Red Eye Brigade: Among Demons

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Chapter 12

Inside the Wonderland Circus Base, Neko Maneki and the Carpenter stood (or in the Carpenters case floated) in place transfixed as Jabberwocky leaned next to the vault door.

With a twitching eye Jabberwocky stared at his wet silk robe “Did you know that this robe came from a realm called Lunatopia?” Jabberwocky asked his voice in forced out faux-sweetness “Through the native’s eyes, the city for which the realm was named after was the center of the universe, the city of cites, the cornerstone of the world, a shining utopia is what they called it. Of course as far as the army was concerned it was just another town to burn. No the only thing that really separated it from all the other kingdoms that fell beneath them was the silk. Believed by many demons to be the finest their world had to offer. ” At this point Jabberwocky stood up and faced them his rage barley hidden behind his sophisticated smile “Had the idiotic demon who sold this to me knew its true worth I would never be able to afford it, even if I sold everything down to the fillings in my teeth.”

This time he spoke with his rage a bit more obvious “Now because of this little revolution it’s ruined.”

While Carpenter shivered in terror Neko Maneki rolled her eyes “Don’t get hysterical, just dry it off and it will be fine.”

“I AM NOT HERE TO DISCUSS FINE FABRICS WITH YOU HALF BREED WHORE!” after Jabberwocky’s outburst he quickly breathed in to compose himself.

“Then why are you here?” Neko Maneki asked cheekily with hints of genuine curiosity.

“I figured with all the chaos that occurred thanks to the holy water, someone would try to steal from the vault and would you believe it here you two are.”

“Listen my lord I can explain everything...” Jabberwocky managed to silence Carpenter by glaring at him.

“Do you think I am deaf, that I cannot hear what you’re saying behind the corner.” Said Jabberwocky.

“So you heard that?” Carpenter asked timidly.

“I heard enough!” With that Jabberwocky started to move forward.

“WAIT!” yelled Carpenter, Jabberwocky stopped with an annoyed look on his face.

“I admit I planned to steal from your vault.” Carpenter then hide behind Neko and pushed her forward “But so did she! Not only did she a HALF-BREED have the nerve to try and steal from you but she is also the mastermind behind the holy water.”

Jabberwocky raised an eyebrow (or the reptilian equivalent as he did not have literal eyebrows) “Is this true?”

“Not only is it true but I have the proof right here!” yelled the Carpenter as he held up the “I-thingy” “I can show it to you if you’ll let me.”

“Don’t bother!” Neko Maneki yelled, she then walked forward breathed in for a moment before shouting “I admit it! It is all true! Though if you want the whole truth, it was my new friend Morphan and my old friend Mad-Hat who came up with the idea together. At first such an idea clashed with my “honour amongst thieves” philosophy but then Walrus fired me, sending that belief out the window.”

A vein appeared on Jabberwocky’s forehead “Walrus fired you? That’s why you’re doing this?”

“Wars have been started for less.”

Jabberwocky activated his trendels the sharp tips fuming with Aura.

“Seems you have forgotten WHO is in charge! I JABBERWOCKY am the one who decides who does and doesn’t get fired no one else, I decide who lives and who dies! And if anyone disagrees with that then it’s OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”

“So does this mean I’m not fired?” Neko Maneki asked smugly.





Jabberwocky kneeled in pain his trendels lashing uncontrollably, spraying blood like water from hoses. He glared hatefully at Neko Maneki as she flexed her clawed fingers.

As he tried to gain control of his trendels, which was difficult because of the pain he was in, he mentally went over what happened in the last few seconds. When he tried to stab Neko Maneki with Aura powered spikes, she in a burst of movement cut them off; Carpenter then used the chaos as a chance to flee.

“How, when did you get such speed?” Jabberwocky snarled.

“Since always!” Neko Maneki bragged “Remember all those times you disciplined me with those horns and then you thought you were the bee’s knees. Well the truth is all those times I LET you taser me, I could have dodged or cut them off any time I wanted. But I needed a place to stay and you would never have let me in if I did.”

By now the trendels had gone limp and useless, oozing blood into the holy water that had accumulated.

“Ironic isn’t it how a one-trick pony like you, figured I would give you the secrets to becoming the number one bandit in the Null Lands.” Neko Maneki then glared fully at Jabberwocky for the last part “And yet every piece of advice I gave you on how to be a truly great bandit, even though they were taught to me by Siberian Jesus himself, you spat on, mocked and discarded.”

