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Chapter Twenty Nine

THE first thing Ava registered was the soft material against her skin. She could tell she was on a bed and from the familiar scent, it was most likely the bed she shared with Lucas.

Her fingers moved against the sheets a little as she regained consciousness. Slowly, her blue eyes fluttered open only to squint at the bright light. She let them adjust before opening them fully to see a scruff of brown hair on bed. Lucas was lying on his hands, facing away from her, presumably sleeping.

She looked down at the portion of her body not covered by the thick duvet to see it clad in one of Lucas' t-shirts and a cast covering her left arm. From wiggling around a little, it was clear that she had hurt the left side of her torso too.

Unable to get up, Ava just sighed and ran her fingers through Lucas' hair with her working arm. She giggled when the feeling caused him to moan as he usually did when she played with his hair. Although, everyone loves their hair to be played with so it was only natural.

The small sound made Lucas groggily turn his head to look at her. "You woke up." He said sleepily, giving her a lazy yet loving smile.

"Hi." She replied, still weaving her fingers through his hair.

His face gave a breath taking smile, making her wonder how such a perfect man could be destined to be with her. Lucas moved up and cupped her face to kiss her on her slightly chapped lips. "Hi baby." He mumbled afterwards.

"How long have I been asleep?" She asked him.

Lucas sat back down on his chair and held her small hand in his, rubbing the back of it gently with his thumb. "Just a day. You fainted due to exhaustion and shock. It was a lot to take in so it's understandable." She nodded and moved to get in a more comfortable position but winced at the pain in her side. "No baby, don't move." He said with concern in his voice.

She stopped moving as he put a hand on her stomach. "What's wrong with me?" Ava whimpered, feeling her voice waver with worry.

"You've fractured your arm, which will heal in maybe a month, and your left side is really badly bruised. It happened when Veronica pushed you and you landed on your side." He explained stiffly, probably still angry at the whole ordeal.

Ava stayed silent to take all the information in, before asking nervously, "is she dead?"

He nodded in reply. "You only had one bullet in there you know. You shot her with a silver one too. We're so lucky. It could've been a blank or a normal bullet but no. You did it baby. You saved us."

A sudden stream of tears fell down her cheeks. She couldn't believe that she killed someone. Someone - a person related to her - died because she had pulled the trigger. Ava hated how she shot the gun with the intention to kill. She felt like a murderer. She was a murderer.

"Oh no. Are you in pain? Do you want me to get the doctor? Where does it hurt? Tell me where does it hurt."

"I- I- I killed s-someone. Actually killed. She had p-pinned you d-down and t-then I- I don't know w-what happened. I j-just s-shot her and all I c-could think was t-that I hope I d-don't m-miss." She sobbed as the terrible scene replayed in her mind.

Lucas stroked her forehead, moving the blonde hair out of her face. "I know killing someone is a terrible thing but you saved us and if you didn't pull that trigger... I'd be dead along with everyone else. I don't know if this makes you feel any better, but I'm so proud of you baby girl. So so proud."

"It's not just that." She whimpered and watched his eyebrows crease as he listened. "I d-don't ever want to be c-close to losing you ever again. You almost d-died! I also learnt that my p-parents didn't want to leave me. Well, one of them anyway."

"You're never ever going to lose me, Ava. I'd never be able to leave you alone and even if I die, I'd come back and haunt your ass." He smirked, eliciting a giggle out of her.

"So you're ok? And John he's ok?" She asked anxiously and chewed on her bottom lip.

He cupped her face and gently pulled her lip out with his thumb. "Everyone's fine, baby. We can all heal quickly. You on the other hand are the only human and that is why you're here on this bed."

Ava felt better knowing that nobody was badly injured and if they were, they were better now. But then, she remembered to ask about her parents' wellbeing. "What about my parents? Are they ok?"

"As for you parents... you mum isn't dead but she has broken a few bones. Once she gets out of hospital, she's going to be moving into a mental institution to help her." He smiled sympathetically at her. "She was obsessed with her sister, wanting to connect and bond with her and growing up with an alcoholic, she obviously found comfort in the idea of having a sister out there in the world. Veronica manipulated her but now, she has a chance to get better and she will."

Listening to this, Ava wondered what she was supposed to say. She felt angry and betrayed that her own mother had sided with Veronica over her own daughter. Adeline hadn't put much of a fight when she was tricked into abandoning her daughter. But nonetheless, Ava was relieved that the woman, who had given birth to her, was alive and was getting help to be a better mother and overall better person.

"Baby, say something. Please." He pleaded desperately. "I'm sorry that I almost killed your mother." Ava knew he didn't really mean it and probably wished she had died but she appreciated the words anyway. It wasn't his fault. In her eyes, he was perfect and could never do anything to make her love him any less.

