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Chapter One

HEAVY arms weighed Ava down as she woke up with the urge to pee. After struggling to escape, she turned to look at the person responsible.

Lucas was always a deep sleeper so even after Ava poked him on the arm and cheek several times, there was no response. She squirmed and tried to pry his arm off from stomach. They were lying on a small single bed so they were pretty close together. It wasn't that comfortable thus Ava always preferred Lucas' bed. He was on his front while Ava was on her back, staring at the ceiling, trying to hold in her pee.

He groaned. Finally a reaction! But then, pulled her closer so he was practically on top of her and his head was nuzzling her neck. "Lu Lu!" She whined, shaking his body, "I have to pee."

Reluctantly, Lucas released her from his hold, letting Ava jump out of bed and run into the bathroom. He always does like cuddling so Ava had to deal with this nearly every morning. They were best friends so being so affectionate wasn't weird for them. Ava was used to being around Lucas and vice versa. They're practically joined at the hip ever since Lucas saved Ava from falling off a tree.

She remembers the day but it isn't completely clear. It was 12 years ago that marked the start of their friendship.


Ava's mother and father had taken them on a long car ride, apparently going to Disney Land. Next thing she knew, they were at a park. With no Mickey Mouse.

"You do it." Her mother told her father. She sounded persistent, not the usual loving voice she had.

Her father seemed stressed, running his hand through his brown hair and it appeared he hadn't shaved in days. He usually looked after himself well. "What do you expect me to do? We can't just leave her here! People will see her!" He stressed, while Ava held on tightly to his hand, looking at the exchange in words with no idea what was happening.

Looking around the area, it seemed her mother was lost for words until she looked up and her eyes widened. "Quick! Put her in the tree!" She pointed up at a collection of branches connected to the tree they were currently taking shade under.

Ava decided she wanted to go home. Her usually calm and collected parents were scaring her slightly. She tugged on her fathers arm bringing his attention to her with a frantic look in his eyes. "Go home?" Ava asked quietly.

"N-no princess." He picked her up and rested her on his hip like he always did. "We're going to play a game! Isn't that right mama?"

She saw her mother quickly nodded her head, her blonde curls flying everywhere, looking excited for this game. "Yes we are. You are going to climb that tree- "

"With the help of me." Her father interrupted when he saw the scared look on his precious daughters face.

"And then we will hide and come get you later. Sound fun? Yes! Let's do it."

This did not sound fun and she wanted to go home but her parents seemed like they wanted to play so she played along, even if they did like boring games.

Flashback ended

And that's how Ava found herself on a tree in a park without her parents. For the first few weeks, she thought her parents were still coming to get her but soon she gave up because admittedly, she liked her life with Lucas. After that, it didn't take long for her to realise her parents didn't love her. They abandoned a four year old alone in the park. Parents who love their child don't do that. But, she doesn't hold a grudge. If her parents never left, she would never have met her best friend whom she couldn't imagine life without.

Not much had changed since Lucas first found her. She was still shy and only ever completely comfortable around Lucas but she was getting better with strangers. Ava had grown obviously, but not as much as other sixteen year olds, seeing as many people towered over her. Her features where still the epitome of innocence, with big bambi eyes and small pouty lips. However, her hair had gotten darker slightly at the roots and her body developed with puberty to a nice, feminine figure. She often ran with Lucas too, both having a love for outdoors, which kept her in shape, despite all the desserts she loved to eat.

It was around 10 o'clock so she decided to take a shower. She was lucky. Most of the rooms didn't have ensuites but hers did. Lucas had arranged for her to have the very best room, considering she had to be put in the children's home. Of course he wanted her to stay with him but his father thought it would be best to stay in the children's home.

She didn't mind though. Lucas spends every moment with her so sleepovers weren't rare. He'd have to sneak in however, because it was against the rules but Miss Barnaby turns a blind eye. Occasionally, Ava would spend the night at Lucas' mansion and those were the best days.

The door opening brought her out of her thoughts. "Mornin' baby." Lucas greeted with his husky morning voice and then went to brush his teeth.

Luckily, the shower curtain was closed but even if it weren't, Lucas had seen everything anyway. He'd given her plenty of baths as a child and even growing up, if she were too tired to change, she'd demand Lucas do it before falling asleep.

"Good morning Lu Lu!" She chirped. It was a Sunday so that meant she could spend all day with Lucas. Then she realised what was happening tomorrow. "I'm going to miss you." She whispered, as she turned off the shower and reached for her towel.

Lucas passed it to her with the toothbrush in his mouth. He spat the foam out and said, "it's only a few hours and I'll text you between and during lessons. I'll call you at lunch too. Like how I normally do."

