes together!" She exclaims. I haven't shifted and that even hurt my ears. " damn D, no squealing, shit check my ears will you, make sure they aren't bleeding" I say overly dramatic. She just swats my arm and we walk away laughing.

We get through the first half of our classes and now it's lunch. We head to the lunch room to grab some much needed food.

As soon as we step foot in the lunchroom I'm startled when my 6'2 twins arm wraps around my shoulder protectively staring down all the people that dare to look my way. With a low growl everyone looks away and back to their lunches. I roll my eyes and jab my arm into his ribs. " Mikey come on, that was uncalled for" I say to him, when I get a 'no, that was necessary so suck it up' look. I sigh and walk to my table.

When I sit down with my lunch and look around I spot my older brothers at their own table with our fellow pack members laughing and looking relaxed. I'm distracted when I hear a tray being dropped on the table and someone saying "why is school even a thing" that my friend, is my other bestie, third in command Garret's daughter, Sammy. " hey girl, how you been?" I ask in which she said " was great until today, now I have to trudge through the depths of hell until I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer break!" She says overly dramatically. Both davina and I look at each other before looking back to Sammy with wide eyes before we laugh wholeheartedly at her. After a few seconds she joins us, she must have replayed what she said to us in her head. Sammy is also quite the stunner with her fiery red hair, beautiful green eyes, full pink lips, flawless fair skin and long toned legs, but her personality is what draws you in most, with her carefree, unfiltered attitude.

After a few more classes it's time for sport, as davina and I are walking to the girls locker room Sammy joins us "yes bitches we have sport together!" She exclaims before linking her arm with ours. We walk in and get changed, all of us have spandex shorts and sports bras on, "oh man if my brothers see me I'm dead" I say "girl you look hot!" Sammy says, "yes lex, we will help cover from your brothers, they need to let you breathe girl" I nod and sigh, "let's get this over with" I say and with that we walk to the field.

"Listen up class!" Our teacher Mr Evans shouts, "today we will have groups of three running laps together as a warm up before we get into some soccer, so go ahead, get into your groups and start running the track. You have a 10 minute warm up then I'll call you all back to start the game, Go!" He shouts.

"Well let's go get some sweat on these bodies" I say as we start lightly jogging around the track.

A/N: Cover credit goes to the one and only Epiphany!


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