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Chapter Eighteen

EXPLOSIONS were all Lucas saw behind his closed eyelids. They were all he felt in his body as he kissed the love of his life. His lips tingled as they touched hers and he couldn't remember how his life had been without this pleasure.

He was about to pull away when suddenly, he felt Ava tentatively move her lips against his softly. The kiss was gentle and loving. It wasn't lust filled or impulsive. It was sweet and the best feeling he had ever felt in his life.

Lucas loved how neither were experts at kissing as they had never kissed anyone apart from each other once when they were younger. They learnt together and just did whatever felt natural.

This definitely felt natural.

Warmth filled his chest and his heart beat increased with happiness as he realised that his Ava was kissing him back - that she wasn't rejecting him nor pushing him away. At the thought, Lucas couldn't help but smile and pull away from her.

He didn't think he had ever smiled so widely before as he took in the sight of his mate, cheeks red and lips slightly swollen all because of him. Her eyes were still glassy from her previous tears so he wiped underneath her eyes, staring at his little Ava in adoration.

"I'm so in love with you." He confessed, cupping her perfect face in his hands. "So fudging in love with you my beautiful Ava."

Her eyes grew wide and a toothy smile took over her face. She giggled, "I'm so fudging in love with you too Lu Lu."

This is it. I can die happy now.

Lucas closed his eyes in contentment. He felt a weight lift off his heavy shoulders. All the doubt he felt about her ever loving him disappeared and was replaced with relief. He didn't think he could've loved her anymore than he did then.

"I'm so happy to hear you say that, baby." He chuckled, before showering her with kisses all over her face. "I love you." He repeated as she laughed, both pairs of eyes shining brightly.

"So I'm your mate?" He heard her clarify as he placed gentle kisses on her neck and shoulders.

He hummed, sending vibrations across her soft skin. "I'm sorry I made you cry."

Ava ran her fingers through his hair as he continued to show his affection on her skin. He inhaled her scent, loving the way he could smell his own mixed with hers as she sat there in his shirt.

"That was mean." She commented. Lucas was sure she was pouting but didn't look to check.

"I would've thought it was obvious from the beginning when I told you my mate was beautiful. You're the most beautiful person I know." He smirked into her skin when he felt her heart beat rise, positive that she was blushing.

Ava drawled, "stop."

"But it's true." He countered in a sing song voice and the lifted his head to peck her on the lips a couple of times. "I love you. I can't stop saying it." Lucas mumbled against her lips.

"I don't ever want you to."


Lucas watched as his mate moved around the kitchen in some leggings and another one of his shirts. He swore she wore more of his clothes than her own but he wasn't complaining.

"I wanted to cook for you. You're the one with the hangover and I'm your boyfriend. Now, you don't have to do anything. Just let me do it." He complained as he got off the stool and walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her from behind and kissing her neck.

"It's not that bad now and besides... you can't cook." Ava flipped the pancakes. "And, you're not my boyfriend."

"What the heck?! Of course I am." He frowned at the statement and tightened his hold on her. Now that they had confessed their feelings, she was officially his. Not that she wasn't before though.

Ava unwrapped his arms from her to put the pancakes on the plates and bringing it to the table. "Nope." She said, popping the 'p'. Lucas was shocked at this, utterly confused as he thought she wanted to be with him too.

"W-what? You have to. I love you. I- " he rambled, not knowing what to say as he watched her pour syrup on her pancakes before starting to eat her breakfast, his voice full of hurt and confusion.

"You have to ask me Lu Lu!" She pouted at him and poked his cheek.

He playfully rolled his eyes at her, finally understanding what she meant. Lucas lifted her up and placed her on his lap, sitting in the seat she was in previously. "My apologies baby girl. I'll make it up to you." He noticed a shade of red coating her pancake filled cheeks at the new nickname, as he fed her more of the breakfast.

After a while of Lucas feeding both himself and Ava all of the pancakes, she groaned and put her forehead on his shoulder. "When are you going to ask me?" She grumbled.

"What?" He gave her a napkin to wipe her mouth.

"I thought you were going to ask me to be your girlfriend. Well?" Ava's eyebrows raised in suggestion, hoping for him to understand.

He kissed her cheek a few times, bringing a smile to her face. "I'm going to do it properly so you'll say yes."

"I'll say yes anyway. You know that."

