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Chapter 7 - Rose Perfume

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“Let’s resume our walk to my Nana, my lady,” said Duke of Wolfbury taking her hand again around his arm. While walking down the corridor, a rose smell came to his nostrils. It was from Alexandria’s hair. The perfume went down through his body and had a faint trembling. Though he was strong as a bull, his steps were smaller and needed to walk slower. The delay of reaching destination would excite him. Her delicate grip around his arm, her gracious walk, her white and perfect porcelain face with faded pink on her lips made him approach her more and close the distance between them. Her lips were singing a serenade to capture him with each word Alexandria spoke.

They reached the area were Nana resided. Her chambers were fit for a queen. Nana attended briefly the festivities, but because of her old age, her hearing wasn’t as it used to, and her sight was helping her at half capacity. She was still strong and vivacious, yet never a fan to show herself in public. Everyone thought she was a distant relative to the Wolfbury house. Her noble features and educated nature surfaced in her meetings and would leave quite an impression on her interlocutors. Her wardrobe was both simple and elegant. Nana was in fact a former servant of the late Duchess. When Lady Antoinella died, she was around 35 years old. Nana was the name the Duchess gave her as a nickname. She knew all about the late Duchess, but you wouldn’t hear her speak a word about Antoinella Seymour. Not for the good, nor for the bad. Some said she was the late Duchess’s cousin, others that she was her best friend, and a few said she was her attendant.

“Nana?” shouted Antony with a strong manly voice to mark his appearance, “May I enter?”

“Yes, my child, come in! I can feel you have a guest! Come on in, both of you!” answered Nana with a sweet voice, like a grandmother that welcomed her grandchildren.

“Oh, Nana, you are clever as always! Nothing gets past you!” giggled Antony Seymour. “Here is Lady Alexandria. We have a question for you.”

“Who? Lady Alexandria? Hmm, Lady Alexandria of Shuterland? Come closer, my child. Let me see you.” said Nana that left her armchair and a book on her coffee table to welcome Alexandria.

“Good evening, my lady. I am Alexandria of Shuterland indeed. You are such a knowledgeable person, my lady,” answered Alexandria with a lady bow in front of Nana.

“Oh, my dear, you don’t have to bow in front of me!” laughed Nana. “I don’t have the title for that, sweetheart,” and took Alexandria’s hand to take her have a seat at the coffee table.

“Thank you, my lady. But you are the lady of the house and you have my respects nonetheless.” Alexandria received Nana’s invitation and sat with utmost grace on the chair she was appointed.

“Could I give you something to drink, my dear?” inquired Nana with the grin of a grandmother that hadn’t seen her granddaughter for ages.

“Thank you, my lady, but I am alright. You are kind, thank you.” Alexandria never accepted food or drink from someone, not that she couldn’t eat or drink, but because she wanted to be safe from potions and such.

“Stop calling me lady, just call me Nana. Antony brought you here, so you are the same to me. Let’s drop the honorifics. We are among ourselves now.” Required Nana with a familiar approach.

“Oh, thank you, my ..., Nana.” Replied Alexandria with a genuine smile.

“Antony dearest. I don’t think I have seen such a beauty since your grandmother. Not that your mother wasn’t beautiful, but these two are real gems.” Nana was a frank person. She didn’t like sweettalk. When she was sweet in her talking, she was sincere. If the situation demanded, she would say things at their real worth. At her age, going around the bush wasn’t something she would do. Even in her young years she would be a direct person and responsible for the consequences of her actions. It was obvious she had a unique position in the Wolfbury home, as she raised both Antony and his father.

Antony kept his gentleman pose and nod his head agreeing with Nana. “I think the same, Nana. She smells like roses, too,” added Antony to his Nana’s praise of Alexandria.

“But why is your hand so cold, dear?” Nana took Alexandria’s hand in her hands and tried to rub them to give her warmth.

“I am fine, Nana, really. I am like that since I was a child.” Alexandria intended to retract her hand but knew Nana wouldn’t approve.

“My child, you need some tonic. Let me bring you some,” said Nana in a try to go and fetch a tonic bottle when Alexandria stopped her.

“No, Nana, it’s fine. I feel alright. I had some before I came to Wolfbury tonight. Don’t worry.” Alexandria took Nana’s hands into her own. “Having Nana’s hands is all I need to recover.”

