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Gone (Book Two of the Dark Lycans Series)

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Sequel to 'Raven', the second book in the Dark Lycans series. The prequel 'Silver' will help you understand this book a little better if you are confused. It is about Raven's mother and father, it also talks about Raven's older brother. With Blake missing, Raven has stepped in as acting Alpha. The Games are on and taking place at the Silver Bloods Pack. One of the Luna's of another pack goes missing, and Raven goes off to find her. She eventually finds Shadow White of the Shattered Pack, but they are both captured by the same people that took Blake. They find themselves in a place of blood and death, and Raven learns more of her past. Her family is revealed and she discovers why her wolf has changed into a bloodthirsty monster. Her hunger to kill has grown so great, not even her mate is safe. The Shattered Pack are from SunFireStar's book, Shattered. Her book is almost the same as Gone, but from a different POV. We have started working together, so please read her books they are amazing!!!!

Fantasy / Thriller
Chris Kelley
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Chapter One: Fighting

Blood and glass flooded my vision, as I burst through the window. The shards flew all around me, cutting through my skin and turning my black fur red with my own blood.

I fell three stories, and landed gracefully on my paws in the soft grass. It was still dark outside, a thunderstorm with lightning providing the only light, but I knew that the sun would come up in a couple of hours.

Shaking the glass from my pelt, I angrily ran straight into the forest, eerie in the moonlight. My blood was pumping hard, as I pushed my legs to carry me faster through the forest to the other side of the pack's territory.

I skidded to a halt in front of the large house that belonged to my Beta. Barking loudly to get their attention, I paced impatiently in front of the door.

Jinx walked out wearing only a sports bra and spandex, glaring at me. But her anger turned to shock when she saw my appearance from the light provided by the flashes of lightning.

I saw fear in her eyes, and she slowly walked towards my bloody wolf form.

"What the hell happened?" She breathed out. My ears flattened against my head, and I growled quietly at the memory.

Blake's missing, I told her through the pack link. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

"Since when?"

Since I thought he cheated on me. I know its not him, because whoever impersonated him, his wolf had green eyes, not blue.

"What do we do?" She asked. I shook my head, and felt my lips lifting in the beginning of a snarl.

A growl erupted from my chest, my wolf furious as ever. I shifted into my human form so I could talk.

Footsteps brought me out of my angry trance. I looked up and saw Jackson walking towards us. He took a quick look at me, before tossing me his shirt. I put it on and thanked him quickly

Jinx quickly filled him in, and he was even more surprised than his mate.

Jackson's eyes went wide, "We don't have an Alpha."

"Hello, I'm right here," I said waving a hand in front of his face.

"We can't have a female Alpha."

I started growling lowly, and I could feel my eyes changing color.

"Why not?" I could hear my Alpha voice coming through. He had a panicked look in his eyes, and he quickly put his head down.

"Forgive me Alpha," he said showing me his neck, a sign of submission. I flicked my hand in a dismissing manner, and he stood up causiously.

Jinx gave me a curious look, but shook her head to clear it.

"Time to make a pack announcement."


"Please do not panic, we will find him," I said trying to calm the frightened crowd. My words didn't do anything to calm them however, and the roars was becoming deafening.

"Silence!" I yelled in my Alpha voice. The crowd was instantly quiet, as well as confused, but I'm just glad I am not in heat anymore. Now they are all staring at me rather than just the males.

"For now, we must go about business as usual, we are a target right now. All of the Silver Bloods Pack's enemies will see this as an advantage, we must prevent any conflict." My voice came out strong and powerful.

"What about the Games?" Someone called out.

I almost forgot about that, I thought.

"We will figure that out later," I decided.

"Now, we must act as if Alpha Blake is still here, and for now, I will be temporary acting Alpha for the Silver Bloods Pack," I announced.

"We can't have a female Alpha!" I heard a pack member yell.

"Who believes they should take place of me?" I asked challengingly. My lips curled into a smirk when a dozen wolves volunteered.

"Very well, if you want the position of temporary Alpha, you have to fight me." A couple of the men grinned. Oh this is going to be fun, my wolf growled playfully.

I was glad that I had bothered to shower and change into a crop top and spandex shorts. I wanted to be able to move freely, and this seemed like the best option. Also, I was covered in blood, not a pretty sight.

I started heading down to a clearing in the forest, the rest of the pack following me. In my head, I was still trying to figure out why they thought they could win a fight against me.

Shrugging, I concluded that they must be really stupid. The pack formed a circle around me and another man. Thankfully the thunderstorm had stopped, but my happiness was short lived, as light rain drops started falling again.

