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Chapter Twenty Eight

ALL pain was forgotten when Lucas was forced to listen to the lady's story. He was infuriated by what he heard and Ava's sobs enraged him even more.

Veronica didn't seem fazed by the anger rolling off of nearly everyone in the room. At the beginning she told the story with a sad smile but then ended it proudly, bringing disgust to Lucas.

"Revenge?! You did all this for revenge?!" He yelled in disbelief. His heart was beating out of his chest and his whole body was shaking with his wolf fighting to come out. The wolfsbane was wearing away quickly because of it.

"Of course I did. I suffered all those years. The humiliation. The bullying." Then she paused and stared at John whilst saying quietly, "being in love with someone who didn't love you back but instead lead you on."

Lucas' father fought against his restraints in outrage and shouted, "I did no such thing! I swear I had no idea of your feelings! And just because I didn't love you back didn't mean you had to murder my wife!"

"She stole my best friend. She was always so nice to me too. You can't trust the nice ones." Veronica stated matter of factly.

"Miss Lillian deserved none of this. You killed an innocent woman because she disagreed with you. How could you kill her if you say you saw her as your mother?" Ava asked in disbelief.

Her tear stained face broke Lucas' heart. He wanted to give her a hug and carry her away from everything. Lucas wanted to wrap his terrified little mate in a billion soft blankets as if it would protect her from danger. His heart clenched at the dirtied Bambi pyjamas she wore, reminding him of how innocent she was in all of this.

Veronica snapped her head to Ava's cell and gave her a cold glare. "She was like a mother to me. That's why it hurt so much. That woman always talked about how John and I would get married. She said we were perfect together. She said it when we were kids and she supported my crush on him. But when Rosie came- no, even before that! She started saying how I should move on because we weren't mates. She betrayed me when she started treating Rosie as her own daughter."

Ryan clearly felt no sympathy as he said sarcastically, "that's a great sob story. It's great. Poor you! You want to let us go now?"


"You're absolutely insane. Why bring us all here? Is this part of your plan? To capture us and torture us?" Lucas asked her.

Will then shock his head. "No, we're not going to torture all of you. We're just going torturing John." He stopped to wave at John. "And you. After I kill you both, I'll take over the pack."

The whole room exploded in cries of protest while the Will and Veronica remained unaffected. "You can't do that! That's not how it works. A rogue can't just suddenly become Alpha!" Lucas growled.

"Unless every single one of you here want to die, you will accept me as your Alpha." Will threatened with a growl of his own.

Veronica smiled proudly at her mate and then looked at John. "Don't worry John. I'll kill you last so you can witness all the death you caused."

"W-we're leaving now Veronica. This was the deal. We help you. We get our daughter back and now we're leaving." He gestured to a terrified Ava and hugged her close, making Lucas growl at the unfamiliar man touching her, even if he claimed to be her father.

"YOU'RE NOT LEAVING WITH HER!" He snarled with dark eyes, trying to break free of the metal that held his wrists in place.

Veronica walked to Ava and forcefully dragged her out of her cell by her arm, despite Chris' protests. "He's right. She's not going anywhere because I'm going to kill her first."

Lucas' body shook in the chair as a feral growl escaped his lips, glaring daggers at the woman making his Ava tremble with fear. At this point, he could hardly make out a single word from the many voices speaking over each other. Pack members even tried to break open the silver coated cells, getting injured in the process.

"This wasn't part of the plan!" Chris yelled to the woman holding his daughter hostage but Lucas knew that this human wouldn't be able to do anything against a small army of rogues. Even if he had the strength and the skill, he was clearly too afraid to do anything.

"That's my little girl." Adeline mumbled as she stared at Ava.

"Well... it was part of my plan. Think how sad they'll be when they witness their Luna dead. Again." She giggled obnoxiously.

The sight of his mate in danger was too much for Lucas, causing his body to burn through all the wolfsbane in his system quickly. When Ava caught his eye with a look that told him she had lost hope and was saying goodbye, he shifted. He shifted into his large black wolf with an thirst for blood.

The rogue in the cell with him stared at him with shock and fear but before he could do anything, Lucas slammed him into the silver cell bars, both burning the rogue's back and knocking the life out of him.

"Great you killed someone. You want to change back into a human? You're ruining my plan!" Veronica yelled but Lucas only narrowed his eyes at her, focusing on his next target.

Luckily, the cell door was already opened as he was being tortured so he just had to run through it. Unluckily, the door was much smaller than his wolf so Lucas clenched his jaw through the pain of the silver burning his sides.

