Blood (Book Three of the Dark Lycans Series) *Discontinued*

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The third book in The Dark Lycans series. The Dark Forest Pack and the Silver Bloods Pack are at war. Raven and Blake, former mates, now Alphas of enemy packs, fight for dominance. The pack of Lycans against the largest pack in North America, it is the largest war in the history of werewolves. Shade and Raven lead attacks, and do whatever they can to protect their pack. Their world of pain, death and torture returns worse than before. Raven is slowly loosing control over her hunger for blood, and right now Shade is the only one who can help. The two become a dangerous pair and will do whatever it takes to get rid of the enemy. Unfortunately, their enemy turns out to be smarter and deadlier than either of them expected. But desperate time call for desperate measures, and the Dark Forest Pack will soon be known as the land from which there is no return.

Chris Kelley
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Chapter One: Trouble

"Who do you wish to fight?" I ask the rogue in front of me. He points into the crowd, and I see Shade. She looks around to see who he is pointing at, but I want her to fight.

"Shade, come down please!" I call. She gives me a surprised look before shrugging and jumping down into the arena.

I announce the rules and blow the whistle. The rogue immediately lunges at Shade, and she ducks, landing a kick on his side.

They were pushed away from each other, and the rogue gasps for breath. Shade quickly shoots forward and kicks his head. He falls to the ground, knocked out cold.

Shade turns to me with a smirk, and I nod with a smile. Yelling sounds from my pack, about how it was unfair.

They yell that Shade should not have been able to fight, because she is not part of the pack. I turn and growl loudly at them.

They whimper and back off. I look back to see Shade walking out of the training center. My pack starts yelling at me again.

"Alpha why is she here? She isn't even apart of the pack!" Someone yells. I storm out of the arena and up to the viewing area.

"Who just said that?" I demand. The man comes forward and I recognize him as Adam. He was in his early twenties, and didn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

"Do you really believe she should not be here?" I ask him.

"Yes, she is not part of the pack," he says.

"So the only reason you are allowed to be here is because you are part of the pack, right?" I ask him, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Well, yeah I guess," he shrugs.

"And who decides whether you are in the pack or not?" I ask. He looks around confused, before looking back at me.

"You do," he says unsure.

"That's right, and I will not have a pack full of whining pussies! So shut the fuck up before I slit your throats!" I snarl, extremely pissed off, my eyes burning red.

His eyes widen in fear and he shows his neck to me.

"Forgive me Alpha," he whimpers. I shake my head, and show a disappointed face.

"No, I will not forgive you. You have shown disrespect to me more than once now, and you will endure a punishment of my choice. Anyone else want to join him?" I ask the rest with a glare. They all immediately shake their heads and sumbit.

"That's what I thought, now you are staying in a silver cell until I decide on your punishment," I spit. He looks up with wide eyes and begins to protest.

I grab him by the throat and lift him off the ground.

"You better accept my orders without question, or you become my new punching bag. Do you remember what happened to Scott?" I ask with narrowed eyes.

"Yes Alpha, I remember. I understand," he gasps, clutching at his throat. I drop him to the ground, and motion for two warriors to take him to the cell.

Scott was the name of a Lycan who repeatedly disrespected me. I ended up beating him to death as an example to the others.

Lycans were stronger than norm wolves, both physically and mentally. They are very stubborn and difficult to control, so I had to be harsh or this pack would not work.

The rest of the wolves quickly dispersed, and left my sight.

There was another attack, we found two of Blake's wolves at the border. One had his chest torn open, and the other was knocked out. We put him in prison, Luke suddenly mindlinks me.

"Shade," I say breathing out with a growl.

There were more than two, and I know who did it, I reply shaking my head.

What makes you so sure?

Because Blake doesn't just send two, and the Lycan who did this knows how to scare other wolves away, I sigh through the link.

We'll take care of it, I suggest you talk to that Lycan though. Luke must have caught that I wanted to keep it a secret.

Thanks, notify me of anything else that happens, I say ending the connection. I walk out of the arena and smell the air.

