Blue Moon (Retouched)

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Solana Blue, a young African American woman, who comes from a line of an ancient race of wolves that evolved to be able to survive the modern human world. As a 10-year-old girl,she had to learn what was like to be an Alpha as her parents were murdered by a pack of wolves during a home invasion. She had no choice but to fight to protect her younger sister Eris Blue. Now at the adult age of 18, she must leave her grandmother's home with her sister to live with her mate to be Matthew Cruz in order to create a pack of her own. As the Blue sisters live under Cruz's house, Solana has to soon choose to become one with Matthew for their Full Moon. However, Solana is not sure if she can handle the sudden adulthood due to her growing up fast. Note: This story is a revamped version of it's first draft.

Fantasy / Romance
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Little Solana can feel her heart about to explode in her chest. Her bottom lip quivered as hot tears spilled from her big baby blue eyes. A common trait for wolf children at her age.

“Protect your sister Solana. She may be all you have left when this is over.” Her father told his ten years old daughter as he caressed her cheeks with his huge calloused hands. His intense amber eyes were burning right into hers. Solana couldn’t help but cry and sob. What was a ten-year-old supposed to do? She was about to lose her first love, her father, and her first pack leader. As a father and pack leader, he must fight to protect his family, especially his young pups.

“Daddy…please don’t go.” Little Solana whimpered, her blue eyes became red with tears.

Her father shook his head and snapped “Stop this crying!” Solana jumped at his booming deep voice. “Solana, as the Alpha male of this pack, this family I must go. You know that. Soon you will be doing the same things as all Alpha’s do.”

“I don’t want to be Alpha any more daddy...not when people have to die.” She cried.

“You can’t escape your destiny, Solana. You were chosen. You must follow my path.” He told.

“Daddy please..” she cried.

“Shh, enough of this!” he hushed her as he sensed the intruders coming closer to their home. He motioned his young five-year-old daughter, Eris to come to him.

“I can’t say much now but I do love you both dearly. Don’t ever forget that. I want both of you to live long and grow a pack of your own.” He told them as he held them both close and firmly.

Solana knew what was going to happen; she won’t see her father again after this. He then looked at his eldest ten-year-old daughter “Solana, when this is over, I want you to burn this house. We have to erase everything from the human cops. Then you two must flee to your grandmother’s house. She will be expecting you two.”

Solana slowly nodded. Their father sighed “I’m sorry you two have to experience this. I love you.”

Their father let go of them as Solana tried to touch him one last time. He stood tall as his eyes flashed gold before he turned his back to them. He snarled as he morphed into the wolf that he was. He didn’t need to take off his clothes because the wolf ripped out of them. His black fur ripped through the fabric of his clothing as his back paws ripped out the soles of his shoes. He had his tail was up, his ears alert and fangs out. He dashed off in the shadows of the living room hallway to the darkness of outside with their mother right behind him in wolf form. She paused at the front door and turned to look at her two pups.

Her blue wolf eyes stared deeply into Solana’s as her tall ears were held back against her head in sadness. She wined at both of them. ’I love both of you, my daughters.’ She spoke telepathically.

I love you too mom.’ Solana replied.

The gray wolf that was her mother dashed outside to defend the home. Solana could hear the snarling and fighting outside. She could smell the bloodshed of the outside as an image of her parents fighting a pack of unfamiliar wolves entered her mind. Her father, the black wolf launched himself to clamp his jaws on the other wolf’s throat. He swiftly ripped fur and flesh from the wolf’s throat.

Solana took no hesitation to hide her little sister in the cabinet under the seat; the closest thing that she could find to hide her. She told her to keep quiet and not to leave the cabinet until she told her it was safe.

“Solana, don’t leave me.” Eris cried pleading with her baby blue eyes.

“I have to protect you. I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.” Solana reassured her.

“Solana I’m scared.” She cried.

“I know, just stay quiet.” Solana spoke as she closed the cabinet door.