"Lucas be careful!" Ava yelled worriedly at him, flailing around in Veronica's grip as the lady tried to drag her away.

"Hurry up and do something, Will." Veronica urged her mate.

He saw Will shift into his much smaller grey wolf and run to attack him. Lucas barely dodged the rogue as he lunged at him with it's claws. The larger wolf hardly registered the scratch against his black fur and went on to bite Will. The few other rogues in the room shifted as well, each trying their best to take down Lucas.

From the corner of Lucas' eye, he noticed Ryan reaching through the bars between their cells, narrowly avoiding the silver, and retrieving the keys from the dead rogue's pockets. He unlocked his cell doors before going to unlock everyone else's amidst the chaos happening around them.

The pack warriors quickly fought off each rogue that posed as a threat because many of the rogues stayed back to assess their chances and ended up running away. They only looked out for themselves and didn't value loyalty as high as their lives.

Lucas growled at Will, bating him to try again and angering him more. They both lunged and fought for their claws to hit their target. Veronica was screaming at Will to kill him, obviously distracting the rogue as his focus wasn't entirely on the fight. Therefore, it was only inevitable that Lucas bit his canines into Will's neck.

"NOO!" Veronica screamed with a face full of anger and sadness. She put a hand on her chest as if her heart was in pain and Lucas assumed it probably was. "How dare you!"

The woman aggressively shoved Ava onto the ground making her cry out in pain as she landed uncomfortably on her arm. All Lucas could see was red before his eyes zeroed in on the person that hurt his mate. He wanted her dead.

Veronica wasted no time and shifted before pouncing at Lucas. She tried, unsuccessfully, to bite his neck by snapping her jaws at him but each time, Lucas moved out of the way. As he did with the first rogue he killed, the Alpha subtly moved her closer to the cells until he eventually pushed her onto the silver bars.

The howl of pain from her made Adeline snap out of her frozen state. Both her and her husband had moved into the corner, pressing themselves against the wall to get away from all the wolves fighting around them. Chris looked worriedly at a whimpering Ava but Adeline started sobbing, looking afraid for Veronica.

"No! Don't hurt her! Get away! Don't hurt her!" She wailed while Chris tried to hold her back by her arm.

"Stop trying to get in between a wolf fight! You're crazy!" He shouted in her ear.

Lucas tried to pay them no attention as he was focused on Veronica, but then he suddenly felt pain in one of his legs, making him whimper as that leg buckled, giving Veronica a chance to push Lucas away. He turned and saw that somehow Adeline had managed to break away and stab him in the leg with one of the silver knifes on the ground.

She held onto the knife that was deep in Lucas' skin and instinctively, he shook his leg, flinging her into a wall with the weapon still in her hand. He didn't see her move after that.

It was them that Connor emerged from the door and stared wide eyed at the scene in front of him. He saw Ava clutching her side so he helped her to lean against the wall. "You ok?" He asked her.

"Help Lucas please." She begged.

Lucas would've said he didn't need any help but kept his pride at bay and didn't say anything. He was limping but it only made him more determined to kill Veronica.

Connor immediately shifted into his wolf and ambushed Veronica together with his Alpha. She clearly was desperate at this point when she blindly snapped her jaws at the two. Lucas would've laughed at the woman's lack of skill as he prepared himself to bite her neck and finally end her life. Until, she sunk her teeth into Connor's side and pushed him away. He lay on the cold ground, whimpering while his body rose up and down slowly.

If that wasn't enough of a distraction, Lucas saw Ava being dragged out of the room by her father. The Alpha wanted to help her as he watched the tears run down her face, but he couldn't do anything because Veronica took the distraction and kicked Lucas in the leg, making him fall to the ground. He tried to get up but was immediately pinned back down.

All of the pack members were busy trying to save their own lives so nobody could aid him nor Ava, their Luna. Lucas was already exhausted from being tortured and the adrenaline rush was wearing off. The silver from the knife in his leg, now, made it nearly impossible to move. As Veronica hovered over him, he knew she was about to bite his neck and kill him.

Lucas closed his eyes tightly in anticipation but then quickly opens them, realising that if he were to die, the last thing he would want to see would be his sweet, innocent Ava. Only, when he locates her, it wasn't the image he was expecting as he watched her hold her gold gun in the air, pointing straight at him.

But, it wasn't at him. It was at Veronica and Lucas realised that when the deafening bang of the gun sounded and a heavy weight fell on him. He couldn't help but hope that it was a silver bullet. Straight after however, he watched his Ava faint into the arms of her supposed father.


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