Jabberwocky then roared furiously grabbing the bleeding ends of his trendels and using his Aura to burn therefore cauterise the ends, his determination greater than the pain. His tactic managed to stop the bleeding, once they stopped bleeding they slithered back into his frill. He then stood up to his full height, throwing his robe off showing off the hugely muscular upper half of his body. In addition to being covered in thick gray scales his back was covered in a dozen thick, flat spikes.

Neko was clearly shocked to see that Jabberwocky had more spikes, and that they were a good deal larger than the ones she just cut off.

“You know what half-breed whore!” Jabberwocky gloated “I’ve decided that even ruling the Null Lands isn’t worth dealing with you. After I kill you, I’m going to have to some serious re-staffing because if one weak-ass priest is all it takes to defeat these so-called bandits then there is no way I can become the ruler of the Null Lands.” Jabberwocky then concentrated his Aura into the spikes on his back, this caused them to glow bright yellow before expanding and sharpening, soon all the spikes became a foot long and a sharp cone shape. They then dislocated from his back, not on thin little trendels like the ones from before but large thick barbed tentacles of tar black flesh.

“So Half-breed whore are you ready to meet your fate!” Jabberwocky boasted as he positioned his Aura charged horns to attack.

Neko Maneki crossed her arms, shook her head and clicked her tongue “You know its real funny how many demons I’ve met who say things along those lines. And I always enjoy the look on their faces when they realise...” she then scratched her claws along the metal wall creating a quick burst of sparks “... that my “fate” is to kick their asses!”

Neko Maneki then hissed loudly as she charged forward, while Jabberwocky extended his tentacles with Aura infused tips.


Carpenter landed to catch his breath, the excessive use of Aura left him winded “I should have known that if the holy water wasn’t strong enough to deal with me, then there is no way it would be enough for Jabberwocky, after he kills that half-breed I’ll be next.” he looked around to see where he was and found out that in his haste to get away he had managed to float close to the hangar bay “Well this is quite a turn of events, now I can just hijack the JubJub, stash it with as much valuables as I can find, and then fly on out of here.”

“Not so faaaaaast!” yelled Harry Crax as he ran out of the supposedly broken staircase but in his haste he nearly slipped on the wet floor but managed to regain his balance and dignity.

“You again!” yelled Carpenter in shock “That staircase is supposed to be broken how did you manage use it safely.”

“Oh I wouldn’t say I got up here safely.” Harry Crax boasted “a bit of jumping, a bit of climbing and a lot of luck. If you played a platform game you know what to expect. Plus there were no sprinklers in there so I didn’t have to worry about holy water or slipping because of it at least not by water, though I suppose there are other ways I could have...”

“Hold on a minute!” Carpenter interrupted “I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around the idea of someone of your girth being capable of making such feats of athleticism.”

Harry Crax put his knuckles on his hips, puffed out his chest and laughed loudly before saying “I wouldn’t expect a villain like you to understand, but with the power of the bond of friendship I have acquired with Morphan and Neko and those slaves living in that tower thingy... I CAN DO ANYTHING!” In Harry’s mind he said it in front of a truly epic background.




“AHA the sheer awesomeness of my speech has left you dumbfounded huh!”

“Yeah whatever floats your boat.” The Carpenter said sarcastically “Look time is precious, I can’t waste it to kill you so MOVE-ASIDE!”

Harry Crax smiled and waved his finger confidently “You are not in any position to make demands.”

“Oh really,” the tone of the Carpenter proved he was doubtful “Alright stupid indulge me, what is your oh-so-great advantage.”

Harry Crax smiled proudly as if he had already won the fight “You think I wasn’t paying attention to your conversation with Neko downstairs, I heard that I have just as much Aura as you do, AND I’m at least twice your size, AND I am fighting for the sake of my friends. SO THERE!” he then blew an audacious raspberry.

The Carpenter rolled his eyes “Tell me stupid, have you ever been in a fight?”

“Sure, bullies used to pick fights with me all the time.” Harry answered half causally, half proudly.

“Did you WIN any of those fights?” the Carpenter smiled anticipating what Harry’s answer would be.

