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Our Disharmonic Song

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Unexplained deaths, gruesome murders and sudden disappearances. No evidence, no weapons, and no logical explanations. Individuals with destructive powers are rumoured to be the world’s deadliest secret, locked and stored from the public eye. However, five outcasts are said to be the most devastating of all. A singer who can no longer speak. A kind-heart who hears lies. A dreamer who weaves nightmares. A healer who believes in death. And a frozen heart that can never stop burning.

Fantasy / Action
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Her breaths came in fast and erratic, the air around her crisp with the winter’s embrace. Heart thrumming and chest aching, she weaved her way deeper into the darkness, knowledge of the forest burnt into her mind for all the years she had lived there.

But somehow, they always knew how to track her...

... and that was precisely why she decided to lead them to this spot - her final resolution.

She skidded to a halt and awaited her pursuers.

“Ignis darling,” a lady in black emerged from the shadows of the trees, a dozen armed men trailing behind her. “Let’s not act like children and make this quick, okay?”

Ignis darted her gaze to the frozen lake behind her.

The lady chuckled and shook her head. “Unfortunately it’s frozen. Looks like your little plan won’t work.” A smirk graced her lips as she flicked her wrist. “Seize her.”

It was always going to come down to this, Ignis reminded herself. That one day, somehow, somewhere, they would have found her. Yet it was this knowledge that had prepared her for this moment.

She took one step, two steps, three steps back... until her feet finally touched the iced water’s surface. The men halted in their movements, their eyes flickering with the glow of uncertainty.

Taking the opportunity, Ignis ran further into the middle of the lake, analysing the wide expanse of the sleeping water.

“What are you doing!?” She heard the lady shout in frustration. “It’s frozen and she’s powerless! Capture her!”

The order snapped the men out of their cautious mindset, their footsteps creating heavy tremors through the ice’s surface.

“Weren’t you taught that water is still water, even when its frozen?” Ignis sighed into the wind as she gazed up at the stars.


She took a deep breath before whipping her body around to face the men who were now only a few meters away from her. “It’s a cold day, don’t you think?” Ignis flashed a smile at the armed men as they raised their tranquilisers to shoot. “Let me help warm you up!”

Those were the final words the winter night heard before she slammed her hands down onto the ice, setting the sky ablaze.

‘Ignis’ her mother had once called her, and now she had shown them why.

For almost thirteen years she had been ready.

Ready to set the world on fire.

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