The rain slowly turned from a light sprinkle, to a slow drizzle. I could feel the ground underneath my feet turn to mud. My sneakers were sinking, so I kicked them off into the trees.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust when the mud sank between my toes. A chuckle brought my head up to see the man smirking. Jackson came up between us, and started listing some rules.

I quickly tied my hair up, so it wouldn't block my vision in the light rain. Jackson yelled something and jumped back.

I assumed he said go because as soon as he was out of the way, the man leaped towards me. I easily stepped out of the way as he flew past me.

Suddenly, I remembered that Jackson had said it was a challenge for the Alpha title, even if the title was only temporary, meaning it was to the death. I also recall that it can't be stopped after first blood.

My head snapping to the side brought me out of my thoughts. I could taste blood in my mouth and realized that I got punched in the face.

Smirking, I spit the blood out of my mouth to signify the First Blood. Everyone around me gasped, this was the first time they have seen me even get touched by my opponent.

I cracked my neck, and did a front flip over the man. My legs flipped over my head, and my body went over his head. I grabbed under his chin as I flipped over him.

Putting power in my arms, I brought his body with me, and flipped him over my head as I landed. His body went flying away from me, and into a tree.

I walked over to where the man was groaning, trying to sit up. Putting an arm around his neck, I dragged him back to the crowd of onlookers.

"Any last words?" I asked.

"Blake should be proud to have a mate like you," he sighed in defeat.

"No one deserves a mate like me, I kill without feeling anything," I said before snapping his neck. My face remained emotionless, as I stood up.

"Are we finished here?" I asked the crowd. A woman pushed her way through the crowd, a determined look on her face. I raised a brow at her defiant look, strange on a 35 year old woman.

"I would be a better Luna, and Acting Alpha than you," she said pointing to herself.

"What makes you say that?" I had a skeptical look on my face.

"I'm older, and more experienced. Plus I am one of the best warriors in the pack," she replied with a smirk.

"I seriously doubt you're more experienced, but you are older than me by 15 years, so I guess your argument is somewhat valid." I titled my head side to side, debating her response.

"How are you more experienced than me?" She asked in disbelief.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Some lowlife wolf whose pack rejected her," she dismissed. My mouth fell open, along with Jinx's who was suddenly beside me.

"My name is Raven, but I am also known as Satan's Killer," I smirked at her paled face. Satan's Killer was what I was often called in the werewolf community. They believed I was doing Satan's dirty work.

"I'm not afraid of you," she tried to say in a powerful voice, but everyone saw her trembling figure.

"Do you still want to fight me for the Luna's, and Acting Alpha's title?"

"Yes," she said moving in front of me. I shrugged and nodded to Jackson. He repeated the rules, and then stepped back.

Instead of attacking immediately, we started circling each other. I watched her eye movements, and when they flicked to my stomach, I ducked.

She leaped for my waist as I had expected, and ended up flying over my head. I stood up and turned around to see her shifting into her wolf.

I shifted into my smallest wolf, to throw her off. It looked similar to a small white fox.

When she turned around, I saw her brown wolf was a fairly large size, but still small compared to my normal wolf. I saw her give me a wolfish grin, and she growled.

She leaped at me with bared teeth. I jumped back slightly, and started shifting into my normal wolf. I watched with satisfaction as her brown eyes widened in fear. I guess not everyone knew I had more than one wolf.

My black wolf towered over hers, and I slowly stalked towards her. She shook her head and suddenly rushed at me. I brought up a huge paw, and slammed it into her snapping jaws.

She yelped in pain, and fell back from the impact. When her wolf regained her feet, we saw the blood pouring from her muzzle.

Her lips curled up in a snarl, and I growled loudly. The ground shook with the intensity of my growl, and she cowered down in fear.

I grapped her by the neck, and bit down hard, crushing her spine. Her body fell limp to the ground, and blood covered my face.

I turned around, and shifted back into my human form. Blood and mud covered my body, but I didn't care. I also didn't care that I was standing in front of my pack, naked.

Apparently Jackson did, because he ran up to me with a towel. I took it from him and wrapped it around my body to please him. He smiled at me and stepped back.

"We accept you as leader of this pack," he announced. My eyes widened as they all started kneeling down.

"Please forgive us Alpha," they said and paused for a moment. All of their heads tilted and their necks were shown to me in submission.

Why are they calling me Alpha? I'm the Luna, and only the temporary Alpha, so why are they doing this?

"Alpha who?" I asked in confusion, turning around trying to figure out who they were referring to. I looked back to see them staring directly at me.

"Alpha Raven Blackwood."

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