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Chapter Twenty Two

THE paper work was piled in front of him but he couldn't focus on any of it. Lucas was worried about the increasing number of rogues in the area. They had been getting past the defences, knowing exactly when the patrols are between shifts and attacking then.

Luckily, they were all weak and didn't do much damage. Lucas figured it was more of a warning from Veronica. Ava had also received a text message from an unknown number, likely to be her.

It said:
We're more connected then you think. Be careful who you trust.

People laughed when they heard about it, saying it sounded like wannabe villains. However, Lucas nor Ava took it as a joke. He didn't think her safety was something to be laughed about and was worried about what they could mean. He knew there was a traitor but had no idea who it could be. He couldn't trust anyone. Only Ava.

She had been getting desperate too. Since the whole incident with the picture, Ava was in the attic searching for more clues. She was adamant that her mother was the same Veronica that murdered his mother. Lucas had no idea why she would want that to be true.

He didn't want to think about what would happen if it were true. This would be one of the times he believed in the saying 'ignorance is bliss'.

It was now nearing lunch and he had to get Ava. He said they would go out to eat and maybe visit Joe for some ice cream afterwards. The old man wasn't doing too well. Miss Lillian was his second chance at love, having both lost their mates in tragic ways. But now that she had passed away, Joe seemed unlike his usual upbeat self. Sure, he put a smile on his face everyday but Lucas knew it was forced.

Pursing his lips, he cleared his thoughts, not wanting to think about Joe's misfortune. He walked out of his clustered office, bumping into Ryan on the way to the attic.

"Hey. How's Ava?" His beta asked sympathetically.

Lucas shrugged. "Still in the attic I assume. I'm going up there now."

"She's not going to drop it is she?" Ryan said.

"No and I'm getting worried." He replied.

Ryan patted him on the shoulder. "She'll be fine. Ava's a strong girl."

Lucas just nodded and continued walking towards the attic. He was busy all morning and he hadn't really seen her much as she spent all her time looking for more pictures up there. So, he was getting restless, eager to spend some much needed quality time with his girlfriend.

What he didn't expect to find was a messy haired Ava scrambling through piles and piles of boxes that held photo albums and letters. She was muttering to herself, crawling around as she reached for other boxes. Her hair was messy and her eyes had dark circles, a clear indication of her lack of sleep.

"B-baby?" He said, stumbling over the clutter on the floor. Ava didn't respond. She didn't even look up at him or acknowledge that he was in the room. "Ava? Want to get lunch?" He asked, hope in his voice. Lucas didn't want to worry her into thinking she was crazy. Not that he thought she was of course.

Again, he was rewarded with no response so he shook her shoulder a little and crouched down beside her. "Hmm?" She barely looked at him, continuing to flip through the pages only to sigh heavily and throw the book across the room. Lucas assumed she hadn't found anything.

"You have to eat. You haven't eaten anything all day and it's lunch right now baby," he said gently. Lucas kissed her cheek several times, hoping it would make her laugh like it normally did. But, he was more than surprised when she moved away from his affection and crawled to another pile of boxes.

"Ava." He said, this time more sternly. "I'm not joking now. Let's go down and have some food. You can come back up later if you want."

She shook her head frantically. "N-no. I have to keep l-looking. Have to keep looking. Have to keep looking" Ava repeated, growing quieter as she ran her shaking hands through her usually tangle-free hair.

Lucas walked back to her with forceful steps. He didn't like that she wasn't looking after herself. He didn't like that she seemed upset and he couldn't do anything about it to help his distressed mate.

Gripping her chin gently to make her look at him, he stared at her with eyes that said he wasn't up for a discussion. "We're eating. Ok?" He pecked her on her pouty lips, savouring the tingles that came with it.

"I need to know if they are the same person Lu Lu. I need to know if my mother killed yours!" She yelled, clutching a book tightly in her hands.

Lucas was shocked by her outburst but enough was enough. He didn't want her hurting herself over something so stupid. He grabbed the book and tried to pry her small hands from it.

"Let go, Ava." For a small person, she has such a strong grip.



"NO!" She screamed, startling Lucas so he abruptly let go of the book. It slipped from Ava's hands and was flung away from them. From the force, the thick book hit a box and tipped it over, revealing a bunch of old clothes.

Lucas sighed but noticeably jumped back in shock when Ava shouted excitedly, "look!"

His little mate scrambled to the pile of clothes and retrieved something, hidden from Lucas' view. She ran back over to him and settled herself into his lap with another book. "Sorry." She mumbled shyly, placing a small kiss on his sharp jaw, much to Lucas' surprise.

Immediately, his arms encased her petite body, snuggling her close to his chest as he peered over her shoulder to look at the book she seemed excited about. "What is it?" He queried.

Her shoulder moved up in a shrug. "Don't know but it was hidden in that box of clothes so it must be special right?"

Lucas didn't disagree and watched her open it as they read it together.


Dear Diary,
I met a man today! He's so dreamy and I think I'm already in love with him. His name is Alex. He's blonde and well dressed and the guy of my dreams!

I was in the library, trying to reach for a book, when out of no where, an arm is next to my head and the book is in his grasp. He was so nice to me and I can't wait for our date. I can already see what our wedding is going to be like.

Love, Abby x


Dear Diary,
I'm writing to calm my nerves. It's the big day! I'm so nervous. I'm really really nervous.

This is the day I am getting married to the love of my life!
I am getting married to Alex!

Why do I feel so nervous?! Do all brides feel this way? I feel like maybe it was a mistake but it can't be! Everyone is here. My friends. My family. And I love my Alex! I really do! He's the only one who has been there for me whenever I needed him. He's the only one that I see a future with. A future as Mr and Mrs.

