Red Eye Brigade: Among Demons

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Chapter 14

One of the demon bandit’s powers was a form of Tetrakinesis that allowed him to create walls of stone out of the ground. This provided convenient cover for the bandits as the White Soldiers continued to blast them. The demons tried to fight back with either projectile based weapons or powers but it proved futile.

The King of Hearts glared at the laser guns furious over how ineffective the bandits fighting was.


Another demon fell down beside him dead with a steaming hole where her heart once was.

“Most elite bandits in Argus my freaking ass!” King kicked the females corpse in frustration “Can’t any of you idiots do anything right!”

“Well I don’t see you doing anything useful!” yelled another demon, he had to yell particularly loud because of the battle noises.


“You want to talk useless try that demon.” King pointed to the demon that created the walls, he was currently on his hands and knees desperately focusing his Aura into the ground, his hands glowing a fierce indigo light, however he had more than enough energy to sneer at King “You have power over earth! Can’t you make ANYTHING other than walls?”

“No I can’t happy!” the Wallmaker snarled.


A wall got blasted; it stood for a few seconds till it crumbled to rubble, quick as a flash Wallmaker concentrated a huge burst of Aura creating a new wall complete with a hole to act as window to shoot from. “Besides my walls seem a lot more useful then you at the moment.” Wallmaker replied in a exhausted smart-aleck fashion.

“I am trying to lead you fools!” King retorted “If I had any projectile based powers or weapons I would gladly use them.”

One random demon raised two of his six arms shyly “I have a spare gun you can borr...”

“BUT since I don’t the best I can do is lead you idiots in this battle!”

“By barking orders!” Another demon yelled.

“By barking orders!” King replied curtly, they all groaned “Don’t think I didn’t see you roll your eyes, especially you with six of them.”

“Hey what’s that?” Asked a serpent like demon as he pointed his stinger, all the bandits gazed at where he was gesturing and saw a huge column of smoke rising from a hole in the cliff.

“Is that the hanger door?”

“Why is smoke coming out?”

“Is there a battle INSIDE the base?”

“By the abyss my Pairship?”

“Well BOSS! What do you think is going on?” a demon asked King in half spiteful and half worried manner.

King thought for a moment before answering “Of course, I was a fool to think otherwise, humans lack both the gumption and the intellect for such a feat.” When he was done talking to himself he raised his Kanabo dramatically and shouted “All-right idiots, it appears the masterminds behind this uprising are in the base. Once we get inside we’ll have to get back at them for all the trouble they caused us. But steel yourselves whoever they are they must be devastatingly terrifying opponents!”

Meanwhile inside the base...

“We are the champions my friends BUM BUM

And we’ll keep on fighting till the end DA DA DA DAN

We are the champions, we are the champions

No time for losers cause we are the champions...


“WOULD YOU SHUT UP!” yelled Neko “I swear by the abyss, Jabberwocky’s attacks were not as painful as your singing!” with that they continued to walk down the corridors.

“Oh I’m sorry, I don’t have any reason to celebrate.” Harry sneered sarcastically “It’s not like we just defeated Argus’s most elite bandit group, saved a group of slaves from a life of terror and abuse and managed to save my precious Gale.” On that note Harry Crax held up his shrunken bus to his face “Who kicked those meanie weenie bandits out of their own base, we did, yes we did yes we did.” Neko stared slack-jawed at Harry as he continued to baby-talk a shrunken bus.

“Seriously Morphan how do you put up with this guy!”

“Hey he’s my friend.” Morphan said warmly “But on a more serious note I don’t think it’s wise for you to let your guard down.”

“But all the bandits have been beaten? What else can they throw at us?” Harry asked.

“All the bandit inside the base have been beaten but we don’t know anything about the bandits outside the base. That’s why were heading toward Mad-Hat to see how things are progressing outside.” Morphan explained.

“OHHHHH… but wait do we really need to worry about those guys I mean the entrance was destroyed so it’s not like they can just get in through the front door.”

“Harry, Harry, Harry did it not occur to you that a base this big might have a BACK DOOR!” Neko scolded.

“Well that ruined my good mood.” Said Harry “Just when I thought everything was good and done.”

“Well whining about it won’t help, come on let’s get going.” Said Neko “And try not to drop the Shrink-Ray!”

Harry, who used his hair powers to make a makeshift sling, felt the Shrink-Ray and sneered “I’d like to see her carry this thing” he then decided based on the brevity of the situation to drop the subject.


