The Moonstone Fairy

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Chapter Five

I shook my head as I walked to my bed and sat down. One second I was an average thirteen year old girl, the next I was on a mission to put a fairy back together. The worse part was that at any moment I could transport to another location to find a shard of the fairy.

“Ugh. Well, at least they said time stopped here when I left, so that’s a good thing. At least people won’t search for me thinking I’m lost. I wish someone else would do this and not me. I wonder why Celestial picked me and who could Walter the elf be in my time? He said he was someone I knew and that I’d figure it out.” I sighed and looked down at my flashing phone.

I opened the text and read its contents. Hey Sapphire, I’m sorry but I can’t hang out today. My family and I are in Cherokee. I’m really sorry, you and Belle have fun with everyone and I’ll see you on Monday. Bye.

“Great, so Hawke can’t come, that’ll disappoint Belle. Oh well, we’ll still have fun without him.”

I sent Belle a text and told her that Hawke wasn’t joining us before going back to my closet to find my swimsuit. Minutes passed as I threw clothes from my closet, realizing that I needed to organize my closet and my room. I made a mental note to clean-up when I came back from the pool, but for now I had to get ready to go, especially since I found my swimsuit buried under a pile of fairy novels.

“Mom’s been right this whole time about my room being a disaster and me not being able to find anything in here. Ugh, guess I’m an average teenager, or at least I was.” I laughed as I tossed my swimsuit on my bed before my phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked answering the call.

“Hey, Sapphire. It’s Stella, I can’t make it today. Mom thinks I need to go to my dumb viola class. As much as I hate that instrument I have to go to practice. Plus, my instructor is totally cute. I wish my family picked a cooler instrument for me to learn. Sometimes, I hate being in a family band,” Stella said with a sigh on the other end.

“How long have you been practicing the viola again?”

“I’ve been going to lessons since I was seven. It’s been seven years, and I still suck at the instrument. My instructor says it’s because I’m not practicing and that I don’t want to learn. He doesn’t know how right he truly is.”

“Why don’t you just do it? I mean if it’ll make your family happy why not. Or tell them you want to learn the violin instead since it’s a smaller version of the viola, though it isn’t as deep as a viola. I think they’d let you switch instruments. And I think you’re great on the viola, but I think it’s just too big for you and that you need a violin.”

“Do you want to talk my dad into allowing me to play the violin instead? I mean, if you do, be my guest. Maybe he’ll listen to you,” she said with a laugh. Unfortunately, Stella’s laugh didn’t fit her appearance, she’s a gorgeous girl with an ugly, squeaky laugh.

“I can bring my violin over tomorrow and show him. You can even play a song on it since it’s not much different than the viola. That may convince him that you should switch. Maybe I can get Hawke to bring his electric guitar and try to convince him to go that route, though you’d have to start a whole new set of practice to learn it.”

“Oh, bring Hawke! But not his guitar. My dad hates boys that play guitar. He says their bad boys out to break girls’ hearts.”

“Um… doesn’t your brother play electric and your dad play bass?”

“Yep, and that’s where his logic comes from. You’ve seen my brother, and you know how many girls he’s dated and dumped since he turned sixteen. He’s a player, and I hate that. I yell at him all the time he breaks a girl’s heart, I tell him how would he feel if I dated a guy like him. His response is always, you won’t date, so problem solved.”

“That’s big brothers for you. Did you know Belle’s brother is back from boot camp?”

“No, I didn’t. She hasn’t texted me yet today, guess that’s why. Are you going to see him before he leaves?”

“Yeah, I plan to head over there before we go to the community pool. I have to talk to her about something that happened earlier. Plus, she won’t be happy because Hawke isn’t joining us today, and now neither are you. I hope the others can. Do you know if Gwen, Remy, London or Rome have anything going on today?”

“Not that I know of. Gwen’s parents are out of town this weekend so her older sister is watching her, so she should be able to make it. Remy has drum practice on Friday’s so you’re in the clear there. London and Rome might be playing video games and streaming their game play, so they’re hit and miss sometimes. Call them though if you texted them they’ll ignore it. They pay little attention to their phones. How about we all go to the movies tomorrow night though? We don’t have school for another month and my folks aren’t opposed to me going out to the movies on a Monday. And we’d all be in town and not have anything to do.”

“Definitely. I’ll tell everyone at the pool and let you know what they say and what time to meet. Have fun at viola and don’t pay too much attention to your coach that you don’t practice. I know you, Stella,” I said with a laugh as she grumbled in the background.

“You’re right, I’ll try. Have fun swimming today. Talk to you later. Oh and give Belle’s brother a hug for me.”

“Will do. Bye,” I said before hitting the end call button on my phone.

