The Moonstone Fairy

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Chapter Two

“Sapphire, time to get up and get the day started. You might not have school but you can’t waste the day away in bed,” my mom called from outside my bedroom door.

I pulled my galaxy comforter over my head and yelled, “Just another hour, please?”

“Well, if you want to miss running errands with your mom on a gorgeous day like today. I understand that you find sleep more important than spending time with me. I’m boring and drab, you’d rather people see you as the cool kid that does nothing with her mom. Ugh, the teenager mindset already bit my little girl.”

“It didn’t, I didn’t sleep well last night and want another hour. Please, mom. Don’t you want me to awake tonight when we go to see a movie? I mean, nothings more embarrassing than your daughter falling asleep and snoring during a movie. I’d ruin it for everyone.”

“Fine… fine. Promise me you’ll be up in an hour and that you’ll actually do something today, like go swimming down at the community pool. I’m sure your friends would be happy to meet up with you there. It would be something fun to do, my friends and I always did that when we were your age.”

“I promise I’ll get up in an hour and that I’ll go do something with my friends to get me out of the house. Have fun with your errands.” I let out a sigh of relief as I heard my mother’s footsteps descend the stairs and out the front door. Normally, I lost the battle of sleeping in, but I suppose since my birthday was yesterday she let it slide for a change.

I set my alarm for an hour before closing my eyes and falling back asleep.


My alarm beeped signaling that my hour was up and that I needed to get up. My mom was right, I couldn’t sleep the day away, and that I needed to enjoy the world. Even though I hated being around crowds of people I decided that I would call my friends and go to the pool for the day. It might actually be fun.

I grabbed my phone and cut the alarm off before dialing my best friend Bella. I put the phone on speaker and listened to her play back music as I wanted for her to answer my call.

“Hey, Sapphire. What’s up?” she said, finally answering.

“Nothing much. Do you want to go to the community pool with me today? My mom told me I have to get out of the house and she suggested I go swimming with some of my friends. Wanna go?”

“Um… sure. But, I can’t right now. Can you give me like an hour or two? My brother is back from boot camp and my folks want me to spend time with him. He will go see his girlfriend a few hours, so then I could meet you at the pool. Is that fine?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I wouldn’t be ready for an hour anyway. I have to figure out where my swimsuit is, I never pulled out my swim stuff for the summer. Guess, I didn’t plan on swimming at all this year. And, I mean I can come over to your house. It would be awesome to see your brother again.”

“You know you only want to see him because you think he’s cute.” She laughed on the other end of the phone as my face tinged a light pink.

“I do not like your brother!”

“Do so. Anyway, who else are you planning to invite along with us?”

“Um… I’m not sure. Who should I call to see if they want to come along?”

“Gwen, definitely. What about Remy? And you got to have the twins London and Rome come. And Stella because everything is funner when she’s around.”

“So, that makes four girls to three guys. We need one more guy friend so it’s even… What about Hawke? He’s funny.”

“Dreamboat Hawke? Didn’t he say at your party yesterday he had to go to a tribe meeting tonight? Isn’t he Cherokee Indian? I don’t think he’d miss something like that to go swimming with us. But call him and see, maybe he can come before he has to leave.”

“Yes, dreamboat Hawke. I’ll text everyone and see if they can meet us, say around three? That gives you time with your brother and me time to get ready and eat. Mom left before I got up, so it looks like I’m making myself lunch today.”

“Sounds fantastic. Text me who all says yes. And I’m going to text you a picture of my new swimsuit, I don’t want to look too over-the-top with Hawke around,” Bella said with a giggle.

“All right. I’ll let you get back to your family and will text you soon.”

“K. Bye.” With that the phone went dead and dial tone pierced my ears.

I scratched my head and sent everyone a text message asking if they could meet Bella and me at the community pool at three. Once all the messages went through I tossed my phone onto my bed and walked over to my closet to figure out where my swimsuit was.

But, when I touched my closet door everything changed. I magically transported somewhere else, to some other time.

People walked by and stared at me because I stood out in my bright purple pajamas. Some pointed as they walked by, others whispered to their partners, and some laughed loudly. My face when from a pale white to red like a tomato in an instant and I ducked behind a brick building.

One minute I was in my room opening my closet, the next I was in a western town right out of an old cowboy movie. I didn’t know how it happened, but knew I had to get back to my time somehow.

“Hi!” a voice squealed from behind me.

I turned around to see a boy no older than me sitting on an old-timey bicycle. The front wheel was much larger than the back and the handle bars looked odd. The contraption didn’t look like it was fun to ride and I didn’t understand why he was riding it.

“Um… hi,” I said still staring at the country boy.

“You look like you ain’t from round these parts, missy. Where ya from?” he asked, with a huge southern draw that made me weak at the knees.

“Definitely not from here. Though, I’m not sure where here actually is. Where am I? What time period am I in?”

