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Chapter Thirty

"AVA! We're going to be late!" Lucas yelled through the bathroom door. The bruises on her side getting faint so the pain was disappearing. Although, she still wore a cast for her broken arm, which caused some discomfort. Lucas had been helping her get ready but they didn't have time this morning since both of them woke up late and neither wanted to get out of bed.

"Don't rush me!" She shouted back in reply.

Lucas had been going to school whilst Ava was left on bed rest. He usually brought back any work that couldn't be done online so thankfully, she wasn't too far behind. It was her first day back in a while and he knew she missed going to school. He found it difficult to leave Ava for most of the day but her father had hardly left her alone. He claimed he wanted to spend more time with his little princess but Lucas hated that it meant most of her time wasn't spent with just him.

The sound of the bathroom lock was heard, making him look up from his phone. Growing up together, it was always hard for Lucas to control himself when it came to his mate. Her intoxicating scent and her ethereal beauty was a real test to his self control. Now that they were dating, he was able to kiss her whenever he wanted and cross lines he didn't think he ever could. Everyday, it was becoming more and more difficult to resist marking her and taking it all the way - mating her so she was truly his.

Now as his innocent, doe-eyed mate stared at him only clad in a towel, he felt his restraint thinning and the voice in his head ordering him to make her know who she belongs to. The towel barely covered anything and to know that only some flimsy material stopped him from seeing all of her was making his eyes darken with lust. Even the rosy blush on her cheeks made him feel things he knew that only she could cause.

Despite these feelings, he couldn't destroy the innocence of his little mate, especially when he knew she was no where near ready. They had only gone as far as making out and love bites. He always made sure to give her plenty of love bites because it made people know that she belonged to him.

He only had so much self control and if Ava kept teasing like that, it wouldn't much longer before he would snap.

I need to get out of here.

"I'll meet you down stairs." His voice sounded  husky, even in his own ears but he ran out of the room before Ava could make a comment on it. He let out a breath of relief and adjusted himself before walking into the kitchen.

Lucas found it empty as the guys had left earlier. It was likely they'd be just on time if not a little late. He wondered whether to make some sandwiches for them but then saw the blueberry muffins Ava had made yesterday. He picked up two and then filled a little flask with some tea for them to share.

A mango scent filled the room, signalling the arrival of his mate all dressed and ready for school. She skipped to him and put her dainty hands on his chest, before standing on her tippy toes to kiss his lips. Lucas met her halfway and relished the feeling, smiling into the kiss.

"Come on. Eat your muffin in the car." He said when they parted.

Lucas passed her the blueberry muffin and then helped put her backpack on. "Thank you." She said with her rich, melodic voice. He put his own backpack on and juggled his muffin, the flask and his keys in one hand so he could hold Ava's hand in his.

When they got in the car, he put the tea and his muffin in the centre console and then started the car. They spent the ride with Ava eating her breakfast and feeding Lucas pieces as he drove them to school.

He heard a buzz and glanced over to see Ava checking her phone. "Jackson texted. He said he's meeting us by our lockers."

"You mean he'll meet you." He corrected her.

"I'm pretty he sure he means the both of us." Ava still insisted that Jackson was just as much friends with Lucas as he was with her. Lucas assumed that she ignored the fact that he had asked her to stop hanging around Jackson a week ago.


With Chinese takeaway held in his hand, Lucas walked quickly up the stairs to his awaiting mate. She told him she was craving the food so of course, he dropped everything to bring her what she wanted even though he had to wait about an hour for it.

As he go closer to their room, the scent of mangos was mixed with another familiar one - one that he'd prefer to never smell again. He was furious. He didn't leave the house just for someone to visit her. She was unprotected and vulnerable so for her to be in a room alone with another male, it made him angry.

The sound of Jackson's voice was getting louder as he got closer. "What's going on?! How long has he been here?" He asked once he saw the two. Ava was leaning against the headboard with her book beside her and Jackson stood with slight fear.

"He just got here." She said, before making grabby hands towards the takeaway bag. "Now gimme my Chinese food!"

Lucas placed a nearby tray on the bed and put the food on it so she didn't make a mess on the sheets. He bent down to place a kiss on her forehead and another on her lips as she said a grateful thanks. Ava then went to take everything out while Lucas turned to the awkwardly standing jock.

"What are you doing here?" He asked Jackson.

