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Chapter Thirty One

THE new student confidently walked around the various desks as he made his way to Ava's at the back of the class. He, Edward, had really dark brown or black hair and model looks. With his perfect bone structure and height, it was no wonder she heard the dreamy sighs and whispers of the students in the room that found him utterly attractive, both female and male.

If they weren't attracted to Edward, they were curious about the aura he held around him, as was Ava. His confidence radiated off him whilst he held his head up, not once faltering by the eyes that followed his movements.

However, his gaze wasn't on the students surrounding him, but on one particular. Ava. Not once did he break eye contact with her and not once did his smirk fall. A smirk that was very unsettling to the little Luna.

She broke eye contact with him and looked towards her mate. A frown made its way on Ava's face as she watched her brooding boyfriend sit at his new desk next to Robin. She was very pretty with her ginger hair and freckles that Ava envied a little. The girl was very friendly and bubbly so she had no reason to despise the girl.

However, Ava didn't want to admit it but as she watched Robin introduce herself with a smile to Lucas, she was jealous. Her eyes didn't leave the two, watching carefully to what they were saying. From the rise of his shoulders, Ava assumed he only grunted in acknowledgement.

She smiled slightly to herself when her mate ignored all of Robin's attempts to make conversation as the teacher returned back to her desk. She was a little sad that she couldn't sit with Lucas but tried not to show it. Otherwise, he would see and be even more sad. Well, more angry than sad.

"I'm sorry you were forced to sit with me." A low masculine voice said next to her. She hadn't even noticed Edward had sat down.

At his words, Ava felt guilty for making the new student feel unwelcome. She quickly shook her head and held her hand out for him to shake. "Oh don't be silly. M-my name is Ava."

He held her warm hand in his before surprising her by lifting it up to kiss the back of it. She had to hold back a grimace at the feel of lips on her skin that weren't her Lucas'. She was sure a growl could be heard in the classroom and it didn't take a genius to figure out who it was. "I am Eddie."

"Eddie?" She asked. She was sure the teacher had introduced him as Edward.

"It's a nickname only friends call me." He winked at her.

Ava's eyebrows raised before her face lit up and a large grin took over the shock. "We're friends?!" She could barely contain the excitement.

"Of course we are." Eddie then nodded his head towards her blue cast. "What's with the cast?"

Her smile fell as she remembered why she had the material over her arm. Ava tried to think of something to tell him as she assumed he was human. She didn't want to lie though so she said, "I- uh- I fell on my side trying to save someone."

He chuckled and nudged her working arm. "You're a tough little cookie aren't ya."

Ava giggled but didn't know how to respond so she went back to her work. However, the phone in her pocket vibrated, making her briefly glance at the teacher to see her on her own phone, and then check her message.

From Lucas:
Don't talk to him.

She frowned and looked up to see him sulking at his desk, holding his phone in his hands. Ava found it cute how such a 'scary' Alpha would be pouting adorably. Another vibration in her hand alerted her of another message.

From Lucas:
Hi :-)

She giggled to herself at the weird smiley face. From the corner of her eye, Eddie gave her a weird look but didn't say anything.

To Lucas:

"Is that Lucas you're talking to?" Eddie said from beside her. She hummed, distracted as she sent a funny picture of a dog with a beard. "He's kind of scary isn't he? Look. He's just glaring at me now."

Ava put her phone away and looked to see that he was right and her mate was glaring daggers at the guy sitting next to her. She waved her hand dismissively. "He's always like that."

Eddie sighed. "I guess it comes with being an Alpha."

Her head snapped to him as he said this. He's not human? "A-Alpha? You know about werewolves?" She asked, a little afraid of blowing their werewolf cover incase he didn't know and he was just joking.

He frowned and nodded his head slowly. "Yeah? I joined the pack yesterday with my mum." He explained. "The Alpha really likes to leave you out doesn't he? Aren't you supposed to be Luna?" There was a little judgement in his voice but it mostly seemed as if he was just pointing out an observation.

