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Chapter Twenty Seven Part Two


The familiar voice in the room made John suddenly use his Alpha strength and push Veronica off him, making her fly into the wall. In the midst of the struggle, John had also bitten her lip so she held onto it angrily as she watched him vigorously wipe his mouth.

"Rosie baby. It's not what it looks like!" John said as he walked to a crying Rosie.

She looked between the two and stared at him with a heartbroken look. Veronica didn't find it in herself to care.

"What does it look like John?" Rosie asked quietly, her voice breaking between words.

He cupped her face in his hands and bent a little to look her in her eyes to display his honesty. "It looks like I cheated but I promise you, I did not. She came in and kept saying how she loved me and how I loved her and then she kissed me and I tried to pulled away. I really did but she held onto my hair and it really hurt."

"Poor baby." Rosie said and rubbed his head when she saw his pout at the end. It was clear in her eyes that she didn't know whether to forgive him easily or not but she hated to see her mate in pain, especially when he was being so cute. "You didn't kiss her back?"

"I absolutely did not kiss her back."

"You don't want to leave me and run away with her to live in a farm raising small sheep?"

The corners of John's lips tugged up at his mate's weird question. "What?"

"It's a genuine question! Don't laugh!"

"Right sorry. I don't want to leave you and run away with her to live in on a farm raising small sheep. I'd very much rather stay with you and raise our small pup. I promise." John held his pinky out.

She bit her lip and stared at it. Eventually, Rosie linked their pinkies and then they touched foreheads and kissed their thumbs. A small pinky promise ritual that they always did.

"Ugh. You guys are sick." Veronica said, ruining the moment.

John's head turned to hers with a murderous look. It made Veronica a little afraid, her smug look leaving her face. He walked to still semi naked figure and held her up by the throat. "How dare you try to get in between me and my mate!" He growled, tightening his hold as she fought for breathe. "I have never loved you and I never will. I hate you."

"John. Don't kill her." Rosie said softly to her mate. Veronica glared at the woman anyway.

"Why shouldn't I?! She's delusional. She made you cry!" John snarled.

"Because she was so in love with you that only crazy thoughts exist. I understand because I feel it everyday." Rosie looked at her with pity. Pity that Veronica did not want.

After tightening his hand around her neck for a brief second, he dropped her to the ground. "I want you out of the pack house and to never talk to your Luna and I ever again unless it includes pack business. LEAVE!"

Scrambling for her coat, Veronica left the room with hardly any dignity left and her heart smashed. She shifted into her blonde wolf once she was outside and ran into the woods to clear her thoughts. It's wasn't long before she was knocking small trees down in anger and growling at every little creature.

A dear jumped into her path only for Veronica to snap her large teeth into its neck, killing it out of annoyance despite not being allowed to kill animals. It was also disgusting but she didn't care about anything at the moment. Suck on that Alpha!

A sudden growl startled her into a defensive position as she whipped her head around in every direction to find the source of the sound. She tried to focus but was distracted by a strong scent. It smelt refreshing and citrusy.

Large brown paws emerged from the thick bushes. Veronica watched as a wolf appeared in front of her. It was a rogue so she was just about to attack when she suddenly realised why she was ridiculously attracted to the smell.

MINE! This is my mate!!

He walked closer and nudged her head with his, nuzzling into her neck. Veronica purred happily and licked her mates face, accepting him. Then, he pulled away and started to shift to reveal a ruggedly handsome face and lean body. She quickly teared her eyes away from him as he put his pants on.

"Shift mate." Veronica nearly sighed in contentment at the sound of his voice. He passed his shirt to her, which she took appreciatively and went to change into from behind a tree.

As soon as she did, Veronica ran into the arms of her mate and hugged him, breathing in his scent with deep breaths as she felt him do the same.

"Hi." She whispered to him.

"Hi beautiful." He replied.

They then spent the rest of the day talking to each other, interrupted with quick kisses and it was all nothing Veronica had ever dreamed of. She finally felt happiness.

But, she still couldn't let go of the anger for John and Rosie. She hated them for how she felt all those years, heartbroken, obsessed and rejected.

"What's the matter? You look angry." Her mate, Will, said as he moved her hair away from her face.

"I hate my Alpha and Luna. They've embarrassed me and tortured me for years." She admitted with little reluctance.

"What?! How so?!" Will asked.

"I loved him and they just rubbed it in my face. They didn't care. Nobody cared about me." She told him.

Will shook with anger when he heard she had loved someone. "How about a little revenge then?"


"Do you know why I'm a rogue?" He asked but received a no. "Because I murdered someone who wronged me. I don't regret it at all because they deserved it. I murdered a few people actually."

Veronica frowned at her mates confession. She wanted to feel a little repulsed and angry that he had killed people but all she felt was awe. He was brave enough to do what he wanted despite the consequences. Maybe I can too.

"So we kill them."


Veronica was laid her head on the window of the car as she remember the lifeless body of Rosie. She remembers standing proudly in front of the body, mauled to death by her wolf previously. Rosie was no longer alive and Veronica had never felt lighter.

