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Prologue Part Two

PEOPLE were definitely shocked when Lucas walked through the doors with Ava in his arms, who left a small patch of drool on his top as she slept soundly. Miss Lillian, on the other hand, was not so relaxed - immediately telling one of the pack members to get the Alpha.

"Who is this, Lucas?" She said once he placed Ava gently on the coach, as if she were made of the finest China. Many had offered to help carry the girl but Lucas simply ignored them and pushed their arms out of the way. His mission was putting her on the comfortable coach and covering her with the softest blanket he could find as she slept in peace.


He sat next to her on and ran his fingers through her hair. Lucas found he liked doing that. It was just so soft.

"Poor thing looks like she's been in battle!" One of the pack members had said not so quietly, making Lucas growl. He didn't want people to wake her up and he also didn't appreciate the insult given to his little Ava.

People gasped but Lucas ignored them. They were always so dramatic. He looked at Miss Lillian briefly and saw her nodding to herself. "She must be his mate. So young." She whispered, again to herself. Lucas hoped she wasn't going crazy. It would be a shame to have to lose her since she was the one who mostly raised him.

When she saw the confused look on his face, she shook her head of the thoughts and told everyone to leave the room, which they did immediately. They always listened to Miss Lillian. Even though she wasn't high up in the pack, everyone respected her. She was almost like a second Luna. Except she was in charge of cleaning and cooking.

"Lucas. Where did you find her?" She said softly, wanting to calm him down. All this confusion and the looks pack members were giving each other felt like he was missing something. He didn't like to be left out. Especially if it concerned him and possibly Ava.

"On my tree. She was stuck. I helped her." Not once taking his eyes of Ava, as if she would disappear from him.

He could practically feel the confusion rolling off her but he couldn't really tell her much more as he didn't know himself. It was also rare for Lucas to show so much affection to anything and then this little girl has showed people a side nobody had seen before. Of course she would be confused.

"Well, ok. Let's get her cleaned up. You should probably go up and take a bath. You still have some dried up blood on you." She moved towards Ava so Lucas turned and blocked her.

"No. I'll stay with Ava." He said, slightly glaring but also holding it in considering he knew she had much more power over the boy and could easily ban him from deserts.

Miss Lillian sighed. "Lucas. I know you are feeling very protective right now and that must be a strange feeling but you have to let me take care of this little girl."

He thought it through and came to the conclusion Miss Lillian wouldn't do anything to hurt Ava.

If she did, he'd have her head.

So he moved out of the way but amidst all the talking, they had forgotten to lower their voice and had awoken Ava. Her little hand was holding Lucas' top tightly in a fist, eyes wide as she took in her new surroundings.

"Lu Lu." She whimpered, tugging his top and pulling him closer. Lucas immediately moved closer to her and let her head rest on his chest.

"It's Lucas, Ava."

"Lu Lu!" She screamed in his ear, making him wince. He decided that she wouldn't give up so ignored the unique nickname.

"Ava. This is Miss Lillian." He gestured towards the old lady, gazing at them in awe and curiosity.

"Hello my dear." She said gently to the four year old.

Ava just waved before quickly putting her face in Lucas' armpit, her face going slightly red as a cute blush coated her chubby cheeks.

"Oh are you shy? Well how about we get to know each other through some lovely cookies."

Lucas and Ava's attention were caught with the promise of cookies. "Yes please!" Lucas agreed eagerly.

"I'm sorry but Ava here, has to decide." Both of them looked at her and she quickly nodded her head. "Ok then but that means you have to let me clean your cuts ok?"

The look of fear in Ava's eyes made Lucas immediately go to comfort her. "I'll do it too! I'll be right there with you." He said, looking into her wide, blue eyes.

After a hesitant nod from Ava, Miss Lillian got up to get the first aid kit and some of her cookies. Shortly, Lucas' father stormed into the room. "What is so important?" He looked around for Miss Lillian but saw Lucas and Ava, bringing a look of confusion to his face.

He was known as a brutal and scary Alpha to everyone else but to Lucas, it was just his father. They may not be as close as other father-son relationships because of how busy his father is but it didn't mean they didn't care deeply for each other. This was clear through the gentle voice when he asked, "who is this, son?" It was obvious this little girl was important to Lucas so he didn't want to startle the tiny human.

"This is Ava. Ava, meet my father." Ava looked at him with fearful eyes as he towered over her petite frame.

