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Chapter Sixteen

HE was worried. Lucas' meeting with some pack members finished early so he was more than excited about seeing Ava quicker than he expected. But when he texted to tell her he was coming now, she hadn't responded. He sent a thread of messages after that but none were replied to.

"Come on... pick up..." he muttered to himself as he speed walked to the children's home. The only voice he heard through the phone was the automated woman.

Lucas wracked his brain for any reason she might be ignoring him. They had been fine earlier that day and she didn't seem like she was still angry about the whole shouting incident. He didn't think that he had done anything to offend her either. She could've possibly been annoyed that he didn't let her go to the party but Ava wouldn't ignore him for that.

Even so, Lucas rushed to her in hopes that he would just find her safely tucked in her bed and fast asleep waiting for him.

That, however, was not what he found when climbed through Ava's window. Her room was the same apart from a large pile of clothes in the centre and the fact that Ava wasn't here. She had lied to him and the thought only made him angry. His whole body was shaking, threatening to shift into his wolf and search for his lost mate.

The sound of his phone ringing and the sight of Ava's contact picture on the screen made him let out a sigh of relief. Yet, he still couldn't manage to get rid of his temper as she wasn't by his side.

"Ava?! Where are you?!" He growled through the phone.

Loud music and chatter was heard from the other end. Lucas knew exactly where she was and needless to say, he was the epitome of furious. "Lu Luuuu!" She slurred.

His heart stopped when he realised his innocent little mate was drunk. She was drunk without him to protect her in a house full of horny, out of controlled teens. Lucas didn't waste anytime and sprinted back to his house to get the car. He needed to get to her as quickly as possible before something happened.

Ryan, Mason and Connor were all in the living room when he rushed in to find his car keys. They all turned around at the abrupt sound of the door opening.

"Woah. What's the rush?" Mason asked him yet turned back around to continue his video game when he realised it was only Lucas.

Searching the room for his keys with the phone balancing between his ear and his shoulder, he answered, "Ava. That's what. She's gone to that stupid party."

The game paused as they stood up. "Jeez. You serious?"

"Yeah." He stated, too distracted to explain more. "Where the f*ck are my keys?!"

"F*ck. That's such a naughty word. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. F- "

"Ava, stop saying that! It's bad." Lucas scolded her as he motioned the guys to help him find the keys.

"She's drunk too?! Why did she do this? I thought she promised you she wouldn't go to this party." Ryan said as he looked under the pillows.

Through clenched teeth, Lucas said, "so did I."

"She probably just wanted freedom. Maybe we should just let her have this one night." Connor suggested only to receive a pillow being thrown at him from Ryan.

"Are you stupid?! She's out at a party by herself where anyone can take advantage of her!"

"Found it!" Mason waved the keys in his hand. "They were in my pocket. Sorry."

Lucas ignored how much he wanted to punch him and focused on Ava. He took the keys and ran to the car with the group of boys following closely behind.

"Ava baby. Are you by yourself? Did you go with anyone?" He put her on speaker so he would hear her better.

"Jackson's here but I don't know where he is right now. Everyone's so tall Lu Lu. Is that why you call me a baby?"

"Aw she's so cute." Mason gushed as they got into the car.

"I know and she's mine so sit down and shut up."

Mason sunk into the seat and pouted, making Connor roll his eyes. "You know where this party is right?" He asked.

Lucas nodded in response and sped off. "I call you a baby because you're cute and you're my babygirl." He told her softly, knowing she probably wouldn't remember this in the morning anyway.

"Whipped." Ryan sang and the others snickered.

He ignored them. Lucas didn't mind being whipped if it meant he was making his Ava happy. If she was being treated like a princess, he couldn't see how it would be a bad thing.

He heard her giggled through the speaker. Despite being enraged, it was impossible not to awe at how adorable his Ava's giggle was.

"Lu Lu rhymes with poo poo." She laughed to the point her breaths were ragged and Lucas imagined her wiping tears from her eyes. "You're a poop."

This is what I get for being sweet.

Cheers and shouts reminded him of much danger his sweet girl was in. Jackson was no where to be seen apparently, so she was unprotected in the midst of rowdy teens.

"Hey loosen you're grip man. You're gonna break the wheel again." Ryan warned, eying Lucas' strained knuckles as his hands wrapped tightly on the steering wheel. Lucas just ignored Ryan but flexed his hands a little.

"Ava. Go to the bathrooms, ok?! You stay there and wait for me! I'm coming!" He yelled to her so she could hear through the deafening house music.

"Noooo. I d-don't need to poop. That's you! You silly bo billy."

They were still ten minutes away despite Lucas going well over the speed limit. He rubbed a hand over his face and then through his hair. "Please baby. You need to hide ok?" He tried to speak as softly as possible but show his urgency as he pleaded.

"O-oka- " The sound of a little burp bounced off the walls in the car. "Oh my gosh! I just burped. Did you hear that? That's so funny! I just farted! But it came out of my mouth!" A fit of giggles erupted from her.

Everyone, apart from Lucas, laughed with the precious girl but he was too irritated with the fact she wasn't listening to him. He was irritated that she was there in the first place.

"Lu Lu." Ava started, suddenly serious, which made him sit a little straighter as everyone in the car strained to listen her every word. "I have something to tell you."


"You are fineee." She sang.

