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Chapter Twelve

IT was the day of the carnival trip and truthfully, Lucas was looking forward to it. He nor Ava had been to one before and he loved that they got to share the memory together. Unfortunately, their friends also planned to tag along.

Lucas was on the phone with Ava as she shouted excitedly about the day trip. He was doing some paper work for the pack, knowing he was really behind on it. The only thing making it bearable was his mate's sweet voice.

"I heard they have a Ferris wheel too!"

He hummed. "I'm sure they do."

"And- and they have those games. You know those ones where you shoot the ducks and throw the balls." She stuttered in excitement, trying to tell Lucas everything she knows. Ava had overheard some girls talking about the carnival in one of her classes and she couldn't wait to relay the information to Lucas.

"That's great." He agreed absentmindedly, trying to focus on the documents but seriously distracted by how cute his mate was being.

"Lu Lu! Pay attention to me!" Ava whined through the phone, making Lucas turn off the speaker and put the phone to his ear, chuckling softly through it. "Anyway. When are you coming over to pick me up? Can we go yet?" She asked him sweetly.

"Yeah baby. I'm going to come now." She cheered in response and hung up the phone so he would get there sooner.

As he was about the leave, his father approached him. John had invested in a company since he gave the Alpha role to Lucas and didn't know what to do anymore. This was to get some extra money and to spend some of his free time doing something productive but it meant Lucas saw his father a lot less so it was a shock to see him.

"Son, where are you off to today? Seeing Ava?" He asked the younger wolf.

"Yeah. There's this carnival that she's excited about." There was a bit of an awkward silence, neither knowing what to say but wanting to say something. "Well, I should get going." Lucas said finally.

"Right right. Oh here!" John thrusted a small letter into Lucas' hands. "Came for you yesterday."

Lucas thanked him and said their goodbyes before he got into his car and hesitantly opened the letter. It had no address or postage stamp. It just said 'To Lucas' on the front of the envelope so whoever sent it must've went to his house.

"You really ought to keep an eye on your mate Lucas. You never know who could take her. I should know."

He read the letter over and over again, each word making him angrier. His hands tensed around the paper, crumpling it as he resisted the urge to rip the it to shreds. Lucas questioned why someone would be stupid enough to threaten Ava. He didn't know who would've sent it but was hoping it was just someone playing a trick. Not wanting to take the risk of losing his mate, he started the car, prepared to break the horrible news too Ava.


"What do you mean we can't go?" Her lower lip trembled as the whites in her eyes started to redden along with the tip of her nose.

Lucas' heart sank. The last thing he wanted to do was upset her but her safety was his top priority always. It was so hard to tell her when she greeted him by wrapping her hands around his neck and her legs around his waist, telling him how excited she was. But, he had to. For Ava.

"I mean we can't go." He tried to keep his face emotionless to not show how angry he was at the people forcing him to be careful. The people threatening him.

"B-but. I was so looking forward to it." She whispered, keeping her head down as she sat on his lap. He was rubbing her back but for once, it wasn't doing much for comfort.

"I know. We'll go next time."

She sniffled and rubbed her teary eyes with her fists. "This is the first time it's come. It might not happen again." Her voice was quiet yet thick was so much disappointment. Lucas hated to see her cry but he kept telling himself to stay strong. I'm an Alpha! I can do this. I need to protect Ava!

"I'm sorry." He told her quietly, placing a kiss on her head.

To his horror, she scrambled off his lap and sat across from him on her bed. His fingers itched to pull her back but now was not the time if he wanted her to forgive him. "Why can't we go?" She demanded an answer from him.

His jaw tensed. "It's not safe."

Her eyebrows furrowed together and she had a small pout. "But it was yesterday? You were so excited too! I know you were. What's different?"

He reached for her hand but she pulled away and adjusted her pony tail. It was official. Lucas was hurt. And angry. But mainly hurt that his mate refused his touch. Don't you know I'm doing this for you! He shouted at her in his mind, hoping she'd see through him and forgive him but of course, he couldn't expect her to read his mind.

