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Mafia: Corleone Style ~Part 1~

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Gabriella is a fallen angel and vampire hybrid, she had fallen from grace and was no longer able to hear the voice of her Heavenly Father. Because she was alone, and sent to earth eons ago, she had to learn to adapt and blend in with humans. She was able to change the memories of Jonathan Corleone, who later legally adopted Gabriella as his daughter, and made her the next to run his Mafia Family. Alexander is a half human and half vampire hybrid, he had all the abilities of a vampire, but none of the weaknesses. With his abilities he became a vigilante to help those who couldn't help themselves. He believed that justice needed to be served, so he dispensed the justice. He hasn't known the luxurious life, and lived simply, but that would soon change. What will happen when Gabriella finds out that Alexander is her betrothed she is to marry, as it was her father's dying wish she promised to fulfill and would indeed marry? Will Gabriella be able to keep her secret of what she is? Will Alexander accept her as his soon to be wife? Soon he'll learn what entails in being in a Mafia Family.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:


Main Characters:

Gabriella “Black Widow” Corleone:

~Always in control
~Highly Intelligent
~Always gets her way
~Can make a grown man cringe in fear
~Has the ‘Family’s’ best interest on her mind
~Unique/Not Human which no one is aware of

~Status: Alive

Lionel Corleone (Third In Command):

~Eldest Brother
~Has an Iron Fist
~Has dark sense of humor
~Overly protective of siblings
~Gets his job done
~Never quits until he is completely finished
~Never accepts the word ‘No’
~ Vampire
~Status: Alive

Henry Corleone (The Treasurer):

~The Charmer
~Expert Negotiator
~Keeps tracks and launders funds
~Can’t tell a lie to siblings
~Shows no mercy
~Will kill in the name of the family
~ Vampire

~Status: Alive

David Corleone (The Book Keeper):

~The Youngest Brother
~Keeps Leader informed of all meetings
~Expert Computer Skills
~Only fights when needed
~Ladies Man

~Status: Alive

Alexander Corleone (Second In Command):

~Husband Of Gabriella
~Second In Command
~Loyal to the family
~Great fighter
~Highly Intelligent
~Protective/Defender of Gabriella

~Status: Alive

Minor Characters:

Melissa Mortelli-Corleone (Secretary -formally-)

~Personal secretary of Gabriella Corleone
~Answers phones and makes appointments
~The wife of Lionel Corleone
~Highly Respected
~Deathly afraid of Gabriella Corleone
~Is a bitch to those not in the family
~Status: Deceased

Deborah Bahcutte-Corleone (The Planner):

~A partier
~Loves to have fun
~Plans all parties/balls/etc
~Slightly Dramatic
~Slightly Snobbish
~Wife of Henry
~Deathly Afraid of Gabriella Corleone
~Status: Alive

Lillian Charolette-Corleone (The Little Bird):

~Private Gossiper
~Private Spy for Gabriella Corleone
~Looks Sweet and Innocent
~Wife of David Corleone
~Loyal to fault
~Deathly Afraid of Gabriella Corleone
~Status: Alive


Gabriella: Gabriella, whom prefers to be called Gabi by friends and loved ones, is a unique woman since she is not human. Gabi is a dominate woman; she’s a ‘take no shit, make no excuses’ kind of woman. She is stern, honest, blunt, highly intelligent, a manipulator, she is also very stern and and lays down an iron fist when it comes to her family and those around her. She is more stubborn than a bull; and she’ll kill anyone and anything that comes between her family and work. She has no faith due to her past, and she is often underestimated for being a female Mafia Boss.

Lionel: Lionel is the oldest brother, and second main protector of his sister, whom he is overly protective of. Lionel doesn’t take shit from anyone, including his family. He is extremely loyal to his family and the work he does. He is stubborn and ruthless, he only cares about his family, everyone else means nothing. He puts his work and family first. He is considered a workaholic, and he is good at making people see things his way. He is an amazing negotiator and very patient when it comes to specific things.

Henry: Henry is the middle brother, and he follows his sisters orders perfectly. Henry is a strict man, always straight to business and has moments when he is funny but is mostly serious all the time. He is known to be an asshole, he’s extremely loyal to his family and overly protective of his sister. Henry is ruthless and will kill anyone who hurts or disrespects his sister, or just kill anyone in general. He is a weapons expert and old fashioned in many ways.

David: David is the youngest brother, though he is younger, he is more mature and wise than his age gives him. He is the funny one in the family, a comic relief when needed. He is over protective of his sister, and he is a charmer when it comes to women, and getting what he wants. He’s a smooth talker and usually always gets his way. He is loyal to his family, and would spare his life to save theirs. David is more empathic than his brothers, but he won’t let someone use that against him.

Alexander: Alex was once a vigilante helping those who needed it the most. He is a kind man, as he was born into rags, but did his best to deliver justice to those who deserved it. He is slightly shy around women, not sure on what to say or do. He is the second in command of the family, and is the main protector of his wife Gabriella. Alexander is an excellent fighter. Alexander is sweet, honest and opinionated. He will speak his mind when there is something on it. Alexander has more empathy than anyone else in the family, but uses it to his advantage and is never taken advantage of.

Melissa: Melissa is recently deceased, however when alive she was the former wife of Lionel, and was lazy and a severe bitch,believing she was better than everyone else. Though she completely feared Gabriella.

Deborah: Deborah is the wife of Henry,she is someone that can be the life of the party. She loves attention and being in the spot light. But she has and amazing eye when it comes to planning events, and making anything that Gabriella wants happen, no matter what it takes. Deborah knows that she is on the good side of Gabriella, however she is always respectful,and fearful of Gabriella. She is extremely loyal to the family.

Lillian: Lillian is the wife of David, she is a gossiper, meaning she is the eyes and ears for Gabriella,infiltrating wherever she needs to. Lillian is respectful, quiet, very private, honest and sweet. She desperately loves her husband and is completely loyal to her family.

Physical Appearance:

Gabriella: Gabi is 5ft 11in tall, her hair color changes at will; but at a specific time it goes completely white. Her eye color is blue, her skin is pale, and her build is that of Lithe and Athletic. She is often mistaken as the actress Emilia Clarke.

Alexander: Alex is 6ft 3in tall, his hair color is black, his eye color is green. He has an Athletic and slightly muscular build. His skin is slightly tan, he is often mistaken as the actor Kit Harrington.

Lionel: Lionel is 6ft 2in tall, his hair color is a dark brown with slight salt and pepper on the side, due to managed dying his hair. His eye color is blue, he has an athletic body, his skin is slightly tanned. His sister always says that he looks like Liam Nelson.

Henry: Henry is 6ft 2in tall, his hair is salt and pepper, his eye color is blue. He has a toned body, and his skin is slightly tanned. His younger brother says he looks like Mark Hammond

David: David is 6ft tall, his hair is black, his eye color is blue. He has a muscled build, and his skin is more tanned than his siblings. His brothers tease him, saying he looks like Matt Boomer.

Melissa: (when alive) Melissa was 5ft 5in tall, her hair is black, her eye color is brown, she was slightly tanned, she had an athletic body. Her (former) husband used to say that she looked like Famke Janssen.

Deborah: Deborah is 5ft 7in tall, her hair is a dark brown, her eye color is hazel, she is slightly tanned, she has a slim body. Her husband says that she looks like a younger version of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Lillian: Lillian is 5ft 6in tall, her hair is a dark red, her eye color is green. She is pale skinned, has an athletic body. Her husband says that she looks like Karen Gillian.

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