Red Eye Brigade: Among Demons

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Chapter 15

“Come on, come on, move it, move it, move it!” Harry egged them on as Morphan and Neko moved carefully in front of him. In pursuit of Gobbling Crow they followed his trail up the stairway leading out of the slave quarters. While Neko and Morphan remained stoic moving with slow determination Harry was so anxious that he was practically jogging in place “GO! We can’t afford to be slow! Gobbling Crow could come in at any moment with an army! The guy is already well ahead of us!”

“The room is DARK! And the stairway is still slippery from the sprinklers, it may be just regular water by now but we can still slip. It wouldn’t do any good to fall and break our necks before the big showdown now would it?” Morphan pointed out in a strict fashion.

“By the way Harry why are you so eager to fight?” Neko asked “You have no real obligations; you don’t gain anything by saving them slaves. Most Hellenites would just run and hide, and to be frank I can’t really blame them for that.”

“Neither do you two, I mean you’re a bandit traitor and Morphan is basically a hobo. Look the lives of the slaves and us are on the line here, we have no time for a moral debate. I don’t know how I managed to get mixed up in this but it doesn’t matter now! The choice is literally fight or die! And I don’t want to die!”

With no further explanation required they continued on their way.


“All right! All right! Enough!” Shouted King of Hearts, for a short but intense while the bandits tried to bust down the door with everything they had but no matter how dented and damaged it got the door remained standing. After standing back and watching the chaos King got sick of their apparent incompetence and ordered them to stop.

“All right the door aint going down, looks like we’ll have to find the secret entrance.” The bandits groaned in frustration.

“Come on, its dark out and I would like to kill all the humans in time for a good night’s sleep.” So he lead the rest of the gang half-knowing where to go.


By a stroke of luck they had all got out of the way just before the door was busted down from the inside.

Whatever broke through the wall sped upwards at a blistering speed before stopping in the light of the red moons, the bandits watched as it was revealed to be Gobbling Crow as he fluttered down in a elegant fashion onto a ledge on the opposing cliff.

“Listen well! I Gobbling Crow have an announcement to make!”

The bandits listen eagerly, awed by Gobbling Crows newfound power and authority.

“As of now the Wonderland Circus is no more! Today marks the beginning of the Wonderland Conquerors! With myself as the leader! Now I know what you are thinking, what gives him the right to lead? Why should we follow him?” He pointed one of his pistols at the audience causing them to cringe fearfully, “In Argus leadership always goes to the strongest!” He then pointed the same pistol at the stone cliff with all the white soldier blasters on it “Behold the laser defence system that had you all at its mercy!”

He then unleashed a barrage of purple energy blasts, the blasts all hit their marks perfectly, destroying the ancient war machines in massive explosions.


When he was done the entire wall was covered in smoking craters, the cannons that were not entirely obliterated littered the ground as flaming wreckages alongside fallen rocks and rubble.

Everything was now silent, ordinarily faint sounds such as, the guns cooling or steam hissing from the craters and the occasionally bits of loosened rock falling now echoed over what felt like to the bandits the entire canyons.

“I didn’t know your blasters were that powerful?” said one of the bandits; the others were too shocked to say anything coherent. Just to be on the safe side they subtlety moved away from the bandit that spoke.

“My guns are powered by my Aura, with my Aura at its strongest so too are my guns! And in case any of you were told by Jabberwocky that my guns weren’t Aura powered know that Jabberwocky was a complete idiot who I never bothered to correct.” He snickered a bit before continuing “His ignorance kept me under his radar! Which was the perfect place for me to concoct my schemes!” he said the last part particularly smugly.

Suddenly Morphan, Neko Maneki and Harry Crax jumped through the flaming wreckage blocking the door and landed looking incredibly formidable, even Harry managed to give off an imposing feel to him.

“Who are they?” asked the Wallmaker.

“I recognize our blonde half-breed but the other two are a mystery!”

“Wait a minute, those two match the descriptions of the bounty Jabberwocky gave off.”

“So those two are the guys we’re supposed to find?”

