Destiny and Fate: The Children of Legacy Vol. 1

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An Angel's Prayer

Months had passed since that fateful day. Having learned more than what they needed to learn to become adults, the students had gone their separate ways. The challenges that awaited them in the future would most likely pale in comparison to what they had already faced.

On this morning the windows of Archer’s home had all been opened wide to allow the splendors of the day to flow through freely.

Vera was seated by her bedroom window. Cradled ever so carefully in her arms was her infant girl. Kneeling beside them was Archer, who was still at a loss by the miracle that he had played a part in creating.

The proud parents gazed into each other’s eyes. The joy was so evident in both of them that neither had to say a word to express how they felt.

Later in the day, Aiko made her way to the top of a hill in a neighboring kingdom. Upon reaching her destination, she stretched her arms as high above her head as they would go and breathed in as much of the fresh air as her lungs could hold. She then took in the view of a majestic mountain range in the distance.

A strong gust of wind blew across the hilltop, mussing Aiko’s hair. As Aiko fixed her appearance, Sage took his place beside her. He had learned long ago to always allow Aiko to win a race up a hill, or be subjected to a series of competitions.

Realizing that Aiko was now staring at him, Sage fixed his gaze on her. Aiko used the opportunity to nestle herself against him. Had she been given the chance to do so, Aiko surely would have chosen to stay in the moment forever.

The sun had begun to set in the distance. Jaycee, much like Sage and Aiko, stood atop a hill in a distant kingdom. She had been traveling non-stop since she left the others, with never more than a night’s rest to interrupt her journey.

In Jaycee’s hands were petals of a rich shade of purple. “James,” she said. “I will find you, I swear it.” Jaycee then looked to the sky, and when she did, a powerful gust of wind caught her by surprise. It sent a chill through Jaycee’s body and took the petals from her hands. Like butterflies, the petals fluttered on the wind and disappeared into the distance.

“Please, James. Please wait for me.”

The final remnants of the day had long since withered to nothing, giving way to the night. James found himself traveling through a shadow filled forest. He had no real destination, so he would spend his days traveling until he found a reason to stop.

A faint ray of moonlight found its way through the thick cover of leaves overhead, prompting James to stop and look to the sky. When he did, petals of the richest shade of purple showered down upon him.

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