Claiming Treasure

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Heather’s life had been wrecked over and over in the last four months. She came home to find her parents brutally murdered in revenge for her father’s undercover work with the DEA. Recovering from a gunshot while hiding from the men who did it, she’s moved from place to place, not able to show her face. Her bodyguard, Greg, promises her love and marriage and a happy life together. Emerging from hiding after Greg returns from three months in Russia, the reunion doesn’t go well. Greg’s Fated Mate is in his arms, and he rejects her and the twins she is carrying. Attacked by the jealous mate who shifted into her wolf, she escapes with her life and the knowledge of what they are. Carson Nygaard is Alpha of the Cascade Pack, in the shadows of Mount Ranier. Rejected by his Fated Mate for another, Carson is just going through the motions of life. Leadership holds no joy alone, and his wolf is losing the will to live. Something about Heather catches his wolf’s attention, and he has something to live for after decades of apathy. Carson vows to protect her and brings her to his home. To keep her alive after her babies come, they must grow to love each other enough for her to survive the change. The Werewolf world is choosing sides, and Humans are getting closer to their secret. Will a pregnant teen be the flame that sets the world on fire or the mate that changes everything?

Fantasy / Romance
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Cast of Characters

Book Three of the Treasure Series

Book 1- Treasure

Book 2- Buried Treasure

Cast of the Treasure Series

Harley Ryder- 18 yr old daughter of Sean (Easy) Ryder and Kelly (Peasy), both killed by the Sons of Tezcatlipoca. Now goes by Heather Rhodes.

Arrowhead Pack
Luna- Rori King, 20
Alpha- Chase Nygaard, 27, Psychology resident
Daughter Cheryl, son Mark, Rori pregnant again
Ron Carlson and Teri, Lead Betas, pregnant with first child
Colletta Jean Nygaard- Chase’s Mom (father Will now deceased), now mated to Frank Grimes
Sally- Omega, housekeeper, Alpha’s home
Tom and Meghan Nichols- Warriors who abducted Harleigh, hiding out back in Pack until case closed
Brent and Laura- warriors, fought in Orlando, now protecting Rori’s twins
Vic Knightly- warrior transfer, married to Spider Monkey (human hacker), pregnant with first child for her
Greg Barks- warrior, now mated to Tatiana, sperm donor to Heather’s twins
Mykayla- 14 yr old Omega, former Bitterroot slave, mate to Timur
Warrior Lance
Brenda, Zoe- Omegas, nannies with Rori’s twins in hiding
Tonya- Omega
Pack Humans:
Possum (Donna), Rori’s adoptive mother, Pack nurse, with Rori’s twins in hiding
Roadkill, Rori’s stepfather, Beta over facilities

Oxbow Lake Pack
Alpha Michael Ulfson, Luna Margaret- pregnant with first child
Celeste, Ted- Vic’s daughter and mate, daughter Gina
Peter- Security lead and Beta
Angela- member
Patricia Ann Conway (Patty), former Arrowhead Omega, mate Walter
Doc Olson

Bitterroot Pack
Richard Long, former Council lawyer now Alpha, not mated
Adirondack Pack Charles Smith, Rori’s grandfather, died in plane crash
Martin Smith, Alpha, Rori’s uncle
Rebecca Smith, Luna

Donner Pack
Sawyer Nygaard- Alpha, Chase’s oldest brother (132)
Ashley Madden- Luna, pregnant with first child

Cascade Pack
Carson Nygaard- Middle son (87), no mate
Doc Myers
Carl and Angelina Striker, Betas
Allison, Omega
McKenna, Alpha’s Secretary

Banff Pack
John Coffey- Alpha
Roseanne Coffey- Luna
Brian Steele- Pack/Council IT Beta
Teri, Rick- mates/gamers, building maintenance

Blue River Pack
Alphas- Coral (Chase’s twin sister) and Keith Sexson (survivor of Arrowhead attack). Daughter Hope.