“Indeed!” said Gobbling Crow “I would like to introduce the two half-demons responsible for all today’s strife and their dimwitted associate.”

Harry dropped his fearsome appearance for one of annoyance “hey if I didn’t know better I’d think you were trying to hurt my feelings!”

“Are you trying to be funny or do actual think anyone gives a damn about your feelings right now!” Neko barked.

“So boss I take it you want us to kill these bastards!” said King hoping to suck up to the new bandit lord but also feeling legitimately blood thirsty as usual.

“Not yet.” Said Gobbling Crow “First we’ll take them to a hunters district to see if their worth anything, if not we’ll take them back here for some... fun.” He chuckled maliciously for the last part.

“What about the humans?” asked Wallmaker.

“The best thing about humans is that their cheap to replace. Once we are done with these three kill the hairless apes in whatever fashion you deem fit!”

A six eyed bandit decided to put a word in “So just to clarify the plan is to beat these three into mush, then kill the humans, then take these three to a hunter district, then regardless of whether we get solzs or not we buy new slaves.”

“Correct!” Gobbling Crow said stridently “Does anyone have a problem with it?”

The bandits all started to cheer obviously loving their new master’s plan, they even started to chant his name as a sign of adoration (or duress) “Gobbling Crow, Gobbling Crow, Gobbling Crow, Gobbling Crow…”

“SILENCE!” Gobbling Crow yelled to everyone’s surprise, once everyone was silent he went back to his usually condescending arrogance. “It is not that I am not flattered by your cheering, because I assure you I most certainly am, it’s just that I have decided to go by my true name just like all the great demons of Argus…”

“Gobbling Crow isn’t his real name?” Harry asked.

“Of course not can you think any parents who would name their kid Gobbling Crow!” Neko snarled once again annoyed by Harry’s ignorance.

“Its is very common for demons in both military and banditry to go by aliases, for multiple reasons.” Morphan explained “Usually for safety reasons, other times it’s so they can have names that fit whatever cliché the gang is going for. You’d be surprised how many mercenary groups have themes, honestly sometimes it like they are playing dress-up!!”

Gobbling Crow flew into the air cloaked in a ferocious purple Aura “Tremble before me! For my true name, the name that will haunt the Null Lands for future generation is Chan Chu!”

“CHU? Chu, Chu, Chu, Chu, Chu, Chu, Chu, I know that name, I know that name.” Neko shouted as she raked her brain to remember “I heard it from an old legend, it said that before the empire there was an evil clan of crow demons name the Chu clan! But I thought it was just a myth!”

“Oh it is no myth!” Gobbling Crow now dubbed Chan Chu landed on the stone ledge deactivating his Aura; he then started to stare up at the stars in reminiscence “A long time ago in the forgotten ages before the empire, one of the areas that would be part of the city of Hellengaruo was a fertile land ruled by my ancestors the Chu Clan. While most demons are born with powers unique to themselves, all the members of the Chu Clan were born with the ability to absorb their enemies Aura for a temporary boost in strength, a rarity even for demons with hereditary powers. With this power we were respected, feared even worshipped by some. Our enemies fell whimpering while our servants trembled in our presence. It was a golden age for my ancestors!” Chen Chu’s tone then darkened “Then Lord Dark Matar came in for his famous campaign to bring “peace” and “order” to Argus...” he spat out the words peace and order “We were the rightful rulers of the land and refused to bow. We were determined to oppose him, but like leaves in a hurricane we were blown about by his unspeakable power. When our numbers dwindled to the point of extinction we fled into hiding, in the wastelands that would come to be known as the Null Lands, for many centuries we lived in hiding, we were proud that we had managed to elude the most powerful demon in Argus, but we were denied even that when we found out Dark Matar just didn’t think we were worth finishing off.” Now his tone was full of sorrow and regret “So it came to be that the Clan that was once proud and terrifying rulers were reduced to a life of banditry in order to survive.”

“A very nice bedtime story but what does it have to do anything?” Neko asked while cleaning her ears in a bored fashion.