Today was the last day of spring break so Lucas had to go back to school tomorrow and Ava wasn't looking forward to it. "I know but I've gotten so used to spending every second with you. Now I won't be able to see you for hours." She explained unhappily.

When she wrapped herself in the fuzzy white towel and got out, Lucas wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. "Now don't be sad little one." He placed a delicate kiss on the top of her hair. Pulling away he said, "go get dressed and then I'll take you out for some pancakes. 'K?"

Ava's mood instantly brightened at the sound of pancakes from her favourite cafe and ran back into her room to get changed.

"Don't run!" Lucas warned as he knew first hand how clumsy she was.


While Ava got ready, Lucas had gone back to his house to get dressed and to get his car as he had walked to the children's home last night.

She heard a knock on her door, which she opened to reveal Marcus. He was one of the other children who lived here. Being seventeen, he was ready to leave next year. Marcus was very friendly, sometimes too much that it made her a little uncomfortable, but at least he wasn't mean. She didn't get many opportunities to make friends so she couldn't be too picky. Lucas didn't like him though so she hardly talked to Marcus when he was here. It was obvious Lucas scared him.

"G'morning Ava. You look lovely." He eyed her white romper that had lace daisies in the middle to show a bit of her stomach. Being in only white converse, made Marcus, and anyone else, look down over her small frame.

Naturally, Ava blushed as she does normally whenever anybody compliments her. "Thank you Marcus. Good morning to you too." She said shyly, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ears. He didn't say anything for a while and just stared at her. It was making her feel nervous and she wished Lucas was here to hide behind. She cleared her throat to get his attention. "Did you need something?"

He quickly shook his head as if to get rid of his thoughts and blushed slightly at being caught staring at the oblivious angel in front of him. "Y-yes." He coughed nervously. "Miss Barnaby wanted to talk to you."

Miss Barnaby was in charge of the children's home. She was nice enough to the other kids but she seemed to dislike Ava a little. Ava thought it was because Lucas broke the rules all the time.

"Thank you. Do you know what it is about?" She asked, thinking over anything she did wrong.

Marcus shook his head. "Sorry Ava. No clue. See you 'round." He left to do whatever it is he does, while Ava was left to rack up the courage to approach the intimidating woman.

Thankfully, as she walked down the stairs, she bumped into the familiar warm body she loved. "Woah where are you going looking all terrified baby?" Lucas said with his arms still around her waist.

"Lu Lu." She said worriedly, making Lucas' eyebrows furrow with concern. "Miss Barnaby wants to see me. Do you think I'm in trouble?"

Lucas laughed at her scared, quiet voice so Ava glared at him for laughing at a time like this. "Don't be silly baby. You haven't done anything wrong." He said, running his hand up and down her back. She loved it when he did that, it was always so comforting. "So let's go." He grabbed her hand and walked them towards Miss Barnaby's office.

"Will you go in with me?" Ava asked once he knocked on the door.

"Of course little one."

A faint come in could be heard from inside the room. "Miss Barnaby, you wanted to see me?" Ava was proud she didn't stutter in front of her. Lucas' rubbed his thumb on Ava's soft skin to reassure her that everything would be fine. She didn't even know why she was so nervous. She could just feel that something was wrong.

"Ah yes. However I wanted to catch you without Lucas but I should know that is impossible by now." Miss Barnaby said but Lucas glared at her.

"Get on with it. Ava hasn't had breakfast yet." He practically growled at her. As if on cue, Ava's stomach made the sound of a dying whale, making the corners on Lucas' mouth twitch and Ava to turn a bright red.

"Sorry." She muttered.

Miss Barnaby chuckled nervously at Lucas' glare and said, "I'm sorry Ava but we don't have the money to home school you anymore. You're going to have to go to public school."

Ava was shocked. She couldn't go to public school! I can't go back! She tried once when she was thirteen, wanting to be a big girl and go to school like Lucas. It was terrible. There were crowded hallways and tall people, rushing to get to classes. She didn't make any friends and it was just a horrible experience. Ava only went one day before she came home crying and begged to be home schooled again.

"W-when?" She asked, afraid for the answer.


She sat down on the sofa, her wobbly knees not being able to support her anymore. "Is there nothing you can do? I can pay for her to be home schooled." Lucas offered as he rubbed Ava's back, trying to prevent her from hyperventilating.

"No. It would be good for you anyway Ava. Make some new friends. Spend time with someone other than Lucas." Miss Barnaby tried to sound supportive but it didn't work. New people scared her. How would she make friends?!

Lucas growled. "She doesn't need to make new friends!" He held onto her tighter, while Ava patted his arm to calm him down. Miss Barnaby held her hands up in defence.

Maybe it wouldn't be that bad. This could be a good thing. She could make friends. Spend some more time with Lucas. It'll be fun. But, Ava knew it was just a desperate attempt to convince herself.


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