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Chapter Nineteen

IT had been hours, or what felt like hours to Ava, of waiting for Lucas to come and get her like she knew he would. Ava pitied the people that kidnapped her because they'd have to face an angry Lucas and that was not a good thing.

It wasn't too bad. The room, she was kept in, looked nothing like a cell. It was just a bedroom with comfortable bedding, nice decorations and a large tv on the wall. There was even an ensuite that had a working shower. This wasn't what Ava had expected to happen.

However, the windows were boarded up and the room was locked. No sharp or dangers objects were anywhere either. This reminded her she wasn't on a holiday. She was kidnapped.

The people didn't harm her whatsoever though. Not that she was complaining but confusion was all she felt, maybe a little worried but she had faith in her mate.

More than anything, she wanted something to do - bored out of her mind with nothing to occupy her time with. She had briefly debated about escaping but she knew nothing of her kidnappers nor how dangerous they are. Ava highly doubted she could break her way through the boarded window and it would be difficult to fight her way out if she didn't even know the numbers.

The only rational thing she could think of was waiting for the rescue she was sure was coming, even if she had only the wall to stare at as she waited.

As if her prayers were answered, a rattling sound brought Ava's attention to the moving door nob. The door opened to reveal a middle aged man. He looked quite average looking. The messy hair, stubble and dark under eyes suggested he actually looked older than he was. Stress was written all over him but his eyes immediately brightened at the curious girl on the bed, catching her by surprise.

He gulped and averted his eyes to the tray of food held tightly in his hands. On it was a few sandwiches and a bottle of water. "Sorry it's not much." The man said sheepishly.

Startled by the sincere apology, Ava stuttered out a reply. "I-it's ok." She thanked him as he placed the tray in front of her.

Taking the time to study him, she realised there was a hint of familiarity but she couldn't pin point from where. She blinked out of her gawking when she realised she was staring at the man. Blushing, Ava took one of the chicken and sweet corn sandwiches and sniffed it before nibbling on the corner.

"You've grown up so much." She heard the man whisper, not intending for her to hear apparently because when her head snapped up, he immediately busied himself with the TV.

"You know me?" Ava asked him but it sounded more like a statement.

He didn't answer and avoided eye contact with her. Suddenly, the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast lit up the screen. Ava squealed excitedly at her favourite movie and in relief that she had something to do.

She thanked the man who replied with a warm smile before he started walking out of the room. "Wait!" Ava shouted after him, making him stop with his hand on the door nob. He slowly turned around and looked at her expectedly. "Why did you kidnap me?" She asked, her voice barely audible over the sound of the movie and the fact that she was scared of angering her kidnapper.

He opened his mouth to speak but then must've thought better of it and just shook his head, before leaving the room and slamming the door tightly shut behind him. Ava's little body deflated. She wanted answers. Nobody would tell her anything.

Shuffling outside would tell her someone, or several people, guarded her room. No matter how much she knocked and shouted, they wouldn't respond at all. The only interaction she'd had since being kidnapped was the few words the mysterious man had spoke.

Frustrated, she groaned and fell back onto the bed. Tears pricked her eyes as she listened to her favourite movie in the background. It only reminded her of Lucas.

She wished she wasn't kidnapped. Just a few hours ago Ava was getting prepared for her date. Her first date. She was beaming with happiness, asking Miss Lillian for advice on what to wear and what to do. It was exciting to know that Lucas was in love with her and she couldn't wait to go on this date where he'd ask her to be his girlfriend at the end of it.

Spending hours upon hours imagining what it would be like for him to reciprocate her feelings, she never would've imagined anything as close as this. The feeling she felt when kissing him was incredible. It felt like home.

And now, her whole day was ruined. Having never been on a date, Ava was completely nervous about it but now she probably wouldn't experience one if she never got out of this room.

She hadn't expected the kidnapping at all. Ava was at Lucas' house getting ready to leave so she could prepare for the date. However, a knocking on the door made her open it to reveal two men she had never seen before. She was about to ask them what they wanted, when a cloth was placed over her mouth.

Ava struggled but couldn't get their hold to loosen. She even tried to hold her breath but it was useless. Giving up, she breathed in what she was sure would ensure her kidnapping and fell unconscious.

She woke several times but couldn't keep her eyelids open for more than a few seconds. At one point, Ava was torn into consciousness when an angry voice was heard.

Not having the effort to move, Ava stayed still on the soft surface and tried her best to stay awake. "Yes Veronica!... I just want my daughter back!...Ok I'm sorry... Bye." It was a mans voice and it held no regret in the apology. She couldn't hear the replies so Ava assumed he was on the phone.

The same man shouted again, though Ava was feeling sleepier by the second and hardly registered the sudden sound. "They're already there. We're leaving before she gets rescued. It's a two hour drive."

Ava heard an agreement and was sure the 'she' that was mentioned was her. But, she couldn't think about it for much longer as Ava immediately fell asleep, forgetting the entire conversation when she woke up.

Now, she was lying on the bed as she watched the last scene in Beauty and the Beast, her sandwiches all gone and her tears dried up. There was no sound coming from the other side of the door or from outside the window. She had hoped the man would come back so she could ask more questions and hopefully get a reply.

She brought her top to her nose and inhaled Lucas' scent, exhaling shakily as her bottom lip trembled. Ava's eyes stung with the threat of tears. She wasn't necessarily scared because Ava trusted Lucas to save her. She just overwhelmingly missed her mate.

A thunderous growl tore through the room. Ava sat up and looked at the door, worried about the danger on the other side. She bit her lip to prevent her from screaming as big stomps were heard coming closer to her. Ava covered her mouth whilst tears flowed down her cheeks. Ok. Now I'm scared.

