The Perfect Rejection

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His face suddenly turned to stone and he grabbed my arm, dragging me back into the janitor's closet. "I, Derek Thayne, reject Roxanne Meyers as my mate," he said immediately. My lips twisted into a grimace. "I accept your rejection," I spat. *** Alphas have to be careful when it comes to their family; they are the perfect targets to the pack's enemies. No one was prepared when the rogues attacked the Black River Pack and kidnapped the Alpha and his family. For months they were tortured, focusing on the youngest child. Roxanne endured the abuse for months, constantly reminding herself that she was the daughter of an Alpha, that they would not break her. But one day, she had no choice but to succumb to their demands. She returned to a pack that hated her; she killed their Alpha and Luna. Even her older brother turned on her. She became the lowest ranking wolf in the pack: the omega. Every attempt to escape the pack's abuse failed and her only hope was to find her mate. But her mate was none other than Derek Thayne, the son of the Alpha who took over following her parents' deaths. After accepting his rejection, she escaped to a nearby pack with the help of her new Alpha. She was thriving and rising up the ranks in her new pack. But unfortunately for Roxanne, Derek was far from finished with his rejected mate. And he wasn't going to let the threat of war stand in his way.

Fantasy / Romance
Chris Kelley
Age Rating:

Chapter One

I knew the ‘worst day of your life’ was supposed to be relative, but, what would you call it when every single day seemed to be the worst day of your life?

Normal, I guess.


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