“Your saviours have returned!” Harry sang as he slid into the room arms stretched, face beaming and mouth wide.


While maintaining his pose Harry slowly open one of his eyes to find that all the slaves were cowering behind their newly rebuilt homes, “what’s the deal with everyone?”

“The deal, Harry, is that to them you are a giant furry monster!” Neko stated as she and Morphan continued to move forward.

“But, but I defeated the bad guys?”

“As far as they’re concerned, that merely proves you are the stronger of two evils!” Morphan said while moving forward.

Harry slumped for a while before rushing up to follow his friends, while Morphan and Neko seemed indifferent; Harry was saddened by the fearful looks the slaves gave him “Figures, I do something super heroic and still nobody likes me.”

“You’re preaching to the choir!” Neko snarled.

“What were you expecting a parade?” Morphan said in a friendlier but still callous tone.

“Well no but, is it so much to ask for an applause...” Harry looked to the slaves hopping for said applause “...some cheering perhaps?” again he was met with nothing but fearful stares “a compliant, a pat on the back, a handshake...” still he was met with more fearful stares “... a friendly smile?” he practically pleaded but still he got nothing.

“Don’t let it bother you Harry, nothing you can do but grin and bear it!”

Harry unable to say anything else merely slumped in depression and headed for the Rose Garden.


“Hey guys we’re here (OOOOF)!” as Neko sauntered into the base she was ambushed by Hedgehog , the little orphan held Neko’s legs in a vice grip while she affectionately patted him on the head “Hey calm down little guy, I’m flattered that you’re so worried but come on you should know I don’t go down that easily.”

Hedgehog let go of Neko and sniffled slightly “Hey cheer up little guy.” Neko leaned down till she was closer to his eye level “Did you protect the place while I was gone.”

Hedgehog nodded smiling “Good boy!” Neko said sweetly.

“Hey how come she gets a welcome home hug and all I got was...”


Morphan softly punched Harry in the shoulder to shut him up. Harry scowled while rubbing his shoulder.

“So Mad-Hat...”

“YEEEEeeeeessss!” he replied deliberately as creepily as possible.

“Uh huuuuuh ANYWAYS! Everything is set on our side; we got the Shrink-Ray...”

“Hello!” Harry, now in a good mood, showed off the Shrink-Ray for emphasis, while simultaneously disassembling his hair sling.

“... and the bus...”

“Hello!” This time Harry showed off the bus for emphasis.

“And we have defeated, the Walrus, the Carpenter, and the big mon himself Jabberwocky.” She mentioned Jabberwocky’s defeat with greater pride.

Harry tried to find something on himself to emphasis the point “You’re going to have to take our word for it?”

“Excellent!” said Mad-Hat “Everything is progressing quite nicely on our side, or perhaps I should say THEIR side.” He then started to chuckle to himself. Everyone else just stared at him dryly “You know because everything is happening to the bandits on their side of the wall, anyone, come on folks. (SIGH) Back to the issue, a small number of the bandits are dead another large portion (mostly those ill-trained Damos Minor pets) have fled. Leaving a decent sized portion to fighting against the white soldiers. But don’t worry they’ll soon be overpowered and either run away or die, dying would be preferable but that’s just me.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Morphan pointed to Dormos who was unconscious, looking paler than ever.

“Oh don’t worry he’s fine he just used up all his holy shmoly stuff, he’ll be fine in about a day... or two... or three”


“Well that’s that!” Neko exclaimed after she loudly clapped her hands, she then sat against one off the walls and slumped down.

“So wait were done? Just like that?” Harry asked.


“But what about the bandits outside? We can’t just let those villains be!”

“Harry you just got your stinking bus back what more can you want! Is that not the whole reason you came here in the first place?”

Harry contemplated for a moment “You know it’s funny...” Harry took out his bus and stared at it while monologuing “With everything happening so fast I kind of forgot why I was doing what I was doing, you know!”

“It happens.” Neko shrugged “Look let’s put thing into perspective, my brilliant plan only worked half-way but in the end we are all alive, we got the bus back, I got back at those miserable bandits and in an act of either Karma or serendipity all the slaves are now free...ish.”


“What she means Harry, is that the slaves can’t go anywhere.” Said Morphan as he leaned on the opposing wall arms crossed “From Hellengaruo to Mirabilis this is quite possible the only safe place for humans. If demons don’t kill them then the landscape will.”

“Well all things considered this isn’t all that bad a place to be stuck in, I mean it’s not like they have to stay in the slave quarters anymore. Besides what are the odds that another group of baddies will find this place.”