"Shh. Spoilers. And anyway, you deserve the best." He told her, to which she giggled at and snuggled closer to him. Happiness radiated off both of them and he didn't care whether any pack member came and watch their fearless leader gaze lovingly at his mate. They could watch him bow down to her for all he cared because he absolutely worshiped her. He didn't care who knew it.

"So, Miss Ava Davies." He started, staring into her blue eyes. "Would you please do me the honour of going on a date with me?" Lucas was nervous as he waited for her reply. Sure, he thought she'd agree but it still didn't lesson his nerves. He knew he'd always feel nervous around her. He'd always feel like a little boy talking to his crush because he knew that he was incredibly lucky to call Ava his mate.

"Of course I will Lu Lu!" Her eyes were filled with love, before the closed as she pecked his cheek, perhaps too shy kiss him on the lips. Lucas, however, was not as he kissed her passionately, letting all his emotions through.

"Oh! Am I dreaming? Is this a prank?" A sudden voice was heard in the room, causing the pair to part. Ava hid her blushing face into Lucas' chest when they saw an excited looking Miss Lillian at the doorway.

Lucas shook his head and rubbed his finger on Ava's soft cheek, staring down at her in admiration. "No. She knows everything."

Miss Lillian gasped and ran over to the couple, placing kisses on their foreheads. "That's great! Oh my gosh! This is so exciting! I'm so happy for you two! And you both love each other! This is... I can't even..." Lucas watched her, amused with the elderly lady. "Is this what a heart attack feels like. Oh my gosh. I can't breathe."

"Calm down Miss Lillian." He warned her, worried that she would be jumping up and down from excitement.

His father walked in and looked at her in concern and confusion. The woman was a sight to see as she looked minutes away from collapsing yet still had a face splitting grin on her face.

"What's going on?" He asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee. "Why do you two look more loved up than usual and why does Miss Lillian look like she's going to pass out?"

"They're getting married!" She blurted out before covering her mouth.

John raised an eyebrow at her. "Huh?"

"I told Ava about werewolves a- "

"You didn't tell me. I witnessed you change into a werewolf by accident."

"Same thing. Anyway, I told Ava I'm in love with her and she loves me back!" Lucas said happily.

His father pat him on the back. "Congratulations kids." He told them proudly but Lucas frowned at the word kids. "And Ava, I heard about what happened at that party."

"Yeah?" Ava bit her lip nervously.

"It's great how you manage to knock out an Alpha within minutes of knowing about werewolves." He praised and chuckled at a slightly embarrassed Lucas.

"She hit a pressure point. Not my fault." Lucas grumbled and pressed his lips onto Ava's head.

"Ooo. Our Ava's going to be quite a Luna isn't she. I'm so proud of my babies. Oh my goodness." Miss Lillian enthused.

Lucas groaned into Ava's hair. "Miss Lillian. Please calm yourself."

"I can't Lucas my boy! I have to call Joe. He'll be so excited. We'll have to plan your wedding soon won't we? I'm thinking a red theme? Maybe green? I don't know. What do you kids think? I personally think a red but it really depends doesn't it. I me- "

Lucas couldn't watch her stare into the distance with dreamy eyes as she rambled on any longer so he interrupted her. "Miss Lillian. We aren't even together yet." He said, looking down at Ava, who was contently tracing the veins on his muscular arm with her fingertip.

"What?!" Miss Lillian came over and slapped him on the back of the head lightly. "Get your head in the game Lucas. What are you doing with you life?"

"I agree." John piped up from, in the midst of his own pile of pancakes.

"I'm doing it properly. I going to take her out on the perfect date first." He squeezed Ava's thigh and kissed her cheek.

He saw Miss Lillian pull and impressed face. "Good job my dear. You do that and when you are together, we can start on the wedding and you two start on the babies."


To Ava:
Get ready for 7:00. I'll pick you up for our date. I love you baby girl. xxx

From Ava:
Ok. I wish you'd say where we're going. :( xx

To Ava:
Not a chance beautiful. It's a surprise. ;) xxx

From Ava:
Alright. See you soon. I love you too! Xxxx

Lucas' lips curled into a smile as he put his phone away. Every breath felt lighter, every action easier and every step had a spring because he finally told her he loved her and she knew it wasn't meant in a friendly, sisterly way. She knew he was in love with her and was in love with him back.