Will had asked some of his rogue friends to distract the pack which worked. All Veronica had to do was sneak into Rosie's room and then attack her. Unfortunately, being the Luna it meant she was stronger than any other wolf so she did put up a fight.

They had to leave almost immediately after so they wouldn't get caught. Their scent however, would've lingered in the room especially with Veronica's blood spilled too.

She still felt giddy whenever she thought about what John's reaction would be. She wished she could see his face as he stepped in the room. He'd see the blood on the walls first and then the floor. Then his eyes would meet the dead body of his wife.

"You sure she's here?" Will asked as he kept his hand on her thigh. The tingles that followed his touch were unusual at first but than again, Veronica had never felt anything more natural.

"I'm sure. My mother put the address of her house in the diary. See." She waved the paper in his face. It was the only thing she had left of her past home.

"Right. Well, it's here then." He pulled into the driveway of a small house. The area looked well kept and homely. Not what she was expecting.

They climbed out of the stolen car and walked to the front door hand in hand. Veronica knocked and stood back a step. When the door opened, she was slightly shocked to see someone that looked quite similar. They shared the same nose and hair colour. Their height was similar and the only really big difference was the fact that her eye colour was brown.

"Are you Adeline?" Veronica asked hopefully only to be pulled in a big hug.

"Yes! Yes! Of course I am! And you're Veronica!" She said with a big grin. Veronica nodded her head, quick to agree. "I knew you'd come find us eventually!"

"Is our mother here?" Veronica asked.

Adeline's happy expression changed instantly. "Let's talk inside." She said and ushered them into her house. "And who are you?" She asked Will.

"I am Veronica's boyfriend, Will." He introduced and taking Adeline's hand before kissing the top of it.

"Oo. Charming. Very nice sister." Adeline commented, blushing slightly.

They settled themselves into a comfortable sofa when a man walked down the stairs. "Oh. I didn't know we had company."

"This is Chris. My fiancé!" She beamed.

They exchanged pleasantries before Veronica, again, asked where her mother was. "She's dead. Drank herself to death. Sorry." Adeline didn't look very sorry but she Veronica chose not to comment on it. If her mother was a heavy drinker, she assumed that Adeline must not have had the best childhood.

"Oh. Well maybe you can help us." She raised the end of her sentence in a question as she relaxed into the side of her mate.


"We need to switch identities." Veronica said quickly.

A bewildered look appeared on the faces of the engaged couple. "What? Why?" Adeline asked.

"We ran into some trouble and people are after us. If they do come here, they'll see it's not Veronica and they will give up." Will explained.

"We'll need to think about it."

"I'll do it."

Both Adeline and Chris spoke at the same time but the only answer that mattered was Adeline's agreement. "You will?! Thank you so much!" Veronica immediately said, giving her sister no time to change her mind.

"Adeline. You can't be serious. You hardly know these people." Will and Veronica glared at Chris as he spoke.

"You shall refer to me as Veronica, peasant. Now make me a sandwich." Adeline said as she stuck her nose in the air and pointed towards the kitchen.

"What the f*ck?!" He exclaimed.

"What? It sounds like a posh person name." Adeline said innocently to her frustrated fiancé.



Veronica and Will spent a couple of happy years Paris, finally enjoying their lives with each other. But a few months ago, John had seen them, which lead to a car chase and a few injuries. They had to run form city to city until Veronica said to her loving mate, "I don't want to run anymore."

He nodded. "Alright. We'll get rid of them."

"In the most painful way." And then she added, "you know, for the trouble they caused us."

Will chuckled and kissed her lips lightly. "I love you."

"I love you too." She replied happily.

They decided that they needed someone on the inside to help them. Will had rogues that owed him a favour or two that would help but it would be useless without the advantage of someone on the inside. So, Veronica made the decision to visit her lovely sister.

They hadn't kept in contact since changing identities as it was dangerous but she knew they still lived in the same house. Veronica had made sure to tell them to never move so she could find them easily.

Something they didn't think of was the possibility of the now married couple having a child. So, shock was on Veronica's face when she walked into Adeline's house to find a little girl in the arms of Chris.

"She's yours?" Will asked.

"Yes. Her name is Ava." Adeline said, putting a tray of tea on the coffee table. "Ava say hello."

"Hello Sir. Hello Miss." she mumbled shyly.

Chris kissed the child's head affectionately as he watched her play with the stuffed whale in her tiny hands. "Good girl. Very polite." He praised.

"Daddy look!" Ava said, putting the whale in Chris' face.

"I see. What's it's name again princess?" He asked as Veronica looked at the child as if it were an insect needing to be squashed.

"Barry." She whispered before yelling, "mummy look!"

Adeline shot Veronica an apologetic look as they still haven't gotten around to what they came there for. "Oh for f*cks sake Chris! Can't you give her princess toys or something? You're going to make her want to dress up as a whale." She turned to Veronica and Will and said, "last Halloween, Chris dressed her up as an ice cream. An ice cream!"