“It has everything to do with everything!” Chan Chu continued “I carry within me the pain and humiliation of generations of demons that should have been kings! But I’ll change that, I’ll take my destined place as Ruler of the Null Lands, just as my clan should have been. As long as I don’t pick a fight with the Military I should be fine, their so busy in their campaign against the Omniverse that they won’t care what goes on in the Null Lands anyway!”

“Pain and humiliation of generations! What a load of bull!”

“Oh does the half breed wish to go on “horrors of a half-demons life” speech, (snicker) surely even you’re not arrogant enough to suggest that the pain of a single being is greater than that of millions of demons who came before you!”

Neko put a knuckle on her hip while giving of an angry yet somehow cocky look before, nodding to herself and stating “You know what I guess I am that arrogant, because I am willing to bet anything that I have suffered more in my half a century life than any of your so called fallen kings full lives!”

The bandits of the Wonderland Conquerors all gasped in over Neko’s audacity, some in genuine awe and others hoping to not to anger their new boss.

Chan Chu breathed in and out heavily before continuing “I guess I should have expected such selfishness from you, half-breed whore.”

Neko started to pace about while continuing “Your right you should have known! You know why because we worked together on several missions, and when you work with someone you get to know them whether you want to or not. So by know we know each other real well which is probably why we hate each other so much.”

“Is there a point to your speech?” Chan Chu asked.

“The guy talks enough to fill a novel and complains about me?” Neko muttered to herself before continuing turning around disrespectfully “What I am saying little birdy is that since we know each other so well, I know what a opportunistic power monger you really are.”

She then turned around dramatically and pointed at Chan Chu who by now was standing on top of his cliff, fuming “Truth is you care about your “clans suffering” about as much as I do. You’re just using them as an excuse for your power grubbing ways.”

Chan Chu’s body started to shake and seep out purple Aura “Time and time again I’ve endured your insults, but to imply that my feelings for my clan are anything but genuine, that is BAR-NONE the worst thing you can possibly say to me.” He then started to flap into the air “My original plan was to have my new subordinates skin you for a pelt, but now I shall not allow anyone to deny me that pleasure.”

“BRING-IT-ON!” she yelled dramatically.

Chan Chu then opened fire, Neko and Morphan managed to dodge his blasts quite gracefully, Harry not so much. With the majority of his rage focused on Neko, she dodged by running and jumping.

“Quick everyone inside! We don’t want to get caught in the crossfire.” Wallmaker’s warning came a little too late as a bolt deflected by Morphan blew up above the door-frame sending the bandits into a nonsensical frenzy, during said frenzy they fled into the distance completely forgetting about the safety of their base. Needing no more motivation then that the most feared bandit groups in Argus fled hoping not to be suffer their new leader’s wrath or the wrath of his opponents, but mostly the former.

In order to get a better shot Chan Chu flew about, he quickly managed to get Neko cornered, he took sadistic joy looking down and seeing his adversary literally backed up against a wall “Time to die half-breed!”

“Take your best shoot!” Neko Maneki shouted.

“Oh brave aren’t you, but I suppose with the power to cheat death anyone would be brave!”

Neko gasped in shock.

“You seem to have already forgotten that I was spying on you with the Ghost Drive. I was there when you revealed your power to Jabberwocky. I won’t claim to know the full science behind it but I’m going to have quite a fun time figuring it out.”

Neko refused to show any sign of fear, she was not going to give him that satisfaction.

“I wonder if you can revive from complete disintegration or from decapitation, or if you can only revive yourself a certain number of times? Let’s find out!”

Suddenly he noticed a piece of flaming wreckage hurtling towards him, after moving out of the way of the large wreckage he at the last minute noticed smaller pieces of scrap metal flying towards him, spinning like a flying saw blades, he managed to escape from the flying scraps.

“HOW?” Chan then noticed Morphan running towards Neko in his full Demon form “YOU!” he realised “The half-breed with the beetle shell is nothing if not clever. He threw the large wreckage at me, and then threw those small sharp pieces hoping they would catch me off guard.”

