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Darkness has taken over the world once again. . . and to stop this darkness, humans have been chosen as God candidates by the deities of Mount Olympus, out of which Katherine is the only one who does not possess any powers but strives to change the world. Join Katherine in her journey to become a goddess.

Fantasy / Adventure
Meria Ruby
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Chapter 1

Katherine snatched the crepe from the hands of a small child who was standing alone at a stall. Small children were easy to steal from and they didn't even fight back or run after her to get what they had lost. She ran into the back alleys and sat down and started eating the crepe she had stolen.

The society had a general hatred towards thieves as they took away what was theirs. No one ever thought about how unfortunate or underprivileged they must be that they had to steal. No one felt obliged to care about them anyway. She was definitely one of the unfortunate ones, who had been born unfortunate and weren't expected to become anything in life. She was an orphan who had ran away from her orphanage. She was illiterate, didn't know in which city or country she was and had to steal for food. Life couldn't get worse for her than it was now. Well, the only thing she thanked God for was that she was still alive and well. Well, not exactly well, it was very tough to steal from people, but it was easier to do so in the city as nobody noticed her stealing amidst the busy crowds. She had survived that way for two weeks, and she didn't know how long she could last.

"Hey. How's it today? Got anything?" Tom materialised near her. She scowled at him. "I don't have anything to show to idiots like you who can't steal on their own and depend on others for your food." she snapped.

"Hey, don't forget that I was the one who saved you when you came running here covered in dirt and looked ready to die any moment." he snapped back. He snatched the leftover part of the crepe from her and ran away before she could even react. Tom had saved her when she had first arrived in the city, ok the verge of death. It was only later that she had learned that he was not someone to be trusted. It had been a wise decision to leave him but he still came to her to take from her which just made her annoyed.

She frowned as she rested her back against the brick walls of the alley. Her eyelids grew heavy and she dozed off to sleep. It seemed like hours had passed when she woke up and she stretched herself. "Katherine, come here." someone whispered. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. No one. Then whose voice had that been? The whispers continted until they were all that she could hear. She stepped onto the streets. There were no vehicles and the streets and buildings around her were empty. The display television in the electronics store was not working and there was silence and darkness all around.

No way. What's happened. Why am I the only one left here? No, this can't happen. This doesn't make sense.

"Here." the whisper came again, but this time, more clearly than before. She could hear where it was coming from. She followed the sound until she came to a door. The light coming from the door blinded her eyes and she fell to the ground, clutching her eyes. Such a thing had never happened before. It didn't make sense. And as she thought that, someone grabbed her hand and she felt herself land on soft earth.

She opened her eyes when she felt it was safe to. After all, what if she opened her eyes and saw something that was dangerous. If it was something dangerous, she would run away. That was all she could do, after all. Dazzling light and tall mountains presented themselves before her eyes. There were three waterfalls around her, all falling into one large water body and countless rainbows were visible between the sparkle of water. It was a scenery straight from a fairytale, one that only existed in dreams and the vivid imaginations of people. A sight that everyone always wished to see, but hadn't seen ever before in their life. At least she hadn't.

It was a long time before Katherine realised that there were other people too, standing besides her. There were only two and they looked just as confused as she was. One was a bearded man in a suit and the other was a woman who seemed to be in her twenties. She was wearing a dress Katherine had never seen before and was thin and brown-skinned. The man in the suit was black haired and his uniform looked a lot like the police's.

"Ummm. . . may I ask you two ladies where we are? I was taken through a door and reached here, and do not know how to get back. Do you know why people were missing in California?" the suit-man was the first to speak.

"The same happened to me and I do not know where this is either. The entirety of Mumbai was empty and I don't get where we are. However wherever we are, I'm sure that we will be able to get back. I mean, there must be other people here, right?" the woman said with a slight accent."I'm Asha Sharma."

"I am Robert Wilson from the Californian Police Force. It is a pleasure to meet you." Robert introduced himself. Then he turned to Katherine," And you are?" he asked.

"Katherine." she spoke and turned away from their curious gazes. She instead focused on the lush greenery around and finally realised that they were on a tall chunk of land, with water surrounding them on all sides. It was like one of those stories that she had heard at her orphanage, that a youth who had incurred the wrath of God, found himself stranded on an island instead of bed one morning and how he used his intellect and the help of his companions to go back home.

"It's breathtaking here." Katherine jumped on hearing Asha's voice all of a sudden."Sorry if I disturbed you." she immediately apologised on seeing Katherine's annoyed expression.

"Well, it is good that you are all getting along well. This makes our project even easier to put into action. I never thought I'd find myself a squad too." someone's voice came from behind them. It was the same voice that had whispered to Katherine. The other two seemed to recognise it too. She turned behind to see where the voice was coming from. She could finally know who had called her to that door. And if she was lucky, she could go back home.

The voice had come from a man, who was dressed in the strangest attire Katherine'd ever seen. His skin was as white as snow and a mischievous smile ran across his face when he saw his eyes. His eyes were a deep brown and his hair a beautiful green. His voice was very sweet, sweeter than any bird's and the very sight of him took her breath away. A strange lustre came from him which seemed to illuminate their surroundings.

He smiled on seeing their confused faces and spoke,"I am Hermes. Welcome to Mount Olympus, children of humans."

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