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Chapter Twenty Six

HE groaned and groggily sat up from the cold hard floor. It seemed like the type of floor that you'd find in a basement and it was not at all comfortable. Trying to get a bearing of his surroundings, Lucas squinted his eyes to adjust to the dim lights.

It looked like he was in a cell and his was one in plenty. Some of his pack was just sat there and some were still unconscious. "What happened?" He asked Ryan, who was in the cell next to him.

"Don't know. I just woke up. Nobody's come down to check on us or anything." His beta replied with his head resting on his knees.

Lucas didn't know how to react to the recent events. He knew there was a traitor in the pack but he had no idea it was someone so close to him. Connor must've told Veronica or the rogues that they were going to the warehouse. He must've planned to kidnap them. Lucas' blood boiled at he thought of one of his closest friends betraying him like that.

"Have you mind linked the rest of the pack?" He asked. He would've done it himself but he was still feeling weak from whatever had knocked them out.

"It won't work, son. They managed to inject us with wolfsbane." A rough voice said from the other cell next to him.

"Dad? What? How are you here?" His father was supposed to be on a holiday somewhere as he had decided he needed a break after Miss Lillian's death and he wasn't doing much at the pack house anyway.

Lucas winced at the sound of his father coughing violently. His throat sounded dry, maybe from not talking to anyone for a while or maybe he wasn't given anything to drink. Lucas really didn't know.

"I was sent a message to come home because Ava was sick. But when I was driving back from the airport, I got ambushed. Next thing I know, I was here being tortured for no reason." John explained, his voice sounding angry at the people who did this.

Lucas frowned when he finished. Tortured? He shuffled closer to the edge of his cell and towards his father. Once his father was in view, Lucas' eyes widened at the state he was in. His skin looked painfully bruised and blood leaked out of the many cuts he had, most likely done with a silver knife.

"Oh jeez. Why aren't you healing?!" He yelled, grabbing the attention of the other people in cells. A rumble of chatter followed Lucas' shocked outburst as they wondered what was going on.

"You alright John?" Ryan called with worry in his voice.

Somewhere in the room, Mason joked, "not going to die on us right?" Although he was clearly trying to lift the mood, Lucas knew he was just as worried for the ex-Alpha.

"I'm fine boys. The wolfsbane has stopped me from healing though." John said and then scoffed. "You raise your boys up and expect them to call once in a while. But do they? Nooo. You lose a little blood and suddenly you get all the attention." He mumbled to himself.

Lucas rolled his eyes at his father. "Stop grumbling old man."

"How long have we been here? I need to get back to my mate." Someone yelled from a few cells down. Same dude! Same!

"I've been here a few days. You lot have been here for less than a day? Maybe. I don't really know. I fell asleep." His father replied.

Lucas noticed footsteps from above them so he assumed there were people watching the entrance of the room. The lock on the cells were impossible to break with no tools, especially since there were lined in silver.

"Are we going to die here Alpha Lu Lu?" Mason  spoke suddenly.

He cringed at the nickname that sounded completely foreign coming from lips that weren't Ava's. "What's the matter with you?! Don't call me Lu Lu." He shuddered.

"We're going to die!!" Mason yelled in distraught.

Lucas was suddenly really thankful he didn't make this guy his third in command. But then he realised, he had made Connor his third and Mason would've been a much better choice than that traitor.

As if on command, a door opened and light came into the dark room of cells. Connor walked down the stairs and sat in front of Lucas' cell. The room erupted in shouts of choice words and insults. The pack members told Connor exactly what they thought of his betrayal.

"I'm sorry." Connor said with his head down.

Lucas laughed humourlessly as the noise died down. "I know. I heard you."

"I really am." He whispered desperately.

"Let us out then son. It's not too late." John pleaded.

He shook his head quickly and yanked on his hair in frustration. "I can't. I can't. I'm sorry."

"Yes you can! Look at Mason. He's broken." Ryan gestured towards Mason's cell where he was rocking back and forth, mumbling wistfully about how he craved chicken.

Connor turned away from the weird scene and looked down once again. "I can't. They have my mate! She'll kill Sabrina if I don't do what she says."

"Why didn't you tell us?! We could've helped you. We can help you now." Lucas said to him, understanding why he betrayed them a little more now.

"I couldn't risk it. Not for Sabrina." He replied and let out a low chuckle. "This is so messed up."

"I don't blame you for doing what you did Connor. I would've done the same for my Rosie." Lucas' father said.

Lucas agreed because he would've done anything to protect Ava. But, he was still going to punch Connor the first chance he gets. It was his fault he wasn't home with his Ava right now. Mummers of agreement were heard, some more reluctant than others as they still wanted to be let out of their cells.

"I don't have a mate. I can still hate him right?" Ryan asked.

"CONNOR!" A loud shrill voice was heard followed by the click of heals as a woman walked in. She looked late middle aged, around the same age as John. Lucas realised who he was looking at from the blonde hair and angry blue eyes.

"Veronica?" His father voiced his thoughts as they all stared at the woman in shock.

She had aged since the photo Ava had found but it was obvious they were the same person. Now he could see the resemblance between his lovely mate and this evil woman. They shared some of the same features and Ava was adamant that the woman who killed his mother was her own. Did Ava's mum kill mine?!

A sadistic smile was situated on her face when she turned to look at the John. "Oh hello. I'm sorry I haven't come down to see you sooner John. Though, I do know you enjoyed meeting my friends. They told me you particularly like a stab in the leg."

"Go to hell." John spat, hatred dripping from his voice.

