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Chapter Twenty Seven Part One


She didn't feel any different as she smoothed down the wrinkles in her tight fitted top. An eighteenth birthday was supposed to be the beginning of adulthood apparently but Veronica felt like the same girl she was yesterday.

However, she was a little more excited today.

The mirror reflected her whole outfit back at her. A burgundy two piece encased her body, showing off her toned stomach and long legs. The skirt was short and quite a lot of cleavage was visible but it was her birthday. Veronica felt like she could do whatever she wanted and be whoever she wanted. If she wanted to dress in little material that emphasised her assets, nobody was going to stop her.

Veronica was quite tall, much taller than some of the girls in the pack but smaller than most of the males. Her best friend towered over her and he made sure to remind her every chance he got.

With a giddy smile on her face, she slipped into some black stilettos and checked her makeup one last time before sitting on the edge of her bed.

She wasn't actually supposed to be going anywhere, despite being all dressed up. So far, her birthday was just a normal day. It was around six o'clock and nobody had wished her a happy birthday apart from Miss Lillian. She had made sure to make the birthday girl her favourite chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

The only person Veronica tolerated besides her best friend was Miss Lillian, being the only mother figure Veronica had as her own had abandoned her at the doors of the pack house. From the diary she was left with, it was said her sister however, wasn't abandoned and to say Veronica was bitter about it would be an understatement.

She loved the middle aged woman that raised her and Miss Lillian supported her long time crush too. John had grew up with the girl so of course, she had a crush on the powerful Alpha that was one of the only people that cared about her. Unfortunately, her small crush turned into love and obsession as they grew older.

It broke her heart every time John mentioned about finding his mate. He was twenty one and still hadn't found her but neither had Veronica. She assumed they had died but she wasn't too upset at the thought as that meant she could be with John. He, on the other hand, was adamant his mate was alive and continued to wait for her.

Veronica had hoped for the day he would give up so they could finally be together. But now she was eighteen, the love struck adult decided she would tell him how she felt. She would confess her love and she was sure John would admit to his.

Now she had spent most of the day alone and was waiting for him to surprise her. She hadn't seen him all day but knew he probably had some sort of trick up his sleeve. Every year, John would make her birthday extra special. Whether it was a huge party, a gourmet picnic in the park lit up with fireworks or a holiday to Florida, he would make up for the fact that nobody else seemed to care enough. He'd make sure that she'd forget she had been abandoned as a child and that she was shunned by most people for her 'ugly' personality.

Nobody in the pack really liked her but Veronica didn't take it to heart. They said she was stuck up and annoying because she thought being the Alpha's best friend meant she could boss people around. She didn't care but she hated the disrespect she got. After all, Veronica planned to be future Luna.

During the day, she was disheartened that John hadn't told her of any plans for the day. He hadn't even wished her a happy birthday but as it got later, Veronica decided it would be ridiculous to believe he had forgotten so she realised it must be a surprise.

She had seen it happen on tv shows where everyone would pretend they had forgotten and  then suddenly pop up with a surprise birthday party. Therefore, she had gotten ready and waited eagerly in her room.

The smile still sat on her face as an hour went by. Veronica had spent most of that time practicing her surprised face and even made part of a speech. She had never had a party dedicated to herself before and wondered if people would even turn to. But then thought John would be able to order them to go so the worry quickly diminished.

Veronica checked her hair and make up again and then continued her game of temple run as more time went by. She kept pausing the game to check the time, frowning at the numbers. It was getting late and she still hadn't heard any sign from John. How late is this party going to start?

Her blonde hair was losing it's volume and her outfit was starting to get uncomfortable. If anything, she just wanted to take a nap but resisted.

With an annoyed huff, she sent a text to John, not concerned about ruining her own surprise anymore.

To John:
John where are you? I'm waiting...... Idk what for but I'm waiting......  :)

She hoped this was enough of a hint. It was now nine o'clock at night. Veronica hadn't eating anything as she was afraid they would be going out for a meal too. She didn't want to spoil her appetite for whatever John had planned but after reasoning that she didn't want her stomach to rumble during her speech, she ate a pack of biscuits she had hidden in her room.

A whistled tune alerted the increasingly impatient woman of a text message from her phone. Veronica immediately opened it when she saw the sender.

