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Chapter Fifteen

HER fork poked the questionable meat as everyone else on the table talked about something she had no interest in. Lucas was by her side as always. Since she forgave him yesterday, he didn't want to leave her and was constantly touching her, either his arm around her waist, hand on her thigh or sides slightly grazing each other. Not that Ava minded at all.

She was still slightly hurt about the whole ordeal, worrying about whether she was being too clingy if she asked to see him or follow him some place. It was so much worse because she realised she was in love with him and the fact that he would shout as her in that way was heartbreaking. But, Lucas' constant need for her presence reassured her that he needed her as much as she needed him.

He didn't tell her why he got so angry or how he was attacked. But then again, Ava didn't ask. She planned to when they got home, not wanting to ruin their morning just after they had made up.

"Baby what's wrong?" Looked up at Lucas, who looked at her worried. She was leaning on his side, his arm comfortably wrapped around her.

"Don't like it." She pulled a disgusted face at the weird meat.

Hearing him chuckled softly in her ear made her smile. "I know it's gross but you have to eat it or you'll be hungry during lessons, little one." He reminded her.

Shaking her head, she put the fork down and pushed the plate away. She'd rather risk her belly rumbling in lessons than eat that.

"At least eat some fruit, baby." He passed her his grapes, which she happily took. Lucas kissed her forehead, producing a pink blush on her cheeks as she chewed on the little fruit.

Jackson fake gagged. "Urgh. You guys are too cute, it makes me sick." Ava knew Lucas was about to say something but he added, "anyway, there's another party and I think we should go."

"Since when was there a we? Why are you even here still?" Connor asked him with a raised eyebrow.

Jackson's jaw fell as he feigned shock. "Hey! I thought we were all friends now! Don't pretend you don't like me C-Dawg." He gave him playful punches as Connor tried to swat him away.

"When's the party?" Ava asked, trying to keep her excitement at bay.

"Tonight. It's a bit outside town so there'll be people from other schools." Jackson explained.

Lucas' arm tightened around Ava. "Don't even think about." He whispered into her ear, making her body shiver despite it not being cold.

"But why?! You didn't even let me go to the last one." She whined, hitting her forehead on his bicep repeatedly.

"You know why." He replied gruffly, his hand stroking her side.

Squirming away from his tickling hand, she huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Fine. I'll just go without you."

Lucas jaw clenched and his hold on her tightened, not to the point it was painful but perhaps to reassure himself she wasn't going anywhere. "No Ava. Promise me you won't go to this party. I'll take you to a different one maybe sometime in the future but not this one. Not now. Promise me, Ava, that you won't go."

"I promise." She muttered but feeling the guilt rise as she held her crossed fingers behind her back.


After her shower, Ava came running down the stairs and saw Lucas on the sofa. His eyebrows were furrowed together as he tried to get work done on his laptop. He turned the laptop off and put it beside him as she jumped on the sofa and put her bare legs on his now empty lap.

"Lu Lu! Feel my legs. They're so soft!" She giggled, dressed in some comfy shorts and one of Lucas' large t-shirts.

"Yes they are." He laughed at her whilst running his large hands up and down her legs.

"I just shaved!" Ava announced.

He moved closer to her, slightly hovering over her body, making Ava's breathing quicken. Then suddenly, his fingers made contact with her sides, tickling her into a laughing mess. "You're in such a happy mood baby. Look at you. Just can't stop smiling and laughing." He laughed as his continued his attack.

Ava begged him to stop, hardly being able to speak through her giggles. "S-stop! P-p-please!"

Luckily, Lucas stopped and pecked her forehead. "Fine." He drawled, smiling at her.

She moved to sit on his lap but decided to put her legs on either side of him so she could talk to him face to face. Immediately, Lucas placed his hands on her hips to steady her as he watched her straddle him.

"Baby, what are you doing?" He asked, his voice husky.

She shrugged and touched his stubble, being reminded that he had an explanation to give. "You're so hairy." Ava mumbled to him.

"D'you think I should shave it off?" He asked her as he rubbed circles into her hips with his thumbs.

Shaking her head, she leaned into his muscular body, burying her head into his neck. She breathed in his masculine scent, enjoying the fact that she was close to him again. "I really missed you Lu Lu."

He enveloped her in his arms, pushing her closer to his body. "I know. I missed you too. So much." Lucas whispered to her.

