The Moonstone Fairy

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Chapter Four

“Mae, do you think Walter will know where the shard is? Has he ever visited the tree of fairies before? Why do I feel like there’s something more about him that I should know? The fairy queen said he’d forget about meeting me once I left, is that true? Is the fairy queen telling me the whole story? What am I missing?” I rambled off all my questions when we walked back into the dingy living room of Crazy Mae’s house.

“Walter is… well he’s a… well have you ever heard of avariel elves?”

I stared at her confused and intrigued. “I’ve heard of elves, but not avariel ones. What are they? And does Walter know what he is?”

“He knows what he is, but he found out about his avariel heritage a few months ago. You see, Walter is a hybrid elf, he’s two elf tribes mixed into one elf-boy.”

“But, I thought they wouldn’t do that. I mean in all the stories I’ve read of elves they stick to their own kind. They don’t frolic with other nations of elves. So, why is he two? Also, you never explained what an avariel elf was.”

“Patience child. Walter, is an avariel and a star elf. His father born a star elf and his mother born an avariel elf. But, because both groups are almost extinct and that is why they fell in love without repercussions. The king and queen disapproved at first of their son’s love for an avariel elf, claiming that it was un-elf-like for a star elf to love an avariel elf. The main reason for their disproval was her wings, and they said that this would cause problem for their offspring.”

“So, king and queen of the star elves approved their love, so Walter’s dad is a prince… or a king? And I still don’t know what these two elves are…”

“Avariel elves dwell up in the mountains, and they have gorgeous bird-like wings. And as I said earlier, they are almost extinct. Star elves left our planet decades ago to live in a realm like no other, and they have a mysterious power that no one can explain how they have it. Of all the elves, they have magical powers like those of a witch or fairy,” she said as she pulled a dusty book from the shelf and opened to a picture of a winged-elf.

“So, he has wings? But I didn’t see them earlier, can he retract them? And powers, so does that mean he’s also my guide to find these pieces and help me, at least in this time?”

“Well, because he’s a star elf that means he’s in every century. I don’t understand how that’s possible, but there’s a lot with mythical creatures that no one knows or understands. You came here not believing in fairies or magic, and now you’ve seen fairies and have met a person who’s immortal. And you’ve also met Walter. Maybe, he’s meant to follow you and help you in putting Celestial back together, I’m not sure. But I know he could answer those questions better than I could. So, let’s get goin’ to the sheriff’s office.”

“But, how come the fairy queen didn’t mention this?” I asked as I stood and followed her to her front door.

“Because, she doesn’t know. You see fairies and elves don’t frolic together. Some elves are mean to the fae world, so they don’t talk to anyone that’s an elf. They play it safe rather than sorry later. Now come on lass. I have other things to do today, I can’t be lollygagging all day helpin ye.”

“Oh, all right. Let’s go.” I sighed and the two of us walked out of the front door and up the road.

People pointed and laughed at me once again, but Mae stared at each of them with a death glare. Eventually, they stopped laughing and just ignored me as they walked past. But I could still feel their eyes on me as we walked into the sheriff’s office.

“Oh bother. Dad, Crazy Mae just walked in with a stranger. I bet she’s ‘bout to complain that this lass is the one knocking on her door,” a young girl shouted from behind a wooden desk.

“Ruth, that’s not a very nice thing to say now is it?” Mae asked the girl, giving her an evil, yet pleasant smile.

“No, it’s not ma’am. I’m sorry. What ye ‘ere? Who’s she?” the girl asked staring at me with a peculiar stare.

“I’m Sapphire. I met your brother earlier, and he told me to meet him back here. Is he here?” I asked blowing a strand of my red hair from my face.

“Um… If you mean Walter, he’s not my brother. He’s my cousin. But it figures, you’re one of his strange friends. Walter!”

“What?” Walter yelled from another part of the sheriff’s office.

“You’re weird friends are here. Get them out before they scare off even the crooks.”

“My mistake,” I said looking up at Mae with a confused look as Walter walked into the lobby.

“Howdy. Sorry ‘bout Ruth. She’s… well…”

“I’m mischievous, and your worst nightmare kid. Now y’all scat.” She tilted her head to the side and grinned from ear-to-ear.

“Well, it was a delight to meet you, Ruth. I bid thee fair well.” I smiled and waved as the three of us left the sheriff’s office.

Mae smiled and waved as she headed back to her house and Walter and I headed toward the vacant field in front of the sheriff’s office.

“So, I take it Mae told you about my heritage?” Walter said as we sat down on the damp grass.

“She did. And I now know why I’m in your time and how I’m to get home. I have to find the shard of the moonstone that’s somewhere here. I have a container that is Celestial and I have to collect twelve shards and I’ll bring her back, or make her solid. And, I’ll be transported when I touch something that corresponds with where a shard is, so at any time I can go from my time to someplace else. Though, the fairy queen couldn’t explain how I would find the shards, she said someone in each time could be able to help me, like you and Mae have.”

“Ah, figures she doesn’t know the full story. You see, a dark elf captured Celestial centuries ago. When she went missing a few mythical creatures formed an alliance to find her. Shortly after we found her shattered, and we vowed to put her back together. We created the container, but could not find the remaining shards, as the remaining shards scattered to places unknown to us. But, Celestial told us she would find the one to put her back together, and that person is you. I’m from a line of avariel elves that promised to help the chosen one. So, here I am,” Walter said with his thick accent and I found myself oddly captivated by him.

I stared into his blue eyes lost in a sea of confusion. One second I was an average teenager, the next the chosen one to put together back a time traveling fairy. I was in another time period with a cute elfin boy and I felt my heart sinking in my chest with each word he spoke.

“So, you’ll be at each place I’m sent to rescue a shard?” I scratched my head, unsure of how that was possible.


“How’s that possible?”

“It’s possible because of the star elf blood that courses through my veins. I exist where I’m needed, well not really. I exist down here whenever I’m needed. It’s like I’m your guardian elf, and here to help with this purpose and that’s it. My kind don’t live on Earth, we live on another planet far out of this galaxy and that was the only way we could live and prosper. Plus, I’m a mixed breed, and I have special privilege to exist anywhere and everywhere, it’s awesome.”

“Great, so you’ll help me find the pieces so I can get back to my normal human life. Sweet! So, where is the first shard?”

“I have it in my pocket now. While you were with Mae I grabbed it. It wasn’t a dangerous journey, but the other shards might be a challenge. But I’ll be there each time to help you. And I’m even in your time, you’ve just got to know where to look for me, Sapphire. My name isn’t Walter. It’ll change each time we meet, because I take on the role of someone in that time period, that’s how it works. I’m the real me in your current time period. You’ll figure out who I am soon enough.” He smiled and took the shard from his pocket and held his palm out. “Just think when you get back home and you’ll figure it out,” he said kissing me on the cheek before placing the shard in my hand.

I blinked, and I was back in my room staring at my closet like I’d seen a ghost.

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