The guy's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. "What do you mean what am I doing here?! I'm here to ask Ava what happened that night. You idiot forgot to take your girlfriend camping. I, being the knight in shining armour that I am, drove her to the address she gave me." Then he emphasised, looking pointedly at Ava. "Which was the wrong address."

She was hardly paying attention as it was mainly on the noodles she was stuffing into her mouth. But, Ava did mumble a not very apologetic but very muffled, "sorry."

"Then, we got attacked by a ghost so I nearly died! I woke up and Ava was gone. Disappeared! Poof!" Lucas had a feeling he was exaggerating.

"It wasn't a ghost. It was my dad." A little smile formed on Ava's face. He found it really adorable how happy she was with her father already. Lucas loved seeing a happy mate.

Jackson folded his arms over his chest. "Oh yeah? Then why did he attack me? Huh? Huh?!"

"You fainted." She laughed, which Lucas joined into when he saw the look of embarrassment on Jackson's face.

"Oh." He said, scratching the back of his neck.

Lucas turned serious when he realised something. "Wait hold on." He started, holding his hand up. "If you thought that Ava disappeared, how come you are only visiting now."

His mate dropped her chopsticks and arched her eyebrow at Jackson. "Oh yeah! Maybe I need to re-evaluate my friend list, huh Jackson? Oh buddy oh pal?"

"I would've visited sooner but I was grounded. Apparently, I'm not allowed to go out late at night." He replied, his cheeks turning pink.

Lucas looked at the guy in confusion. "Aren't you like eighteen?"


He decided to drop the subject so he turned to his messy mate and licked the sauce off her lips, making her turn a deep red. "I'm just going to talk to Jackson outside for a minute, 'k baby?"

"Ok." She said sweetly but quickly added, "oh wait! Have a bun!"

Lucas chuckled and took a bun from one of the containers before leaving the room with Jackson in tow. He ate it, thankful that his stomach wouldn't rumble through, what should be, an intimidating talk.

"Am I in trouble?" A nervous laugh left Jackson but Lucas remained emotionless.

"You are not allowed to talk to Ava ever again. You are not allowed to be around her and you most certainly will not be friends with her." He ordered.

The human frowned and protested. "No."

Now annoyed, Lucas punched him in the face. He then grabbed his shirt and pushed him into the wall. "It wasn't a question. You will stay away from her. You are a bad influence. She went to a party because of you. She got drunk and was nearly attacked because of it. You drove her to that place at night which caused her to get- " he stopped mid sentence when he realised he was about to say kidnapped. Jackson wasn't supposed to know that otherwise it would lead to more questions. "It doesn't matter. You just stay away from her."

Lucas didn't trust this guy. All he knew was that it was Jackson who kept putting his mate in danger. Sure, he loved that she was becoming more confident and that she had more experiences than just staying in doors all the time. But, he didn't like it when it questioned her safety.

"N- hey your eyes are black!"

He shook his head and closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm him down. It helped that his mate was only a few steps away and her scent lingered all around him. He opened his eyes again to see Jackson also shaking his head, hopefully questioning his sanity and not Lucas' darkened eyes.

"I think you hit me too hard, man." He groaned. "But no. I won't stay away from Ava. You can't tell me nor her what to do. You're not her dad!"

Lucas' jaw clenched as he glared daggers. "No but I'm her boyfriend. Don't argue with me on this... not on her safety."

Finally, it seemed as if he agreed when he nodded his head slowly but as soon as Lucas loosened his grip, Jackson escaped completely and ran away to the bedroom.

"Ava! Lu Lu is being mean to me!" He whined like a little boy to his mother.

Lucas took his time walking back into the room, knowing that his mate would probably be mad at him for telling her friend to stay away from her. As predicted, he was faced with a smug looking Jackson and a pouty faced Ava with a glare directed towards him.

"Why did you tell Jackson to stop being friends with me?" She asked sternly.

He rushed to her and pushed her face into his chest, rocking them a little. "I just want you to be safe."

"Don't get sucked in Ava! Be strong." Jackson yelled and then pointed to his slightly red cheek. It got even redder when he started to poke it. "Look! He punched me." He fake whimpered, pouting to gain sympathy.

It obviously worked when Ava moved out of his arms to hug Jackson. "Ohh. Poor baby."

A low growl escaped Lucas as he tore his mate away from the human. However, he didn't expect her to push him away. "You can't just decide who my friends are Lu Lu and you can't hit people."