“Alright, sweetheart,” sighted Nana, “You said you have a question for me, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” replied Sir Antony, “We would like to ask you if you would agree for Lady Alexandria to be our guest for a period. I invited her, but she required to have the permission of the lady of the house. She doesn’t want her stay here to be misinterpreted. Her reputation may be at stake if she doesn’t have the care and permission of a lady from here. So, what would you answer to that, Nana?” informed her Sir Antony with a hidden wink that fortunately his Nana saw.

“Why wouldn’t I agree with that? I would be more than delighted to attend you for your stay here, my dear. That would be such an exciting atmosphere! Between us dear, this castle needs a young lady’s touch and presence. It would be such an honor! The castle would feel life again as most of the time, this young man is out at war or strategic visits. It becomes such a dull air not having young people here. There are the noblemen and court ladies, but they aren’t family. You know what I mean. Whereas having you, is like having a granddaughter here with me, and Wolfbury will feel the same. My answer is yes, dear.” Nana patted Alexandria’s hand as a sign of acceptance.

“Well, now you have the answer, my lady,” intervened Duke of Wolfbury, “you are welcomed to stay here as long as you need and desire, Lady Alexandria,” continued Antony with smiling eyes having a gentleman pose. “My house is your house, and whatever you need, you just have to ask.”

“Thank you, my lord. Thank you, Nana. I would not disturb you with my stay longer than it’s needed,” smiled back Alexandria. “May I ask where I will stay? I am a bit tired from the journey here and would need some rest, if you don’t mind,” asked Alexandria looking at Nana.

“Oh, I don’t mind dear. I am sure it was a long trip. I think it’s best for you to have the late Duchess’s chambers. They are a perfect fit for you. No one could stay there so far, but when I look at you, I can see her. Therefore, they are welcoming you for your stay, dearest,” decided Nana with the same warmth she had since she laid eyes on Alexandria. “Antony’s chambers are in the same area. He might have felt alone there, but now will feel no more. You young people can talk all you want in that side without being interrupted,” concluded Nana looking at Antony Seymour who’s heart started beating fast, but giving no answer.

“I couldn’t stay there, Nana, it’s not right for various reasons. I can’t stay in chambers next to those of a man and I couldn’t disturb Duchess’s chambers. That would be disrespectful,” contradicted Alexandria Nana’s arrangements with a panicked attitude. “I am fine with any other room, I don’t have requirements. As long as the room has a window and a bed, I am satisfied,” said Alexandria with a humble tone.

“She is just like your grandmother when I first met her. Oh, how fast years pass... It was like yesterday when I heard her speak like this...,” said Nana turning her head into Antony’s direction. “As for you, young lady, I will not take no for an answer. And that’s final. I will have the servants open up the room for you. Don’t worry, everyday cleaning is done, and the room has the perfect view and air as its windows are on the garden’s side. You will have the best rest of your life in there,” ordered Nana while she went outside to give instructions to servants.

“I...,” was the only thing Alexandria could express before Nana left the room.

“If Nana decides on something, it’s almost impossible to change her mind. Let’s go to your chambers, my lady. I will lead the way.” Said Sir Antony with his right hand at his back and the left one showing Lady Alexandria out of the room and to her chambers. When lady Alexandria remained wordless, and exited the room, Duke of Wolfbury’s face was that of a wolf focused on its promised pray. He had a dim smile and with each step he made he was like walking on clouds. There was no difference between him and a kid who received his favorite gift under the Christmas tree on the Christmas morning.

Until Alexandria reached her appointed room with Sir Antony, Nana had already prepared with other servants the necessities to welcome the guest. A young petite female servant with dark hair, faded blue eyes and pale complexion showed her in the room.

“Lady Alexandria, I am your servant. My name is Delisa and it’s my honor to serve you,” she bowed in front of her. “I have prepared for you a bath with roses and essential oils. On the table, you have food and fruits. I brought water and wine, my lady.”

“Thank you, darling. You may excuse yourself. I have all I need,” replied Alexandria on a mild tone.

Sir Antony remained in front of the door, not invading a woman’s room. “Is it everything as you please, my lady?”

“Oh! It’s more than that, thank you.” Alexandria shot a fake smile to Anthony and waited for him to excuse himself.

“Well, I shall live you to rest, my lady. If there’s something you need, my door is always opened for you. I reside in the opposite direction,” pointing with his head, in a side nod, towards his chambers.

“No worries, sir. I will never disturb your rest. Everything will be just fine. But I thank you for your unlimited kindness.” Won’t you go now, child! I have things to do! Demons don’t catch themselves. She could see herself rolling her eyes, but appearances had to be kept.


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