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Follow the story of Ellie. A 20 year old girl who is thrust into a world that is a mixture of fantasy and reality. Ellie was normal girl until one night she found a dead wolf, the dead wolf would change her life forever. "I tripped over a wolf! I sat there for a solid minute, my mind and body was in shock. Was it dead? Reaching my foot forward I gentle nudged it. Fear swept through me before i noticed it never moved. Crawling forward I knelled beside it's large head, admiring its beauty. The wolfs brown fur was shining in the moonlight. I felt compelled to touch it"

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One-The First Encounter

“I think you will like this one” my father smiled pulling a picture from his wallet of the new man he planed to set me up with. “Hes a doctor” my dad said beaming proudly as if it was his own son he talked about. When he turned to look at me I gave a half smile.

“Dad im only 20, is this not the type of thing you should try doing when im 30?” I sighed rolling my eyes.

There was nothing more depressing than your father attempting to set you up with men because your love life was that much of failure.

“Plus I just got out of a relationship with Ricky” I said as my father took his turn to sigh and roll his eyes.

“Ricky the drug dealer, thank god thats over” my father huffed shoving the picture of the doctor in front of my face forcing me to take it.

“He wasn’t a drug dealer dad” i scoffed before looking at the photo in my hand and raising an eyebrow.

My lord. This man in the photo was a hot he had brown hair, olive skin and brown eyes. Even from the photo I could tell he was ripped a smile spread across my face.

Maybe this date wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.

“Does he know what I look like?” I asked raising an eyebrow. My Dad grinned

“Of course he does, here’s the photo I showed him” I watched my dad as he pulled his phone from his pocket using his index finger to unlock it and slowly sliding his finger up and down the screen before he tapped on a photo turning it to me.

My heart stopped. It had to be the worst photo of me ever from two years ago when I was still going through my ugly duck stage not that I looked like a super model now but god anything was better than that photo. “DAD!” I shouted as a laugh left his lips.

My phone began to buzz in my pocket, I knew who it was without even answering it. “Sophie?” My dad asked as i nodded my head grabbing my bag.

Sophie has been my bestfriend ever since we were kids. I stretched over the table placing a kiss on my dads head before running to the door.

“Should I tell him yes?” My dad shouted before I left stopping me in my tracks. I thought about it for a second before smiling. What did I have to lose?

“Sure” I shouted back in return before slamming the door behind me and running to Sophies car. It was her turn to drive this week.

“You will never guess my morning” I began to say before explaining to Sophie the painful conversation I had with my father about him setting me up. By the time I had finished the story Sophie was in tears of laughter.

“Ohhhh my god, even your dad knows you have terrible taste” she cried causing me to laugh along with her. “Was he hot though?” she smirked eyeing me.

“Eyes back on the road bitch and to answer your question, yes extremely” I said a squeal of excitement leaving my lips.

Sophie and I talked back and forth for another 15 minutes before we reached work and the death march into hell began. We both worked in the same place. It was a small cute café in the outskirts of town, it was nice during the day but scary as hell at night.

The café was completely surrounded by forest. The thought of the forest at night sent a shiver down my spine. Ever since I was a little girl my father always warned me about the forest.

“Earth to Ellie” My boss Grant said snapping a finger in my face.

“Yes my dear” I smiled tying my apron around my waist a devilish smile spreading across my cheeks as Grant blushed.

I knew he had a crush on me, he had for years but he never dared to tell me about. I was glad he never, I didnt want it to ruin our friendship.

“Your closing shop tonight” Grant blushed as a sigh left my lips.

“Unlucky” Sophie smirked as she did a small dance to show she was glad that it wasn’t her locking up.

“Bitch” I mumbled under my breath as I grabbed some menus of the counter before punching her lightly she laughed in return. When customer began to come in, I put my best smile on attending to the table.

The rest of the day ran smoothly as the usual number of customer flooded in and before i knew it it was time to close. “Come back for you at 10?” Sophie asked while I was busy sweeping the floor. I looked up at the clock and the time showed 9 o’clock.

“Sure” I smiled watching as she left along with the rest of the staff.

A tired sigh left my lips as i continued sweeping. Singing a song to myself to try and distract my mind from all the boring task ahead aka sweeping, moping,wiping....


The sound of the glass being smashed into caused my head to jolt up. My heart began racing in my chest as the sound of silence enveloped my ears. Something was out there. My mind did anything to rationalise the fear, it must be Sophie.

“Ha! Very funny Sophie!” I shouted, there was no response. My mind began to tick into over drive as I peered out the window into the thick forest. What if someone or something was out there injured? Or what if there was a crazy knife welding man waiting to kill me the thought of that sent shivers up my spine

Okay be brave Ellie my conscience whispered. As I reached for my phone grabbing it out of my pocket. I turned the torch on walking hesitantly to the front door. I placed my foot on the door kicking it open “COME AT ME” I screamed clenching my hand into a fist.


There was nothing there. A blush warmed my check I felt like an idiot. I took one more step forward doing a sweep of the area with my eyes before a grin was placed on my lips. I was Safe.

Turning back to the café i walked forward before my foot hit something large which caused me to crash to the ground. “Ow ow ow” I whined as i looked at my bloody hands. What the hell did I trip over?

I picked up my phone, turning the flashlight onto the guilty item that made me trip cursing it to hell.

A gasp left my throat as I stared at the body of a wolf. A FUCKING WOLF my conscience screamed as i scrambled backwards. I tripped over a wolf! I sat there for a solid minute, my mind and body was in shock. Was it dead?

Reaching my foot forward I gentle nudged it. Fear swept through me before i noticed it never moved. Crawling forward I kneeled beside it’s large head, admiring its beauty. The wolfs brown fur was shining in the moonlight. I felt compelled to touch it.

Closing my eyes I paced my hand gingerly into the thick dark soft fur running my hand back and forward. The feeling of the fur began to get thinner and thinner and my fingers touched skin. Opening my eyes a gasped left my lips as I stared down at a handsome dark haired man.

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, did I hit my head when I fell? I scrunched my eyes closed before opening them again. I did this two or three more times and every time I opened them he was still lying there. “Time for the looney bin” I whispered to myself.

“Should I call someone?” I thought out loud before I began to unlock my phone. A hand shot up from underneath grabbing my wrist.

“Dont call anyone” A deep husky voice spoke. I looked down my eyes meeting his, the colour of them made my breathe catch in my throat. His eyes were two different colours green and brown. A shiver swept over my body before a loud piercing howl erupted from behind me distracting me from my thoughts.

My head snapped back as I stared into the eyes of another wolf. A snarl was spread across its face as it lowered its body ready to pounce.

“DONT DO IT KANE” The man near me screamed before the sound of bones cracking caused me to turn back to look at him.

Large hazel eyes stared into mine and fear coarsed through me.

The brown wolf infront of me opened its large jaws clamping its teeth into my arm. Its teeth sunk deep into my skin causing a scream to erupt from my lips as pain washed over me. Tears began to role down my cheeks.

The beast pulled back from me to stare into my eyes once again before its gaze made it’s way to the wolf behind me.

A large growl erupted from its throat causing the other wolf to whimper. I watched them both in amazement before the wolf leapt over me running forward into the woods. The second wolf followed closley behind it.

I sat there in shock clutching at the open wound on my arm. What had just happened? My mind was blank before I heard a deep husky voice echo through my head.

“I will be back for you”

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