The Perfect Rejection

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His face suddenly turned to stone and he grabbed my arm, dragging me into the janitor's closet. "I, Derek Thayne, reject Roxanne Meyers as my mate," he spat and I snarled. "I accept your rejection." *** Alphas always have to be careful when it comes to their children; they’re the perfect targets to the pack's enemies. No one was prepared though when the rogues attacked the Black River Pack and kidnapped the Alpha and his family. For months they were tortured, focusing mostly on the youngest child: Roxanne Meyers. Roxanne endured the abuse for months, constantly reminding herself that she was the daughter of an Alpha, that they would not break her. But one day she had no choice but to succumb to their demands. She returned to a pack that hated her; she killed their Alpha and Luna. Even her brother turned on her. She became the lowest ranking wolf in the pack: the omega. Every attempt to escape the pack's abuse failed and her only hope was to find her mate. But her mate was none other than Derek Thayne, the son of the Alpha who took over following her parents' deaths. After accepting his rejection, she escaped to a nearby pack and with the help of a new alpha, thrived and rose up through the ranks in her new pack. But unfortunately for Roxanne, Derek Thayne was far from finished with his rejected mate. And he wasn't going to let the threat of war stand in his way.

Fantasy / Romance
Chris Kelley
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Chapter One

I yelped as his slap left a stinging sensation across my face. "I apologize Gamma, it will not happen again," I stammered, my voice shaky. My head was bowed so low that my neck was starting to ache.

"I know it won't happen it again," he growled and grabbed a handful of my hair.

I cried out at the pain that shot through my scalp. I struggled to stay standing as he dragged me through the hallway of the pack house. Tears ran down my face as I put pressure on my foot, already broken.

My eyes suddenly widened when we approached a heavy silver door with two massive men guarding it. I started to shake my head but it did nothing to stop the Gamma from shoving me to my knees.

One of the guards yanked my hands behind my back and I screamed as silver cuffs were suddenly around my wrists. The metal burned through my skin and I felt blood trickling down to my fingertips.

The guard pushed me through the door and I started down the stone steps, my shoulders shaking with each sob that escaped my lips. He shoved me again as we neared the bottom and I ended up tripping over my broken foot.

My shriek was abruptly cut off when my face smashed into the cold stone floor. My sharp canines tore through my lip and I bit down hard on my tongue. The metallic tang of blood filled my mouth; I gagged when it started to run down my throat. My shoulders nearly popped out of their sockets when the guard forced me back onto my feet.

My legs immediately collapsed underneath me so he locked his arm around my waist and carried me. I caught sight of bloody bodies in the cells as my own was hauled through the prison.

The reek of rogues hit me like a wave and my nose wrinkled in disgust. A shudder ran down my spine. It was the pack prison: it was where all the traitors, criminals, and rogues stayed until their inevitable deaths.

I was taken to the very back of the prison before being dropped roughly into the silver-barred cell. I howled in agony as the handcuffs nearly seared through my wrists at the harsh movement.

A sickening crack echoed in my ears as my head hit the concrete floor and everything started to fade. I vaguely heard my cell door slam close before everything went black.

"Wake up you fugly mutt!" a familiar voice growled.

My eyes snapped open just as their foot connected with my stomach. My body curled around it and I gasped at the force of the hit.

The world spun as I was forced to my feet. I swayed violently and tried to catch myself but only succeeded in burning my wrists even more. I gritted my teeth as my bare knees hit the floor.

"Get up, we have school in thirty minutes and you have to bring us breakfast," he spat and I nodded.

I took a deep breath before slowly rising to my feet. My head was pounding and waves of pain rolled over my body.

I stumbled out of my cell and to the stairs before a grimace crossed my face. I clenched my jaw and pushed through the agony of climbing the steps. At the top, one of the guards took off my silver cuffs making me sigh in relief.

I touched my wrists as gently as I could but even the lightest pressure made it sting. Bloody blisters covered my skin and my arms were stained brown with dried blood.

I let out a small yelp when hands shoved me forward and I nearly fell onto my face again.

"Move!" He hissed and I limped down the hallway.

I ignored the dirty looks everyone gave me as I passed and continued stumbling through the pack house. I managed to make it to the kitchen without falling and muttered a few curse words when he left.

I quickly took the food from the cooks out to the dining room. The six teenagers ate the food quickly, deliberately making a mess.

They made sure nothing was left though, nothing I could eat anyway. My stomach growled as I gathered up their plates and brought them back into the kitchen.

I looked for any sign of Tanya but she was nowhere to be seen. Damn it, I thought, my heart dropping. Tanya was the only one that took pity on me, when she was working she would sneak me food, but I hadn't seen her in days.

I left the kitchen with a heavy sigh of defeat. Just as I started up the stairs though, fingers curled my arm tightly. I winced as his nails dug into my skin and his vice-grip sent a painful tingling along forearm.

"Remember what happens if you're late again," the voice growled in my ear.

I nodded with a small whimper and he shoved me away from him with a hard push. Love you too big brother.

My eyes watered when I saw that his fingers left bruises on my skin. I hurried up the stairs, using the railing to stay off my injured foot. Over the last few weeks the pain had started to dull. Half the time it felt more like a dead weight than an injured appendage.

I stumbled into my bedroom—well, closet was more fitting—at the back of the house. I eased off my bloody shorts and T-shirt and quickly looked at the time.

7:40. "Fuck," I growled. School started in twenty minutes and it was almost a mile away.

I grabbed the bandages out of my first aid kit and wrapped them around my wrists as tight as I could without losing feeling in my fingers. I carefully slipped on a pair of baggy sweatpants and an old sweatshirt then shoved another roll of bandages in my backpack.

I slid my feet into a pair of dirty boots and snatched my backpack before rushing out of the pack house. I paused just inside the forest.

I had only shifted once in my entire life. Not shifting normally made your wolf dangerous and uncontrollable, but mine just went ghost. Sometimes I wondered if I ever actually had a wolf.

I stood completely silent for a minute, staring at the ground.

I finally shook my head with a growl of frustration. I can't do it.

Using a stick and my bandages, I splinted my ankle and hobbled through the trees. My entire body ached and throbbed with each step but I managed to get to the school.

There were a few people wandering around, so I had only a couple minutes before the bell rings.

I limped to my class and walked in seconds before the bell. I staggered to the back of the room, as far away from my pack members as possible.

I got a quick glance and smirk from my brother. He knew how close I was to being late.

He was two years older than me at 18, but his size made him look much older.

I got the worst treatment from him; he blamed me for the death of our parents and constantly reminded me of it. I'd always thought big brothers were supposed to be supportive, then again, I also thought that I would've escaped from here by now. How naïve am I?

I waited for home room to end before making my way to my next class. I sat at the back of the room again, staring down at the desk.

The school was for werewolves only so nobody bothered me. Nobody tried to help either. I smelled strongly of rogues with the faint hint of a pack—the easily identifiable scent of an omega, so they distanced themselves as much as possible.

The teachers were wolves too, and they cared even less than the students. Some of them even encouraged the students to treat me like dirt.

I suppose that's what I get for killing the last Alpha and his mate.

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