“The Wonderland Circus found this place before, I’d say it is pretty likely that someone else could find it.”

Harry slumped; even his bushy moustache appeared to have slumped “So what you’re all telling me is that none of it mattered, that they could end up in the same position all over again.”



Everyone looked in awe at the teapot that was thrown against the wall near Harry, then to Miss Hare who was fuming. The gazes switched between the two repeatedly before she started to speak.

“Don’t you dare say it did not matter, thanks to you three we humans can live like actual humans.” she started to sob as she spoke “And that’s is worth more than all the junk in Jabberwocky’s vault” She started to sob so hard that she fell on her knees “And we can always hope, hope so strongly that no one will find this place, so strongly that maybe, just maybe we can live our days in peace. And even if we can’t that brief moment of peace, that small little speck is worth so much, so so very much.”

Miss Hare started sobbing with everyone else in the room awkwardly wondering what to do to help her. It was Hedgehog who decided to go and comfort her.

Morphan cleared his throat “You’ll all probably hate me for pointing this out, but I feel you should all know this… being demon free won’t prevent abuse.” Everybody stared (and in some cases glared) at Morphan “I have been in enough human colonies to know that humans are just as likely to get abused by another human as they are by a demon.”

“Neko’s right you really are a kill-joy.” Harry grumbled.

“I am just saying before you humans get your hopes up ask yourself, what’s to prevent humans from abusing humans?”

“ME!” Neko snarled with freighting seriousness.

“You mean you’re staying here?” Harry asked disappointed.

“Abused children often become abusive adults as the saying goes. As Lobster-boy so eloquently pointed out, someone has got to keep these humans from turning on each other.”

“You wish to control us?” asked Mad-Hat.

“I wish to help you!”

“You mean you are not coming with us?” Harry asked shocked and saddened.

“Morphan!” Harry whined “Tell her to come with us!”

“If she wishes to stay that’s her choice.” Morphan spoke sternly “I have no desire to force her to do anything, and you shouldn’t either.”

“But! But I thought we were friends!” Harry practically whimpered.

Neko sighed heavily before putting on a warm face “Harry we are friends, but sometimes friends just have to say goodbye.”


Suddenly a worm-like limb stretched out and grabbed Harry by the face, Harry started to fail his limbs hysterically while everyone else was transfixed.

Morphan, being the first to come to, rushed forward and grabbed the worm limb, while in his grip its three pronged mouth let go to hiss, squeal and writhe in pain. Morphan then lifted and slammed whatever was at the end of it onto the table.


The impact caused a huge cloud of dust to surround whatever impacted it.

When the chaos started Mad-Hat, Miss Hare and Hedgehog ran to Neko’s side, and could only hold their breath as the awaited for the dust to settle.

“WOW! That was one dusty table?” Neko stated hoping to us humor to cope, her human companions could only stare at her questionable “What else should I say about this?” she asked.




The worm limb went into whatever was in the dust cloud.

“Sorry I spoke with my mouth full! How embarrassing.”

“I know that voice...” said Neko “...Gobbling Crow!”

The dust settled revealing Gobbling Crow as he got up from the broken table “I guess the cat is out of the bag (snicker, snicker), you weren’t the only one hiding their true powers.” As a demonstration Gobbling Crows black beak opened like a four petal flower of bone and flesh the slimy, vein covered worm limb then slithered out and hissed loudly before quickly slithering back in.

“EWW now I know why you always covered your mouth.” Neko deduced.

With everything going on Harry had been unintentionally ignored “Uh guys I’m not feeling so hot!” he spoke in a groggy manner regaining everyone’s attention. Everyone saw him twirl around in a hazy fashion before flopping onto his bum.

Morphan then had an epiphany “That worm-tongue sucks Aura out of its victims!”

“You are a clever one aren’t you Morphan!” Gobbling Crow cackled.

“How did you know my name?”

“Let’s just say I’ve been keeping a close eye on you.”


“AH! Damn piece of junk!” Gobbling Crow furiously grabbed an item off his belt and threw it in a random direction.

The device happened to land at Neko’s feet, she looked at the device. It was a round sharp looking device with a plastic circle in the center. Even with the plastic cracked, the metal burnt in places and smoke rising out of it Neko could still recognize the device.

“It’s a Ghost Drive, he has a Ghost Drive? He had a Ghost Drive?”

“What’s a ghost drive?” asked Mad-Hat.

