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Chapter Seventeen

"HE'S dead! Oh my gosh! He's dead! I killed him!" Ava wailed, dropping the shattered bottle onto the floor and sobbing into Mason's shirt.

Everybody was silent. The music had stopped long ago all that was left was the heavy breathing of an unconscious wolf and Ava's cries. She didn't know what was happening. Her best friend turned into a werewolf and murdered another one right in front of her eyes.

She was also kind of flustered over the fact he called her his.

"Ava, relax. You didn't kill him. He's just passed out from the bottle you hit him with." Connor reassured her.

She then realised that the guys didn't seem as surprised as she was. In fact, they just seemed worried but not for the same reason she was. Ava gasped as the sudden thought struck her. "You guys know about this too! You're werewolves!"

Ryan scratched the back of his neck and chuckled nervously. "I'm really hoping you don't remember this in the morning." He muttered.

The fact that nobody denied her allegation and looked at her with guilty eyes, made her jump away from Mason as if he burned her. Shaking her head in denial, she slowly backed away from the terrifying scene - a dead wolf that had blood pouring out of its neck and another passed out wolf that she knew was her best friend. The guy she loved.

"You don't need to be scared." Mason walked to her in small, slow steps. This was similar to what Lucas had done before his sudden movement scared her into thinking she was going to eat him.

"I-I need to f-find Ja-Jackson." She stuttered as she watched Ryan tend to Lucas.

Running out of the large room, she faintly heard them yell her name but luckily no one followed her. It felt like everything had changed right then. She didn't know what to believe. The alcohol in her system also wasn't helping her put together a coherent thought. Ava didn't know whether she'd remember what happened in the morning but she wasn't completely sure whether she wanted to. She just knew she had to get out of there.

Rubbing her sore wrist, she stumbled through the front garden of the house. Empty cups and other rubbish were scattered on the lawn, making her pity whoever had to clean it up. The owner of the house was probably gone in fear of the police. She wondered how they'd react to two large wolfs in the living room and a blood stain on the floor.

"J-Jackson?" She whimpered, feeling the tears roll down her cheeks.

Hearing a groan come from the bushes, she tentatively walked closer to them only to see Jackson lying down with a bottle of Jack Daniels cradled in his arms. It looked like he was half asleep but she knew he was conscious when he started singing the Macarena.

She nudged him with her foot. "Jackson? Are you ok?" Ava asked him quietly. She didn't have the voice to speak any louder at the moment.

"Hm? Oh Ava! Look what I found! It's me!" He slurred, lifting the Jack Daniels in his hand for her to see. "He's my best friend." Jackson mumbled.

"Jackson I want to go home." Ava sniffled.

Jackson sobered up slightly at the sound Ava's broken voice. He looked at her guiltily and stood up, stumbling a little but Ava reached out to put his arm over her small shoulders.

"I'm sorry I drank so much." He apologised, hugging her close. Ignoring his apology, they started to walk home knowing he couldn't drive them home now.

"I saw Lu Lu turn into a werewolf and kill someone."

She wasn't sobbing as she was previously but the realisation of what had happened kept silent tears coming. Ava wiped her eyes a little, positive the mascara was no longer existent.

"I didn't know you'd be such a lightweight. I should've known. I'm sorry I offered the drink to you." Ava realised Jackson thought she had hallucinated it all.

With a sigh, she let the topic go. Maybe I did imagine it. She had heard alcohol did crazy things to people's heads so she herself, doubted whether it was all true. The slight painful throbbing on her wrist reminded her of some of the event previous. Much more sober now, Ava questioned how she had the courage to dance like that in front of all those people, let alone dance with someone who looks nothing like Lucas.

The pair slowly walked to the main road where there was a bus stop, both exchanging very little words. Jackson was still holding onto the bottle of Jack Daniels, quietly talking to it occasionally, and Ava was trying to wrap her head around the events that had happened.

Luckily, Jackson was sober enough to tell the bus driver where to go and made sure to go with Ava to the children's home first before going back to his own house. She didn't want to get caught by Miss Barnaby as it nearing midnight so she pulled her phone out of a little pocket in her dress.

To Marcus:
Hi!! I'm outside and don't want Miss Barnaby to shout at me! Can you let me in pleaseee?? :)

Hoping he was awake, she waited a little and tried to pull her dress down a little to cover her shivering legs. The air was colder now and goosebumps had formed on her exposed skin. Ava quickly looked at her phone when she heard the sudden ding.

From Marcus:
Sure. Coming now.