Solana quickly looked through the kitchen drawers to find the matches to light up the house on fire. She then quickly looked in the kitchen pantry to find the lighter fluid. Solana spilled both of the two bottles of lighter fluid and spilled it all over the kitchen floor, then tossed the bottles aside. A cold chill ran down her spine as she felt a cold presence. An intruder made his way in as she heard a low snarl.

Slowly turned her head, she made eerie eye contact with a huge dark male wolf unknown to her. Solana slowly turned around to face the wolf in the eye as he stared her down with his hungry amber eyes. The wolf snarled as it licked at the dripping dark blood from his muzzle. It was if he wanted to taste every last salty drop of his last victim.

Solana’s eyes flashed icy blue as the animal in her stirred with anger. The brown wolf snarled again and growled lowly at her, head down and fur spiked to the point. He was happily ready to gnaw her head off. Solana was honestly scared shitless, but she couldn’t back down. She had her sister to protect.

My my you are a brave pup.’ He spoke.

“I have to be brave.” Solana simply responded.

Tell me little pup, are you afraid of dying because I can assure you that you won’t live to see tomorrow.’ He told her as he slowly paced his way towards her.

“As chosen Alpha, I can not be afraid, not even of death” Solana spoke proudly, just like her father taught her.

“The line any alpha would say. Let’s see if you can live up to it.” The wolf said as he charged at her at full speed.

Solana swiftly jumped on top of the kitchen counter to avoid the wolf’s powerful jaws. She quickly grabbed the largest kitchen knife from the holster and jumped off the counter before the wolf could even touch her. As alpha in training, she had to learn to be swift and agile. She began sparing with her father at the age of six to prepare her for the life of an Alpha female. His training did her good.

Solana landed on the kitchen table and the wolf followed suit, launching at her face to face. Jaws open and paws forward, the wolf pounced on top of her. The knife was knocked out of her hand as the wolf pinned shoulders with his large paws. Solana exhaled as his fangs were staring at her in the face, saliva dripping. Before the wolf could clamp his jaws on her neck, she sharply kicked him in the ribs to release her. Solana launched herself off the kitchen table to grab the knife on the floor.

She swiftly turned around as the wolf pounced at her to crunch her face. He slid her across the kitchen floor and slammed her against the cabinet door. That whole time Solana had her eyes closed, terrified. She exhaled as the wolf stopped moving. Solana slowly opened her eyes to see that she jabbed the knife in the wolf’s chest. Blood crept on her hands as the wolf struggled to breathe.

She hollered, pushing the body off of her as quickly as possible. His gold eyes still looking at her as he slowly began to lose the last bits of life.

I underestimated.... you pup.’ Was the last thing he said before losing his last breath.

Solana went to retrieve her little sister from the cabinet and pulled her out.

“We have to leave here!” Solana spoke.

Eris became reluctant to move “What about mom and dad?”

“No need to worry about them. They can handle themselves. Daddy said we have to leave, so we must go!” Solana responded.

Eris didn’t hesitate to move out of the cabinet as Solana lit up the match to burn the kitchen. Solana told her sister to leave out the back door as she threw the lit match. The kitchen engulfed in red flames in a flash. Solana watched it burn for a moment as she realized that there is no turning back now. She was going to miss her home dearly. She then turned her back on it and grabbed her litter sister’s hand to leave out of the back door. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, they disappeared into the night. Solana didn’t even look back, she kept looking forward to moving on and let everything just burn away. The full moon watched over the two from above.

“Solana, where are we going?” Eris asked as she tried to keep up with her sister.

“Grandma’s house. We will be safe there. She will take care of us and we will hear about the news in the morning.” Solana reassured her.

“Are mom and dad going to be okay?” Eris asked.

“They can handle themselves Eris.” Solana simply said. But to be honest, Solana had a feeling deep in her heart that both of her parents would not survive the night. She was sure this was the last time she was going to see mom and dad. Knowing this brought her to tears that she couldn’t shake off. She lied to herself that they were going to be alright. Nothing is going to happen to them. As a child, she was gullible but she wasn’t stupid. This was the end of the alpha male and female of the Blue pack; as well as the beginning of her new reign.

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