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**This is the sequel to the old I'm The Alpha's Mate** It currently does not correlate with the current version of I'm the Alpha's Mate which has been rewritten and published. I'm considering rewriting this one, but will not make any promises.

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Chapter 1

I couldn't move and I didn't speak as Sebastian killed the other guards in the room before they escaped. I could feel my fathers eyes on me as he sits chained across the room.

Finally I manage to stand and hesitantly walk over to him, wanting to set him free.

My body feels weak and tired from attacking the man, but I did what I had to do, I just didn't know I would do that. I kneel down beside him and grab the chain in my hands. I'm not strong enough to break this, and Sebastian left to take care of the guards and find his own.

I groan in frustration.

"What happened to you?" His voice cuts through my thoughts. "Your eyes turned black, a-and you just tore at him like a slab of meat."

I peer up at my father for a mere second before looking away at my hands. "I couldn't let him hurt anyone else, not my mate."

I restrain myself from looking back at my mothers body.

"I couldn't let him hurt you and I couldn't let Sebastian sacrifice himself, not for me." I mumble at pick at the chains.

"He would have you know that right?"

"Yes, that's why I did what I did."

"He's a good man, I would have to done same for your mother if they would have let me. I thought they were going to kill me too." Pain is clear on his face as he stares at his mates body. "I don't know what to do Evangeline, she was everything to me and now she's just gone."

I place my hand on his shoulder and hold back the tears threatening to fall. "You're going to come back with us, join Sebastian's pack."

His eyes grow weary. "I need to tell your grandmother, if she's still alive, I don't now what they did to her after the visit."

I glance down at the floor. My grandmother told them where I was, she ratted me out, but why? Were they holding a knife to her neck? I need to see her when we get back.

"I found them in the cells." Sebastian comes through the doors. "They're outside waiting to go."

"I can't break the chains." I stare at them in defeat and move aside so Sebastian can free him.

He bend down and takes the cool metal in his hands before squeezing tightly causing the chains to give out under the immense pressure. My heart jumps when they hit the marble floor and my father is released from the pole. Next Sebastian breaks open each cuff and drops the remainders to the ground, the silver burning his hands a bit.

I expected him to stomp on it or hit them with something, not crush them in his bare hands. What the heck...

I look up at him with wide eyes but he only helps my father off the ground before bringing me up. "Are you okay to walk?" He looks at my father and he nods. Quickly we flee the house and come upon many black SUVs.

"You drove here?" I ask as we near the cars.

"Just in case I needed to run over anyone to get to the doors." He looks down at me and I glance down the road expecting to see dead bodies. "Don't worry we didn't, but it would have saved a lot of time."

I sigh and help my father into one of the cars before getting in one with Sebastian. I buckle up and stare longingly out the window, then suddenly my heart stops. "We left her!"

I unbuckle the seat belt and swing the door open.

"Evangeline your father said to leave her." Sebastian grabs my arm before I can run out of the car.


"He told me to leave her in there."

"So she can't just rot away!" I shout and yank my arm from him before heading to the car holding my Father. I open his door to find him in tears.

"Evangeline please, let's just go."

I shake my head and breathe heavy. "You can't just leave her there like roadkill."

"Listen, I'm still your father and you're going to do as I ask."

"How could you? How can you do this to her?" My anger begins to takeover me. "That's mom in there."

"Enough, go back in the car." He looks away and shuts his door in front of me, leaving me standing alone outside the car.

Betrayal surges through me.

"Evangeline we have to go." I look to see Sebastian waiting by our car.

I shake my head and rush to him. "I can't leave her, the guilt will eat me alive."

"I have to respect your fathers decision."

"Why? What about my decision, she's my mother!" I argue and stare at the open doors of the building.

"That's his wife. Look, I don't understand either, but I have to do what I have to do, I would want him to respect my decision if it was the other way around." He sighs. "I didn't want to have to do this."

Suddenly he picks me up and opens the back door, setting me inside. "What are you doing!" I look up at him confused before he shuts the door. I tug to open it but it doesn't budge. "What, is this child's lock?"

"Yes." Sebastian mutters as he gets in the drivers seat.

"Are you kidding me?" I try to roll down the window but it's locked too. "This is ridiculous."

"I'm sorry but we have to go now before anyone else comes back."

I huff in annoyance and cross my arms like a child. "Please let me sit with you."

"Will you open the door and run back into the house?"

I want to, I want to run back in and refuse to leave without her, but sitting back here while my mate who I've missed is torture. I will come back for her, but I can't right now. "No, I promise, but I want to sit with you."

Surprisingly he opens his door, calls to someone, then joins me in the back seat. A guard takes over as driver and a small smile is drawn on my face. I reach out and wrap my arms around his bare chest, missing the feeling of his touch. He lifts my legs up and places them over his own. "I missed you." I mumble against his skin.

"I'm sorry, this was all my fault, I let him-"

"Please don't blame yourself." I cut him off.

"I'm supposed to protect you and I let this happen."

I stay silent and close my eyes. "It will go away right?"

He moves a bit, causing me to open my eyes. "What?"

"The mark."

"It will."

"When?" I look up at him.

"Whenever you want it to."

I give him a confused look and sit up straight. "But I want it gone right now, I don't want it on me anymore."

His expression turns some what serious. "Are you sure?"

"Of course, what are you talking about?" Why would he want another mans mark on me?

He brushes back my hair, showing the mans mark on the space between my neck and shoulder. He leans down and gently kisses the spot, surprising me. Suddenly I feel his canines graze my skin before they dig into my flesh causing me to shriek. The familiar feeling hits my nerves but this time the pain is replaced by something pleasureful. I let out a small breath and flutter my eyes closed.

He pulls away too soon, making me wish it could have lasted longer. "It's gone now."

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