From John:
Come down. I've got a surprise for you.

She let out a squeal of happiness. Her heart was beating a million miles a minute and butterflies awoke in her stomach at the thought of what waited for her downstairs. It was also the regular reaction she had whenever she spent time with John.

For the last time, Veronica checked herself to make sure everything was immaculate before walking quickly down the stairs. The closer she got, the louder the commotion was. She took a deep breath and walked slowly down the stairs, planning to do it elegantly and gracefully, mimicking what she saw in tv shows. This always made heads turn but they did have slow motion to make their entrances a little more dramatic.

However, when she reached the bottom of the stairs, all she saw was the backs of a large cluster of people's heads surrounding John. Not letting her mood go down at her not as expected entrance, she coughed a little to get their attention. It didn't work as the noise only got louder. She couldn't even recognise what they were saying as they all spoke over each other excitedly.

"John?" She called in mind link, knowing he'd probably hear her better.

As expected, her best friend's handsome head snapped up and their eyes met from across the room. Both faces had smiles as wide as their face. "Hey V!"

The pack members turned to her but most looked away distastefully. Veronica paid no attention to those people as she walked closer to John, her heels clicking on the hardwood floors. The Alpha moved people out of his way so he could embrace her in a hug. She practically felt the happiness radiating off of him and it warmed her heart to know he was this excited for her.

"Why are you so happy?" She asked him, laughing at their smiling faces.

"Because of your surprise." John put an arm around her shoulders and lead her into the centre of the group of people. They walked together until he stopped in front of a girl, maybe the same ages as her. Veronica thought she was probably the complete opposite of her with dark brown hair and dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. The girl looked anxious and smiled nervously. The arm around her left and instead went around the stranger's shoulders.

"This is my mate, Rosie."

Veronica was stunned. Her jaw fell open as she struggled to comprehend the words that came out of him. Conscious of her open mouth and blatant staring, she quickly snapped her mouth shut. "Y-your mate?" She asked quietly, trying to not show her devastation.

"Yeah! Isn't this great?!" He said and gazed down at Rosie lovingly.

Veronica felt her heartbreak into pieces and she willed herself not to cry in front of all these people. She had only ever wished for him to look at her with that look. She had dreamed of it but suddenly this stranger appeared and took away everything she could have ever wanted.

And it was nobody's fault. She couldn't even blame them. All she could do was be happy for her best friend and accept that a friend is all he will ever see her as.

The girl must've sensed that Veronica was lost for words as she stuck her hand out for her to shake and said, "hi. I'm Rosie. I've heard so much about you."

Veronica stopped herself from crushing the small hand in hers and firmly shook it whilst forcing a smile on her face. She didn't know what to say so she didn't say anything. They were left with an awkward silence, subtly studying each other.

"I would've brought Rosie 'round earlier but we just spent the whole day getting to know each other." John said to her, breaking the silence.

She made a sound of acknowledgement but stayed silent still. Veronica didn't trust her voice. She knew she was on the urge of crying and just opening her mouth could make the tears fall. She was just left with the option at smiling at the happy pair.

"So, why are you all dressed up? Hot date?" He asked, chuckling at his joke knowing she never went on dates.

Veronica laughed along weakly despite wanting to do anything other than stay and laugh at the fact she never went on dates because she was in love with a guy that just found his mate. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she said, "actually yes. I'm going to go now actually so if you'll excuse me."

She started to walk toward the front door when a hand grabbed her wrist. Hope blossomed in her chest. She didn't want to believe he forgot her birthday too. "You ok?" John looked her in the eyes with concern.

Veronica smiled again and nodded. "Of course. I'm so happy for you." She whispered into his ear as she quickly hugged him, a tear escaping out of her eye. She then speed walked out and ran into the woods.

She sat on the dirty ground and leaned on a tree, hugging her knees to her chests. Sobs racked her body as she tried hard to breathe through the pain in her chest. Once her cries died down, the broken girl mumbled with shaky lips, "happy birthday to me."



"What do you mean you're cancelling?!" Veronica yelled.

He dragged a hand down his stressed face and sighed heavily. "I mean I can't go out tonight. Lucas just turned one and I need to spend time with Rosie. It's a family day."

