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He's a werewolf. She's, not exactly human. But she doesn't realize this until she gets into a car accident and she starts thinking she hit her head hard afterwards, considering she was looking at a bunch if cats that only her and her sister could see. Will her werewolf mate accept her? Or will there be a conflict between her father and him because of old memories and the need to never let go of his children?

Fantasy / Romance
Keeley Duffy
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Chapter One



The last bell of the day. You know, you're never that grateful of life until you hear that last bell.

School is over for the day, and the weekend comes to replace it.

Everyone walks out of the class cheering. Forgot to mention, it’s spring break!

I see my great friend Destiny run up to me all the way down the hall from Animal Science.

“Ah Dakota, it’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the wolves are,” She paused and waited for me to finish her sentence. Destiny and I always do this. Our school mascot is a wolf and I think they are the most beautiful creatures ever made by God.

“Growling!” We both made growling noises and the people surrounding us made growling noises as well, but one is supposed to howl. When we heard Jack McMahon howl, other students and teachers howled with them. Everyone laughed as we saw a puppy try to howl from Animal Science. Everyone loved Buster.

“To thy secret hide-out!” Destiny yelled and grabbed my wrist. Our secret hide-out was this clearing with a lake in the forest. Destiny and I are sure that we are the only people that know of it besides my sister.

Because if people wanted to look for something beautiful, they wouldn’t look just on the outside of things. You have to look deeper. You have to look on the inside.

Which is exactly what Destiny and I did!

No, literally, when we were first exploring the woods we came across creepy shit but went in anyways like Yolo and tada! Beauty at its finest right there.

Sure, you have to walk half a mile, cross a bridge-AKA a log over a creek, and then walk another half mile and BAM, you're there at a lake with flowers and trees, and every time you're there there are different wolves wandering around. We were excited about what we were gonna see.

When we got to the clearing I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were three wolves.

There was a huge Autumn colored wolf, a black and white wolf-but it wasn’t as big as the other wolf, and a gray wolf-it was the smallest one. The wind blew lightly and I knew they would find us here.

But when the Autumn and gray wolf froze, I knew it was a bad sign. I just didn’t have the heart to leave.

But when they finally looked over, the Autumn wolf and I made eye contact, my breath was caught in my throat at the sight. I looked towards Destiny and she was looking at the gray wolf. I have to say he was beautiful but not as beautiful as the Autumn wolf.

I took the courage to walk up to it slowly. It was about twenty feet away, and I didn't want to scare it off. Destiny looked at me like I was crazy, cause these wolves weren’t the playful ones that we have encountered.

As I was making my way towards the wolf, I tripped over a twig.

“AH!” I scream and I fall over the little hill and land on my butt. I looked towards Destiny-who I may add is on the ground dying from laughter. I look towards the wolves and see that they are smiling and rolling on the ground.

“Wow, thanks, guys! Love to see how much you really care.” I say with a straight face and the Autumn one comes running up to me. I brace myself for the impact if it jumps on my lap, but it doesn’t. Instead, it goes behind me and lifts my arms up, But I felt tingles too. I think my arm went to sleep though.

The wolf helped me up and put its face in my hands. I smile and kneel down and start petting him.

I was scratching behind its ears and he closed his eyes from pleasure. I smiled and giggled by how it was acting. It lays down on the ground and I gave him a belly rub.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” I asked and he shook his head yes and rolled around in the leaves. I laughed a bit by its playful behavior. I looked towards Destiny and see she was doing the same thing with the Gray wolf. I laughed so hard when the wolf and she started tumbling down the small hill.

My phone started to ring and I saw that it was my brother Sean.

“Hey, Sean!” Destiny looked up and looked curious. She laid down on her stomach, but the funny thing is, the wolf was mimicking her every move. She put her head in her hands, so did the wolf. I tried to stifle a laugh.

“Come quick, we hit the motherload!” Sean whispered and I smiled. Destiny looked confused. I put my hand over the phone.

“They’re hunting. I guess they found a fox or something like that.” I said and she nodded.

“What did you find Sean?” I said and he shuffled with the phone. Somehow I had a bad idea about this.

“Were not going to hurt them, but we found wolves and one is one hundred percent black and, there’s this white, brown and black one and she is beautiful Dakota. You gotta come quick. It’s a sight to see!” He whisper-yelled and I smiled widely. The Autumn wolf had his head in my lap and I smiled and played with its fur on its head.

“Ok, Destiny and I will be there shortly. Where are you by the way? The deer stand?” I asked him.

“Yup. But it looks like there is a pack of them. But I don’t see their Alpha, Beta or third in command anywhere. It’s truly rare if you find them you know.” Sean said and it got me thinking. The wolf in my lap froze. And so did the other two wolves. I looked at each of their sizes once again.

The gray wolf was a bit over average size.

The black and white wolf was about six inches bigger than the Gray.

But the Autumn wolf was both of them combined.

I froze and looked down at the wolf in my lap. He looked up at me and nodded. I gasped and I forgot I had the phone up to my ear.

“Dakota, what’s wrong?” Sean asked in a worried voice and the Autumn wolf growled a bit.

I looked down at him and rolled my eyes while I played with his ears and fur. He seemed to have purred and I giggled.

“Sean. I think the Alpha’s head is in my lap. He seems to like me too.” I say and giggle when he gets up and starts to sniff my neck.

“What about the Beta and third in command?” He asked, slightly intrigued. I smiled and looked and Destiny and the gray wolf. They were cuddling-I think. They were lying together and looking at the sky. But she was petting him and scratching his head. He closed his eyes in pleasure and he licked her face a bit. She giggled and it looked like he was smiling.

“Yup. I think the third in command likes Destiny too.” Just as I said that the Beta came up to me. He looked at me curiously before stepping a bit closer.

I reached my hand out slowly, it looked like he didn’t really like people.

I put my hand against his head and he leaned forward. I smiled and started scratching his head and he purred with pleasure. But the Alpha didn't want me touching him.

The Alpha got up, and the tingles left. He stood up tall and growled at his Beta. The Beta cowered and lowered his head from my hand. I frowned and looked at the Alpha. He looked happy that I wasn’t touching him. I took the opportunity and flicked his nose. He whimpered a little bit but looked at me.

He was confused and looked hurt.

“Hey. If I pet him you will not get upset.” I pointed towards his Beta and he growled-somewhat possessively. I forgot Sean was on the phone and he kept calling my name.

The Alpha looked down at my phone and nudged it. I looked down and heard Sean calling my name.

“Dakota? You there?” He asked worriedly and I started to pet the Alpha since he was getting upset. He purred and laid his head in my lap.

“Yeah, I’m still here. Sorry, I was petting the Beta and the Alpha got upset that I stopped petting him.” I told Sean and we both laughed.

“Hurry up, they’re starting to leave and there’s a bunch of deer. We need something for dinner don’t we?” He asked and I scoffed.

“Ok, Sean I’ll be there in a bit. Love you, bro.” I said and the Alpha put his head on my stomach-he pushed me down and laid himself over me. I laughed at his behavior.

“Ok. Bye, little sis.”


I hung up and threw the phone to Destiny. She caught it and put it in her back pocket. Now all I had to do was get the Alpha off me.

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