“We’ll have to take him on together if we hope to win.” Morphan said as he rushed to Neko’s side.

Never one to let her ego get bruised Neko rudely replied “Are you saying I’m too weak to fight him on my own?”

“Yes I am, get over it!”

Realising that Morphan was right she reluctantly took his advice, it was then that Chan Chu started to shoot at them again.

While still running they regrouped “So fearless leader got any ideas other than running around like headless Cockatrices?”

“I have fought flyers before; their specialty is usually attacking in the air from a distance. The secret is to bring them down to your level.”

“Or just shoot them out of the sky with long range attacks, which neither of us have.” Neko stared at her paw frustration evident on her face “My Cat-Paw Cannon could never hope to hit something that high in the air.”


At the last second Morphan and Neko had jumped out of the way of a particularly close and particularly strong energy projectile. She stared at the smoking crater that had been the area she was just in “On second thought, considering our options I think it might be worth a shot. COVER ME!”

Neko then charged towards Chan Chu weaving around to avoid his deadly shots any shots that couldn’t be avoid Morphan would jump to intercept then deflect with either back hands or kicks.

“He is deflecting my shots with his bare hands and feet!” Chan Chu thought unable to suppress how impressed he was “A bold and foolish move, if he is off by a mere centimeter or a second he’ll get blown to bits. With such skill he would have made a fine subordinate, oh well.”

When Neko got close enough she aimed her paw at Chan Chu and fired a burst of Aura yelling the attack name as she did so. Chan Chu made no attempts to dodge or block the attack, and true to his estimations the energy bolt fizzled out before making contact.

“Well it was worth a shot!” was the only way Neko could respond.

Chan Chu then pointed his lasers the energy gathering as they prepared to fire.


Chan held his face and roared in pain.

“Take that sucka!” yelled Harry Crax as he flexed his exceptionally long hair whip “Took forever to get enough Aura to make this whip this long but it was worth it!”

“DIE!” Chan hissed and pointed his fists at Harry only to realise they were empty, he dropped his blasters when he instinctively grabbed his face after it was whipped. Realising this he furiously searched for his guns which was harder now since his eye was now swollen and clouded with tears.

“There they are!” said Harry as he pointed at them “Grab them!” he ordered.

They rushed over to the pistols hoping to grab them before Chan could get them back. But Chan Chu intercepted them with his energy shotgun drawn. He tried to blast them with short-ranged powerful bursts of energy but Morphan and Neko were able to dodge them. While trying to flee Harry tripped and before he could get up Chan Chu pointed his shotgun at the downed demon.

Harry curled up in fear.

“NO!” Morphan and Neko yelled simultaneously!


When the smoke from the explosion faded out everyone was shocked to see Harry was OK. Under closer inspection it was reveled that Harry’s fur was flat and shining as if made out of metal. While everyone was wondering what happened Harry’s fur reverted back to its usual bristly look. Taking advantage of his surprise Harry tackled the bird-like demon and tried to yank the shotgun out of his claws, but Chan was physically stronger then Harry and managed to pull out of his grip, he then conked him on the forehead with the butt of the gun...


...followed by side-kick to the gut. Harry fell down with a loud grunt. Neko then jumped him claws drawn forcing Chan to fly out of the way. Morphan rushed to help Harry up “You OK?”

“Yeah I’m fine!” Harry responded.

“I didn’t know you could do that?”

“Sure I can, didn’t I mention I can make harden my hair.” Harry boasted “I learned my “Impulse Harden” technique while getting beaten up by bullies.”

“How come you never used it before?” Neko asked.

“I got so many moves that I often forget I have them.” Harry said casually “before you judge me know that is actually quite a common problem amongst non-combat demons.”

“Well you shouldn’t do that, Siberian Jesus taught me that professional demons have all their moves memorized.” Neko lectured.