"You said you'd take me to watch Harry Potter. We planned this months ago because I've hardly spent any time with you." She reminded him, trying to keep her anger at bay.

Ever since the day he had introduced Rosie as his mate, John had spent less and less time with her. He would say he needed to spend time with Rosie despite spending every single minute with her. He didn't need to. He wanted to and that hurt Veronica more.

It had gotten much worse since they got married and had a child. Veronica hadn't found her mate so she doubted she ever would. It only meant she was still infatuated by John.

"Not everything's about you V." John stated as he lifted his arms in the air in exasperation.

Grinding her teeth, she muttered an annoyed, "fine," and stalked upstairs to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Angry tears rolled down her cheeks. She couldn't help but feel betrayed by him and she hated it. Veronica wanted to hate him, anything to stop loving him, but it was impossible. She had tried to date many guys but none were close to the guy she had once called her best friend. She needed him and felt that Rosie did not deserve him at all.

"Oh dear. I heard the angry talk. Are you alright?" Miss Lillian voice was heard after a few knocks on the door. She tentatively walked in and sat on the bed next to Veronica.

"No." She whimpered.

Miss Lillian pulled her into a hug and stroked her hair soothingly. "You will have to move on some time. They're mates."

"They're not right for each other! I've known him longer!" Veronica cried desperately.

"Don't disrespect your Luna, my dear. Just get to know her. You could be friends." She said.

Veronica pulled away from the hug to glare at the woman she had called a mother. "How could you?! You're supposed to be on my side!"

"I only want what's best for you. This silly obsession of yours needs to end before you get hurt."

"Get out." She said quietly, having heard enough of her betrayal. When she didn't hear any footsteps leaving the room she yelled louder, "get out!!" Miss Lillian quickly scurried out of the door.

It's was all too frustrating. The betrayal of those closest to her. Thoughts in her head clouded her mind and she couldn't think straight. She just knew that John was hers and now, she was sick of being nice. She wanted him. So, she was going to have him.

Forming a plan in her mind, she stripped herself of her clothes and replaced them with her favourite black lace bra and panties. Veronica slipped a large coat over it and put her feet into a pair of her favourite black stilettos. She then freshened up her make up to accentuate her features.

Once done, the confidence she felt when getting ready wavered. She felt completely nervous to seduce John. He was mated but she assured herself that if it wasn't for the mate bond with Rosie, he would've been with her. He loved her and Veronica wanted to make him admit it.

Strutting to his office where he was sure to be, she took a few deep breathes and knocked on the wooden door.

"Come in." His deep and powerful voice sent chills down her spine.

Putting a sultry smile on her face, she opened the door and closed it behind her. "John."

He looked up and sighed. "Look Veronica, I'm sorry about before."

Standing in front of him, she placed her hands on the wooden desk. "No. I'm sorry John. I understand. It must be really stressful for you." Veronica gave him a sympathetic smile.

"I guess with Lucas it is a little stressful. You can't expect anything else though with a baby." He smiled and looked back down to his paper work.

"Maybe I could help you... relieve that stress."

"What do you mean- arghh!!" John jumped back in his chair in shock when he looked back up to see that she had taken off her coat and stood in his office practically naked, offering herself to him. "Are you crazy?! Put your coat on!!" He hissed, most likely hoping nobody heard his scream.

Veronica ignored him and the sting in her heart when he cowered away from her. This was not the lustful gaze she was expecting when she planned this out. She slowly walked around the desk. "I know you want this John."

He stared at her with an incredulous look. "No I don't! I have a mate!"

"I love you!" She yelled.

John was speechless. This gave her the opportunity to trap him in his seat. "W-what?
No no no no. You don't love me."

"Yes. Yes I do John. Since we were little kids I have loved you. I know you love me too John." She told him confidently. She didn't doubt his love and was sure that he just needed this to realise.

"I love you like a friend or a little sister. I'm not in love with you. I'm in love with Rosie." His voice held a calming tone, as if he was trying to make her see reason.

Veronica sighed. "Maybe this will help you to see that you love me."


John couldn't finish the sentence as she had kissed him, quickly sticking her tongue down his throat. He struggled to push her away as she grasped his hair in her fingers tightly. His cries of protests were muffled but Veronica didn't care.

"Oh my gosh."


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