Ava placed a small kiss on his jaw, his Adam's apple bobbing and arms tensing slightly as she gave another one on his neck. "Why were you so angry?"

"I was just stressed baby. Don't worry about it. I promise I won't take my anger out on you ever again. I'll never raise my voice at you." He explained with a heavy sigh, clearly disappointed in himself. Ava knew he felt guilty but she could also tell he was hiding something.

"I hope you tell me when you're ready." She said to him quietly. Lucas didn't respond but she didn't expect him to. "I can't believe you haven't got any scars or anything." Ava's voice was full of disbelief. She thought the wounds would've taken weeks to heal.

"I told you. It looked a lot worse than it actually was." His hand reached up to stroke her freshly washed hair.

She hummed. "It was dark too so I probably saw wrong."

They stayed like that for a while, wrapped in each other embrace. They talked about mindless stuff until Lucas said, "Baby, I have to do something later with the guys."

Perfect! Ava thought this would make it easier for her to sneak away to the party.

"Oh that's ok. Miss Barnaby wanted me to stay at the children's home tonight anyway." She fiddled with his top, feeling guilty that she had to lie to him yet also excited about going to a party for the very first time. 

"I might be out late but I'll come by when I'm done ok?" She nodded, hoping she'd be back and in bed by that time.

Ava didn't want to keep secrets from Lucas. In fact she hated it but she knew he wouldn't let her go and this may be the only time she could experience a party. Lucas really cared about her and she loved him for that. She just hoped that he was wrong and nothing bad would happen.


"I can't believe you're actually doing this." Jackson said as he searched through Ava's wardrobe.

They were looking for an outfit that she could wear for the party but because she'd never been to one before, it was difficult to find something. Ava wanted it to be perfect as she wanted the whole party experience, especially knowing she'd probably never be able to go to one again.

"Doing what?" She asked him distractedly as she placed more clothes on her bed.

"Sneaking out. Going to a party. Lying to Lucas. Guess little miss good girl isn't so good after all." Jackson teased, bringing a look of shame to Ava's face.

Turning to Jackson, she played with her fingers nervously. "I didn't really lie to him. Miss Barnaby does want me to stay at the children's home. She may not have told me but I can see it in her eyes."

He nodded, seemingly unconvinced. "Right. So, what did you tell Lucas you were doing tonight?"

Ava bit her lip and muttered, "I said I would just sleep."

"A- "

"But I will sleep! Just after we come back." She interrupted him, this time louder. Ava was trying to convince herself it would be ok. She tried to convince herself that Lucas would forgive her - that she was doing nothing wrong.

Jackson put his hands on Ava's arms, shaking her a little as she looked at him with worried eyes. "Ava, calm down. It'll be fine. Breathe." She took a few deep breathes, which calmed her nerves. "This will be fun and you don't have to feel guilty about doing something without Lucas. He doesn't own you Ava. But, you don't have to go to this party you know. You don't have to lie to Lucas."

She glared at him and pouted, mumbling that she didn't lie. Ava considered not going but she was too committed to back out now. She wanted to go through with it and maybe make herself, and possible Lucas, proud that she could go do something by herself for once.

Herself and Jackson of course.

"No. I want to go." She declared, determination dripping from her voice.

Jackson clapped his hands with a pleased smile on his face. "Great. Let's find you that outfit then."

They continued to search her room for anything. Lucas often bought her clothes so she had plenty but nothing that she wanted to wear for the party though. She was about to give up when Jackson pulled out a box from behind the wardrobe.

"What's this?" He asked but didn't wait for an answer as he opened the box to reveal some sparkly material. He threw the box on the floor and held the fabric in the air to reveal a dress. "Now this... is perfect."

It was a glittery blue t-shirt dress that Miss Lillian had bought her last year. She never had a chance to wear it so it was just left in the back of her closet and forgotten about. Ava didn't even know how she could've forgotten about it. It's so beautiful! And sparkly!

"I love it!" She took the dress from an excited Jackson and quickly went into the bathroom to try it on.

"How did you not know about it?" He called through the door.

Ava marvelled at the dress, loving the way it felt on her skin even though the outside was covered in sequins. "It was a gift from Miss Lillian and I just forgot about it." She explained, finding it incredulous herself.

Ava decided not to do anything with her hair, liking the way it was naturally and plus, she couldn't really be bothered. She never really put make up on so she just applied some mascara and filled her eyebrows in a little, thankful she was having a good skin day.