"I guess but I only really just found out about it. I-it's kind of new to me and I was never really the 'take charge' kind of person. I'll be a better Luna. He'll trust me with more Luna stuff. I- I'll try harder." She became flustered with the realisation that she should be helping out with the pack more. She knew a Luna was a female Alpha and that seemed pretty important. Ava wanted the responsibility. She wanted to help and do the job she was apparently destined to do.

If anything, she was disappointed in herself. Ava knew that if Lucas felt she was ready and capable, he would trust her with the Luna responsibilities. She wasn't aware that the new members joined and she wasn't even aware of how they joined. She could admit she was a little too dependent on Lucas but she grew up with him doing things for her, even when she didn't want him to.

Ava looked down at her lap sadly, fiddling her fingers with self depreciating thoughts clouding her mind. "Oh Ava. I'm sure you'll get the hang of being a Luna. You just need some time." Eddie said sympathetically whilst rubbing her arm.

She painted a small smile on her face and nodded. There was an uncomfortable silence so Eddie decided to break it by saying enthusiastically, "why don't you show me around town? I've not had a chance to see anything yet."

Ava's mood brightened in excitement. She was already planning all the locations they could go to and what she could say as a tour guide. "Of course I will! It'll be so much fun."

"What will we do?" He asked.

She tapped her index finger on her chin as she thought in deep concentration. "Lucas can take us to get ice cream at Joe's shop. It's a really nice place. You'll love it!" She said.

Eddie eyebrows raised slightly. "Oh. Lucas is coming?"

"Yep! And we can invite Sabrina, Connor, Mason, Ryan, Leo and Jackson." She suggested, assuming that Jackson would probably know about werewolves by then and it would be a perfect opportunity for her to talk to him about it.

"Sounds great, Ava. You're such a good friend." He complimented, making her smile brighten at the praise. She used to only have a few friends and now she had loads more. It made her very proud of herself.

"Thanks." She giggled. Ava could hear Lucas quietly growling but she ignored it again.

For the rest of the lesson, they focused on their work until the teacher told them the it had ended and they were free to leave. As soon as the words left the teacher's mouth, Ava saw Lucas quickly pack his thing into his backpack and come marching towards her.  She stood up to put her things away too but was suddenly pulled into a hard chest.

Her mate kept his arm firmly around her waist, pulling her close to him and making it impossible to create distance between them. Not that she wanted to. His other hand cupped the side of her face with his rough thumb grazing her cheek. Lucas didn't give her much time to react to their closeness as he immediately pressed his lips on hers.

He kissed her passionately, making her feel everything he was feeling at that moment. Anger, frustration, longing, love. It felt like the kiss lasted forever but somehow, it wasn't long enough. Her limbs felt like jelly and her skin felt like they were on fire wherever they touched his.

Ava wasn't even aware that everyone had already left the classroom. At that moment, she couldn't possibly think of anyone but herself and her mate. However, the moment ended when a cough reached Ava's ears.

She didn't know whether Lucas hadn't heard the blatantly obvious fake cough or he just ignored it. Either way, he didn't show any signs of pulling away as he just tightened his grip around her waist.

Ava released her strong grip on his t-shirt and pulled away from his kiss, now aware of Eddie awkwardly looking away from the couple. If you don't want to look, leave!

She knew why her boyfriend suddenly found the urge to passionately kiss her in front of her new friend. His constant growls and glaring gave it away. It still embarrassed her to give into his extreme public display of affection.

"Stupid jealous puppy." Ava mumbled into his chest, wanting to bury herself into his embrace and hide away from Eddie.

"Mine." He simply growled in response.


She happily snuggled into Lucas' side with the blanket covering her up to her chin. The only part of her that was exposed to the air was her head and her hand that held her pistachio ice cream. Ava stuck her tongue out and licked the creamy goodness without moving her head from its comfortable position.

The group all went to Joe's after school ended to get ice cream like Ava planned. Of course, Lucas wasn't as happy seeing as Eddie went with them. They all walked back to the pack house after Sabrina suggested they should watch a movie there.

