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Chapter Ten (double digits!! Woo)

LUCAS had Ava's back cuddled to his chest as they watched Sleeping Beauty. He would never say it out loud but it was actually his favourite Disney movie.

Her small body was clad in one of his large shirts and some cotton shorts. The bruises on her body were fading but would still bring her slight pain when she moved sometimes. Lucas' jaw clenched and his hold on her tightened as he thought of the people responsible for bringing his little mate pain. It was hard for him to not kill the disgusting excuse of humans. He managed to settle for a few of his female pack members to take their turns in torturing the girls.

The pride in his chest was overwhelming when he walked out of class to see his delicate Ava, kicking Ruby in the stomach. He taught her self defence sometimes and she was really good too but never liked violence so it was surprising.

Ava's pink lips moved as she quietly sang along with characters. He remembered how soft her lips felt when they took each others first kiss. Admittedly, it was years ago as he was eight but Lucas could remember the moment clearly.


"That's weird isn't it Lu Lu?" Lucas looked at the little seven year old, enveloped in the many stuffed animals she put in their fort.

"What is Ava baby?"

He watched her point to the Prince kissing a sleeping Aurora on TV. "That! They just touch mouths and suddenly pow pow." She made explosion gestures with her hands and then her fingers wiggled as she added, "magical."

"I don't know. I've never kissed before." He shrugged, playing with Ava's silky hair.

"Me neither." Suddenly, her eyes enlarged with excitement as an idea hit her brain. "I know! Why don't we do it?!"

"Do what?" He asked, absentmindedly.

The child groaned and tugged on his arm to pay attention to her. "Kiss!"

Her words stunned him. Miss Lillian told him that you were only supposed to kiss the person you love and he knew that he loved his Ava with all his heart. He knew that she'd be the only person he'd only ever kiss and his whole body filled with warmth as his mate suggested this. Lucas was filled with hope that she would return his feeling as they grow older.

"A-are you s-sure?" He stuttered nervously.

Ava nodded. "Yeah. You'll be my first kiss and I'll be yours." Her words grew quieter as she glanced at him shyly, a blush coating her chubby cheeks.

"Yay! Ok!" He closed his eyes and puckered his lips.


His eyes flew open. "Huh? What? Have you changed your mind?" He asked, slightly disappointed.

"No. We have to do it properly." Ava smiled and laid down on blankets before closing her eyes tightly shut and putting her hands on her stomach.

"Ava? Are you ready?" She didn't respond. "Have you fallen asleep?"

"Yes! You have to kiss me to wake me up." She hissed and then tightly closed her eyes again and puckered her lips as much as she could.

Trying to control his irregular heartbeat, Lucas bent down and kissed her. It lasted about a second and he practically fell on her but they both felt the tingles on their lips, the fireworks behind their closed eyelids and the elephants in their stomachs.

At the same time, the same word was whispered. "Magical."

Flashback ended

Lucas had a smile on his face from the memory. He felt like singing of joy whenever he remembered that he was his mates first kiss and she was his. He didn't know whether it would count as a first kiss but he didn't care for the technicalities.

The small kiss they shared wasn't mentioned again. After it happened, they both ran away blushing but came back to each other five minutes later to play hide and seek tag.

Trying to concentrate on the movie again, his fingers grazed her exposed thigh as it moved up and down. He felt her shiver so he pulled her closer to him to provide more warmth. Lucas inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of himself mixed with his mates.

She had spent after school with Jackson to do their project, much to Lucas' annoyance. He texted her frequently and warned her that if she didn't reply, he'd go over there and bring her back. Needless to say, she answered every text and call.

However, when he picked her up, the scent of Jackson was all over her. He was so close to shifting in front of Ava but luckily managed to control himself. Barely. His muscles were tight and his hands gripped the steering wheel to the point he left small indents. Lucas felt guilty that he could only spit out small sentences and short words to his mate when she tried to make conversation on the ride back.