“Stolen from a conquered realm and improved by Argus scientists , it allows its user to become invisible and intangible. Basically it turns you into a “ghost” hence the name!”

“Wait, if the user becomes untouchable then how did it get broken?” asked Miss Hare.

“It’s meant t for spying on demons, but you can’t physically hurt someone with it, you have to solidify to do that, so when he solidified to attack it was left vulnerable.”

“The things are disappointingly fragile, that’s one of the reasons I kept it a secret so that no one would break it. Among other things of course” Gobbling Crow then cackled smugly “But thanks to you three I don’t need it anymore.” For intimidation purposes he secreted an intense purple Aura, the intense heat of the Aura increased the rooms temperature dramatically “After you defeated those bandits, I sucked up their Aura and made it my own. Now I am the most powerful Demon in the Null Lands! A perfect candidate for a new Bandit Lord, don’t you think.”

“Hold on JabberJabber was locked behind a safe how could you get to him?” Harry asked still a bit woozy.

“Hello Ghost Drive, intangibility? I could phase through the vault, solidify, suck him dry, and then desolidify to get out.”

“You killed your team-mates!” Neko spoke accusingly.

“Oh is a half-demon who turned traitor honestly going to lecture me on morals?”

Neko glared in response.

“Let put things into perspective shall we, both of us were keeping our full powers hidden from the rest of the bandits, we both betrayed them the first chance we got, and before you judge me for killing those three degenerates let’s not forget that it was you that locked Jabberwocky in the vault pretty much condemning him to death and if the situation asked for it you would have killed those two without a thought.”

“Plus we killed White Rabbit on the way here!” Harry pointed out.

“NOT HELPING!” The humans shouted annoyed.

“Based on all the evidence I ask you Miss Neko Maneki Golden Bandit of Labirinth Canyon... how-are-we-different?”

Neko racked her brain to come up with a decent answer but could not think of anything.

“What do you want?” Morphan interjected.

“Well originally I wanted to suck out your Aura to increase my power. But seeing as how that is no longer the case I have a proposition for you three. As the new leader of the Wonderland Circus, no I never liked that name, the Wonderland Conquerors, I hereby offer the three of you membership.”

“You’re as mad as a hatter? No offense!”

“None taken.” Said Mad-Hat some-what confused.

“As I was saying.” Harry continued now fully recharged “Why would anyone want to join up with a demon that could suck us dry at a moment’s notice?”

“Because he can’t do it at a moment’s notice.” Morphan pointed out “As we’ve seen earlier it takes time and effort to completely suck a demons Aura, which is why he waited till we rendered our enemies unconscious to do it, and remember when I grabbed the worm tongue and it hissed in pain, I’d wager that large mass of flesh is super sensitive, meaning that when he is siphoning off demons powers he’s vulnerable. Finally as your recharge proved it is only effective when it sucks out the entire demons Aura. Like Neko’s power it is best used as a secret attack.”

Gobbling Crow slowly clapped his hands in a minorly-sincere fashion “Very impressive, you figured all that out in a few short minutes. You’ve got a real talent for these sorts of things; one could even say you have experience with these sorts of things.”

Morphan clenched his fists and took on a stance.

“Oh you plan to fight me?” Gobbling Crow teased “When I and I alone can give you what you truly want.”

“You don’t know anything about me or what I want!” Morphan retorted defiantly.

“Oh but I do,” Gobbling Crow cooed “You want a home a place where you can be yourself. That’s why you want to go to Mirabilis is it not. Serve under me and I can guarantee that the troupe will accept you.”

“Oh you mean the way they accepted ME!?” Neko snarled.

“That was under Jabberwocky’s rule.” He stated dismissively “Under my rule things will be different. For example Neko Maneki I won’t hold you back, I’ll make your skills flourish as well as the skills of Siberian Jesus, who knows it might even lead to the revival of the Cat’s Meow Gang. So you both get the home you’ve always wanted, and if any subjects that have a problem with it then they’ll have to answer to me. Naturally I won’t make any promises to coddle or spoil you, you’ll still have to earn your keep and of course you will be disciplined if you misbehave. But I can say the punishments won’t be any harsher or more lenient then the others”

Morphan and Neko both thought the same thing! That despite the condescending way he was offering it Gobbling Crows deal sounded good.

“But wait there’s more, a lot more!” Gobbling Crow continued “I will also ensure that our property...” he stared at the slaves during the word “property” “... will be treated with a far greater degree of respect.”

