The Moonstone Fairy

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Chapter Three

“Does the fairy queen have a name?” I asked as we entered the trunk of the tree.

“Yes, her name is Daphne.”

“What does she look like?”

“Child, you’ll see for yourself in a minute. Hold yer horses.”

“All right.”

“Daphne, are you ‘ere?” the old woman asked in a frail voice.

“Yes, Mae, I’m here. You’ve brought guests along. That isn’t allowed, you know,” a tiny voice whispered in the dark.

“I know it isn’t. But, she’s in a sticky situation. I believe she may have found Celestial. She claims she’s from the future and magically transported here after receiving a fairy necklace.”

“That doesn’t mean she’s found Celestial, just means she’s found a magic necklace of some sort. Or she’s lying one,” the tiny voice said again.

I turned my head trying to find the little fairy, but saw nothing. “It’s true. I got a moonstone fairy necklace for my birthday and I touched a doorknob and ended up in your time. I’m from twenty-fifteen, not nineteen-ten. Please, you have to at least take a look at the necklace and see if you can tell me how to get back home. I don’t want to be trapped a hundred years in the past. Please, help me.”

The tree lit-up by thousands of fairies. “If what you say is true, and you have found Celestial, then I might can help you. However, if not and some other force brought you here then I’m afraid I won’t be of much assistance. But, I will do my best to help you get back to your time,” a gorgeous, yellow fairy said as she hovered over me with glittering wings.

“Thank you,” I said and bowed before the fairy queen.

“Follow me please,” she said as she flew off.

Mae and I followed behind her in silence before we stopped at a large fairy throne. It didn’t look sized for a fairy, in fact it looked sized for your average person. I titled my head a little confused at why the throne was larger the then fairies.

“Don’t look so confused child. The fairies can manipulate their height. They stay small to hide, but can be just as big as we are, sometimes bigger,” Mae said as the fairy queen sat down in the throne and grew to an average height.

“A lot of facts about fairies are misconceptions. Most believe us to be tiny, almost invisible. The truth is, we stay small to stay safe. We grow when we need to, and most of the time we prefer to stay small. It’s easier to fly when you’re tiny like an ant. Fairy facts aside, let me see the necklace in question,” she asked holding out her hand.

I unhooked the necklace and pulled it from my neck, placing it in her porcelain hand.

She examined it closely, every now and again holding it up to the light to watch the rays beam off of it. She shook the necklace a few times as if she was trying to see if it would fly away.

After a few moments she said, “I believe what you have here is only part of Celestial. It would seem that pieces of her are scattered throughout history and it looks like she chose you to put her back together again. Looks like there might be twelve pieces you have to find. And this is their holding chamber, so this is where you place each piece when you find it. Once you get all twelve she’ll be whole again.”

I stared at her dumbfounded for a moment then said, “How am I to find all the pieces? What happens if I don’t search for them? Why should I search for them? How will I know that I’ve found a piece?”

“Well, you have no choice. She chose you. Each time you touch an object that corresponds with an area where a piece is you’ll be transported to that time. Don’t worry though, no time passes in your actual time, so no one knows that you’re missing because everything just stops. So, no time has passed since you’ve been here. What it means is that there is a piece here for you to find, and in order for you to get back home you must find the piece. When you have all the pieces she’ll be your guardian fairy and you’ll be able to travel wherever you wish to go.”

“But, how do I find the pieces?” I asked, still confused.

“I’m guessing she’ll guide you somehow to the areas through the container. Honestly, I’m not sure how you’ll know where the pieces are, or what they’ll look like. I can only assume you’ll meet people in each time that might have clues for you,” the fairy queen said as she handed me the necklace back.

I put the necklace back around my neck before asking, “So, like Walter and Mae? They led me to you, and you figured out how I got here and how I can get home. But who else could lead me to the missing piece? And will they know it’s something I’m looking for? Does this alter time?”

“It doesn’t alter time as she’s the fairy of time. She has the power to stop the time riff from happening, so you’re able to alter time without actually altering time. So, you’re here now, but once you leave the people here will not know that you’ve been here. Walter will have no recollection of you, you’ll seem like a dream to him. The only ones that will remember you are Mae and us fairies because we aren’t affected by time.”

“Ok… But that still doesn’t help. I don’t know what the pieces look like or know the right clues to look for to find them… I’ll never get home.”

Mae turned and looked at me as she placed a frail hand on my shoulder. “Child, you found me, didn’t ye?”

“Well, yes. But, Walter brought me to you. Do you think I’ll find a Walter in each time that will lead me to a Mae who’ll lead me to the fairies?” I asked looking back up at the fairy queen.

“It’s possible. But, for now I think you should go back to Walter at the sheriff’s and maybe ask him. He might know where the piece is since he was the first person you met when you arrived to our time. I’m guessing the missing piece is a tiny shard of this big moonstone that rests in the middle of your fairy. If you’ll notice it has small cracks, similar to a spider’s web. Perhaps, those are where the missing pieces go. Maybe they are spiritual pieces and when you get close enough the piece appears in the container. I’m not sure how this all works because this is the first time we’ve experienced this situation. But, once you receive the first shard, do come back and find me when you’re transported to another time so you can tell me how it happened,” the fairy queen smiled and stood from her thrown. She walked over and gave me a gentle hug. “Go, bravely. Dangerous waters may await you when you travel to new places. Celestial, loved danger and her pieces may be in dangerous times and worlds. Be safe, because if you die in the past, you die in your time. Stay alive.”

“Great, so now my life is in danger, just what this awkward thirteen year old needed.” I sighed feeling defeated.

“Is that all the info you have for the lass, Daphne?” Mae asked as the fairy queen nodded. “Then I suppose the two of us are off and she’ll go meet Walter. Thanks for the help.”

“You’re welcome, Mae. Remember, Sapphire, be brave. The fae-folk are on your side. Find us if you need help. We’re everywhere and we’ll be keeping an eye on you,” she said as she waved and we headed back the way we came.

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