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She was born of wolves, but cannot turn. Its unsafe to be around the pack. She should have been killed at birth but has been kept a secret ever since. But what happens when the Alpha finds out you still exist and makes you one of his handmaids? Can you find a mate when you aren't full wolf? Hari seems to think she has found her mate... ... all she has to do it convince him #37 in Were 30/09/19 18+ This story will have sexual content so please don't read if you are underage or don't like explicit content

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1


It was the same every year. Stay inside. Away from the windows. Curtains closed. Lights dimmed. Don’t make a noise.

“Remember Hari, stay secret. No matter what.” My Mum whispered as she kissed my head. Looking up I smiled at her kind, soft face and sighed, “no matter what.” Seeming pleased with my response, she straightened her beige top and wandered over to my Dad, who was holding open her coat. “We will be back after the run, it wont be as long as the last one. Be cautious. Stay safe. We love you sweetheart.” He whispered as they locked the door behind them.

They would be gone for at least 4 hours. The first hour would be to ensure everyone was gathered and ready, but to also lay out the rules of the run. The next two hours would be for the actual running part, and the last hour would be to report the new mating’s and for the Alphas homily. Last time it took 6 hours as the anointing of the new Alpha had to take place just before hand, as his father (previous Alpha) had served his 25 years.

The only reason I knew any of this was because I would beg my parents to tell me every little detail, every time there was a run. I am not allowed to take part in the run. I am not allowed to leave this cottage. I am not allowed to exist. But I do. The only reason I do is because my parents disobeyed the Alphas orders and didn’t kill me once I was born. Sucks to be me. So, here I am. Sat in the cottage alone, with popcorn cooking in the microwave, preparing myself just in case I manage to catch a glimpse of the sacred event happening in the woods outside my house.

Every year the 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes are celebrated in the same way. A pack run. All over-18, un-mated Weres run, in two groups, the males and the females. The ladies go first, setting off into the forest, anticipating what is to come. A few minutes later the chase will begin, the men take off after the females . The aim is for the males to catch the scent of their female mate and consequently find their happy ever after. This is how all Weres find their mates. You can only find a mate after the age of 18, once the need begins. If the she-wolfs scent calls to a male, he will find said female and they will complete the mating call. If a male has no scents calling to him, after the first hour has passed and all mates had safely exited the forest, then the frenzy begins.

You see, the ′need′ hits all Were-folk on the 4 seasonal events, hence the reason for the run. It is an uncontrollable need/sexual desire that takes over all weres once they hit 18. If you are lucky enough to be mated, this is ok, as you can satisfy the proverbial itch. However un-mated males in the need become aggressive and feral if not properly dealt with. The woman have the need too, but the consequences of the itch not being scratched isn’t as dangerous. So due to this, once all mated pairs are safely out of the woods, the males and females will fuck every Were they come across until they feel sexually satisfied. It is a normal right of passage for every wolf once they turn 18. Every wolf except me.

When I was born it became obvious that something wasn’t right. All wolves have traits specific to their gender.

The men

- Brown or dark/black eyes. (Unless he was destined to be the Alpha, then his eyes were green.)

- Brown or Black hair

The women

- Blue/grey eyes.

-Blonde or red hair

Unfortunately women don’t get to be the Alpha. But the lucky ones get to be the Alphas mate, or his handmaid. it is a honored position to hold. she is specially selected to serve the alpha however he sees fit until he finds his mate. He can have up to 5 handmaids at one time, if he should choose. There is a way of life in the pack and if it is not preserved, then death of the offender will correct the issue. This is why I should be dead. My birth was an offence.

I have black hair. My eyes are purple. I do not fit the mold.

Funny thing is, my parents didn’t want to kill me. So they faked my death and here I am, 21 years later, getting ready to peak out of the curtain at the run, just in case I got a glimpse of it for myself.

Standing in front of the microwave, I carefully watched the countdown, pulling open the door before it managed to reach 0. “Cant have that pesky beep giving away that i’m here” I chuckled to myself. Setting up the cushions next to the window, I prepared to settle into my spot for the night. One last thing to do before that happens, I think to myself. Lifting the trapdoor in the utility room, I sauntered down to my bedroom, flicking on my shallow lamp. A soft yellow glow barely light the room. This is how it has to be, no unnecessary risks. I reached for my pale gray joggers and matching tank top, before throwing on my lilac hoodie. Even though it was the reason for my condemnation, I love the colour purple.

Most years, I get to see the blur of a wolf running past if I am lucky. The curtains don’t quite reach the window sill, so I can peak out from under it without being seen. “Oh my god” I whispered to myself. A small red wolf slowly padded into the clearing, after turning a few circles, she laid down right in front of my window. Thank the Alpha, I have never been so lucky before!

The wolf in the clearing had beautiful red fur with blue eyes. Something on the wolf glistened and brought my attention to its paw. Just above was a thin silver cuff, attached to a thin chain that traveled up towards the middle of the torso, looping around the waist. She was one of the handmaid’s to the Alpha. All handmaid’s were given a silver body chains to wear. In human form it was almost like jewelry, but the real purpose was to alert other pack members that these Weres were not to be touched. They were the Alphas, unless the Alpha or the handmaid felt the true mates call, then she was released from service.

There were two reasons wolves needed mates, their basic instincts. Firstly, they needed someone to love and cherish and protect. Secondly, the sexual needs of a Were are second to none once they hit 18. They need sex a lot, to establish and reestablish the mate bond, but to also mask another with their scent, essentially telling other wolves to keep their paws off their partner, but also as a release of energy that they may have built up. the latter mainly applied to the Alpha, with the stress of running a pack. Hence the handmaid’s.

So after 3 years of having my sex drive switched on, I am probably the most horny Were in the existence of wolves. A run took place 4 times a year and this was usually enough to keep the sexual needs of most wolves at the level of a normal human for the rest of the year. I have never been on a run, because i’m not meant to be alive. I had no experience speaking to people other than my parents, so the chances of me finding a way to sate the need was near impossible. Thank the Alpha i’m not male.

As I shoveled a handful of popcorn into my open mouth, a twig snapped outside the window. A large black wolf was stalking towards the red female. His green eyes giving away his identity. The Alpha had arrived, and he was right outside my window.

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