Wind hit her when the door slammed open, breaking off the hinges and landing on the floor in front of the bed. Ava then released a large sigh of relief as she saw who came in the room, through her blurry eyes.

Jumping out of the bed, she ran to the massive black wolf and hugged its neck tightly. "Lu Lu." Ava cried into his fur.

He licked her face and neck, making her squeal and wipe the saliva away. Suddenly, his bones started cracking and before Ava knew it, the previously black werewolf had turned into Lucas. A naked Lucas.

Ava gasped and covered her eyes. "Cover your bits!"

"You've seen it before Ava." She heard him say. There was some shuffling followed by, "Ok you can look now."

She tentatively removed her hands from her eyes to see Lucas now with pants on but no top. However, she did appreciate his naked torso very much. His hands came to her hips where he pulled her to him so their fronts were touching.

"Yeah but it's different now. You're my boyfriend." She stressed, enjoying the feel of his body against hers as he rubbed circles into her sides with his thumb.

"Oh now I'm your boyfriend am I?" He raised an eyebrow and looked at her with a smile.

She nodded and snuggled into his chest, his arms wrapping around her body. "Shut up. You are my boyfriend whether you ask me or not."

Lucas chuckled but then pulled away from her to cup Ava's face in his hands as he inspected every in of her face. "Are you ok?" He asked her, his tone completely serious.

"They treated me very well." Ava stated, nodding once again. "I was a little dizzy form the chloroform but I'm ok."

Lucas sighed, his relief evident. Leaning down, he kissed her deeply while Ava ran her hands down his six pack before lifting one up to his hair and threading her fingers through it.

He groaned and pecked her lips before pulling away to look at her with dark eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too." Ava panted, trying to catch her breath from the kiss they shared.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Lucas asked her again.

"I'm fine. They even let me watch Beauty and the Beast!" She told him excitedly.

"Your favourite." He stated before frowning and looking lost in thought. "There wasn't anybody here. Everything is clear and it's just an empty place."

Lucas curled his arm around her waist and led them out. Ava noticed he was right and looked around for a sign of anyone. "That's weird. There was definitely people a couple of hours ago." Her voice held confusion as did her face.

"Did you recognise anyone?"

She shook her head and sighed in disappointment that she couldn't be more help. "Only one guy seemed a little familiar and I think he knew me. It was a middle aged guy. Like medium build."

"I'll look into it and we'll catch them. Don't you  worry, baby girl. I'm just glad you're ok." He kissed the side of her head as they walked out of, what seemed to be, a cabin. Her entire body tingled at the nickname. It always made her feel funny things.

"Where are we?" She asked Lucas, looking around at all the trees. 

"Not too far from town actually."

Ava hummed to show she heard him and snuggled closer. She just wanted to get home and forget about what had happened after the amazing morning they had.

"We'll have to reschedule the date. I'm sorry, little one. I'll make it up to you."

She looked up to see his face holding so much disappointment and sorrow, she knew he was beating himself over not being able to deliver the perfect date for her. For the first time, she was the one to kiss him on the lips. His surprise didn't stop him from lovingly kissing her back.

"I love you. I don't mind that we didn't have a date today because we'll be having loads of dates in the future."

"Until we die."


The sky was dark by the time they made it home, after having stopped at McDonald's for something to eat first. Ava had an uneasy feeling in her stomach and she hoped it was just the chicken nuggets and not something worse.

"Sleeping at mine yeah?" He asked for conformation, which Ava gave.

"Do people know I was kidnapped?"

His hand squeezed her thigh reassuringly, perhaps thinking she was still shaken over the incident. "No because the phone call I received, that told me to get you, said I had to come alone. I don't think anyone would've let me do that if I told them."

"You could have just commanded them with your alpha powers." She teased.

He smiled at her briefly but turned to face the road again. "Maybe. But, it was stupid of me. If there were actually more people there, I don't know if I would've been able to take them all on - Alpha or not. I didn't have time to think of another plan. I was just focused on saving you. I had to save you."

His jaw was clenched as he glared at the road ahead but Ava assumed he was glaring more at the memory of those people taking her. She grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers before bringing them up to place a soft kiss on his hand.

"And you did save me Lu Lu. My Prince Charming."

Lucas scoffed. "Some Prince Charming. There wasn't even anybody there. I was more like the beast."

She stroked his arm up and down with her free hand, hoping to calm him down. "The beast was still a prince Lu Lu."

He parked the car once they reached the house. Ava let go of his hand so he could climb out, immediately feeling his absence. As soon as he opened her door, she was met with a pair of familiar lips smashed onto her own.

"I love you, baby girl." He whispered once they parted.

"I love you too, Lu Lu. I really do."

A male voice shouted, "Alpha! There you are!" and broke them from their trance.

"What is it?!" Lucas snarled at the man, who quivered at the realisation of what he had done. "What is so important you cannot leave me a moment with my mate and your Luna?!" Ava tried to soothe him and jumped out of the car, rubbing his back gently.

"A-alpha, there w-was a rogue attack." He said. Ava traced sadness in his eyes, which worried her. Lucas was immediately alert and walked closer to the man.

"Is anyone hurt?"

The man gulped. "The attack was quick. They took us off guard and we didn't even know they were here until it happened."

Ava could tell Lucas was losing more and more patience. She, herself, was annoyed at the man for taking so long to answer a simple question.

"You didn't answer the question Issac! Is anyone hurt?!" Lucas yelled once more, demanding an answer from the snivelling man.

She already knew what the answer was. From the sick feeling in her stomach and the redness and grief in the man's eyes, she knew there was only one answer.

"I'm so sorry Alpha and Luna."


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