He was aware of the people staring at him as he strolled through the park. All of them were wondering why his smile was wider and his eyes were brighter than usual. Without Ava by his side, the Alpha would be moody and unapproachable so the fact that Lucas looked the way he did was confusing as the little Luna was nowhere in sight.

He didn't take any notice though and carried on. Lucas knew exactly what his date with Ava was going to be. He had planned to make a nice picnic at their tree and had rented out the entire park for the night so they could freely do whatever they wanted. Earlier, Lucas went to the shops and bought a projector, planning to watch films on blankets and pillows under the stars.

It was something he had never done before, despite all the times they had hung out together. He hoped it was special enough for the first date as he wanted it to be remembered - a story they could tell to their grandkids.

Ava also read a lot romance novels so he didn't doubt she'd have high expectations for a first date. Maybe she doubted whether he would do something as good as she read about but he knew she would be disappointed with just a dinner in a restaurant.

It wasn't just Ava he had to think about too. There was Miss Lillian, who would probably be waiting at home to eagerly ask questions about the date. If it weren't up to her standards, Lucas shuddered at the thought of the scolding he would get.

The walk to the tree wasn't long but he took the time to think about the date. When he got there, he felt disappointment flood his entire body as he read the sign stuck on his tree.

Tree to be cut down for new park equipment next month.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Lucas was devastated. They could still have the date there but it wouldn't be the same knowing that it would no longer be there in the following month. He knew Ava would be really upset about it because she loved it. It was theirs. The place they met and the place they would spend hours climbing or sitting under. She wouldn't have a good time on the date if they were sad over the tree.

Lucas paced, thinking over possible options. He needed something that would make her happy. He also knew he had to tell her about the tree at some point but was dreading the idea. Weird how we could be so attached to a tree. He thought amusedly.

Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. Lucas was excited but had to do it quickly in order to pull it off, maybe even needed the help of his friends.

Ryan. I need your help for this date with Ava. It's not an option. He mind linked, knowing that even if he refused, Lucas could just command him. This was important after all.

Ryan responded as he was on the way to the new date location. What is it?

They still had hours but this was a big project and it needed to be done in time for Lucas to pick up flowers and get ready for the date. He told Ryan the place and to get there quickly, bringing Connor and Mason along too.

When they arrived, Lucas had already thought about the basics of the project. It involved construction so he thanked the heavens that they were werewolves and had good strength. Hours later, the boys had almost got it all completed. Lucas was buzzing with excitement at how it looked already, eager for his mate to see it and love it. However, he was also stressed as they had not finished yet. His patience was growing thin by that point and he was getting sick of the guys messing around so he just told them to leave.

I can do it by myself anyway. He thought grumpily, frustrated that his friends left even though he told them to.

The sound of his phone ringing made him jump, abruptly bringing him out of his concentration. Annoyed that he had to delay the project in the midst of working on it, costing valuable time, he snapped, "what?!"

"Tut tut tut. I wouldn't be so rude if I was you." It was a random woman's voice - nobody he recognised.

"What do you want? I'm not buying insurance or whatever it is you people sell." Lucas had no time for this and needed to get this done so he could see Ava faster. It was hard enough just leaving that morning.

The woman sucked in her teeth. "You should remember me. You should've taken my advice Lucas."

He was growing more annoyed with every word this woman was saying. She made no sense and it seemed like she knew something he didn't. "Look. I have no idea what you're talking about."

Ignoring him, the woman spoke clearly through the phone. "I hear you confessed your undying love to your mate today."

Her tone was mocking and Lucas didn't like the words coming out of her mouth. He was immediately in defence when Ava was mentioned and figured this was the person who threatened her a while ago - the one who sent the letter. Despite having a string of curses ready to be thrown at her, he stayed quiet and waited for her to continue as he was running towards the pack house to check on Ava.

"Cute little thing isn't she?" The woman paused as Lucas hung on her every word. "I wonder how to long it would take my men to break her sweet sweet innocence." The woman taunted, making a growl leave Lucas' lips so loud, the whole town probably heard it.

"What have you done to my Ava?!" He roared into the phone.

"Nothing... yet." She gave an quiet laugh. "You just have to come get her. I'll tell you the address and you come alone. Simple."

"Fine." Lucas quickly agreed, not even needing time to think it through. He needed to save his mate.


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