I flopped down on my bed and stared at my ceiling. Stella said I should call London and Rome to see if they could come to the pool and I hated calling them. I’d had a crush on London since I was ten and Belle had one on Rome. My crush made talking to him hard, and I stumbled over my words like a blubbering idiot. But, if I didn’t call they’d never know I invited them and Belle would hate me forever if she found out I chickened out.

I sighed and pressed London’s name as my phone dialed his number. I waited patiently as the phone rang and prayed that it would go to voicemail and I could leave a message. Then I could at least tell Belle I tried, and she wouldn’t be mad at me.

“Hey, Saph, what’s up?” London asked as he answered the phone.

“Um… nothing much… Do you… do you want to hang out with… Belle and me?”

“Rome too?” he asked.

“Yeah. Gwen and Remy might be.”

“What about Stella and Hawke? You know the rest of the gang.”

“They can’t.”

“Why not?” Rome shouted in the background.

“Um… Stella has viola. Hawke’s in Cherokee.”

“That’s right. So, where are we going?” London asked.

“The community pool at three?” I asked as the nervousness crept in and my face turned a light shade of pink.

“Sure, we’ll be there at three. See ya then,” he said before dial-tone rang in my ear.

“Whew, so now Remy and Gwen.” I sighed as I looked at my phone not seeing any new messages. “Guess I should call them too. Ugh, why can’t my friend’s answer text messages like normal people?”

I dialed Remy, first because I’d already spoke to two guys why not get the last one out of the way too.

“Hey! Sorry I haven’t texted back. I was in the garage helping my dad work on his sports car. You know how that goes. I can meet you and Belle at the community pool at three. Just got to get this grease washed off. I don’t think they’d like me showing up like this, I’d turn the pool black,” he said with an awkward laugh.

“Sounds like fun. My dad and I finished our last car project, so nothing new for us for now.”

“Um… you can come help me and my dad. He thinks is awesome when a girl gets in the garage. My sister refuses to come in here. Maybe, next Saturday you could come over and help us?” he asked in a shaky voice.

“Sure, that’d be awesome.”

“Great. I’ll tell my dad you’re coming to help us. He’ll be so stoked. But… um… I guess I need to go get cleaned up and meet you over there. It’s almost one now. See you later.”

“Later,” I said before hanging up the phone with a sinking feeling in my stomach. I shook off the feeling as my phone flashed with a new text message.

Relieved that I wouldn’t have to call another person I opened the message to see Gwen’s response. Sure, I’ll meet you there. My folks are out of town, so my sister’s watching me and she’s boring. We’ve been playing board games all day, and I’m going insane over here. Thank you for getting me out of this house. Love you!

I sent her a quick reply before sending Belle a message telling her that I was on my way after eating something. Belle texted back before I ran down the stairs with my swimsuit in hand. I opened her message and read Okie dokie, too bad we don’t have Hawke or Stella though. But, we’ll have fun. See you soon, doll face.

“Doll face? That’s new.” I rolled my eyes and grabbed my rainbow-zebra-printed swim bag from the hook in the laundry room. “Mom, planned for me to go swimming, she’s so sneaky.” I laughed as I opened the bag to see my rainbow-zebra beach towel, sun-block, goggles, snorkel and a new bikini with a note.


Your father and I thought you needed a new swimsuit this year since you’ve had your old one for three years. It’s by your favorite designer and we wanted to give it to you yesterday on your birthday, but it arrived this morning. And yes, that’s why I told you to go to the pool today so you could get it today. Hope, you love it.


Mom and Dad

“They got me a rainbow snakeskin swimsuit!!! It’s the one I’ve been wanting forever!” I screamed as I examined the two piece swimsuit. The top would come above my bellybutton and the bottoms were a skirt, and it had a retro-chic design. I texted my parents and told them thank you and that I loved them very much and couldn’t wait to go to the movies tonight with them.

I shoved everything back into the swim bag and headed for the kitchen to find something to make for lunch. In the end I settled with a peperoni, mozzarella, and black olive sub from the night before. I popped it in the oven for a few minutes before sitting down to eat it in front of the bay window in our kitchen.

I watched as the skateboarders in my neighborhood flew past our window, probably heading to the new skate park down the road. My dad promised to teach me how to skateboard one day this summer but I didn’t remind him because the sport scared me. I sighed and went back to eating my sub and ignored the urge to tell my dad I wanted to learn to skateboard again.

After a few minutes I finished my sub and grabbed my stuff and headed out the front door. Because I didn’t skateboard, like everyone else, I walked to Belle’s house. She didn’t live but a few houses up the road and the community pool wasn’t too far of a walk either. Plus, I enjoyed walking and taking in the scenery and not having it breeze by.

Ten minutes later I knocked on Belle’s door and waited for her to answer the door.

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