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Angel's parents were slaughtered leaving her to guide the pack. The cowardly pack that attacked got away leaving Angel with a taste for revenge and mistrust of any outsider. Angel is approached by a mysterious man seeking to guide her. She is the product of a werewolf legend and has no idea about the powers that lay within her. She is the last living silver wolf...the last of her kind. Or is she?

Fantasy / Romance
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A Bad Bad Day

Crack! Crash! Roar! This is the sound Angel awakes to.


Startled from sleep I rip the sheets off of me and look around my room in a daze. What the hell was that sound? I hear growls and commotion down the hall of my parent's pack house. My father, Dominic, is the alpha of the Unus Moon Pack and my mother, Juniper is the only living white alpha wolf left from the Crystaline Pack. I am the oldest child at 21 and my brother, Marcus, is one year younger.
I jump out of bed as fast as I can and run towards the chaos. I certainly couldn't run away, it's in my alpha blood to respond and I am a seasoned warrior, although I've never seen actual battle. I see my brother Marcus in his wolf form, large with shiny black fur; his teeth sinking into an unfamiliar wolf's neck. I mind link Marcus 'What the fuck is happening?' and he responds, 'Run! Now!'
Of course I'm not running. Where is my mother? Where is my father? I run towards the growls and clattering in the pack house den and join in the fight. I see a mangy brown wolf clawing at my father's face and another very large grey wolf ripping out my mother's throat. My rage sent me into an immediate shift as I charged towards my mother's attacker. I sink my teeth into his hind leg and shake him from her. The grey wolf spins around and lunges at me clawing my nose and baring his teeth. He was lunging for my throat but I dodged it and in turn sunk my teeth into the side of his neck. I slung him against the wall knocking him unconscious and ran to my mother's side.
My father, still active in his fight, mind links me 'Angel you have to run, there are too many of them.'
I respond, 'No! I am not leaving you and Marcus behind! They killed mom!'
My rage exploded with a force I never knew I had and I jumped on the mangy wolf attacking my father and ripped him to shreds. I tore his limbs clean off and ripped out his bloody spine. My father looked at me in almost disbelief and regained his composure. We ran to the hall where Marcus was and saw he was no longer there. By this time our packs fighters had responded to the attack outside our walls and we ran out to join them.
We engaged in battle alongside our pack, tearing through the wolves who dared attack us on our territory.
I tried to mind link Marcus, 'where are you?!' but he did not answer. He had to be alive, I prayed to the moon goddess that he still was. The battle is coming to an end as I noticed the other pack retreating into the forest. So many bodies lay on the ground now.
As I gaze upon the injured and dead, I felt a squeezing pain in my chest and an intense fear in my mind. My moon goddess, why? I search the bodies frantically searching for Marcus and I see my father. His innards spilled out of his body and laying on his side. Blood seeped out slowly from his mouth and he whispered, "Angel. I love you. You will run this pack with the strength of the moon goddess. Remember... the lege... " and my father's words cut off there as he journeyed to be with my mother.
"Father, no! Remember what? Father, please, no!"

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