As soon as they reached home he convinced her to change into one of his shirt, telling her she'd be more comfortable in that than the jeans and crop top she was wearing. But, it was more so he could breathe in his scent on her and forget that Jackson was ever near her.

The credits were rolling with the soundtrack playing in the background as the movie ended. He assumed Ava was asleep from her barely moving apart from the steady rise and fall of her chest but he looked down and she was just deep in thought.

"What are you thinking about baby?" He whispered near her ear, her hair tickling his face.

"About my parents."

Lucas stiffened. He hated that her parents left her there but was still thankful because they gave him Ava. If he met them, he didn't know whether to thank them or kill them.

It wasn't really a sensitive topic for Ava but they didn't really talk about it much as there wasn't much to talk about. She didn't see any point in dwelling on the past especially if she wouldn't change it.

"What about them?" He nuzzled his face into her neck causing her to tilt her head to give him more room.

"I don't really miss them. I think I miss my dad more because he was nicer and I can remember more happy memories with him. My mum was nice but didn't really spend that much time with me from what I can remember." Her words were quiet but he listened intently to every one.

He didn't respond, just continued to breathe her in, letting his presence comfort her instead. He knew she wasn't upset about it. Maybe just confused about her abandonment.

"Do you miss your mum?" She asked him.

This was usually a painful topic. It wasn't talked about in the pack house because the loss of their past Luna was devastating. She was very loved and then her death took a toll on everyone.

The only person he didn't mind talking about his mother to was Ava. His father had told him it was unhealthy to never talk about her, to keep everything bottled up. So, if had to choose anyone to open up to, it would be his mate every time.

"All the time. I don't really remember her because I was just a baby but it still miss her somehow." Lucas was just one when his mother was killed by rogues, leaving just him and his father. Miss Lillian took the mother role but he couldn't help but think how different it would be if she was still alive.

She turned around in his arms and moved up a little so they were eye level. They stared at each other, either deciphering every colour in the other's eyes or seeking every emotion that is visible.

Breaking the silence, she asked him, "how did she die?" Ava never asked him this because he was reluctant to say. He didn't want to lie to her about the rogues but he also couldn't tell the truth.

He settled for half of the truth and said, "she was murdered."

Lucas heard her sharp intake of breath, clearly not expecting that. She traced his sharp jaw line with the tip of her finger, eyes following where it went.

"Did you catch who did it?"

Such a curious little thing. So adorable. He stared at her with so much love all the time he found it incredibly strange how she's never seen it.

He shook his head a little. "No. Dad won't tell me much but it was a woman." There was a pause before he added, "Veronica."

Lucas was still looking for the people who killed him mother. It was two people apparently but the woman was the one who changed his life and not for the better. His father had told him to stop because the rogues would be long gone by now but Lucas knew that even his father was still looking for them still. Both father and son were hungry for revenge.

Ava continued to trace his jaw, getting lower slightly to his neck. Her tiny fingertip caused trails of fire where it met his skin and his grip on her waist tightened with the urge to mark her as his.

"My mum's name was Veronica." She whispered after a moment. Ava looked at him with her beautiful innocent eyes, making it difficult for Lucas to breathe. He loved her eyes. He loved everything about her but her eyes were amazing. They were indescribable. Not the colour of the ocean. Not the colour of the sky. Just her own colour. Ava's colour.

"I think I don't miss her because you've always been there to look after me."

He smiled warmly at her and she smiled back at him.

"I always will be."


Thank you for reading!

Just a bit of background.
I don't know why it's so short. It just happened. :/

Was the 'kiss' scene ok? Was it creepy? I was aiming for cute. I don't know.

Prayers go out to those affected in the Manchester attack. Whether it was someone in the concert or someone at home watching the news, I think we're all affected in some way. It's traumatising and heartbreaking. People don't feel safe and it's horrible that we have to live feeling like something is going to happen to you if you step out of your house. I live there and it's absolutely devastating that things like this happen let alone that it can happen right where you call home. I hope you're all ok and you're all safe.

Much love <3


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