They're calling my name now. I guess it's time.

Love, Abby x


Dear Diary,
The paper is wet with tears so I don't even know if this is readable. We've just gotten back from the hospital.

Alex's heart is getting worse. The doctors say if it continues, he could die! My husband could die!

I told him! I told him to stop smoking! I told him to stop drinking! But did he listen?!?! No!

And now he's going to leave me. He's going to leave me by myself and I can't handle it. I don't know what I will do without him.

Love, Abby x


Dear Diary,
Everything's gone wrong. I don't know what happened. It's all just one big mistake.

I only went to the local bar to get my mind off of Alex's health problems. I was just exhausted and wanted to relax so I drank a little. Only a little. And then a man came up to me.

Oh boy was he a man. He was by far the most handsome man I have ever seen. Sure, I felt guilty for staring at this stranger when my sick husband was at home but I couldn't help it. I was drawn to this mysterious man.

He said his name was Rodger. We chatted. He said he was a werewolf. He said I was his mate. Of course, it was the drinks talking but I humoured him. That was until he showed me his werewolf form outside. It was real! He was an actual werewolf!!

Rodger was charming and gave me feelings my husband never did so unfortunately, I made the biggest mistake I have ever made.

It was how I found myself sneaking back into my house and into bed with my husband after having sex with a stranger. With Rodger.

Love, Abby x


Dear Diary,
I saw Rodger again. He was waiting for me at the local cafe and boy was he angry. He was angry that I left him the other night. Luckily, nobody heard the commotion.

I didn't think I'd ever see him again. I was torn between wanting to run away from him and wanting to kiss him.

His adorable face saddened when he questioned whether I regretted that night. Rodger started repeating that I was his. He kept saying "mine" over and over again, hugging me close and sniffing my hair.

It was weird but I must be weird too because I loved it.

However, I remembered why I left. Because I have a husband. A husband I love dearly. A husband I had an affair on.

It broke a little bit of me when I told him to leave me alone. I told him to never talk to me again and that I didn't love him, like he claimed to love me. I felt my heart shatter with every word but I couldn't take them back. I needed to be with Alex. He's my husband. This man. This man was just a stranger that charmed his way into my heart only for me to push him back out.

Love, Abby x


Dear Diary,
Alex was being so sweet to me lately. I was ill recently. I was throwing up and my mood swings were crazy but he still stayed by my side.

He doesn't know that I had an affair and I hope he never does because I don't want to lose him.

He also doesn't know that I'm pregnant. Yes! I'm pregnant! A little baby is growing inside of me!

I was so happy and so excited to tell him the good news but then I realised, the baby might not be his.

It could be Rodger'.

I couldn't even begin to describe the guilt. It felt terrible every time he lovingly kissed my forehead or brought me something I was craving. He probably thought I was being an annoying wife but it was hormones from pregnancy. He had no idea and I didn't know whether to pretend the baby was his or tell him the truth.

I don't know what to do.

Love, Abby x


Dear Diary,
I have no idea where to begin with what happened today. It was all so fast and everything seemed like a blur.

Alex went with me to the sonogram. I told him the baby was his and he believed me! Obviously he would believe me. I gave him no reason to think otherwise.

But when the result came, the doctor was scared and really shocked. Like he didn't know how to tell us the news. I held onto Alex's hand tightly and he held on just as tightly to mine. I could see the worry in his eyes.

"You're having twins. Both girl. But... the babies have different fathers."

Those were the exact words. I remember them so clearly. The hurt and heartbreak in Alex's voice was terrible as he asked me what was going on. He started shouting, desperately telling the doctor to do another test. I couldn't look him in the eyes as I stared at the sonogram picture of my two girls. I didn't want to see the man I love break in front of my eyes, all because of my impulsive actions.

Next thing I knew, Alex was on the floor, clutching his chest in pain.

Later, he was pronounced dead. I thought he was getting better. He quit smoking and drinking and I made sure he ate well. The doctors say he died of a heart attack.

I knew he died of a broken heart.

Love, Abby x


Dear Diary,
Today is the day I gave birth to my two beautiful little girls. They look so similar to each other. They were practically identical which was a shock.

Believe me, it was so difficult to carry them and to push them out was the worst. I had to do it all whilst grieving for Alex.

Apparently I'm depressed. The therapist said it was guilt from cheating on Alex and for causing his death. She's right though. I feel guilty. I am guilty. It's all my fault.

Love, Abby x


Dear Diary,
I can't handle two babies. Not by myself and especially not a werewolf baby. I can't. So, I went to Rodger' pack. He gave me a paper with the address to go to if I ever changed my mind about being with him. I'm so thankful that I kept the paper.

But when I got there, they said Rodger died. He killed himself. More guilt on my shoulders and more death in my life. Why do all the men in my life die?!!!!

I left the baby anyway. It was for the best. I can't teach the baby how to do werewolf things. The tiny baby was left with a woman that seemed friendly enough. Miss Lillian I think her name was. She'd look after my baby better than I ever would.

So, here I am. Leaning against the lady's coffee table to write this last diary entry. I want to give this diary to the little baby so they would have something of mine. This book has been through my entire life so it's special.

I'm starting to feel awkward with the lady staring at me so I'm going to end it here. This is where I start a new life with the human baby, Adeline. And say goodbye to my sweet little werewolf baby, Veronica.

I love you.

Love, Abby x


Thank you for reading!

I apologise for the later than usual update. But! My last exam is on Friday so yay! More Wattpad and more sleep!

What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?


Much love <3


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