They suddenly dodged a energy beam, it was revealed that while they were talking Chan Chu managed to grab his pistols; he then threw his shotgun into the air and wrapped his tongue around it. Now he had a pistol in each hand and a shotgun around his tongue, which was proven to be strong enough to carry the shotgun without any difficulty.

Now armed with all three of his blasters he flew forward.

“Behind me” Neko went behind Harry as he used his impulse harden to make his body as harder then steel. Unperturbed Chan Chu shot Harry with all three of his guns, unable to move Harry was launched into the air by the blasts, his body maintained its position like a statue even while falling through the air. His body was impaled into the ground head first.

Harry unhardened his body and struggled to get out of his position. While this was going on Morphan and Neko engaged Chan in close-quarters combat forcing him to remain defensive, Chan would use his incredibly durable blasters to block blows as well as place some kicks in whenever he could. He then went onto the offensive using the gun at the end of tongue as a flail of sorts. While he was swinging it with lethal fury Morphan grabbed it, he then grabbed onto the tongue as hard as he could even secreting some Aura to burn it, as suspected the pain from the super sensitive flesh brought the bandit lord to tears, in his pain he made anguished gurgling sounds and stamped his feet desperately.

“Let’s see you suck up Aura...” Neko raised her claws “...when I chop it off!”

As she was just about to do that Chan blasted her in the face with his pistol the explosion catapulted her into the wall. Morphan let go of his adversary to rush to her aid. Chan used this as an opportunity to flee to a nearby ledge.

Harry having just managed to get his head out of the dirt rushed to his companions, “hey guys, you OK?”

“Fine!” Neko said, her faced was bruised and brunt from the attack and there were little cuts everywhere, though the damaged appeared to be superficial at best.

While Chan was busy nursing his sore worm-tongue, they took the opportunity to try and come up with a strategy “OK let’s go over the situation, armed with his guns Chan Chu is deadly at long range and he’s already proven capable in close quarters combat. His biggest advantage is that he can fly making him out of our reach and none of us have any particularly effective ranged attacks.”

“I’m hearing a lot of problems but no solutions.” Harry grimaced.

Morphan continued “His weakness is his worm-tongue which is super sensitive, and he makes himself vulnerable when he uses it. The best strategy I can think of is for one of us to let him get close enough to use his worm tongue, but if he successfully sucks up our Aura he’ll become even more powerful in addition to killing one of us.”

“Actually he has another weakness!”

Morphan and Harry looked at Neko wide-eyed “Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

“I was too busy not getting blown up!” she hissed.

Neko looked to the ledge that Chan Chu was still on “Looks like he’s getting ready for round two so I’d better make this brief... remember earlier when he was going on about his traumatic past...” She waited to see if they were with her so far, they briefly nodded indecisively “... and he was standing on the ledge all dramatic like and going blah, blah, blah I’m an evil shmuck and then he said...”


“...all the members of the Chu Clan were born with the ability to absorb their enemies Aura for a temporary boost in strength...”


Morphan and Harry gasped in realization “So you’re saying he’ll eventually run out of power?”

“Not eventually, he already did!” Neko then pointed at her face “Think about it, earlier his Aura powered guns could blast craters into the ground but I took a straight shot to the face and survived. I’m hard headed but not that hard head.”

“But what about all the bragging about becoming the most powerful demon in the Null lands!” Harry pointed out.

Morphan stroked his chin for a moment “My guess is that he gets super charged after he consumes a demon but then the Aura adjusts to his body creating a smaller more permanent boost of strength.”

“In other words he’s weak now!”

“Of course I’m running on fumes as it is!” Harry pointed out. It was true to any observer that all the fighting and danger during that day had left its toll on Harry. Morphan and Neko being more used to days filled with violence were not as tired as Harry.

“All right!” Neko said pumped up “Final stretch, first we take him down to our level then we take him down period!”

Neko’s words ignited Harry’s fight-or-flight instinct emboldening him into action “Yeah the fight is as good as over!”


“It sure is!”

During the strategy planning Chan Chu had used it as a chance to silently fly in close, then at the last minute jumped down and aimed one of his blasters right at the back of Harry’s skull. His shotgun was now holstered as was his tongue.

