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Chapter Nine

SHE sneezed again and rolled her eyes at what she knew was to come.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

And as expected, Lucas barged into the room. His hair was messy and his under eyes were dark, exhaustion clear on his face. Light stubble had made an appearance considering he hadn't shaved for days.

"Are you ok? You called me. What's wrong?" His eyes were wide with concern as he climbed onto the bed in front of her, clutching onto her face with his large hands. Lucas searched her face for anything that could be wrong.

Ava kept her face straight. "I sneezed." It had only been a few days since she was left by herself and was forced to take shelter, admittedly not very well shelter, on a tree. She had been staying with Lucas and Miss Barnaby didn't really mind. He clearly felt guilty because he wouldn't stop apologising since the moment she woke up. He even skipped school to look after her.

Lucas was definitely much more attentive to her needs, puffing her pillows, bringing extra blankets, restocking the tissues and bringing her food up to her. Of course he said he would've made the food himself but Ava knew he had no ability to cook, managing to burn toast every single time.

At first Ava didn't mind the attention but then it got to the point he would ask her if she needed anything every five seconds or thinking she was going to keel over and die if he wasn't watching her.

"Oh." Lucas said, although not looking like he regretted coming to check up on her.

She sat up from her cave of blankets and pillows, probably leaving sweat marks on the bed, and reached for his hand. "Lu Lu. I'm fine. Seriously. It's not even that bad now." As she said her last words, she felt her nose tingle before a fit of sneezes erupted.

Lucas quickly jumped to her aid and rubbed her back, with a guilty look. "Your sneezes are the most adorable thing ever." He muttered.

Naturally, her cheeks turned as red as her nose currently was. "Shut up. And stop with that look on your face!"

He feigned confusion. "Huh? What look?"

"The guilty one. I don't like it!"

His fists clenched at his sides. "I can't help it! It's all my fault you're sick."

Immediately she rubbed the area between his creased eyebrows. "It's not your fault." He raised an eyebrow. "Ok it's kind of your fault." Lucas opened his mouth, probably to say I told you so, but Ava added, "but I forgive you. So stop with the frowns and punching the walls in anger."

"I don't punch the walls." He mumbled, looking away from her.

She mockingly nodded. "Oh yeah. I guess I just imagine the sound of walls breaking and the bruised knuckles on your hand."

"Yep. Maybe you're hallucinating." He pressed the back of his hand on Ava's slightly sweaty forehead with a smile on his face. She just pushed his hand away and flicked his head in response.

"Knock knock." Miss Lillian sang from behind the door, before pushing it open. In her hands was a tray that had a bowl of soup on it. Ava seemed to be living on soup since she was sick, not really wanting to eat anything else. "Ava sweetie. How are you doing?"

"I'm feeling much better Miss Lillian." Her eyes were on the bowl, following as it came closer to her. "What soup is it?" Whispered Ava with a voice full of excitement.

"This is carrot, sweet potato and potato. Now eat up before it gets cold." This was her favourite soup so Ava eagerly took the tray from her and placed it on the abundance of blankets.

Unfortunately, as she went to take the spoon, Lucas beat her to it, taking a spoonful and putting it to his mouth. "Lu Lu! What are you doing?! It's mine!" She narrowed her eyes at him and reached forward for the spoon, careful not to tip the bowl over.

"I'm going to feed you so stop glaring at me with your cute little face." He blew on the spoon and held it in front of Ava's pouting mouth.

When she didn't open, he raised an eyebrow. "Don't make me do the cho cho train little one."

She knew he was serious and would actually do it so reluctantly, she let him feed her the yummy soup. A click made them both turn their heads to Miss Lillian, who had her phone in her hands. "Ignore me. Carry on with your cuteness." She waved her free hand and continued to take pictures.

Suddenly, the bedroom opened to reveal Joe with various tubs of ice cream in his hands. "Hi guys. I brought ice cream for the little patient."

Lucas took the ice cream and put it on the bedside table as Ava thanked Joe. "Wow. May I say you are looking very lovely today Lillian." He said with a charming smile.

To Ava's surprise, Miss Lillian blushed as if she was a young school girl. She lightly hit Joe on the arm. "Your flattery will get you no where."

"Oh but I was hoping it would get me on a date with your beautiful self."

Miss Lillian was even more flustered where as Ava and Lucas watched the exchange before looking at each other in shock. Reading each other's mind, they knew they had a little match making to do.

"I must be off now kids. Goodbye." The embarrassed maid practically ran out of the room but not before Joe said his goodbyes to the two and then ran after her.


"Are you sure you're ok to be here?"

Ava groaned and rolled her eyes. "Yes. I'm only a little sniffly and I don't want us to miss too much of school."

She pulled on her long sleeves to make them cover her cold hands. Today she was dressed up in a pair of leggings and one of Lucas' sweatshirts. The weather was terrible but she had never felt more comfortable and Lucas' scent that surrounded her was intoxicating.

Lucas and her were standing outside of Ava's second class of the day and he was still wanting to take her home. The previous days were just filled with cuddling with Lucas, watching movies, eating and sleeping. Sleeping mostly. Ava was sick of being cooped up in the house so she was glad she could finally convince Lucas she was well enough to come back.

"Ok fine. I'll see you after class baby." His warm hand left her back, making the tingles die out, as he walked away to his own class.

The lesson was Business, which she had with Ryan. It was a boring one so she started to drift off every once in a while, jumping in her chair as she would wake up suddenly at every sound. Ryan, on the other hand, didn't care and just slept soundly on the desk beside her. Jackson had texted her, asking if she was in today. He didn't really visit while she was on bed rest. Ava knew it was because he was scared of Lucas.