“UHHHHHHH, yes, yes I did, I beat all the bullies, wasn’t long before every bully around was scared of me, yup Harry the uhhhh Bully Buster is what the used to call me.”

“Seriously?” the Carpenter asked with a cocky smile.

“Alright fine so I got my ass kicked daily, what difference does it make?”

The Carpenter chuckled maliciously “Your a city demon aren’t you, born and raised in one of the many suburbs of Hellengaruo. You city demons, especially Hellenites, had it so easy before the war. And with the war you have it even easier. You soak up all the riches and resources from all the worlds your oh-so precious army conquers, all the while growing bloated and soft. Like marshmallows in milk.”

Harry couldn’t help but think back to his childhood, where he would put marshmallows in his cereal, loving how the marshmallows would taste mixed with milk. Harry shook his head to get his mind to refocus on the situation at hand.

“But the empire tells us that everyone prospers from the conquests rich and poor?” Harry said sincerely.

“If the poor are prospering as well as the rich why are bandit groups around?”

“Well according to what they teach us bandits are nothing but evil demons, either too immoral or too incompetent to get decent jobs in the city.”

The Carpenter burst out laughing “If you honestly believe everything that the Empire wants you to believe, then I bet you also believe that the thirteen generals are gods of the Omniverse, or that Emperor Tasin is the Doom incarnate. That little bit of propaganda may be true for some bandits but the rest of us have reasons so varied so complicated that it would take hours to explain them all, and days to make someone like you understand. ”

“You know just because you’re a murdering, thieving, scheming outlaw, doesn’t mean you can rude.” Harry Crax said while pouting.

Carpenter stood dumbfounded once again before shaking his head in annoyance “You know what I’ve wasted far too much time talking to you...” the Carpenter then started to float with glowing nails floating out of his pockets “... fortunately during our little chat I have managed to rest up enough to use my Aura to its fullest.”

He then telepathically pointed his nails at Harry.


His nails flew forward stabbing Harry in several vital spots on his torso, the Carpenter smirked in satisfaction.

“Not today bub!” yelled Harry Crax very much alive. Before the nails hit Harry Crax used his hair manipulation powers to cause the fur on his body to puff up like that of an afro.

“WHAT, HOW?” Carpenter looked to the floor to see his nails on the floor, he activated them and tried to stab Harry Crax again only to realise that his fur had become so springy that the nails would literally bounce right off.

Harry’s arms which were previously bare and scaly were now covered in the afro like fur, he even had large afros were his hands were giving him the appearance of having furry boxing gloves. His large once shaggy moustache was also springy and he even had a little bush like afro were his bald spot used to be “You like what you see, I have been theorising a move like this for some time but this is the first time

I’ve actually used it, you villain should be honoured to face the wrath of my Poodle Sponge Super Armour!”



“Poodle Sponge Super Armour?”

“Cut me slack mon, it’s hard to come up with cool attacks names on the spot.” Harry Crax then composed himself to boast some more “Not that it matters what it’s called because pretty soon, AAAAAAH!”

Harry held up his arms to block his face, and it was a good thing he did because had he not, the nails would have gone straight through his eyes. While Harry was still blocking his face, the Carpenter flew forward and rammed himself headfirst into Harry’s gut. His super springy hairstyle caused him to ricochet backwards till he hit a wall causing him to once again bounce forward. The Carpenter managed to dodge by casually moving to the left.

Harry continued to bounce for a while before he luckily managed to land on his feet, Harry tired to turn around but found it surprisingly difficult to walk “Maybe making my feet springy wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

“As I was going to say before we “strayed” off topic that the major advantage I have over you, is that you city demons live a lap of luxury never having to fight for anything, unlike here in the Null Lands where combat skill is key to survival. That also makes your other two so-called advantages absolutely worthless, JUST-LIKE-YOU!” The Carpenter laughed arrogantly while flying away.

“Your not getting away from me!” so Harry Crax waddled forward full of courage and determination. In his haste it did not occur to him to simply deactivate the fur on his legs so could walk properly.

As managed to finally enter the hangar bay, only to discover the Carpenter had already activated the Shrink-ray and was aiming it right at Harry.

The Carpenter smiled maliciously as he turned on the blue vial before laughing “Soon you’ll be a small insignificant speck of a demon, well even more of one then you are now.” By now the Shrink-Ray was fully charged “By this time tomorrow I will have cleaned you off my shoe, so any last words?”

