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Raven (Book One of the Dark Lycans Series)

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The first installment of the Dark Lycans series. They live beside werewolves in the dark, deadly forests. Most fear them, but every once in a while, a few arrogant wolves believe they can destroy The Hunters. The Hunters show no mercy towards those who defy them. Trained from a young age, these highly skilled assassins bow down to no one. Raven is the first and last female to ever be a part of The Hunters. She is one of the cruelest beings in the species, the only problem is, she isn't a pure blood hunter. She has the same abilities as the hunters, but she also has many dark secrets that would put her life in danger, if they ever found out.

Fantasy / Thriller
Chris Kelley
4.8 36 reviews
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"I hope Fenrir doesn't find out about this or we will both be dead by morning." Two shadows appeared by a large mansion.

There was a man and a woman, the man carried a sleeping girl.

"What makes you think the Hunters will accept her anyway, there is no such thing as a female hunter?" The woman asked.

"Although she is a female, they will take her because she has the training, and markings of a pure blood hunter." The man beside her had a deep voice, it echoed through the forest around the mansion.

"What markings?"

"The silver chain tattoo around her neck."

"Oh, right. You know what? This is a bad idea, we should just take her back, Fenrir will find out somehow, he always does," she said in a frightened voice. The man quickly shushed her, and walked up to the mansion door.

"He will never know it was us, now knock please." She huffed but did as she was told. The door opened immediately.

"Bring her inside," a gruff voice said. An older man lets them in, and leads them to a bed inside.

"She won't remember anything right?"

"Only what we want her to."

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