“ON YOUR KNEES!” he ordered pushing the pistol deeper, Harry hastily complied fearfully getting onto his knees with his arms raised “And you two hands up and back off!” he pointed his other pistol, using it to gesture where he wanted them to go, the two of them reluctantly agreed.

“All right nobody move, if you half-breeds try anything I’ll blow the sasquatches brains out, and YOU!” he pressed his pistol harder into Harry’s shaking skull “Don’t even think about using that cheap hair hardening technique, at this range you’ll be dead be dead before its complete.”

In slavering rage he pointed his pistols at his enemies. While Harry was shaking with fear, Morphan remained his usual stoic self, while Neko seems angry over the turn of events. Then her angry was replaced with cockiness as she put on a strident look before asking “So what now?”

“SHUT UP!” he shot the area by her feet as a show of force. Neko wasn’t the least bit afraid, after spending the fight dodging crater inducing projectiles the current little bolts did not impress her “OK I admit my pistols no longer have the same raw destructive power they used too, you assholes already figured that out. But they don’t need too in order to pierce your organs!”

“Yeah well I can regenerate and he’s got armour plating so you can freaking suck it.”

“But your friend here is completely vulnerable!” he pushed his pistol more desperately into Harry’s head “And you forget I have guns!”

“We were able to dodge your attacks when you were at your peak; you think we can’t dodge them now? Let’s put things into perspective, shall we!” Morphan tone was full of composed malice “You kill him, we’ll kill you, you kill me, they’ll kill you, you kill her, I’ll kill you.”

As the situation dawned on him he started sweating, he did his best to look terrifying but it quickly became clear that no one was buying it. Even Harry while on his knees with a gun to his head seemed less afraid of his would be killer.

“You only have one option... fly away!” everyone looked at Morphan in shock and confusion.

“You expect me to believe after everything I did you’d really just let me go, just like that?” Chan Chu asked dryly.

“If you flew off we couldn’t catch you any ways.”

“No matter how much we’d want to!” Neko interjected.

Chan Chu weighted his options “How do you know I won’t come back and kill you in your sleep?”

“I don’t but to be honest if you wanted to do that you’d probably have to get in line. I’m not one for speeches, so let’s just say I’ve pissed of a lot of sapients during my time in Argus.” It was true there was a long list of beings that for reasons justifiable or not hated Morphan with a passion, in time it became that Morphan would just brush off or ignore it when demons swore eternal vengeance, a lot of the time he wouldn’t even remember their names or even what they looked like. Neko was of a similar situation and when she heard Morphan say what he said a brief look of understanding flashed in her eyes. Chan Chu on the other hand went the extra mile to make sure his enemies would be good and dead so that they could not get to him later, if he could not kill them he would make sure they could not find them.

On that subject he realised that the half-breeds were right, as it was he could no longer hope to beat them, if he killed one the other two would pounce. He could as they said and fly away. The words “fly away” however brought up some painful memories.

Flowing into his heads were memories of his childhood, living in Hellengaruo with the remnants of his clan, living beneath his parents whom he both feared and admired. He would often eagerly listen to stories about how powerful their clan used to be, telling him that one day he would be part of a great and powerful clan again and that the slum they lived in would be remade into a grand palace. When feeling particularly bold they would say that their power would be enough to defeat the Thirteen Generals of Argus and the Emperor himself.

Of course that was ridiculous nothing and no-one in all the Omniverse could ever hope to defeat the Thirteen Generals or the Emperor, each of them having taken down enough gods, devils and empires to prove it.

To their shock some demons really did believe that the Chu clan would one day overthrow the empire, though ironically the empire itself was content to ignore the decrepit clan. This later found out fact, did not stop paranoid conspirators from riling up an angry mob to slaughter the bird demons! The young heir Chan Chu could do little but fly away from Hellengaruo terrified for his life.

It was shortly after that, when he read in the Forever Times that his entire clan was killed, later there were rumours that the rioters ripped off the Chus wings so that they could not fly away.