"Wha- Bu- Ugh! Fine. You can be friends with him."

"I didn't need your permission but thanks. Now, no hugs or kisses until you say sorry to Jackson." Lucas stood shocked as he watched her smirk at him, pointing to Jackson who was also smirking.

He reached over and cupped her cheek, rubbing it with his thumb. "But baby." He dragged out the pet name. "You love my kisses."

They ignored the fake gagging from Jackson but Lucas felt his anger rise when his mate stared at him with an emotionless expression. Realising how serious she was, he reluctantly muttered, "sorry."

"I'm sorry, what was that? You mumbled it. I don't understand." Jackson teased.

He felt himself move forward with his fists clenched, ready to throw another punch but Ava's hand on his back made him stop. She smiled encouragingly at him.

"I am sorry."

Lucas turned away from a smug Jackson, with a irritated look but it disappeared at the sound of Ava's giggle. She pulled him down by his shirt and kissed him lovingly, which he returned.

Flashback ended

They weren't as late as he expected when they arrived at the school parking lot. Walking into the main building, a lot less people stared at the couple. The humans were now used to the sight of him with Ava by his side but it didn't mean they didn't attract attention.

Lucas walked with Ava held close to him, glaring at the people passing who couldn't keep their eyes to themselves and he'd growl lowly at the males in warning. Clearly his actions didn't go unnoticed as his mate placed a small kiss on his chest. "Stop being so grumpy."

He wanted to tell her that he was just a naturally grumpy person and he couldn't help it, especially when he felt like he had to share her with the whole school. She was still injured so being around a lot of people put him on edge. He just wanted her safe.

When they reached their lockers, Ava went to get her book for the first lesson. He put both hands and her hips, pressing his front to her back, whilst stealing kisses on her exposed neck.

"AVA!" A feminine voice yelled from down the hall. It caused everyone's head to turn towards the sound where they saw Sabrina and Connor.

Ever since she was rescued, the couple hadn't been apart, most likely making up for lost time. The two were almost complete opposites but together they were the perfect pair. Connor was more of the silent type but Sabrina talked enough for the both of them.

She had taken a liking towards Ava and claimed that they were best friends from the second they met. He was glad that she now had a female friend and he could tell she was happy with it too. Now, she had a girl to talk to if she ever wanted to talk about girl things. Lucas couldn't really relate when she complained about her period. Ava even helped dye Sabrina's previously blonde hair pink by reading out the instructions and watching.

Sabrina barged past the slow moving people in the hallway with her mate following behind, his hand holding hers. "Bri, slow down."

She ignored him and let go of his hand to practically jump onto Ava, hugging her tightly. "Agh Ava! I've missed you so much bestie!!"

"You saw her yesterday." Connor said and gave Lucas a what the heck look. A look of anger suddenly took over Sabrina's face, making him pull Ava away, subtly checking to see if the girl hurt his mate in any way from the strong hug.

"What? I can't miss my best friend? Now you're my boyfriend you think you can control me?! You think you can control my emotions?! Huh?! I don't think so bucko! You're sleeping on the couch!" She yelled in Connor's whilst poking his chest violently, him wincing with every glare she sent his way.

Lucas looked at the two in amusement with his heart beat increasing as his baby's giggles reached his ears.

Connor was struggled to respond to the sudden outburst but when he was about to, a male voice said from behind them, "Leave the poor guy alone sis. I feel sorry enough for him as it is. He shouldn't have to suffer the couch too."

"Shut up. He's lucky to be with me. Aren't you babe?" Sabrina challenged him to disagree, evidently making Connor respond with, "yes of course honey."

Lucas had felt Ava jump in surprise when Leo's voice came from behind them but she relaxed once she realised it was Sabrina's brother. Since the flowers were received, Lucas was wary of the new member of the pack. He didn't need Leo trying to win Ava over. He knew it wouldn't happen but he felt it was a nuisance.

Unlike his sister, who had visited Ava almost everyday, Leo had only seen her a few times. Each time Lucas was present and didn't really flirt with her so it made him feel a lot better. He actually didn't mind Leo and thought that he would be a good person to have around.

As long as he didn't try anything with Ava.

Leo looked down at Ava and sent her a friendly smile. "Hey Ava. You excited that you're not the new girl anymore?"