“Would begging for my life help?” Harry Crax asked sheepishly.

The Carpenter shook his head with a violent grin.

“Then I got nothing do your worst.” Harry then covered his eyes in anticipation.


Harry stood in place his body smoking as a result of the beam, he nervously uncovered his eyes to see how the world changed now that he was shrunk.

Only to find that he was the same size.

Carpenter stood eyes bulging and mouth wide in shock before firing again.


Once again the blue lightning bolt like beam didn’t do anything to Harry.



Carpenter continued to blast Harry Crax with the beams only to discover that they didn’t work. In fact they didn’t even cause him any real pain despite its loud zapping.

Carpenter started banging on the machine asking why it wasn’t working.

“You haven’t figured it out yet smart guy!” Harry Crax stated “That Shrink-ray doesn’t work on living things but THIS always works.” Harry jumped into the air landing on his feet, thanks to the bouncy fur he sprung forward, with his foot outstretched, doing some poor kiai.

The Carpenter then flew out of the way, dodging the attack. Harry landed and managed to bounce in place to keep his balance “Well that always works in stories!”

The Carpenter flew to get as much distance, before throwing more nails at Harry, Harry seeing his opponent bounced towards him, the nails bouncing off his fur. Harry Crax managed to clothesline Carpenter as he bounced past, this caused Carpenter to spin in a comical fashion as Harry landed for his next attack.



Harry Crax bounced towards Carpenter and hit him in the beak. The blow itself did little damage but his spring fist-afros bounced Carpenter back till he hit a wall.


Harry Crax landed and bounced again to attack, but the Carpenter flew off the wall. Harry Crax however reacted quickly and bounced off the wall grabbed Carpenter in the air and body slammed him into the ground.


The resulting impact caused Harry to bounce so high that he bounced off the ceiling back onto Carpenter again.


This repeated for a while.








The Carpenter then managed to come to and fly out of the way, this caused Harry to hit the ground and bounce back to the ceiling, then the floor then the ceiling again, like a bouncy ball.

Carpenter lay down on his hands and knees and watched the comical spectacle as he waited for feeling to come back into his bruised body.

“How is this possible, I THE CARPENTER one of the elites of the renowned Wonderland Circus Bandit troupe am being beaten by an idiot bus driver? What is even worse is that he is defeating me using completely ridiculous tactics?”

“I already TOLD you, THE reason YOU cannot BEAT me IS because I am FIGHTING for OTHERS which WILL always MAKE someone STRONGER than THOSE fighting FOR themselves!”

Not only did the Carpenter find Harry’s speech stupid on its own, but due to his bouncing the volume would change repeatedly, making it sound even stupider “Winning because he is fighting for others, ridiculous, only proves how little he knows about fighting, I have personally defeated several demons that were “fighting for others” and they were of a greater caliber then he will ever be.” He then activated his nails “Doesn’t matter he’ll be dead soon anyways.” Carpenter then stabbed his nails into a small Pairship.

“Mon I’m starting to get sick, I wish I could get out this bouncy loop.”


The Carpenter used his psychically controlled nails to lift the Pairship and hit Harry with it as if it were a battering ram.

“I should have wished for omniversal peace!” Harry yelled. The resulting impact sent Harry to bounce of a wall, the Carpenter then used the Pairship to whack Harry back into the wall like a tennis ball.







While continuing to use the Pairship as a tennis racket of sorts, he activated more nails and stabbed them into two extra Pairships. The Carpenter then moved the Pairships crushing Harry between all three of them.


The Carpenter then removed the Pairships and slammed them into Harry again.


He then repeated the attack again and again damaging the Pairships in the process. He would do this so fast that Harry would remain in the air dazed and helpless.





The Carpenter then compacted the three Pairships with Harry in-between them. Satisfied with his work he dropped the metal heap and removed his nails.

“There that should do.” He said smugly.


Harry Crax managed to punch a hole allowing him to stick his head, left arm and part of his upper body out of the heap, he then proceeded to gasp for air.

“YAHHOOOOO my Poodle Sponge... no, no my Ultra Plushy, yeah that’s much better, my Ultra Plushy armor is more powerful then I imagined, why I hardly felt those Pairships at all.”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” Carpenter yelled dumbfounded.