Veronica's smiling face turned into an ugly scowl at the words. "Leave, Connor. See to it that everything is going according to plan." She ordered though not turning towards Connor. He scrambled out of the room, leaving Veronica in a room with angry wolves.

"Why are you doing this? Why did you kill my mum?" Lucas snarled at her.

"Hmm. Well, she was really annoying." She said.

The words angered the pack and John as she spoke ill of their ex-Luna, making growls echo the cell walls. Lucas didn't believe that this was just because Veronica didn't like his mother. It had to be more than that and he wanted to know. Deciding with another question, "why would you kill Miss Lillian?! She was innocent. She was just an old lady!"

"She was a back stabbing b*tch." Veronica hissed. "So I stabbed her in the back... literally."

Then she giggled as if proud of herself. Lucas felt the muscles in his body tighten and his veins ready to pop at the anger he felt for this woman. He absolutely hated her and wanted nothing more than to shift and shred her to pieces.

"Anymore questions before I end this interview?" She asked them, looking around at the cells.

"I have one!" A guy asked.

Veronica pointed at him and shouted, "yes, you! With the blood on your nose. Ew."

"Why'd you kidnap our Luna?!"

Surprisingly, her face lit up at the mention of Ava. "Because adorable little Ava is Lucas' mate and I knew he would want to rescue his damsel in distress. And, someone I know wanted to see her so..." she trailed off. "You know what the best part is though?" Veronica asked and then like it were a big secret, she mock whispered, "she's going to leave you."

"The heck?! No she's not." Lucas immediately denied.

Veronica laughed maniacally. "Yes she will," she said in a sing song voice. "Why would she choose family..." she paused to look at Lucas distastefully and finished, "over you?"

His mind was completely jumbled with millions of thoughts. Just the idea of his beautiful perfect mate leaving him sent his heart in a frenzy, ready to beat out of his chest. Sweat dripped from his forehead but he felt cold at the same time. His mouth was dry, making it nearly impossible for him to generate a response out of him.

But, then he actually thought about his Ava. He thought about the person she is and knew that she wouldn't leave him. She wouldn't leave him for some strangers. He trusted her as his mate, his girl friend and his best friend. He needed to trust the love of his life.

This time it was Lucas' turn to laugh, possibly making people think he was crazy. "You are psycho. My Ava would never leave me. She loves me." He said proudly.

He could tell his response infuriated Veronica from her flared nostrils and clenched fists. She was hoping for some doubt but underestimated how much Lucas' trusted his mate. "Really? Are you going to want to stay with someone who's related the person who killed your mummy?"

"If it's Ava, then absolutely."

Veronica glared at him for a few seconds before stalking out of the room.


As the hot knife met his skin, Lucas bit his lip to stop himself from screaming in pain. He didn't want to give them the satisfaction but at some points, it couldn't be helped as he was put through hours of torture.

The taste of blood overwhelmed his mouth when his skin finally gave out as he bit too hard. His stomach rumbled from the lack of food and his throat felt dry. Lucas felt dizzy and had passed out a couple of times from the lack of blood. They would wait until he had healed a little and then wake him up with an electric shock to start the torture all over again.

The pack members were just left in their cells to watch their Alpha groan in agony. The sounds of his father's cries of pain were heard too as he was being put through hell in the cell next to him.

Rogues were doing this but clearly followed Veronica's orders. She had come down to join in on the 'fun' and begun breaking John's fingers.

"W-why are you doing this to us?" Lucas asked between pants from exhaustion.


She hardly paused when she said the word, continuing with torturing his father as she moved onto electrocuting him with a machine. Just as she was about to press the button, a rogue ran into the room and gave Veronica a quick kiss.

"She's here." The man said excitedly. He was large and muscular with ginger hair. Lucas assumed he had some sort of authority as he noticed the other rogues looking at him as if waiting for orders.

Lucas was about howl in pain from the knife that buried into his skin but was suddenly distracted by a powerful scent making its way to the door. As it got closer, he got more excited and could hardly feel any pain at all. When it stepped inside the room, the distinct scent of mangos could be smelled.


He wanted to hug her tightly and make her kiss all his pain away. He also wanted to tell her to run as far away from this place as possible.

His mate struggled in the arms of two humans, a man and a woman. He was a brunette with blue eyes, much taller than the small framed blonde woman. The woman looked very much like Veronica. They looked enough alike for Lucas to assume they were sisters but it may have been a coincidence.

Lucas growled at the sight of their filthy hands, bruising his Ava's delicate skin. He didn't want them touching her, especially a human male that looked at her with more kindness than the woman. "Leave her alone!" He barked at them, causing their eyes to snap to his, including Ava's.

She stopped squirming and stared at the him with wide eyes. "Lu Lu? Lucas? Oh my gosh! Are you ok?!"

His hard gaze softened at the sight of his mate's beautiful blue eyes but then hardened once again at the injury on the side of her precious head. It was cut so semi dried blood was around the injured area and the skin was bruised.

Lucas was about to erupt but his mate worriedly spoke first. "Of course you're not ok! YOU HAVE A KNIFE IN YOUR LEG!"

"Can't even feel it baby." He said softly to calm her down. He didn't need her more worried than she already was. "Want to tell me why you're here and how you got that boo boo?" Lucas tried not to show how furious he was so he was overly babying her.

It didn't work though as she shook her head and said, "I'd rather not."

"Enough of this!" Veronica yelled as Ava was thrown into a cell across from Lucas. "Well now that you're all here, it's story time."


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Next chapter will be Veronica's POV from the past. Ooo.


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