After he fled from the city he strived to make a better life for himself and eventually realised the only way to do that was by fulfilling his murdered clans desire to rise to power.

But it was hard life from then one, he often found himself having to fight and when he could not do that...

“Fly away” he said distantly, an entire lifetime worth of memories flowed through him in but an instant, granting him a sense of clarity “I’ve always flown away when things went wrong. In fact a key reason why I’m stuck in this wasteland is because I flew away.”

Morphan and Neko look at each other confused and slightly disturbed that Chan Chu wasn’t speaking with his usual bluster.

But then he started to laugh while backing away. Once Harry was certain he was free he rushed to his comrades for security. As Chan Chu backed off his laugh grew ever louder and more depraved “WELLLLLL NO MORE! Never again will I fly away, if I am to rule the Null Lands I MUST KILL THOSE AGAINST ME!” He then cackled some more, if Morphan and Neko weren’t nervous before they were now “It seems that in my panic I forgot I had one last ace in the hole.” He revealed a hidden button on his blaster which he then pressed.

Once pressed the eye like bulbs on the gun glowed as did the ones on his other two blasters. Then through some unidentified force the gun started to float in midair above Chan, as they rotated around each other bits of purple static flinging between them.

“What’s going on? I don’t like it? I’m getting a bad vibe! Please make it stop!” but Harry’s complaints fell on deaf ears as the rest watched transfixed by the spectacle “Prepare yourself for whatever stunt he’s about to pull!” Morphan commanded.

“Nothing can prepare you for this!” Chan Chu bragged, the guns started to spin faster and faster, higher and higher, more and more static building till the air was thick with the sound. Suddenly they clashed together causing a purple electric explosion.

Once the light went down it was revealed that the three guns had fused together into a large tank like turret. Chan Chu flew into the air grabbed it then stayed flapping in the sky to show off his new gun. It had the same color scheme as the previous guns and even had the same frog like design, though the end of the barrel the “mouth” of the frog was jagged as opposed to the former round shape and the “eyes” were more oval, the head almost looked Draconic. It was taller than him, and looked almost as heavy. There were three leg like fins on the back that also glowed. As a likely result of the fusion the massive gun had bits of steam fizzing off it as well as the occasionally bit of static, but they soon dissipated.

They stared in awe and terror at the weapon their enemy had just summoned, sensing their fear and not one to miss a chance to brag he showed off his massive gun “Those were not ordinary guns. They are named after a trio of warriors from some forgotten culture, who band together to defeat a rising evil. I prefer to call them the “Destruction Trinity” and this...” he pointed the barrel at them, it might have just been a coincidence but the “eyes” glowed in a manner that made them seem eager almost sadistic “... is its Fused form where their power is greatest! DESTRUCION TRINITY FINAL RUSH!”

“How is such a thing possible?” Harry asked.

“Anything is possible for Dr. Roach!”

That revelation shocked and horrified them more than the actual weapon did, “he has a weapon created by THE Dr. Roach!” kept echoing through their heads.

“You’re lying!” Morphan shouted in a panicked tone “Dr. Roach is one of the Thirteen Generals of Argus, General of Sciences. He’s got top secret laboratories in near unreachable areas all across the Conquered Realms, protect by the most advanced security and the strongest protection. His weapons are coveted by all of Argus’s aligned forces, the F-Troop and generally the Omniverse. There is no possible way you could have gotten them!”

“Let’s just say one demons trash is another demons treasure!” He pointed the gun at them, the energy churning inside as it prepared to fire “Any last words.”

For the first time in a long while Neko Maneki put some serious thought into what she was going to say, what she wanted her last words in the Omniverse to be, how did she want to end her life of surviving and thrill seeking? How did she want to be remembered, how did she want to go out?

“Do you know what they say about guys with big guns?”


The gun released a blazing beam of purple energy that carved deeply into the ground after dodging the beam they noticed to their dismay how the newly made cut in the ground burned red from the heat of the blast, they noticed how deep the cut was and how long it went.