Lucas couldn't help but smirk at the confession, proud that his mate found him fine.  "Really?" He asked smugly, prompting her to continue.

"Yep." Ava popped into the phone. "If you were stationary... you'd be a fine liner."

They all burst into laughter. "Man I'm stealing that!" Ryan shouted.

Ava gasped. "Oh my gosh! There's you! I see you Lu Lu!"

Lucas' eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Everyone looked out of the windows and didn't see her. They were still a couple of streets away from the party so he realised she must've been mistaken.

"That's not me baby." He told her, trying to annunciate every word clearly so she'd understand.

"Nope. That's you. Look I'm waving. You're looking at me weird. Oh wait you've turned around. I'm going to jump on your back and scare you. Don't tell you ok?!"

"No no! Ava! Don't do it!" They yelled into the phone only for it to have hung up.


When they arrived at the house, it was clear the party had already reached its peak. Lucas didn't go to parties often because he'd prefer to 'party' with Ava. Although, their parties consisted of superhero movie marathons, forts and food.

Out of the all parties he did go to without Ava, this was by far one of worst. The place was crowded with people he had never seen before and most, if not all, were drunk. Lucas was even more worried for her.

When they stepped in, he couldn't pick up Ava's scent as the strong overwhelming smell of alcohol and sweat filled the air. But, Lucas spotted her straight away. It seemed like all the attention was on her as she danced.

His eyes grew dark at the short dress she was wearing, light reflecting off the sequins on it. Her moves were seductive and sensual as she swayed to the music, entrancing every male in the room. He was frozen in his spot and just wanted to watch the beautiful goddess but was brought back to reality when foreign hands lay on his mate's hip.

A growl bubbled in his throat as he watched her dance with a stranger. It was a rogue too so Lucas was even more determined to rip it's head off it's body. The rogue bent down to whisper something in her ear as Lucas tried to make his way through the clusters of bodies.

"You don't sound like Lu Lu!" A frown was brought to her face that wiped the confident smirk off the guys face.

"What the f*ck is a Lu Lu?" He asked but she pulled him down towards her by his collar.

This made Lucas' eyes widen as he feared she'd kiss the stranger. He shoved people out of the way, not even bothering to be polite. Some brave girls came up to him and asked him to dance but they were all met with a glare and pushed out of the way. However, most kept a good distance if they were sober enough, feeling the anger radiating off him in waves.

He watched Ava scrunch her nose up as she sniffed the guys neck. "You don't smell like him either! Go away! You're not Lu Lu!" She shouted, pushing the rogue away only to be pulled back by a strong grip on her wrist.

"What you you talking about you crazy girl?! You're lucky I didn't kill you for jumping on my back before." The guy's face had a look of annoyance and malice.

"Dude, calm down before you do anything you regret." Ryan advised.

Lucas' eyes didn't move away from Ava, watching her wince at the pain. "I'm going to kill him. In front of people or not." He snarled, hands in tight fists, itching to meet the rogue's face.

"Ouch! That hurts fake Lu Lu. I w-want my real Lu Lu." Ava's bottom lip trembled as her eyes turned glassy.

It only made Lucas more angry when he finally reached the two. "GET OFF HER!" He shouted before landing a punch on his 'lookalike'.

"What the heck? I c-called dibs." The rogue complained as he tried to block Lucas' hard punches.


"Oh sh*t. He's going to shift." Connor said as he looked at the shaking Alpha, delivering fast punches and kicks to the bloody rogue. Mason watched a crowd form around them whilst trying to comfort a whimpering Ava.

Cupping his hands around his mouth, Ryan shouted, "police! The police are here!"

This immediately had the reaction he was looking for as everybody cleared the house, not even questioning the fact that there were no police cars. Within minutes, the house was empty leaving only them to witness the brutal beating.

"Lu Lu." Ava whispered but he couldn't hear her oven the blood pumping in his ears. He just saw red and didn't want to stop until the rogue stopped breathing.

As an attempt to protect himself, the rogue shifted into a fairly large sized wolf. Only, it was no match for Lucas' as he easily overpowered the already battered rogue. It's legs trembled as it took in the size of Lucas, possibly only realising now that he was an alpha.

Lucas' only focus now was on killing the rogue. He needed to punish it for ever laying hands on his precious mate. And that is exactly what did when he slammed it into the wall and bit into it's neck. The rogue's last strength was to weakly claw Lucas' front legs only for it to be easily dodged.

Lucas had blood dribbling from his mouth, eyes black in anger and a low growl playing on his lips. That is how he looked when he turned to face his fear stricken mate.

Her beautiful blue eyes were wide and her mouth was open in shock. He assumed she was about to scream when all that came out was a breathy gasp. Her tiny hands were clutching onto Mason's shirt making him growl. Lucas didn't want her touching another male, especially now. This only frightened her further into tears yet she made no sound.

Wanting to comfort her, he cautiously walked forward with his head down to show he meant no harm. He heard Ryan whisper, "It's ok Ava. It's only Lucas. You know he won't hurt you." 

Ava's ragged breaths didn't stop as she continued to softly cry, making Lucas' heart sink with every tear. He looked up at her but didn't realise how close she was. Ava stumbled back in shock and raised a bottle she had picked up from the ground at some point.

The last thing Lucas remembered was his mate's panicked shriek and then a pain on his head before blacking out.


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