“That’s right bird-boy your attack had no effect on me...” Harry then tried to break out of the heap “... as soon as I get out of this you are in a realm of pain.”

As Harry struggled to break out of the heap, Carpenter stood slack-jawed wondering how in the name of the Doom the bus driver survived for so long, he then noticed that the fuel tanks for one of the Pairships was exposed.

Already hatching a plan he stabbed the fuel tank with a nail before flying behind the JubJub. “Too bad I am only skilled enough to do this with one nail.” He thought to himself.

While safe behind the Pairship he concentrated his Aura into the nail, this eventually caused a burst of green fire like Aura to surround the nail.


The fire like Aura caused the engine to explode.

“Wow that explosion was a lot bigger than I thought it would be!” said the Carpenter as he hid from the explosion and the shrapnel “Well the important thing is that idiot is dead.”

As the ringing in his ears died down he started to hear a faint screaming. As he peaked over the JubJub he looked to the smoking rubble to find Harry running around screaming with all his fur on fire. The sound of his screaming growing steadily louder as Carpenters hearing returned.

Suddenly Harry stopped running, he then shed off his burning fur while growing a new batch of fur. This happened so fast that it looked like the burning fur “popped off” revealing a second batch of fur. He then proceeded to stomp the burning fur out in a frenzied manner.

When the burning fur was no more he breathed in deeply to calm himself “OK Harry the fires out, now is the time to focus on the fighhhhhh ayyyyyy I forgot about the flaming vehicles.” Harry rushed to the flaming vehicles and ran around them in a frenzy wondering how to put them out “Fire extinguishers, where are the stinking fire extinguishers, this place has got to have...”


Harry looked to the source of the yelling to find the Carpenter high in the air green Aura seeping from his body in rage.

“I cannot fathom how you are still alive! Cannot-Fathom-It! Is it that you are so stupid that you don’t even know how to DIE?”

“I already told you the reason that you cannot win and it is because...”

“YEAH YEAH I heard you, your “fighting for others” nonsense. If being in the Null Lands teaches you anything, it that morals or philosophies do not affect battle at all. In the end it comes victory goes to the demons stronger END-OF-STORY!”

“Then obviously I am the stronger demon because I am winning!” Harry bragged.

“No you are not winning you are surviving; now it’s about time you learned the difference between the two.”

“Oh have you already forgotten about this!” Harry Crax struck a quick series of ostentatious poses “Ultra Plushy Armor Activate!”


On command his fur puffed up into its plushy like state.

“That sounded a lot cooler in my head but anyways with my, Ultra Plushy aint working out, Mega Afro Mode your little nails can’t hurt me, so what do you plan to do.”

The Carpenter smiled arrogantly before flying and then landing next to the Shrink-ray.

“Did that blow to the head I gave you give you memory problems? You already tried using that thing on me it doesn’t work on living things remember?”

’Who said I was using it on you?” As the Carpenter said that he turned on the Red veil causing the machine to glow with an eerie red color, the red light making the Carpenter look particularly malevolent. He then moved his nail till it was floating in front of the Shrink-ray before activating it.


After blasting the nail with the blood-red energy of the Shrink-ray the nail became the size of a javelin. Harry watched in horror as the Carpenter did it again and again until he had a dozen or so giant nails floating by him.

He then launched one forward although Harry managed to dodge it, the giant nail managed to tear out some fur along the way. Harry looked in shock to see part of his Mega Afro mode had been pierced then to the nail that had managed to pierce itself through the thick metal wall all the way to its end.

As a ploy to intimidate Harry the Carpenter telekinetically pulled the nail out as slowly and with as much scraping as possible. Once it was out he moved it to hover by himself with the rest of his nails and threw them at Harry laughing manically.


Harry used his springy fur to jump out of the way in time, causing the giant nails to be imbedded into the floor.

The Carpenter was not the least bit discouraged as he managed to easily pull the nails out and continue to through them at Harry, all the while laughing sadistically.

For a short but intense while the Carpenter threw the nails at Harry only for him to bounce away. In the chaos one of the giant nails hit a Pairship.

“Explosion Attack!”

The giant nail then unleashed a burst of green Aura which caused the Pairship to explode.


Fortunately Harry was far enough away to avoid any real damage from the explosion, including shrapnel.

“Really Explosion Attack that’s the best you can come up with, I tried to make my attack names sound a little more original...”