“You mean no more beatings?” Miss Hare asked hopefully.

“I wouldn’t say that, more like they’ll be for disciplinary reasons only, no longer for pleasure or boredom.”

“Oh come on that is a shitty, shitty deal all around!” Harry shouted.

“True, but it’s the best deal any of these sapients can hope for. Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about you Mr. Crax, I know everything that goes on in the canyon, I know you bribe Straight Arrow for safe passage, under my leadership I can assure you safe passage at a quarter of the cost. Unless of course you wish to join my troupe I’m sure we can find a place for you.”

“How dumb do you think I am, you think I forgot that you tried to KILL ME like five minutes ago?”

“Neko mugged you this very morning and now your friends with her?” Gobbling Crow pointed out.

“Stop trying to mess with me, your little swindling act isn’t fooling me and it sure as abyss aint fooling these two.” Harry pointed at Neko and Morphan hoping to find some form of assurance. Instead however he found them both with their arms crossed staring at the floor in heavy contemplation.

“Come on guys you’re not really going along with it are you?”

“Oh but they are!” Gobbling Crow grinned in a way that truly frightened Harry, it made him think of a predator that had its prey completely and utterly trapped “You see my deal is the best everyone can hope for and they know it.”

“But Mirabilis, for Dooms sake MIRABILIS!” he feebly protested.

Gobbling Crow laughed at Harry “You cannot believe that Mirabilis will be all that grand? They’ll be treated no better there then they would be in Hellengaruo. And it’s not just the center of Argus. From the eastern mountains of Kali Yuga, to the western tropical Loa islands, to the frozen north of Judas or the volcanic south of Laviticus. North, south, east, west it is only in this EXACT place under these EXACT circumstances that things can possibly work out for them.”

“I feel the need to point out that you-are-a-Psycho! If they work for you then they’ll have to fear for their bloody LIVES!” Harry accused.

“They are half-demons they had to fear for their lives since the day they were born.” Gobbling Crow then stretched out his arms and looked to the ceiling “When you really think about the threat of death is everywhere, friends you’ve known your whole life can have frightening dark sides, total strangers can kill you for any number of reasons, authority figures can try to kill you for no reason other than they can...” he got out of his preacher like pose before continuing “The threat of death and betrayal is everywhere in some circumstances it is plain as day in others it is concealed and easy to ignore. Don’t give me that look what I say may sound nihilistic but it is the truth of the Omniverse.”

“Now let’s all forgo this talk of philosophy and get back down to brass tacks.” Gobbling Crow cleared his throat in a somewhat dramatic fashion, before asking “Do we have a deal?” he stretched his hand out.

Morphan, Neko and Harry went over the deal in their heads, and as much as they wished to deny it, Gobbling Crow was offering them the best deal they could ever get. Harry would be able to sneak through the Canyon at a quarter of a cost of what it would take with Straight Arrow, and he would still have his precious Gale which when he thought about it was the whole reason he came into the base in the first place. Neko didn’t have a lot of options about where she could live so an improvement on current conditions seemed great plus he promised better treatment of the slaves that she worked so hard to protect. In hindsight not the best treatment period but the best they can hope for. The whole reason Morphan left Hellengaruo was to get a new life, a better life, and with limited options a life of banditry and servitude towards Gobbling Crow sounded about as good a life as he could get. It would not be the first time he had to get involved in illegal dealing to survive. Finally if denied he could kill them and perhaps the slaves just for the heck of it. It all came down to what other choice did they have.

The slaves kept their opinions to themselves, as they couldn’t help but notice how Gobbling Crow casually felt the blaster on its holster.

“All right Gobbling Crow.” Morphan walked forward his face looking more impassive then usual “Before I give you my answer I feel I should tell you that it is my answer and mine alone, I make no claims to speaking on behalf of Neko or Harry.” As he spoke he walked towards his would-be master.

“Fair enough.” Gobbling Crow said nonchalantly.

“After going through everything you are offering and taking into account my situation and all foreseeable future situations, there is only one possible response.” By the time Morphan was done he was standing in front of Gobbling Crow as the bird-like demon eagerly awaited the answer, his beaked face in a triumphant grin.


Everyone else in the room watched with wide-eyed curiosity.


Crow was so shocked by the response that he barely had time to collect himself before Morphan struck him. After dodging the attack he landed and righted himself his whole body shaking with anger and confusion.

“You fool! You maggot-headed fool! Don’t you know what you’re giving up?”

