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Chapter 8 - Dark Fate Or A Divine Mission?

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“Alright. I wish you a good night. I’ll have to go downstairs to take my goodbye from the guests, and I shall go to sleep myself. See you tomorrow then.” Anthony gave her a smile and left her alone in the room.

“Good night, my lord.” she said, closing the door. Finally! These people are nauseating. When you have something important to do, they just don’t go!

Alexandria undressed and took her suitcase, to look for her hunter equipment that consisted in an all blackish leather costume, jacket and tight pants, black leather boots, her sword, a crossbow, several silver daggers, chains, a few bottles of anti-demon potions, and a black wide belt, arrows with poisoned tip, effective on demons and night creatures. In a matter of minutes, she was all packed and ready to go.

The moon was crowning in all its might, illuminating the night. She opened the window which gave the sight of a mirific rose garden with a penetrating smell, that would envelope everyone in a happiness and otherworldly bubble. Alexandria knew that the late duchess had been a witch, and not an ordinary one. The fact that the roses were still that powerful, meant the duchess was still around, one way or another. That was something she would have to deal later.

Alexandria jumped from the window and took a red rose, placed it in her bag along the potions, and went around the building, to locate Horex’s whereabouts. She opened a bottle of silvery potion, spread it in front of her, and said “Hori, fori, chana daeomo Horex. Lava roti, Lava sitti, locat varemo seo Horex daeomo!” Instantly, the silvery potion transformed into three thin silvery snakes, about two hands length, and went into three directions to seek the demon she was hunting, Horex.

After some minutes, one of the snakes came back to her with lightning speed, and the other two following behind the first one. The first one, Alexandria took it in her right hand, and it shifted in a white bubble, showing her where Horex was. The demon was trying to possess a young lady who was lost in one of the corridors, trying to go to her carriage. She was one of the duke’s suitors, but she had lust and vanity, she wasn’t in for the love. Ranks and status were what she sought. Perfect prey for a demon like Horex.

Alexandria grabbed the other two snakes. “Retorns hima sole vata, silva hora, silva mara, daeomo siga fenuto agora. Kilama!” she chanted, and the snakes were back in liquid form and in the bottle. She placed it in her bag and started her hunt.

“I need to get there fast. Lighto reva, lina oma, sara tus, vava Horex daeomo locaro trafero ma! Siga!” she enchanted, and, in a flash, she was two feet away from the young lady, who had her eyes rolled, her white orbs could be seen, and red flashes over them, with her mouth opened, Horex attempting to enter inside of her, laughing like the devil he was. “Horex! You filthy bastard!”

“Witch! Get off my back! I’m not going! She deserves this!” he wasn’t giving up possessing the young lady who was unconscious and on the verge of collapsing but sustained by Horex to get inside of her.

Alexandria’s fangs emerged, she took one of her chains out, and with her bloody eyes set on Horex. “Hariri supa, Hariri gopa, Hariri hela sova recpto Horex, aduva daeomo, fira mala!” she enchanted with a strong voice, provoking a thunder on the corridor and the chain got into flames. She threw the chain toward Horex to grab him and send him back to Hariri, where he’s rightful place was.

“No! Witch! I’m not doing something wrong! This one deserves to be punished! You can see it too! Stop!” Horex was screaming, chained with the fire, and being pulled in the floor, where a portal of flames opened, to get his ass back to hell.

“You don’t have a permit, bastard! Next time make sure you will! Bye, bye! Have a nice trip back home! Bitter demon!” she said, while Horex was dragged, screaming in the flames of Hariri.

“I’ll get my revenge on you! Alexandria! You’ll pay for thisssss!” last words he said, before the portal closed.

The young lady collapsed. She was pale and still unconscious. Alexandria checked her vitals and made a purification spell on her. “Clera yumona, salra drigo, madiana fira maler.” And she disappeared back to her room with a return spell, standing on the window frame, jumping inside.

A soft knocking on her door startled her a bit. “Don’t worry, I know who you are. Just let me in, please. I need a word with you, alone.” whispered an old woman voice through the door.

“Nana?!” Alexandria identified the owner of the voice. She opened the door, finding Nana smiling like a true grandma. She let her in, but not letting her eyes off of her.

“Did I scare you child? You already went for a hunt?” Nana giggled, closing the door behind her.

“You didn’t scare me, Nana. I was just surprised. Hunt?” she took a puzzled grimace.

“Now, now. You are the Great Witch and High Priestess, Alexandria. I’m not mistaken. I know your story. Duchess was your servant and one that loved you dearly. Despite your darkness, you are an angel soul. Never did wrong or evil. I know all about it. Your secret is safe with me.” Nana sat down on an armchair near the king size bed that was covered in red satin sheets.

“How come... Anyway. Aren’t you afraid Nana? I’m a vampire too.” Alexandria’s face was worried as she was an old woman, her heart might not be able to take all the truth about her.

“I know child. You are a fallen angel. You were tricked and went down as punishment. Vampire was your first curse.” Nana’s eyes were watering as she felt sorry for her dark fate.