Chris covered Ava's ears at the swear word and then kissed her chubby cheeks repeatedly when he saw her still holding up the stuffed whale for her Adeline to see. "Stop swearing in front of the child." He spoke in a tone as if he had repeated the words a multiple of times.

"Anyway! The people who were after us found us and most likely know you're helping us. They'll come after you soon." Veronica warned them. Just as they were about to speak, she continued, "so you have to come with us. We'll protect you."

"No! No way are we going with you two. You're the reason we're in this mess." Chris said loudly.

"Daddy. No loud." Ava patted his cheek, finding it rough with his five o'clock shadow. She then started to stroke it with a fascinated expression.

"You need to trust us Chris. You trust us right sis? You trust me?" Veronica asked Adeline, who bit her lip as she thought of the pros and cons.

"Don't think about it. No Vero- Adeline. Ugh. I don't even know. They one I had a child with!" He said as he rubbed Ava's back.

Adeline walked to Chris and placed a hand on his cheek. "We should go with them Chris. We can't just stay here and wait to be attacked by scary people."

Veronica watched as he groaned and then very reluctantly agreed to his wife. Will squeezed her hand and smiled at her. "The child. Think how they'll feel to know one of their own is related to the woman who murdered their Luna." Will mind linked her.

She nodded at him and smiled sadistically at the thought. "They'd be heartbroken." She replied.

They had gotten things packed quickly and were already settling not the car. Veronica heard Chris tell Ava they were going to Disney land. Maybe Chris is the evil one.

"-with Mickey Mouse and Pluto. You excited?" He cooed to the little girl as she was buckled into a pink booster seat.

"Ice cream?"

"Yes princess. There'll be lots of ice cream there." He reassured her.


"Of course."

Ava cheered and patted Chris' cheek. "Yes daddy. Excited lots!"

Veronica looked at the two in the rear view mirror. Ava was a very cute child and it made her feel a little guilty she was going to trick her parents into abandoning her. She pushed the feelings away though as she needed to go through with the plan.

It was a tight squeeze in the car with both parents sat beside Ava in the big booster seat but luckily, nobody complained. Adeline kept trying to learn more about Veronica and Chris kept himself occupied by playing iPad games with Ava.

They drove through the pack's territory, hoping to get through fast enough for nobody pick up they're scent. "Mummy look. Park!" Ava said as they passed an empty park, sparking an idea in Veronica's mind.

"Hey. You need to drop the kid here." She whispered to Adeline as she pulled over.

"Why?" She asked, appalled at the idea.

"Just for an hour or so. It's not safe for a little kid and I'm pretty sure there's someone following us too so be quick." There wasn't but Veronica didn't tell Adeline that.

"Oh for goodness sakes. We're not leaving our child in the park." Chris scoffed. Adeline unbuckled her and Ava's seatbelt before pulling her out of the car. "What are you doing?"

"You heard her Chris. It's not safe for Ava. We'll come back for her later when we've lost the people following us." She reasoned.

Will turned around and said, "you should listen to your wife mate. Smart woman." Without another word, Chris stormed out of the car. "We're going to leave the kid here right?" Will asked Veronica once they left.

"Yeah." She said.

"That Chris guy's not going to leave his daughter. Adeline might but not Chris." Will said.

"He'll have to."

After a little while, the couple returned without they're daughter. Veronica met them outside of the car and was slightly surprised they went through with it. "Where'd you leave her?"

"In a tree." Adeline said as Chris stayed silent as he kept looking back in the direction they came from.

Veronica nodded and then grabbed a pressure point on the back of their necks, knocking them out completely. She smiled to herself before making Will help her haul them into the car.

They were miles away from the pack before the pair became conscious. Chris jumped in his seat as soon as he woke and looked to his side to see the empty booster seat. "Turn the car around!" He yelled, waking Adeline too.

"We can't. It's been hours and we're miles away. She would've been taken by now." Will told him calmly.

"My daughter has been taken and you don't care?! What kind of people are you?! If you don't stop the car, I'm going to jump out myself."

Veronica knew he would actually do it so she slowed the car down to a stop. "They'll look after her." She said.

"A pedophile could've taken her. A rapist!" Chris' yelled.

"No. Don't worry. And anyway, you have no choice." Veronica didn't even bat an eyelid to Chris' worries.

"Why are you doing this? Why are you ruining our lives?" Adeline asked weakly. She looked more exhausted than worried.

Veronica shook her head. "I'm not trying to! I need to do this for revenge and we'll get her back but at the right time. I'm sorry."

Adeline paused before saying, "I forgive you."

Chris' jaw slacked in shock, clearly appalled with his wife. "How could you?! She's our daughter."

"I've got a plan. If you want her back, you need to help me." Veronica said.

She wasn't lying when she said she had a plan. Veronica wanted revenge. She wanted them to suffer because of all she was put through by watching the man she loved care for another. It was clear Chris only cared about his daughter and his wife so with them in mind, he agreed.


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