"I know Lu Lu. It's ok. I'm glad she's ok." At least, she thought she was glad. It could be possible that later on she'd decide she hated the woman. Her feelings were still undecided.

"Your dad, on the other hand, is completely fine. Well, maybe a little traumatised but other than that he left unharmed. He was terrified of Veronica because when he discovered she was a werewolf, clearly she wasn't as comforting as I was to you. He told me she had threatened to kill him several times and he, of course, believed her. Being afraid of Veronica's wolf made him afraid of ours too but we talked to him and he's fine now." He paused, still rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb. The random patterns he made were relaxing as he explained everything to her. "He's in the cells right now."

"Why?!" She gasped, picturing the same cold, dark, blood splattered dungeons they were held in just a day ago.

"Because he worked with the Veronica and we need to see whether he is actually innocent or not. What if he still believes that taking you away from me is what's best? If he is the caring father he claims to be, he won't stop until you're away from me. We can't be too sure, baby." He said with pity.

"B-but, I want to have a relationship with him. He tried to save me. I-it's not his fault. Please just... put him on a trial run or something." Ava's lip wobbled as she talked.

She watched her mate frown as he thought about it. After a few seconds, he finally said, "ok fine. A trial run but if he seems fishy, he'll be put back in the cells and... I don't know but it won't be good." Ava knew that he wouldn't kill the only family she had left. If her father did turn out to have ill intentions, the most Lucas would probably do is tell him to go away.

Ava almost let out a breath of relief. "Thank you." She said gratefully.

"He wants to see you." He said.

She wanted to see her father and had completely forgiven him for leaving her. If anything, she felt sorry for him. It seemed as he was just as innocent in everything. Their relationship may not ever be as strong as other father-daughter relationships but she was more than willing to try.

"Yeah. I think I want to see him too." She admitted, before asking, "is Connor ok?"

Lucas' eyes held anger but disappeared quickly. "He's fine. I understand why he betrayed us but doesn't change the fact that he did do it. I've made Mason third in command instead and Connor is fine with it. He's spending all his time with Sabrina anyway."

A gasp escaped Ava and she moved to sit up suddenly but grimaced in pain. With a smile, she excitedly said, "Sabrina! That's his mate right?! She was there? She's ok? They're together?"

"Yeah, she's fine. Her and her brother were just forced to clean and make food. Luckily, they weren't tortured or anything. Sabrina and Connor haven't spent a moment apart."

"I'm so excited for them!" She grinned.

She hadn't taken her eyes off of Lucas since she woke up but when she did, she noticed the bright bouquet of flowers by the window. "What's with the flowers?" She asked.

With confusion on his face, he turned around and then got up to get them. "I don't know. Someone must've brought them in when we were asleep."

He passed them to her and the floral scent engulfed her. Smiling happily, she noticed a little card in the middle of it and hoped it would give her the name of the person who gave them.

To Ava,
Thank you for saving my sister, Sabrina, and I. Unfortunately, I could not find a bouquet of flowers as beautiful as the person receiving them but please accept them anyway. I hope to see you when you are feeling better.
Get well soon,

"Oh! It's from Sabrina's brother. That's so nice of him." She gushed, closing her eyes and inhaling the smell of them deeply.

"Why the fu- heckers is he giving you flowers?" Her Lucas growled. He snatched the small card and re read it with a frown etched on his handsome face.

She shrugged her right shoulder, wanting to avoid moving her left side as much as possible. "It's a thank you. You have to thank him for me ok?" Ava didn't know whether this Leo would visit her and it wasn't as if she was able to get up and find him.

"Whatever." He grumbled, ripping the card in half making Ava huff and roll her eyes. "I actually have to have a word with you." He told her in a tone which told her she was in trouble.


"Why were you there in the first place Ava?" He looked angry so she avoided eye contact.

"Look, pretty flowers. Ooo." She waved the flowers in his face, hoping to distract him but it didn't work as he took them out of her hand and placed them on the table.

"I'm serious. I don't want you getting in anymore dangerous situations because look at you." He gestured to her broken arm, making her look down in shame. He held her chin with his thumb and forefinger, moving her head up to look at him. "You're hurt. I don't want you hurt."

"I'm sorry, Lu Lu." She felt like a child being scolded by their mother but Ava did feel guilty about not listening to him when he specifically told her not to go.

He pecked her on her pouty lips and brushed his nose against hers. It made her giggle at the cute gesture whilst a blush sprouted on her cheeks from their close proximity.

Lucas then stood up and announced that he was going to get them food. Immediately, she became worried and grabbed his hand, tugging him closer so he was unable to walk away. "Nooo. Don't leave me." Ava whined with a pout.