“I know when I am being deceived!” Morphan crossed his arms into an X-formation started to transform into his Demon form “Everything you did was to lure us in! You chose arrogance instead of flattery, and harsh realism over unbelievable goodness. You knew if you acted too nice we would suspect something was up and if the deal was too good to be true then we would assume it wasn’t.”

“It was no act I really meant my deal, really I did, honestly! And my ego was just that an ego.” Gobbling Crow sputtered confused over Morphans logic.

“Demons like you have made deals like that in the past for me and they always turned on me.” He held his fists up before exclaiming “I won’t be deceived again.”

“Oh so you are letting bitterness from past experiences cloud your judgement.” Gobbling Crow calmed slightly and regained some of his composure realising that he once again had a hold “This could be your only chance?”

Morphans stance softened and he once again put on a contemplative look.

“The answer is far simpler then you realised, Gobble Turkey!” Harry Crax moved till he was right beside Morphan “Morphan is a hero and as a hero he will never align himself with an evildoer like you.”

Despite the nature of the current situation Morphan could not help but chuckle at Harry’s simplistic ideals and the charm that came with it. He re-took his battle ready stance, no longer a stance based on hard-focused determination but one based on pride, pride at having Harry at his side.

“Your naivety sickens me.” Gobbling Crow responded he then sighed heavily “Oh well doesn’t matter anymore, not if I was lying to you guys or telling the truth cause soon you two will be dead.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” Neko Maneki said as she jumped beside Morphan then she too took on a pose.


“Cause I’m tired of being pushed around by Archangels like you. Who knows maybe things will be different in Mirabilis.” She said while giving a sly look to Harry and Morphan. The two of them stared back at Neko in shock over her apparent confession and Neko only responded with a smirk.

With Harry Crax on his left and Neko Maneki on his right Morphan confidently shouted “How do you plan on beating all three of us!”

“Like this!” Crow then casually lifted and pointed one of his frog-headed blasters and pulled the trigger.


The shockwave from the explosion sent the humans tumbling back while Morphan, Harry and Neko stood enduring it. Gobbling Crow on the other hand didn’t seem the least bit affected.

Once Mad-Hat came to he saw to his complete horror that instead of shooting his would be adversaries he at the last minute switched his aim and shot the computer system completely destroying it and the wall behind it.

“NO! NOO! NOOOOO! NOOOOOOOO!” Mad-hat fell onto his hands and knees and started break down in terror.

“It’s OK! Just because he’s powerful enough to destroy a solid steel wall with-out any effort doesn’t mean Neko can’t win?” Miss Hare said soothingly though still evidently scared.

“You stupid slut!” Mad-Hat shouted as he jumped onto her, furiously grabbing her by the collar “You think this is about a wall? The computers that were controlling the white soldiers have just been disintegrated and that means…”


Everything became deathly quiet outside the Wonderland Circuses base. Slowly one by one each of the remaining demons peeked their heads out from behind the stone walls and one by one they noticed that the lasers were no longer working. The Wallmaker who earlier went unconscious after using up his Aura was thrown outside the walls in a quick-ditch effort to see if the lasers were still working.

When it became obvious that the lasers were no offline they all got out from behind the cover and started to wordlessly wonder, how it happened.

“What’s going on?”

“Did they run out of power?”

“Couldn’t have, the base is powered by an Eternex power-cell it could never run out of power.”

The King of Hearts started to laugh boisterously “What does it matter how it happened, whether it’s a fluke or the work of the Doom itself. The lasers are down and do you know what means?”

Once the situation sunk in the demon bandits all raised their weapons and roared battle cries. The King of hearts raised his Kanabo activating his powers causing it to glow with a blazing red Aura “Tonight we bath in the blood of human filth!”

They demon bandits charged towards the entrance mad with blood-lust.


Hedgehog went into a fetal position and started hyperventilating as repressed memories of the destruction of his home realm came charging back. They were memories of blood and fire, of havoc and death, memories of people, buildings and even landscapes being torn asunder.

And it was going to happen again.

“Don’t cry Hedgehog, we won’t let guys like Crow have their way anymore.” Neko shouted.

“Try and stop me!” Gobbling Crow mocked he then faster than anyone else could react flew out of the hole he created and flew around till he was facing the exit and activated his pistols, propelling him forward at blinding speed.

The slaves saw to their horror a demon flying as though jet propelled, the shockwaves produced toppling the meager houses, the sound of his maniacal laughter echoing all over the place.

To be continued...

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