Now, everyone was grabbing their snacks and getting comfortable on either the sofa's or the carpeted floor in the pack house's cinema room with ice cream cones in their hands. Ryan sat on next to Ava with a large amount of crisps and sweets between them. Mason and Eddie were on the sofa across from them where as Jackson and Leo were on the floor with pillows and blankets. Unlike Ava and Lucas, Sabrina and Connor weren't keen on cuddling and instead she had her legs on Connor's lap on their own sofa.

"So, how's it going with Leo?" Ava asked Jackson quietly as everyone else was talking amongst themselves before the movie started.

He leaned closer to her. "It's great. I mean, we only met today but I already feel like I'm in love with him. Apparently it's normal cause we're mates."

Her eyes widened at the casual way he mentioned mates. "You know?" The surprise in her tone was obvious.

Jackson raised his eyebrow and said, "err yeah. Unlike your mate, mine told me straight away."

"Hey! It was under different circumstances and she knows now." Lucas defended with a frown. She giggled and raised her ice cream cone a little to offer it to him as they decided to share one.

"Whatever you say, Alpha." Jackson mocked but then he looked at Ava with an excited expression. "He's my first boyfriend, you know. Leo I mean."

"Oh yeah. I think Lucas mentioned you went out with girls and was a bit of a 'player'." She replied with curiosity in her voice.

He nodded. "I mean, I knew I was bi but no guy was ever good enough or sparked my attention." He added quickly, "no offence Lucas."

"None taken." Lucas replied with in difference.

"I'm really happy for you Jackson." Ava spoke sincerely.

"I'm happy for me too. Oh and you of course. Congrats on being mates with scary Alpha wolf man. Who would've that that our little Ava would be a big fancy Luna?" He teased.

Another person doesn't believe that I could be Luna? Lu Lu, now Jackson! Does everyone think this?

She tried to ignore the pain in her chest and strained a smile for the second time that day. Ava didn't want to bring anyone else's mood down with her negative one.

"It was definitely a shock." She wasn't lying there.

"Guys? You ok with watching 'Batman vs Superman'?" Ryan asked them and mummers of agreement swiftly followed.

Ava saw Sabrina turn her attention to Eddie which made her look at him too. She felt bad because they were supposed to hang out yet she had hardly talked to him. Lucas made sure of that by speaking to her whenever she was about to start a conversation with Eddie or not so subtly moving her as far away from him as possible. Even now he was sat across the room from her. Ava just hoped he was making friends.

"So, do you have a mate Edward?" Another thing was that Eddie hadn't told anyone to call him Eddie. If they did, he'd correct them and say his name was Edward. It was confusing and really weird but Ava didn't question it. It made her feel special.

Eddie's face suddenly turned cold and serious, a big difference from his warm and friendly expression that Ava recognised. "No. I haven't." He said stiffly.

Sabrina was clearly shocked by the hostility as was everyone else. "I-I'm sure you'll find her." She said with a nervous laugh, wishing to relieve the tension. She then quickly added, "or him!", hoping she hadn't offended him in any way.

"She's dead." He deadpanned.

The room was filled with an uncomfortable silence with no one knowing how to respond to the terrible news. All Ava heard was Sabrina muttering to herself, "stop talking Sabrina. Stop talking."

"Well, let's get this movie started shall we?" Leo asked. From the drop in everyone's shoulders, it was clear they were grateful for Leo breaking the silence.

"Yay! Movie!" Mason fake cheered unnecessarily.

As the opening credits rolled on the screen, Ava caught Eddie's eyes from across the room. She tentatively gave a small reassuring smile to tell him everything was going to be ok, that he'd be ok after losing his mate. But to him, it would have probably looked like any other normal smile, most likely with ice cream smeared on.

Whether he understood her message or not, he returned the smile anyway. Seeing the exchange, Lucas tightened his hold on her and planted kisses on her neck. She smiled and snuggled back into him before enjoying the rest of the film.


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