"You've not eaten for a while and you're probably starving. I should've gotten you something as soon as you woke up. Or maybe a drink. Or at least the doctor to check up on you." He started to mumble about how he was a bad boyfriend and couldn't even get her food.

"I'm not even hungry." The truth was, Ava was starving. Her stomach had gone past the point of grumbling and was just hurting painfully from the lack of food. However, she didn't want him to leave. Not after their close death experience.

The injured girl tried to move to make room on the bed, shuffling to the side but only ended up moving about an inch before giving up. Luckily, the bed was large enough that a whole body could fit beside her, despite laying in the very middle of it. She gave her mate a large closed mouth smile and patted the space next to her.


"Come cuddle with me!" She sighed exasperatedly.

Lucas groaned playfully and then carefully manoeuvred himself onto their bed, knowing that if he moved too suddenly, she'd end up rolling because of his weight on the bed. "Just a few minutes." He muttered as he moved her to lay her head on his chest whilst wrapping a muscular arm around her.

Ava closed her eyes and smiled into his chest. She knew that a few minutes would turn into hours as they both fell asleep in the place they belonged. In each other's arms.


"Knock knock." Someone said from outside of the room so Ava paused her TV show. It was a couple of days since the whole Veronica incident and she was still resting in the bed. Her bruises hurt painfully and she was surprised but thankful no ribs were broken. Lucas had hardly left her side but after much persuasion from Ava, she convinced him to go to the pack meeting that he had been postponing.

The person on the other side of the door came in before actually waiting for an answer. "It's your dad- er I mean it's Chris. I don't know why I said that because you can clearly see that it's me. Unless you've forgotten who I am! Then it's a good thing I've introduced myself. I can't just assume you remember me cause I'm not really that memorable. I mean I hoped you'd remember me being my daughter and all but who knows how many bonks to the head you've had since I've last seen you. Anyway. I am Chris. Me llamo Chris. Je m'appelle Chris." He spoke with hardly any breaks between sentences and took a deep breath at the end. Chris laughed nervously and scratched the back of his neck that had started to turn a shade of pink.

Ava giggled. "Hi dad."

She laughed even harder at the stunned expression on his face. "M-me?" When she nodded, an ear to ear grin made its way onto his face.

"Please, sit down." She said politely, pointing to the seat beside the bed.

"Nice flowers." He commented as he looked around the room. The entire bedroom was full of different flower bouquets and the air smelt of blossoming plants. Although very lovely, had made Ava sneeze a few times. Lucas went a little overboard.

"Did you want something?" She asked.

"I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for leaving you in that tree. I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you and I'll do whatever it takes to have your forgiveness."

Ava saw that he was genuinely sorry and meant every single word. "I forgive you. It wasn't your fault."

Her father exhaled heavily and placed a hand on his chest, smiling with relief. "Oh thank you princess. I really want us to get to know each other again. I've missed out on so much, I don't want to miss out of any more."

They chatted for a while, learning about each other. Chris wanted to know about every birthday and Christmas he had missed. He liked hearing about her first day at school and all the adventures she had with Lucas so she rambled on and he listened.

"Ava, I'm divorcing your mother." He said once she finished her story about the first time she lost a tooth.

She was a little confused by the sudden announcement. It had sounded as if her father would do anything for her mother, including helping Veronica. Ava couldn't really care whether they were together or not because she hadn't really experienced them together so it wouldn't make much of a difference to her life.

"Oh. Why?"

"What do you mean why? Your mother sided with Veronica over you and tried to kill your boyfriend. She's not the woman I fell in love with because that woman couldn't even kill a fly." He looked baffled by the fact that Ava wasn't plotting her own mother's death.

"Don't you still love her?" She asked.

Her father pursed his lips and nodded. "Of course I'll always love her. She's the love of my life. I'm going to help her get better and then after, I will file for a divorce. We could take it slow and date but it won't be how it was."

"It's nice that you're helping her get better." Ava complimented.

She noticed Chris' leg bouncing up and down nervously as he talked. "How would you feel about visiting her? It would help her and it could help you maybe."

Ava quirked her lips to the side, thinking about the possibility of visiting her mother. If it would help her become the woman Chris had fallen in love with, a kind woman with the ability to care for someone other than Veronica, than it couldn't hurt to visit. She had to put aside any uncomfortable feelings she had if it meant that her father would be happy.

"She wants to see me?" Ava was hesitant to ask the question. Last time they were in the same room, her mother hardly paid attention to her and was more focused on protecting Veronica by harming Lucas.

"Yeah. She really does. It's ok if you're not ready though." He said.

"I'll think about it." Even if she said she'd go, it'd be a while before she would be allowed to leave the house anyway.

Her father smiled appreciatively and reached out to hold her hand. "I love you Ava."

"I love you too dad."


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