Casper Pack
Steven March, Alpha
Connie Jackson- Luna, rescued Omega and former Arrowhead member

Monongahela Pack
Joe Walker, IT specialist

Katahdin Pack
Patrick Burkette, system manager

Beloretsk Pack
Ivan Boronsky- Alpha
Svetlana Boronsky- Luna
Vasili and Ekatarina Petrovsky, Head Warrior pair
Timur Vasiliev, Son, mate to Mykayla
Tatiana- Only daughter, Greg Barks’ mate

Orlando Chapter
Speedbump- bartender
Mongo- President, real name Michael Lane
Three Tequila- Wife, President of Steel Ladies Orlando Chapter, real name Lori
Tripod- VP
Bowlegs- Tripod’s wife

Manchester Chapter
Bear- President
Howler- Bear’s wife, heavyset
Throttle- VP
Reaper- Master at Arms
Taco- Boxer
Smoke- fighter, boyfriend of Jenny, Rori’s high school friend

Renton Chapter
“Nuke” LaLoosh- former Navy, wrestler
Wolfman- President
Mighty Elk- Wolfman’s Old Lady

Portland Chapter
Slick- driver
Thor- President, Sif- wife, Steel Lady President
Rattler- former Marine, parents live in Montana
Switch- VP

Las Vegas Chapter
Aces, President, retired, made fortune in real estate
Bunny, Ladies President, former Playboy Casino Bunny
Trike, former VP
Blaster, Master at Arms
Taz, Vice President
All-In, the Treasurer

Kansas City Chapter
Tank, President
Double D, Ladies President, pregnant

Denver Chapter
Panhead, President

Fort Lauderdale Chapter
Granite- President
Shimmy- VP
Cottonmouth- Master at Arms

North American Alphas (12):
Arrowhead Pack, Minnesota- Rori King
Adirondack Pack, New York- Martin Smith
Banff, Canada- John Coffey
Bitterroot, Montana- Richard Long
Blue River, Canada- Formerly Henry Millner, now Keith and Coral Sexson
Cascade, Washington- Carson Nygaard
Casper, Wyoming- Steven March
Denali, Alaska- Alan Robertson
Donner, California- Sawyer Nygaard
Katahdin, Maine- Paxton Blackledge
Monongahela, West Virginia- Matthew Kirk
Oxbow Lake, Minnesota- Michael Ulfsson

European Alphas (10):
Beloretsk Pack, Russia- Ivan Boronsky
Black Forest Pack, Germany- Martin Nemmers
Glenfinnan Pack, Scotland- Fergus Shaw
Dunlewey Pack, Ireland- Cuan Shaw
Lessach Pack, Austria- Klaus Hapsburg
Murmansk Pack, Russia- Boris Sereda
Ossoro Pack, Russia- Pyotr Karamazov
Reykir Pack, Iceland- Joel Sigurdsson
Skel Pack, Norway- Ulf Svenson
Val Claret Pack, France- Jacque Loup

Werewolf Council:
Chairman- Jack Coffey, the former Alpha of the Banff Pack
Oscar Millner, former Alpha of the Blue River Pack
Nathan Kirk, former Alpha of the Monongahela Pack
Yakov Baronsky, former Alpha of Beloretsk Pack. Ekatarina’s father, Tatiana’s grandfather.
Councilman Jurgen Nemmers, former Alpha of Black Forest Pack, Germany

Law Enforcement/Government:
LA SAIC Frank Donovan
LA Director Frank Grimes (Retired)
LA Director (Acting) Terry Jimenez
Felix Martinez, SAIC Miami office
San Francisco Director (Acting) Lawrence Miller
Al Perkins, CIA
Ramon Martin, AUSA- Florida
Peter Sinclair, CIA Director
Valerie Grunwald, Secret Service Chief
Hugh Patterson, FBI Director
Marisol Guttierez, Attorney General

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