Red Eye Brigade: Among Demons

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Chapter 1


Morphan woke with a comical start. He took a moment to rub the sleep out of his eyes and as he did, he noticed the bus driver walking up to him.

“Morning Pal” said the bus driver cheerfully.

“Morning,” said Morphan now completely awake. If a life constantly on the run taught him anything it was how to get up quickly. “We at the end of the line?” he asked as he prepared to get off the bus.

“End of the line?” the bus driver asked, “It’s only been one night; hell we haven’t even reached the halfway point.” The bus driver stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Well where is the end of the line for this bus?” Morphan sat back down. “And when will we get there?”

“Mirabilis” the bus driver stated casually “and we should be there in about, oh” the bus driver leaned on the top of a bus seat as he thought “a week, maybe more if traffic is bad. I mean there’s always some kind of trouble in the Null lands.”

“WAIT A MINUTE! Are you telling me that this bus goes all the way to Mirabilis?” Morphan asked sceptically “and what’s more I can get their in a WEEK?” the bus driver nodded in response “Mirabilis the city on the other side of Argus in a WEEK? I know I wanted to get far but Mirabilis that seems way too good to be true.” Morphan thought to himself, he then stared at the bus driver suspiciously. “Did this guy figure out I’m a half-demon? Is he setting up some kind of trap?”

“YUP all the way to Mirabilis in a week.” The bus driver stated proudly, oblivious to Morphan’s suspicious glare. The bus driver then took off his hat (revealing a bald spot on the top of his head) and held it by his chest as if it were a Bible “There aint no finer bus in all of Argus then my precious Gale” the bus driver said his eyes sparkling with pride.

“On second thought he doesn’t seem like the type of demon who could lay an elaborate trap.” Morphan thought to himself. “So, Mirabilis, huh.”

“Yeah” said the bus driver as he put his hat back on. Then he looked at Morphan curiously. “Didn’t you know that when you got on the bus?”

“Look I didn’t care what bus it was, I just wanted the first bus out of town.” Morphan stated, he then scrunched up his face. He knew he needed to think of a lie and fast, in case the bus driver asked any questions.

“Really?” said the bus driver as he eyed his passenger carefully, the bus driver then had an epiphany. “I got it; I know exactly what’s going on.” He stated seriously.

Morphan stood up and clenched his fists “You do?”

“Yes I know exactly what’s going on.” With that the bus driver pointed accusingly at Morphan and yelled “YOUR ELOPING WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND!”

Morphan was so shocked by the bus drivers answer that he lost balance in a comical fashion.

“ELOPING? With who?” Morphan asked annoyed “You and I are the only ones on this bus.”

“Oh I won’t try to understand you young lovers.” The bus driver chuckled light-heartedly. With that he turned and headed towards the drivers seat chuckling.

Morphan stood still for a while trying to comprehend what just happened before he gave up and slumped into the seat he had slept on. He then looked out the window on his left to get a grasp as to where he was. Judging by the small rural buildings and relatively flat landscape, he figured he was on the outskirts of Hellengaruo. And considering how small and rural the buildings were compared to Hellengaruos city buildings he guessed he was really far out, by the outskirts. “Hard to believe he drove me all the way here in one night,” Morphan thought to himself.

“OH I can’t believe how stupid I am,” yelled the bus driver as he was about to sit back down “I forgot the whole reason I went up to you in the first place.” He then went up to Morphan and asked “Would you like some breakfast?”

Morphan raised an eyebrow. “This bus does catering?”

The bus driver shook his head. “Nah I just figured since I was at a gas station refuelling I might as well get something to eat, and since you’re here I figured you might be hungry too.”

Morphan sat there with a blank expression for a while before saying “I’m not a picky eater so you can go ahead and serve me whatever you want.”

“Alright be back in a jiff.” With that the bus driver headed out the door “Oh by the way my name is Crax, Harry Crax at your service.” said the bus driver.


“Okay Morphan see you soon.” With that Harry left the bus to go get their meals.

It was at that moment that Morphan realised how much the weather had changed. When he woke up the sky was a deep onyx, but now the red sun was rising, casting the sky in a bright shade of early morning orange.

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