Jace suddenly appears beside me with a few other wolves.

"What's happening?" He asks.

"I'm going to find Shade," I tell him.

"You don't sound too happy," he points out with a raised eyebrow.

"That's because I'm pissed," I growl and storm through the trees. I can smell Shade and Camryn, I guess they are near the river.

I hear rustling as we reach the river, and I burst through the trees to see Shade and Camryn. I I growl at Shade before grabbing her arm and dragging her back to the house.

I pushed her inside and glared at her. Shade just rolls her eyes.

"What? I needed to blow off some steam. Some of these wolves are pissing me off," she mutters, making me roll my eyes.

"Stop being such a baby," I growl at her. I see her clamp her mouth shut, and but I could tell she was about to growl back.

I watch her eyes glaze over as she mindlinks someone.

Is Camryn mindlinking? I ask Derek.

How'd you guess? He snorts.

Shade is too, you better talk to Camryn about leaving like that, I order him.

Already on it Alpha, he says. I look to see Shade laugh a little. She sat on the couch and I gave her a lecture.

"You really need to stop going so close to the border," I growl. She nods every now and then, and I bet she wasn't even listening for the most part.

When I was finished yelling at her, I left the room, muttering under my breath that there should be more patrols on that border.

I hear Hailey in her room, and I knock on her door.

"Who is it?" She calls.

"Raven," I say and she opens the door immediately. My eyes widen at the sight of her face. She had a large bruise on the side of her jaw.

"What the hell happened?" I growl.

"Oh, some of the other wolves were yelling at Rosa, I got in the middle of it, and ta-da!" She says sarcastically.

"Who hit you?"

"Uh, I think his name is Adam," she tells me. I feel my eyes turn red again, and my teeth sharpen into points.

"That wolf is going to fucking die!" I snarl.

"Woah, seriously? Over me getting hit?" Hailey shrieks.

"He disrespected me this morning several times, many times before as well. Also he has been the source of the problems towards Camryn, Aiden, Rosa and Shade. This is the last straw," I growl.

"Well, nothing I say will stop you, so go right ahead," she shrugs. I turn away from her and storm out of the house.

I walk through the forest until I reach the prison. The guards let me in immediately and I run down the stairs. There were three sections of the massive underground prison.

There are solitary cells, silver cells, and the regular group cells. I storm through the hallway to the silver cells.

There were a few Lycans in there, but the one that caught my eye was Adam. I stomp to his cell and reach through the bars.

I grab the collar of his shirt and slam him against the bars. He screams as the silver burns his skin.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I growl shoving him away. He stumbles and falls onto the stone floor.

"What do you mean?" He mumbles rubbing his burned skin.

"You hit Hailey? The girl who has been our pack doctor for nearly three months now?" I yell.

"She got in the way!" He tries to defend. I laugh but there is no amusement in it.

"Oh so you meant to hit Rosa, is that what you're saying?" I ask, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yes, wait-no! I'm so sorry, forgive me Alpha," he whimpers.

"You don't deserve to be forgiven. Open up cell S17!" I yell down the hallway. I hear a clicking and the door is unlocked.

I yank it open and drag Adam out. I lock an arm around around his neck and force him to walk out the hallway.

I drag him up the stairs and shove him into the forest. He falls onto the ground, and coughs violently once I release my hold on his neck.

I wait for him to get up, and he takes off running to the main clearing. I run after him and catch him in the middle of the clearing.

All of the Lycans are watching now, curious to see what is going on. I put Adam in a chokehold, and force him onto his knees.

"I will not tolerate any Lycans in my pack who fight or threaten another Lycan. I especially do not tolerate one who will disrespect me as well," I announce to my pack. I readjust my grip on Adam's neck, and I feel him start to shake in fear.

"There is only one punishment a Lycan like that deserves, and that is all they will get in my pack."

My arms jerk, and a cracking sound fills the air. Several pack members gasp in shock. I step back and Adam's body falls forward, landing with a thud in the grass.

"You killed him!"

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