Just like Miss Lillian had done, he had crouched down to be eye level with Ava. "How do you do?" He put his hand out for her, which she shy shook, his large rough one encasing her tiny one.

"Hi sir." Lucas didn't know why she said sir. It must've felt natural from all the power radiating of his father - like you really should respect him or else.

"You can call me John, Ava." Surprisingly, even humans didn't get the honour of calling him by his name, always addressing him by Sir or Mr Wells. Lucas wasn't all that surprised his father was already taken with the little human, her innocence so pure and features so angelic, it would feel like a sin to treat her as anything less than an angel.

Then he started looking in her eyes and then looking into Lucas' eyes as if he was searching for something. Ava snuggled back into Lucas to get away from his stares. It was obvious she was very shy around new people. He was thankful Ava felt comfortable around him even though they had only met a few hours ago.

"This is your mate." Alpha whispered with happiness and pride in his tone.

"What is a mate? Miss Lillian said the same thing." Lucas was getting frustrated at not knowing what it was. He focused on Ava's scent, calming him down strangely enough.

At that moment, Miss Lillian walked back into the room, hands filled with cookies and a first aid kit, distracting them from the topic of mates.

"Alpha." She said in greeting before placing the plate of cookies onto Lucas' lap with a smile at Ava. He picked a warm cookie up and held it to Ava, who took it shyly. She mumbled a thank you before taking a bite as Lucas did the same with one of his own. Delicious. As always, Miss Lillian's cookies never failed to bring a smile to a persons face as Ava's face filled with happiness.

She was so distracted by the plate of cookies that it didn't really bother her when Miss Lillian started to clean her cuts, only wincing slightly when she applied antiseptic but that went away as soon as she took another cookie. Lucas looked proudly at Ava at the little fuss she made. Nearly finishing the whole plate by herself, Lucas found he didn't mind sharing his cookies for once. As long as it was with Ava.

"Why didn't you take them to the pack doctor?" The Alpha asked as he watched his son and Ava demolish the cookies, leaving plenty of crumbs on his couch for someone to clean later.

Miss Lillian huffed. "You always worry too much. Even if you don't show it. It's only little scratches. Isn't that right Ava?"

Ava nodded and giggled. Lucas found the sound utterly enchanting.

"Did you know they are mates?"

Miss Lillian nodded in reply. "I knew straight away. A blind man could see it. They're so young though. I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing."

The Alpha took a cookie, earning a glare from Lucas and a small pout from Ava. He sighed and put the cookie back with a roll of his eyes. "Well, my son has a mate and I can't see anything better than that. But you're right. It could be a bad thing. Rivalling packs or rogues could aim at her. They know very well my son would be my weakness and his mate will be his." He rubbed a hand down his face, quickly becoming stressed with the situation.

"W-what's a mate?" Ava's quiet voice seemed loud in the empty living room as she asked the question Lucas has been wanting to know since he heard the word.

His father seemed reluctant to answer the question. "Gosh this is like the sex talk." He muttered low enough that the kids couldn't here. Miss Lillian patted him on the back and left to give them some privacy. With a sigh, he explained, "usually we don't tell you until you turn into your wolf at thirteen but since this is a special circumstance, I'll tell you." He paused, thinking of the right way to say it. "So, what is a mate? Well, I guess you are, Ava. And you are too, Lucas. You're each others mate."

Ava quickly lost interest and started fiddling with Lucas' top and tracing the patterns on it with her finger. They were all glad she doesn't seem concerned about all the werewolf terms. They weren't planning on explaining how they weren't human anytime soon.

Lucas on the other hand listened intently to his fathers explanations. It seemed important and if it involved his little Ava and himself, he needed to listen. "What does that mean?" He asked, when it seemed that his father wasn't going to continue talking.

"It's a soul mate. This person will be the person you will spend forever with. They will be your future. You will love each other unconditionally. You'll share a bond with each other that can't be broken. Myself and your mother had one. Everyone has one. It is a truly powerful gift from the moon goddess."

When he finished, Lucas was still taking everything in. So Ava was his? And he was going to spend the rest of his life with her?

"Ava is mine forever?"

As his father agreed, Lucas decided he could definitely live with that.


Thank you for reading!

This is the end of the prologues. I would've put them together but I had so much to write so I just decided to split it or it would've been too long.
Next chapter will be a massive time skip to present time, where the story will really begin.

Much love! <3


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