“Well, ma’am you’re in the old West. The year is nineteen-ten. And you must be a city-slicker to not know where you are or time period you’re in.”

“You’d be kinda right. I’m not from around here, and I’m not from nineteen-ten. I’m in a bit of a pickle. You see, I’m from twenty-fifteen and I somehow transported here by mistake. I’m not sure how it happened but I need to get home. Is there anyone here that could explain time travel to me and help me get back home?”

“You’re nuts lass. But Crazy Mae might help you out. She’s the town wacko, and your predicament sounds just up her ally. If you’ll follow me... And I didn’t quite catch your name. What was it?”

“I’m Sapphire. You are?”

“Names Walter, nice to meet ya.” He extended his dirt covered hand, I took it and shook it to be polite. “Now follow me to Crazy Mae’s house. She lives just round the corner.”

I nodded and followed behind him as we headed up the ally and down the road. Everyone pointed and snickered at me as I passed. It was embarrassing, and I hated being a laughing-stock in a time wasn’t my own. I just wanted to go home.

“So, why is she called crazy?” I asked as we stopped in front of a rundown wooden home. If a strong wind blew through the house would cave in.

“Because she’s crazy, no other way to explain it,” he said knocking on the old wooden door.

“Who be beatin’ on me door. Better not be yous hooligans again. I will call the sheriff this time, you brats. You ‘er me,” a feeble voice shouted behind the door.

“No, Miss Mae its Walter, the sheriff’s boy. I found a lass that needs your help,” Walter said in a calm tone.

“Oh, ok then. In you come. Doors unlocked,” the woman shouted.

Walter twisted the rusted doorknob, and we walked into the home. I feared I would fall through the floor if I’d stood on the rickety porch any longer. Her house was unstable, and it puzzled me why no one made her move into something safer.

“Explain yer situation, lassy,” the woman said motioning for Walter and I to take a seat on a dusty, red couch.

“Well, you see I’m not from this time. I come from twenty-fifteen and I don’t know how I’m here. I don’t know how to get back to my time,” I said staring at the frail, elderly woman.

Her dark grey hair lay atop her head in a messy bun as stray strands lined a wrinkly, pale face. Green eyes lay in pools of dark circles under glasses barely on the bridge of her nose.

“You say you’re from one-hundred-and-five years in the future, do ya? How did you wind up here then?” she asked in a puzzled yet sarcastic tone.

“I said I didn’t know. One minute I was in my room about to go out with friends, then I was here.”

“Did you touch something? Or gain something new? Has this happened a’for?”

“No… I got this necklace for my birthday yesterday. It’s moonstone and is shaped like a fairy. Do you know what fairies are?”

“Yes, child. We know what fairies are. We may be a-hundred-and-five years in the past but we know what fairies are. So, you got a necklace, what else? Anything strange happen to ye?”

“No… I was just opening my closet and bam I turned up here.”

Walter looked at the necklace with a curious expression. “Didn’t you tell me a story years ago about a fairy that transported you to other times, Mae? I remember a story about a fairy that jumped through time and worlds in a blink of an eye. Then one day she turnt up missin’ in ye stories.”

The old woman titled her head and closed her eyes, looking like she was recalling the story. “I remember, lad. Her name was Celestial, and she was a time jumping fairy. Thing went missing in the fairy world one day. We never saw her again.”

I stared at her, confused. “We? You mean you knew her? Ma’am I say this with respect, but fairies don’t exist, they aren’t real.”

“That they do my child. There is an old tree in these woods that house the land of the fae. The live there in peace and I’m their guardian. I keep mankind from stealing their magic and they grant me immortality to live and protect them.”

“But, you’re old. If they granted you immortality, you’d be young and lively.” I covered my mouth because I didn’t intend to say that.

“That is correct, but I found them at an old age. They can only make me immortal from the age I was when I stumbled upon them. Sadly, I was in my eighties then. I can’t remember how old I’m supposed to be now though. That doesn’t matter though, what matters is getting you to see the fairy queen, so she can look at your necklace and see if you have the missing Celestial.”

Walter looked at me then back at Mae, he looked just as confused as I was. “Miss Mae, I must be on my way. Think you can point, Sapphire to the sheriff’s office when you’ve finished?”

“I can my boy. Stay out of trouble, Walter.”

“I will ma’am… I’ll see you later Sapphire,” he said with a smile before running out of the old house.

“So, can I meet this fairy queen? I need to get home and don’t have time to dilly-dally.”

“Yes, you can meet her. Follow me lass,” she said standing up. Her frail bones protested to the movement and cracked. “We’ll head to my backyard where the tree stands tall.”

I stood and followed her through her dusty, old house. We reached the backdoor and emerged into a gorgeous garden where a giant oak tree towered over it all. The tree was huge.

“You knock four times on the base of the trunk and it opens and allows us passage into their world,” she said as she knocked four times on the trunk of the tree.

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