After twirling around a little in the dress, Ava felt slightly insecure about how it looked. She didn't realise how short it was, resting a bit over mid thigh. She was thankful that at least her breasts were completely covered. Taking a deep breath, she walked out of the door to present herself.

Jackson's eyes bulged out of it's sockets as he slowly looked Ava up and down. "Y-y-you." He stuttered before coughing to clear his throat. "You look alright." He finished, shrugging casually.

"Really?" Ava asked, relieved she didn't look hideous. "You don't think it's too short?"

"N-no?" She raised an eyebrow, unsure if he was lying or not. "Well, it definitely shows of your amazing legs... even if you are short."

"Hey!" Ava didn't know whether to be offended or not but she still blushed from the compliment.

"What? You've got good boobs too!" He rolled his eyes.

She hit him playfully on the chest. "Stop!"

"Right right whatever. Let's go so I can get you back early."

Jackson drove them in his car, promising to not drink so that he could drive them home later. The party was held at a nice neighbourhood with a large forest nearby. As they got closer to the party, the loud music and wild teenagers could be heard. Ava wondered how none of the neighbours called the police on them but realised they were probably used to it.

"Ok, you stay near me. I don't need Lucas on my butt for not protecting you." Jackson told her as they got out of the vehicle. He parked it a street away from the party so that no one would trash it in their drunken state.

She nodded. Ava definitely didn't want to be left by herself tonight. The mass of people and loud sounds were already making her regret ever coming. "He's not going to find out."

"Of course he will. You'll confess as soon as you see him. I know you won't be able to keep it from him." Jackson told her but she didn't respond, knowing it was most definitely true.

Popular tunes played through the whole house, making the walls vibrate from the sound. Red cups were littered everywhere as well as people from their school and others that Ava couldn't recognise.

She felt awkward and out of place. This isn't where she belonged. She belonged in a quiet room reading a book or watching a movie, cuddling with Lucas. Not at a party with drunk teenagers, shaking their butts in the air. Ava didn't know what to do with herself and the fact that people were staring at her made it worse. Some of the looks from guys made her uncomfortable and the girls gave glares that resulted in Ava shifting closer to Jackson for protection.

"How about a drink?" He offered when he noticed the uneasy expression she wore. When Ava nodded weakly, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the kitchen where a range of drinks were on display.

Ava couldn't help but compare Jackson's touch to Lucas'. They were so different. Jackson's hand didn't feel any different from any other person. It was just a hand but felt slightly wrong, like it didn't belong with hers. Lucas' hand gave her warmth and tingles that shot up her arm from just a simple graze. They'd fit perfectly together and if it weren't for the tingles, she would forget their fingers were intertwined, with it being so natural.

Just the thought of him brought a smile to her face. Even if he wasn't there physically, he still offered her more comfort than anyone else could.

"Here. Try this. It's mainly coke with just a tiny bit of alcohol." Jackson shouted in her ear, fighting against the loud music to be heard, and held a cup in front of Ava after taking a sip of it himself.

"I'm not sure." She held it and sniffed the contents, wary of the strangers standing close to her.

Jackson fixed himself a cup of the alcoholic drink. She hadn't had alcohol before apart from a small sip she took from Lucas' cup one year at Christmas. It didn't taste nice so she was reluctant to try it again after that.

"It will ease your nerves and make you feel better." He explained.

"I do want to have the whole party experience." She said quietly to herself, knowing that he wouldn't hear her. Closing her eyes, Ava took a big gulp of the drink. She was surprised that the drink didn't even taste bad. She could hardly taste the alcohol in it so she drank more, quite proud that she did something teenage like.

This party might not be so bad. She thought to herself. Ava couldn't have been more wrong.


Thank you for reading!

Hope you're having a lovely day/night.

I've never drank alcohol so I'm just writing about what I've from TV shows and books I've read.

I'm not supporting underage drink by the way. I don't know what the legal age is in different countries but it would probably be illegal for Ava to drink anywhere. They're drinking because apparently that's what people do at parties. Just because it's in the book, doesn't mean I'm saying it's ok.
Just saying this in case anyone is extra sensitive about it.

Someone (I forgot the name) wanted the word count so I'm going to be putting that at the end of the next few chapters. Word count includes my notes by the way.


Much love <3


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