“Oh! Nana! Don’t cry! I’m alright!” without thinking, Alexandria went to Nana and wiped her tears off with her fingers. “Don’t cry for me. You are a sweet soul. I wish I had a grandma just like you, if I were a mortal. I sometimes feel lonely. No family, no nothing. But I know I’m here to make a difference for the upstairs kingdom, and I feel honored. I don’t take it as a curse. Well, not anymore.” her eyes went down to the floor, reminiscing her tumultuous past. It was painful, it was tragic, it was dark.

“Child, my heart breaks when beautiful souls and righteous warriors above, get to be like this. It’s the same among humans. Whoever does a good deed, they get banished or punished. Nothing is right anymore. Good people are a bunch of angels, among a hoard of demons. That’s the real humanity. If Alhazar didn’t trick you then, you would have still been a divine angel....” she dropped more tears, taking Alexandria’s right hand between hers.

“Nana? How do you know about that? Nobody knows. Only me, the ones above, and Alhazar.

“Child. Alright. It’s truth time.” Nana stood up. “Angeo Harit, Angeo samit, Angeo imag!” she chanted and shifted in a beautiful blonde angel, with vivid blue eyes, light wings, in a white robe, with a crown on her head. She was an Archangel.

Alexandria was jaw dropped, her eyes widened, and a light spark came, watching the imposing Archangel in front of her. She shook her head and looked again. She wasn’t hallucinating. Immediately, she kneeled, with her head down. “At your services, Sadopphya! My apologies for becoming to close to you. I await my punishment for looking and speaking with you. I’m not honorable to stand in front of you, I’m a demon.” bloody tears were coming down her cheeks.

“Child! You are pure still! Stop! Stand up!” Sadopphya commanded, fluttering her white dove wings.

“I’m not! I’m a filthy demon! I’m not what I used to be! I don’t deserve to look at you! I’m sorry! I didn’t want this!” she was screaming and crying without changing her stance.

“I...” Alexandria raised her bloody eyes at the bright Archangel in front of her. “I thank you for your eternal kindness and support. I missed you so much!” she went into Sadopphya’s arms and embraced her, crying.

“Child! I was heartbroken! I didn’t know! I’m sorry! I was supposed to protect you! I’m sorry!” Sadopphya was crying too, not letting go of the embrace.

Alexandria took a grip of the Archangel’s garments and felt like she was comforted by a mother, a grandmother, someone so dear to her, someone she missed so much, someone who could call home, peace, protection, sanctuary. It was so long since she could let go of her and entrust herself in the arms of someone that showered her with pure, untainted love, a divine love. She was a child inside right now, needing someone, to love her, to cherish her, to tell her, it’s alright.

When she saw that her blood tears tainted Sadopphya’s white garments, she backed off. “I’m sorry! I put my bitter blood on your light clothes! Oh! No!”

“It’s alright. It’s back to white. See?” the Archangel waved her hand over the spot Alexandria’s tears reded the white.

“I’m a demon, I can’t change that.” once again, she bowed her head.

“You are a pure demon. You needed that form to make things right. You still have a choice. You still have a way home or another option. No matter your choice, you are blessed.” Sadopphya returned to Nana’s form.

“A choice? Back home? How?” Alexandria sat on her knees as Nana returned to her chair.

“Anthony is in danger.” Nana sighted.

“What? Is he like us? Or a demon? I didn’t sense him being other than a human.” she had her eyes glued to Nana’s words.

“He isn’t. He has witch powers. But he doesn’t know. His grandma made it that way, to avoid his awakening. However, his aura, his warlock aura, draws demons and other creatures around him from time to time. When he battles and spills blood, that’s when it’s activated. He seems to have fallen in love with you at first sight. He is sincere. Anthony is a good soul and a pure child. Well, he has human ways of living. He’s not all pure.” she giggled.

“What do you mean? Not all pure.” asked Alexandria, being confused on what type of sins he committed. She didn’t even notice the part when she said about him falling in love with her.

“He’s a man. He had women before. Out of wedlock. He’s not completely pure.” Nana was laughing looking at the confused grimace Alexandria had still.

“Alright. That’s his problem. What should I help him with?” she queried.

“You’re so pure child. We all thought that you will have all the human pleasures tasted and experienced by now. But no. You’re like always and like we all are. That’s why, you’re still blessed. Yet, if you would do it inside a blessed marriage, things would be the same. Though, coming back upstairs would have few chances, as an Angel. We don’t do that. It’s a sin for us.” Nana patted her head.

“I don’t do that!” Alexandria finally concluded what was all that about.

“I know! Don’t worry.” Nana giggled.

“I don’t see him that way. I don’t see anyone that way. I don’t see him in any way. He’s just a link I use to get my mission done here.” she gave unasked explanations.

“Child. I will break a rule and tell you something.” Nana became serious, fidgeting on the armchair.

“Don’t! You’ll get punished! Please!” Alexandria panicked.

“It’s fine. Anthony is fated to you and you are to him. The correlation is not exact yet, as I don’t know in what way. But you two are linked somehow to each other. It’s not clear, as your true fate together is far away to start. Nonetheless, your fate started since you first met him. I think it’s about love and soulmate connection. You are destined together.” Nana was amazed on how big Alexandria’s eyes were, hearing what she said.


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