"It's really busy. Everyone in the town will be there." He glared a hole through the carpet, avoiding Ava's teary yet slightly angry face.

"So? You'll be there to protect me. And so will Jackson and Ryan and Connor and Mason!" She crawled closer to him as he sat at the edge of the bed.

That was true but the only thing Lucas is afraid of is losing Ava. He wondered if it would be easier to tell her about werewolves. He was sick of lying to his mate and keeping secrets from her. She should know who he is. What he is.

"Lu Lu. I'll just go without you." His head snapped to hers with a frown. That would be even worse.


"Yay!" She wrapped her whole body around him, happy he finally gave in to her begging.

He rolled his eyes and pulled her back to cup her face with both of his hands. His thumbs wiped beneath her eyes, wet with tears. "No more crying now. You cry baby."


"We're going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship. Zooming through the sky- "

"Shut up!" The three werewolves all shouted at the same time, interrupting Jackson's incessant singing. He had been repeating the same line over and over again much to the annoyance of everyone in the car, apart from Ava. She sat there giggling at how grumpy Lucas was.

They all decided just to take one car as it would be easier. Ava had to sit on Lucas' lap as there weren't enough seats, which he was fine with. She snuggled closer to him, his fingers playing with her hair.

"We're here!" Ryan announced, leading to Ava frantically ripping the door open and jumping out of the car. Lucas watched her run a few steps before turning around and looking sheepishly at the others still in the car.

Quickly unbuckling his seat beat and stepping out of the car himself, he reached Ava, taking hold of her hand. "You! Don't run away ok? Just because I agreed does not mean it is suddenly safe. You have to stay by me and hold my hand at all times." He told her sternly, glaring a little.

Unfazed, she tugged on his arm and said, "yeah yeah. Come on! Let's get the tickets!"

Lucas was right when he assumed the carnival would be busy. It seemed like everyone had come to the rare occasion. He kept Ava close to him throughout the whole day, growling quietly at anyone who looked their way or stood a little to close to his Ava.

They had already played a few of the games like hook a duck. None of the prizes were really worth keeping so Ava gave them to kids that's walked by. However, Lucas did win a game where you had to throw the balls in the tubs. He received a fluffy stuffed polar bear, which Ava absolutely fell in love with, naming it Lu Lu the Second.

One of the stalls had hot dogs with different types of sausages and another with pizzas so they ate lunch before walking around again.

"Oi Ava? Want some cotton candy?" Mason held out some of the pale pink sugary fluff. He looked like he already had too much of the treat since he couldn't keep still for a second.

"I've never had this before." She touched it, her mouth in a little circle as she looked at it curiously.

"It's nice but don't have to much baby." She nodded at Lucas' instructions and took a piece, quickly falling in love with the way it melted in her mouth.

"Take it all. I'm going to get more." Before they could say anything, Mason ran off to the nearest cotton candy stall. The others weren't anywhere to be seen so they assumed they went off by themselves. Lucas was fine with that since he got to spend the day with Ava.

"Ooo! Let's go on the spaceship things!" It was the typical spinning teacups but in the shape of spaceships. Lucas reluctantly let himself be pulled along by his happy mate. The sight actually made him smile, previous threats momentarily forgotten, as he looked at the gorgeous smile on his Ava's face. I don't think she's ever been happier.

He wanted to tell her that he's a werewolf. Hopefully a public place meant she wouldn't run away from him. This would change everything. He would tell her all his secrets. He'd tell her he's in love with her.

For the first time in a while, Lucas had never been more nervous. A sheen of sweat lay on his forehead and his heartbeat increased rapidly. "Ava?"

She stopped walking and looked at his face, suddenly gone pale from fear. "You ok? You're sweating."

He nodded and held both of her petite hands in his masculine ones. They were in the midst of a large crowd of people, who probably thought he was going to propose to her. It wasn't the best place but he felt like he wouldn't have the courage to do it later. "I need to tell you something."

She smiled in encouragement. He wondered whether the smile would still be there after he tells her.

"It's really important." Now he realised he was stalling and so did Ava from the confused yet amused look she gave him.