Ava felt a little embarrassed when he cautiously opened the large door. She wasn't known to go to parties and get drunk so sneaking home at the dead of night was uncommon. His eyes skimmed her outfit up and down, doing nothing to lessen the blush on her cheeks.

"Didn't think you'd be one for a party." He commented, after watching her walk through, stumbling over her own feet. "Are you drunk too?"

Ava looked at him, the amusement in his eyes clear but was also laced with worry. "I only had one drink." She tried to defend herself and felt it was completely unfair how she had such little alcohol yet was drunk, when plenty other people could have much more and would only be slightly tipsy.

"Still drunk though." He paused and frowned. "Where's Lucas?"

At the sound of his name, Ava burst into tears, the betrayal and revelation still fresh in her mind. She ran upstairs, ignoring Marcus shouts of confusion and concern. She didn't want to tell him what she saw because she wasn't even sure if he'd believe her.

She stripped herself of her dress and just put on one of Lucas' large sweatshirts, too tired to do anything else. Ava was immediately engulfed in his scent and smiled sadly to herself. She was so confused but she it didn't change the fact that he was her best friend. She couldn't stop loving him.

Guilt seeped in her skin as she remembered him lying on the ground. She felt like a terrible best friend. She didn't even check if he was ok!

Ava looked next to her and saw Lu Lu the Second's beady eyes staring at her. It was unnerving and only added to her guilt as she cuddled the animal close to her chest.

"Don't look at me like that." She found herself mumbling to the polar bear. "He's a werewolf. He lied to me."

Lu Lu the Second stared up at her.

"He probably eats polar bears." She whispered.

Unable to take the guilt, she texted Ryan to ask him how Lucas was and got a reply almost immediately.

From Ryan:
He's ok. Just sleeping in his bed now. U can visit him if u want.

To Ryan:
How did he get knocked out though? I hit him with a bottle and he's a WEREWOLF.

The question had been floating through her mind and it was also a way to steer the conversation away from visiting Lucas.

From Ryan:
Must've hit a pressure point. U did hit pretty hard. Now go to sleep. Ur going to have a heck of a hangover tomorrow.

To Ryan:
Ok. Night. :)

She didn't check for a reply and just turned her phone off. Lucas ok and that made her feel a whole lot better. She felt relief but still confused, having many questions unanswered. Ava wanted Lucas to explain everything to her. She need to know anything before she decided what to feel as nothing was clear to her yet.

I miss him.

Ava stared at the ceiling in hopes of falling asleep like Ryan advised but she it wouldn't happen. She needed Lucas to have his arms wrapped around her. She needed him to whisper her goodnight and kiss her forehead as she snuggled closer to his warm chest.

With Lu Lu the Second in one hand and some keys in the other, Ava tiptoed out of the front door in her slippers. She remembered the way to his house from hers and it wasn't that long of a walk but she ran anyway, the cold nipping at her legs since she was only in Lucas' sweatshirt. She didn't have time to put pants on but luckily, the sweatshirt reached mid thigh so didn't expose too much.

It wasn't long before she reached the large house, thinking whether she should just turn back. She shook her head at the thoughts. There was no point in being away from Lucas and she could focus on the situation in the morning.

Ava had her own set of keys for the house so she walked in quietly as to not wake anyone, even if it'd be unlikely they'd hear her in the large house. She contemplated whether she was being stupid and was walking in a house full of werewolves. But, Ava decided not to dwell on it.

She tried to stealthily make her way to Lucas' room, which the slippers helped a lot with. The door was left ajar so she managed to slip in and then close the door softly behind her.

Lucas looked as he did any other day. His hair was left in a stylish mess and his perfectly sculptured body was uncovered, the sheets only covering the lower half of him. Ava knew he'd only have boxers on as he did usually, maybe pyjama pants on a cold day.

However, she noticed subtly differences to how he normally was. There was a light layer of sweat on his chest and an unhappy frown on his face. His hands searched the bed only to bunch the empty sheets in his fists.

Ava took her, now ruined, slippers off and put her keys on the night stand. The quiet noise made him stir so she quickly climbed into the comfy bed to soothe him with Lu Lu the Second still in her hands. She placed the polar bear on the bed and ran her small fingers through his hair, causing a happy sigh from him and the frown to disappear. Almost immediately, his arms wrapped around her body as he nuzzled into her neck, pulling her as close as possible. She heard him inhale deeply and she wasn't ashamed to admit, she did the exact same thing before falling asleep in the arms of her love.


Pain was the first thing Ava felt when she grew conscious. The second thing was a trail of tingles and electricity as Lucas ran his nose up and down the side of her neck.