When the lesson ended, Lucas was waiting at the door of the classroom, as usual and they walked to the canteen. Her eye lids were getting heavier and her movements were slow as she walked with Lucas to get food.

"Baby. You're falling asleep on me." He looked down at her tired face. Naturally, his arm was wrapped around her waist, which she was grateful for, otherwise she would've fallen over a while ago.

"Mm. Not sleepy." She mumbled, letting out a yawn between words.

He obviously didn't believe her but she was too tired to even care. Before she knew it, they were sat at the table with their friends. She was feeling extra cuddly so she climbed onto Lucas' lap and snuggled into him, not caring about the stares. Comfort came first.

Lucas didn't mind but tried to feed her some bread so she didn't get hungry. Not wanting anymore, she put her sleeve covered hand in front of her face and on his chest. "So cozy." She mumbled sleepily, not even realising she said it aloud.

Everyone on the table spoke in hushed voices, wary as to not wake the half asleep Ava. "I can't wait for the party this week." Jackson said to the group.

"Hm? What party?" Ava asked, trying to wake herself up a little. Lucas kept running his hand up and down her back and on her hair. This was only making her more sleepy but she didn't want to tell him to stop.

"Wess is throwing it. He's in our chemistry and invited everyone. It's supposed to be great. Do you want to go?" Jackson explained but before Ava could answer, Lucas said no.

"Why? I want to go." She whined, putting her head in his neck.

"Because it's dangerous. You could die." He growled.

"No I can't! Tell him I won't die Jackson." She felt the veins in Lucas' neck strain as his muscles tensed.

"Maybe you should listen to Lucas, Ava." Ryan butted in.

"I said Jackson. Your opinion is unwanted."

"Yeah. M-maybe it's not the best idea." Jackson said weakly. Her eyes shot open to look at Jackson, her blue eyes widening and lips in a pout. He cowered away from the stare but looked at Lucas' hard eyes and didn't give in to her pleading look.

"There's a carnival coming next week!" Mason exclaimed, not wanting Ava to be upset.

Immediately, her face brightened and she no longer felt sleepy as she was now full of excitement. "Really?! Oh please can we go?" She asked Lucas, once again giving the puppy dog eyes the second time that day.

Unable to tear his eyes away from Ava's big doe eyes and actually wanting to go to this carnival with her, he agreed with a small smile on his face.


Ava was now waiting outside of Lucas' class as her's were let out early. Throughout the rest of the day, all Ava could think about was the upcoming carnival and couldn't stop asking Jackson questions about it in Chemistry. She had never been to one before so she was more than excited.

The sound of footsteps came from her right so she looked up from her game of temple run and saw Ruby and her friends walking towards her.

Trying to not show she was afraid, Ava straightened her posture, and tried to casually walk to the toilets, hoping they wouldn't follow her. However, before she could make it, Ava was roughly yanked back by her hair.

Letting out a pained scream, she fell over onto the dirty floor, only to be surrounded. They all towered over Ava even if she was standing and it made her feel even more intimidated. "Hello Ava." Ruby spat out her name as if it was poison in her mouth.

Ava mumbled out a hello and stood up.

"Now what did I tell you about Lucas? Hmm?" Ruby's friends just watched it all unfold with sinister smiles on their faces. Ava wondered what she could have possibly done but just concluded that the girl was crazy.

"N-nothing." She whimpered as Ruby stepped forwards with a threatening look on her face, backing her into the wall.

Ruby let out a menacing laugh. "So stupid. I said he's mine." She grunted the last word and punched Ava in the stomach.

This time, nobody stopped her. Ava begged for Lucas to come. She begged for anybody to come as Ruby landed repeated punches. Ava had tears running down her cheeks as she continually whimpered to stop.

"Lucas is too good for you. He's mine and only mine you worthless being. Coming in here. Thinking you're all that. Stealing all the male attention. All I hear is Ava's so cute. Ava's so hot. Ava so clever. Ava this. Ava that." Ruby mimicked as some of her friends pulled Ava's hair.

She was sick of the torture and sick of Ruby pretending Lucas was hers. Lu Lu is mine! With that thought in mind, Ava managed to kick Ruby in the stomach, sending her across the corridor and into the lockers.

"Ava!" She heard Lucas call and suddenly she was enveloped in a pair of muscular arms. His whole body was shaking in anger as he took in her frightened and bruised state.

"Lucas! She hit me!" Ruby complained as her friends helped her up. Ryan, Mason and Connor ran up to them as well as many other people that had just gotten out of class. They had probably heard the commotion too.

Ryan came to Ava's side, checking to see if she was ok but his eyes darkened at the sight of her too. "Shut up! We all know you attacked Ava! Just look at what you've done!" He exclaimed, scaring a trembling Ava as she clutched tighter onto Lucas.

"She kicked me! You all saw that!" Ruby's friends all shouted in agreement, staring daggers at Ava and she continued to whimper from the slight pain in her stomach.

Connor stepped closer and pointing his finger at Ruby. "It was self defence you crazy cow."

Now, Lucas had enough of the arguing and let go of Ava. Ryan wrapped his arms around her in a hug to comfort her instead.

Lucas' hands were in fists at his side as he stared at Ruby with a dangerous look in his eyes. Stepping closer to the girl, he said, "I have promised myself I would never hit a woman." He took a deep breath as if restraining himself from doing something. "But if I ever see you near my Ava again... I will kill you." Ruby's sharp intake of breathe was heard in the silent hallways as Lucas spoke his threat through gritted teeth.

She gulped and her eyes were wide, taking in the eerie voice and dark eyes, full of anger. It was full of promise too. Ava knew Lucas would probably fulfil the threat but Ruby had no doubt he wouldn't even hesitate.


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