Lucas could feel the happiness roll off her in waves as she gasped and grinned at the two siblings. "Y-yes. I can now impart my wisdom from when I was a young duck." She said wistfully as if it were years ago. Lucas chuckled at how cute she was being.

"Can't wai-" Leo started but stopped and sniffed the air with dark eyes. Everyone stared at the guy in confusion and hesitantly sniffed the air too, only to find nothing unusual.

"What? What is it? Did you fart? Was it silent? You waiting for it to go deadly?" Sabrina asked her brother.

"No I think it's it's my mate." He admitted, looking around the area.

Everyone was shocked but happy for the guy. Lucas was especially as he wouldn't have to worry about him being interested in Ava anymore.

"That's amazing! Oh my gosh! Now you need to fix your hair. There's no time for a hair cut so it'll have to do. You kind of smell a bit. Oh no. What are you wearing?! You look hideous! This is terrible." Sabrina fussed worriedly.

Of course, Ava reassured the now sweating wolf by standing on her tiptoes and patting him on the head. "Don't worry. You look great but maybe smile a bit."

"Where ar-"

"Oh hey guys!" Jackson jogged over to them. Lucas scowled and it deepened particularly when the blonde jock lifted his fist for a fist bump, which was rejected.


Oh? Ohhh.

Jackson's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he looked at Leo. "Huh?"

He scrambled for a response whilst everyone stayed silent, not knowing how to help him. "Erm err... mine...mine...mineCRAFT! That kid was playing Minecraft and I was encouraging him." He pointed towards a younger human boy with his phone on his hand and started to chant, "mine! Mine! Mine! You can do it!" He trailed off into an awkward laugh.

The kid looked at him and muttered, "d*ck."

"Riiiight. Well, I'm Jackson. Welcome to the school." He held out a hand for Leo to shake.

"L-Leo." When the shook hands, it was obvious that both felt the normal mate tingles from the blush sporting on their cheeks.

"I'm Jackson."

Lucas coughed, disguising his laugh. "You said that."

He glared at the Alpha and finally let go of Leo's hand, looking very reluctant to do so. He turned to a grinning Sabrina, her eyes wide and teeth showing. She stood forward and took Jackson's hand in hers before shaking it rapidly, despite it not being offered. "I'm Sabrina! It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm his brother. No wait I'm his sister. Not his brother. I've got too much boobage for that. Although I'm not judging those guys that do have man boobs. Though, I'm proud to say that my brother is not one of them. Look at him! Isn't he handsome?! That's all his natural hair."

Lucas felt really sorry for Jackson as he must've been terrified. However, he also wanted to help the two out so he suggested, "Jackson, why don't you show Leo around."

"Sure, what about you Sabrina?"

She waved her hand nonchalantly and pinched Connor's cheek teasingly. "I've got my cuddle muffin here."

"Cuddle muffin ey? Since when did C-Dawg get a girl?" Jackson asked laughing as everyone faked a laugh with him.


The teacher had just given the class a textbook to work through so Lucas and Ava got bored with it quickly. He flipped through pages whilst she had taken his arm and was doodling on it. He smiled at the little potato version of them and the hotdog marked on his skin with blue biro. He watched her bite her lip in concentration as she added a hat to the little hotdog on his bicep.

Lucas flexed his arm to scare, which it did as she shrieked and jumped in her chair. "Poop head." She muttered as he chuckled at her.

In their own little world, Lucas didn't even notice someone had come into the room until the teacher yelled out to the class. He had welcomed a mother and son to the pack yesterday so he did expect to see the black headed guy around school. He didn't know he'd be in his class and he did not expect his eyes to land straight on Ava's with a smirk.

Well, he should've expected it a little. She did attract a lot of attention with her beauty and innocence, despite her being unaware of it herself. Lucas just had to make it clear that she was his Luna and completely taken.

"This is Edward and I hope you give him a warm welcome. Now why don't you sit next to... the most recent new classmate, Ava. Lucas, move next to Robin."

His muscles tensed and teeth ground together. "Just move. Don't make a scene pleeease." Her soft voice rang in his ears and when he looked at her, she put on her best puppy dog face, which could make the strongest men weak at their knees.

"Fine but just for today." He pressed his lips onto hers, hoping Edward would get the idea that she was Lucas' and no one else.

Grumpily, he packed his things and walked over to his new seat, mumbling about how he knew it was going to be a long lesson.


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