The events of last nights were a blur. It all felt like a dream. Werewolves. Blood. They were all things that were clear but she didn't want to believe it was true. It couldn't be.

Trying to ignore the painful throbbing of her head, Ava attempted to untangle herself from Lucas but it was difficult with the firm grip he had on her and that their legs were intertwined. It was to the point she had no idea where she started and ended.

"Stop moving." His husky morning voice sent shivers through Ava's body but she tried her best to hide it. The smirk he had told her she didn't do a good job.

"My head hurts." Ava whined and rolled on top of him so she lay flat on her belly and on his chest. She snuggled into his chest as his arms held onto her waist.

He chuckled tiredly. "That's what you get for drinking."

"I hardly had any... I think." She mused.

Lucas reached over to the night stand and opened the drawer. He took some paracetamol out and gave her a bottle of water. "Eat these, baby. It'll help with the headache."

She swallowed the tasteless pills as he stroked her hair, before resting her head onto his chest again, enjoying the feel of his steady breaths.

"Do you remember what happened last night?"

Ava heard the hesitation in his voice as he asked this. With a gulp, she shrugged. "Kind of. I think it wasn't real though."

She felt his heart beat faster against her head. "Really? What happened?"

"You turned into a werewolf." There was a long pause where neither said anything. "And you killed someone." Ava felt her eyes well up with tears. She didn't want to imagine him killing someone. She couldn't.

The room was silent except the sounds of their breathing. Internally, Ava begged him to tell her she had made it up, that it was the alcohol and it wasn't true. But, he never said that.

"It's true."

"No it's not." She whispered back immediately.

His large hands ran up and down her back as he repeated, "it's true."

She shook her head into his chest, feeling it become wet with her tears. "No it's not. No it's not. Stop lying Lu Lu." She disagreed, desperate for him to admit he was playing a mean prank on her.

"I'm so sorry. It's true. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I'm sorry you had to see me do that to someone." He stopped rubbing her back and just held her closer to him.

"No. It's not. You're lying because if you were a werewolf I would've known. I would've known that my best friend is a werewolf!" Ava's voice raised with every word, the headache not bothering her as much as her heart was right now. "You would've told me." Her voice broke as she whispered it to him, pain and hurt evident in her words.

Lucas lifted her up so she was cradled on his lap as he rocked them back and forth. "I didn't know the right time. I didn't want you to hate me." He confessed.

"I would never hate you and we've known each other for twelve years. You can't use it as a excuse."

"I know. I know. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I need you to forgive me." She felt something wet drop on her forehead so she looked up to see Lucas crying silently. Ava reached up and wiped them, making a small smile appear on his face.

"I'm just so confused about it all." Ava admitted. She no longer felt hurt about the secret and didn't care if she forgave him too quickly. She didn't want to be mad at him forever as it would make them both miserable so it was better to accept it and move on, especially since he had seemed guilty about it.

He quickly replied, "I'll tell you anything! Ask any question."

Ava reached for Lu Lu the Second to keep her hands occupied and she thought of a question. "Do you have powers?"

He chuckled at her question. "No. We heal, run fast and have super strength but non of the powers you're thinking of." Lucas poked the tip of her nose so she scrunched it up.

"No magic flying or controlling water or fire?" She looked up at him hopefully but pouted when he shook his head. "How boring."

"Hey! I can turn into an animal!" Lucas said, offended by her comment.

"Did you really kill that other werewolf?"

She felt him stiffen as he replied, "yes. It was a rogue. I didn't want to do that in front of you but my wolf was angry so I didn't have much control."

"He was a person too." Ava said sadly.

"Yes but a rogue is when someone does something terrible so they're banished from the pack. They could've been a murderer or a rapist. Banishing someone is a last resort for an Alpha. It's quite normal to kill rogue in the werewolf world." He explained. When she stayed quiet, he added softly, "you don't need to be scared of me, Ava baby. I'd never hurt you or anyone innocent."

Ava knew this but it just felt weird to know she felt safest in the arms of someone who finds it normal to kill people. "I know Lu Lu." She said after a minute. "So are you like the werewolves in the books I read?" Ava asked. Having loved to read, she often read werewolf books that had mentioned rogues and alphas.

"Exactly. Obviously a werewolf wrote a book and humans must've copied some parts. Adaptations made them different enough for people to question whether we're real or not."

"Are you the Alpha?" She teased him and giggled at the thought.

"Yes I am. What's so funny?"

Her eyes widened. "Really? It's just that you don't seem mean enough."