“SHUT UP!” the Carpenter yelled as he threw another giant nail at Harry.

Although it was far from graceful Harry managed to dodge it all the same, though the giant nail managed to pierce another Pairship which thanks to the Carpenters Explosion attack caused it to blow up.

This continued on for a while Harry bounced desperately all over the place dodging not only the giant nail but also the ensuing explosions that was caused when they stabbed into the Pairships. During the chaos Harry caught a glimpse of the Carpenter, saw the way he was wildly swinging his arms to help control the nails, saw the look on the Carpenters face.

After seeing that Harry Crax got a hardened look on his face, he then started to bounce around with less desperation and more determination. The Carpenter did not notice this in his homicidal adrenaline rush.

In the seconds that followed the Carpenter managed to destroy all the Pairships and a small portion of the walls. It became so that Harry not only had to dodge the giant nails he also had to watch were he landed as the ground become covered with sharp and/or flaming wreckages.

In the chaos the Carpenter managed to accidently stab through the switch which opened and closed the hangar door, this caused the hangar door to open letting out all the smoke that had accumulated.

Harry growing fatigued with all the jumping around hide inside the JubJub.


The Carpenter stabbed the JubJub hoping to skewer Harry inside, unable to see where Harry was hiding could only stab randomly allow Harry to dodge without moving “Just a little longer!” Harry thought.



The Carpenter activated one of his giant nails causing an explosion within the JubJub. The explosion managed to send Harry bouncing about.





This went on for a while till the explosions tore the innards of the JubJub. It quickly became so that the JubJub collapsed in a heap of broken metal.

The Carpenter stood in place exhaling and inhaling loudly as the explosion attacks exerted a good deal of Aura “Finally (huff huff) he-is-dead!”

“Guess again bird-boy!”

Carpenter looked to see that Harry Crax was in-fact alive and well standing in front of the collapsed JubJub, his springy fur coat now covered in ash and grim, his usually jovial face looking its most serious.

“How, how, how, HOW, HOW!”

“I managed to control myself and eventually bounce out of the JubJub after the first explosion; you were so blinded by your desire to destroy me that you didn’t notice.”

“THAT CAN BE EASILY REMEDIED!” At his command the Carpenters giant nails started to move out of the JubJubs remains... only to stop half way. The Carpenter stood confused before trying to move them again the nails would glow but only briefly, the more Carpenter tried the weaker the glow got eventually they stopped glowing all together.

“I don’t understand what’s going on (gulp, gulp)...” suddenly Carpenter vomited a mass of blood and phlegm, Carpenter stared at the pile of fluids in terror and confusion.

“What’s happening to me?” Carpenter then had a horrifying epiphany “Aura Overdose!”

“That’s right Aura Overdose!” said Harry Crax “I saw your face earlier and could tell that you were pushing yourself too hard, after that I knew all I had to do was keep bouncing about and eventually your body would break down.”

“No I refuse to accept this!” Carpenter then threw up again, this time as a result of over exerting his body he collapsed and landed on his back-side.

Harry Crax deactivated his puffy fur “I no-longer need any Aura to defeat you.” He said as he charged towards Carpenter.

Carpenter tried to crawl away but it was for naught as Harry Crax quickly got on top of him, while straddling him he proceeded to punch Carpenter in the face.






When he was done the Carpenter was beneath him unconscious, face bloody, beak slightly cracked, eyes rolled back.

Harry Crax stood up put his fists to his face and roared in victory, or so it would seem but it quickly became obvious he was roaring in pain as the punches hurt his knuckles.

So it came to be Harry Crax stood over his defeated adversary, in a room full of destroyed vehicles, burning wreckages and deep holes in the wall blowing feebly on his throbbing knuckles.

“You still alive jerk?” Harry Crax asked as he poked Carpenter with his foot Carpenter groaned “I’ll take that as a yes. So you said demons like me were marshmallows in milk huh, well this marshmallow just milked you.”

A breeze blew in from the opened hatch “Good thing no one was around to hear that?” Harry then thought for a moment about marshmallows and how they got on to that subject during the fight “You know what in honour of my first true victory I shall name my mode... MARSHMALLOW MODE! It’s got a certain ring to it.”

Carpenter then groaned again this time louder. For what reason it was hard to tell.

To be continued...

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