"What is it? You're worrying me."

"I- I'm a- I'm a-"

A gasp from his mate broke him from his confession. He saw a middle aged guy bump into her, his hand carrying a flask, some of the contents spilling on the ground. Lucas immediately moved Ava to stand behind him, who clutched the back of his top.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" Lucas had a hold of the greasy guys shirt, a growl bubbling in the back of his throat.

The guy burped in his face, making Lucas cringe at the smell of alcohol. "S- sorry mate. Didn't see ya girl there. No harm done ey?" He went to take another drink out of his flask, probably containing alcohol, but Lucas snatched it from him and poured the contents on the grass. "Oi! Whatcha' think ya doing?!"

"This is a public family place! And you're drinking! Get out before I make this scene a lot worse than it already is." Lucas growled at the drunk human, his eyes turning black.

"W-woah! Your eyes!" The guy shook his head and rubbed his eyes. "You know what. I think I should teach you a lesson. Shouldn't mess with me kid!"

Ava sucked in a breath as the guy went to throw a punch at Lucas. Rolling his eyes, Lucas blocked his poorly aimed hit and socked him in the eye, promptly knocking the guy out cold.

The crowd that surrounded them looked at him impressed. Lucas just pulled Ava behind a tent and turned his focus on her. Holding her at arms length, he looked for any sign of injury.

"Lu Lu, it's ok. He literally only grazed my arm. Didn't even hurt." She mumbled to him.

He shook his head in disagreement. "No it's not ok Ava. It could've been a lot worse. You should never be hurt. Ever."

She hugged his waist and kissed his chin, having to strain to reach even that. "What did you want to say?"

Lucas whole body stiffened when he remembered what the drunken fool interrupted. Taking a deep breath, he started, "I'm- "

"There you guys are!"

The rest of the group came running towards the started pair. Lucas didn't know whether to cry out in frustration or let out a breath of relief.

"We should get going. It's late." Ryan suggested, looking at the darkening sky.

"Oh no. Can't we go on the Ferris wheel first please?" Ava pleaded, looking desperately at everyone.

"Yeah. Come on. Let's go." Lucas said and put his arm around Ava's waist, towards the direction of the attraction.

People were starting to go home now, most likely the families with children that had early bed times. That meant the line for the ferris wheel wasn't long. "Have fun beautiful!" The spotty teenaged boy winked at Ava with a smirk as the settled in the passenger car.

"She will." Lucas said gruffly, glowering at the boy. He put his arm around the back of Ava, making her cuddle closer to him. It was Lucas' turn to smirk at the frowning boy.

The ride started suddenly. This is the perfect time. He thought as he realised there would be no distractions or intruders to stop him from confessing his true species and feelings.

But, as he looked at his mate, he found he was lost for words. The sun was setting, giving her a glow, making her look even more angelic. The wind blew softly so her hair flew in the breeze and the smile on her face was so wide he wondered how it didn't split her face. Her whole aura was radiating happiness and it stunned him.

She looked back at him, making it impossible for him not to imitate her smile. Suddenly he felt himself leaning forward. He couldn't even comprehend want he was doing but just felt the craving to feel her soft plump lips against his.

To his surprise, she was leaning forward too, her eyes flicking from his eyes to his lips. He was doing the same. They were so close, sharing the same breath even, yet not touching. Not touching yet.

"Alright love birds. Get out." A growl ripped from inside Lucas as the greasy haired teen stopped their moment.

A red faced Ava sprang away from Lucas as soon as they got out of the passenger car but he pulled her right back to his side. Neither knew how the ride ended so fast nor what was going on but they didn't bring it up. Disappointment flooded Lucas but instantly, pure happiness replaced it.

He was going to kiss his Ava. And she was going to kiss him back!


Thank you for reading!

I hope you've enjoyed this chapter. I know I have.

So Lucas is definitely planning on telling her that he's a werewolf. Do not worry! It just hasn't happened yet. It will.

Curse that greasy haired teen Ferris wheel operator! *raises fist in the air angrily*

Much love <3


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