He hummed. "Maybe I'm too nice you." He raised his hands and wiggled his fingers in a warning to tickle her, to which she giggled and squirmed away from him.

Of course, she was pulled back by his hands. "So who's your beta then? Ooo! Can I be your beta??!" She asked him excitedly.

"Sorry baby. Ryan's already got that spot." He said sympathetically but his eyes showed amusement.

She huffed but then remembered how thankful she was that Ryan looked after Lucas after she hit him on the head. "Lu Lu, I'm sorry about accidentally hitting you on the head with a bottle."

"It wasn't an accident."

"Shhh. Yes it was and you've forgiven me. Yay!"

Lucas rolled his eyes but smiled at her boyishly. "I'm so happy you're not cowering away from me in fear." He pecked her on the forehead and then on the nose.

"You're crazy for doubting me." She frowned and pouted at him cutely, which made him sheepishly apologise.

"So, remember that time I shouted at you?" She nodded so he continued, "I was attacked by a rogue and I didn't want you to see the cuts heal."

"So you shouted at me?"

"So I shouted at you." He confirmed, finally able to explain his actions.

Ava felt like she could finally move on from what happened. So many things had been answered that morning. How he was so fast. How he never got ill. How he would growl at anything he deemed as a threat. It all made sense to her now.

"Are you ok with me being a werewolf?"

She looked at him and smiled, nodding her head. "Yep. It's really cool. You're still my favourite human."

"The word is werewolf, girl." He clicked his fingers sassily.

"So weird." She mumbled and smiled at him cheekily.

Lucas traced circles into her exposed thigh, the shirt she was wearing had risen up to the point that if she moved, her underwear would probably show. "I need to tell you something."

She tilted her head back exasperatedly and groaned. "Something else?"

"Mm hm. It's about mates."

Ava froze. Those had been mentioned in her werewolf books too. They were soul mates for werewolves. It had completely slipped her mind and now her thoughts were racing along with her heart. She couldn't bare the thought of her Lu Lu leaving her to spend his life with some stranger. She couldn't share him. He'd want nothing to do with her when he finds his mate. All his time would be with his mate and not with Ava.

She felt herself hyperventilating as Lucas looked at her in shock. "Baby, what wrong? Calm down ok? Breathe. Breathe." She watched him inhale and exhale exaggeratedly and tried to copy him. His touch was soothing and she felt herself calm down a little. "That's it, baby. There you go."

She returned his smile but a thought suddenly hit her that brought tears to her eyes. Who's going to do this when you're gone?! She looked away, hoping he wouldn't catch her tearful eyes. Ava was really sick of crying.

"Well, I guess you've heard of a mate. They're who you're supposed to spend your life with. You'll marry them, maybe start a family. You'll love them and give your life for them."

These were all the things Ava wished to have with Lucas. She so badly wished it.

"And I've found her."

Ava's chest clenched painfully as she heard the heartbreaking words. She felt like screaming. She felt like breaking down and sobbing until she there are no more tears left to cry. But, for her best friend, she swallowed her feelings, wiped her tears and looked up at him with an enthusiastic smile. "Really? That's great."

He looked at her concerned and rubbed her wet cheeks. "It really is, baby. Why are you crying?"

She shook her head at him, telling him to dismiss it. "What is she like?"

Immediately, his whole face brightened. Ava felt herself grow jealous at whoever this girl was because he seemed happier just by the mention of her.

"She's absolutely stunning. So beautiful and so adorable. Her smile is the thing I look forward to everyday. She is the reason I get out of bed and is the reason I'm living my life instead of just existing." Ava heard the smile in his voice and closed her eyes tightly, unwilling to let the tears fall again. "So incredibly clever too. It's amazing." Please stop. "My mate is the kindest person I know." Stop! "I'm so lucky to be her mate and she doesn't even know." Stop! I don't want to hear anymore! "I love her so m- "

He was interrupted by Ava's loud sobs. She cursed herself for being unable to pretend to be happy for her best friend. All she wanted was for him to be happy. She just wanted it to be with her and she couldn't hear anymore talk about how perfect his mate was.

"Hey hey hey! What wrong?" He asked her as she began to hiccup from loss of air.

"I d-don't w-w-want to h-hear any-anymore. Please." She begged quietly as her hand squeezed Lu Lu the Second tightly. "I d-don't want to talk a-about your m-mate."

Ava felt his chest vibrate and looked at him only to see him laugh. She stared at him in horror for being so cruel. "Oh baby. You're so silly."

Her eyebrows creased in confusion. "Wh- "

She never finished the question as her words were stopped when Lucas placed his lips on hers.


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