“How can his gun be so powerful?” Harry asked stammering “I thought he was running out of Aura!”

“The Destruction Trinity Final Rush enhances my Aura, so I can do twice as much damage at one tenth my Aura. Too bad I can’t use it all the time but a secret weapon is no good if everyone knows about it. As such I only use it when three conditions are met. Number one I have to be in an isolated location, number two it has to be used on sapients I absolutely must kill and number three said sapients must be so formidable that I cannot defeat them in any other way. Feel honoured that you fulfilled the last two requirements.”

“You’re not going to feel ANYTHING when I’m done with you!” Neko Maneki threatened.

“All right everyone, final stretch it’s DO or DIE!” Morphans team-mates nodded in agreement before running about in a haphazard pattern, by doing this they hoped to make themselves harder to hit, which actually worked well.

All frustration and fear was now disappeared from Chan Chu, the feeling of the large gun in his hands, the sight of his advisories running around desperately assured him of his victory. He carved burning crevasses in a sadistic yet mellow fashion, he was staring to get irked when he realised that they were dodging all the high powered beams but he could also see that they were running out of steam and figured it would only be a matter of time before they tripped.

“Speak of the Angel!”

Neko had just managed to trip over the edge on one of the many cuts along the ground that he made, her famous foot work finally letting her down.

Morphan seeing Neko in trouble punched the wall next to him causing large bits of rubble to fall. He then grabbed large pieces of rubble and threw them at Chan Chu, his strength causing them to fly with the same force as a cannon ball. Wielding his blaster like a bat he bashed the incoming rocks to pieces. This distracted him long enough for Harry to jump into the air and lasso his hair around Chan Chu’s feet, the unexpected weight gain caused Chan to lose his balance, as he struggled to maintain airborne, Neko ran up, literally up the canyon wall, her claws and super speed allowing her to run vertically. Chan Chu regained enough balance to aim his huge blaster; Harry then curled up and hardened his fur making himself a good deal heavier. So heavy in fact that Chan Chu was once again un-balanced causing him to sink in the air slightly while trying to regain his composure.

Neko then jumped towards Chan Chu and activated her Vorpal Claws.

“STAY BACK!” Chan Chu shouted cowering behind his giant blaster!


The pieces of Destruction Trinity Final Rush fizzled and sparked for a few moments before exploding. While Neko had enough momentum to soar past Chan Chu and avoid the blast, the newly self-appointed Bandit Lord was caught in the full force of the blast.

Neko landed on the wall across from her and used her claws to dig into it slowing her descent. It was strenuous, painful and almost peeled the skin off her fingers but thanks to the traction she was able to land on the ground far safer than if she just fell.

When she was on the ground she looked up to see that her long-time rival was now in the air flapping very weakly his body battered and burnt from the explosion, barely able to remain conscious he just flapped in the air in a groggy manner, his beak wide open and eyes almost rolled to the back of his head.

Harry landed on the ground and used his whip to yank Chan down; the pull proved enough to send the crow demon falling towards Morphan who during the battle was charging his Aura into his right arm. So much Aura was produced that it was steaming out of his arm.

Chan Chu ironically gained consciousness only to see himself heading towards Morphans super charged fist.

“Magnitude 2 Richter Punch”


Morphan intercepted Chan Chu with an Aura powered right hook to the side of the face the blow was so powerful that it sent the crow demon rocketing sideways into a canyon wall



The Wonderland Conquerors waiting for the battle to be done heard the loud crashing sound and saw a huge cloud of dust rising from where they had heard the sound of battle.


Within the slave quarters the humans had barred the entrance with whatever they could find. They heard the mysterious rumbling and quivered wondering what terrible force could cause it.

Mad Hat on the other hand heard it and smiled as wide as his face would allow!


The impact was so strong that it caused a rock slide burying the remaining member of the once notorious Chu Clan and his ambitions with it. The dust cloud rising from the pile like a smoke stack.

Morphan, Neko and Harry stared at the pile assured of their victory but still remaining cautious!

To be continued...

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