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Chapter Thirty Four

IT was arranged that they'd stay for a weekend in Paris, more specifically Disneyland. It was the end of their first day and they weren't anywhere close to seeing everything, much to Ava's dismay. But, he promised they'd go again the next day.

Throughout the day, he was mainly watching her reaction to everything and taking pictures of her. Her face would light up whenever she met one of the characters and her little body would tremble before going on the larger roller coaster. After dinner, they stayed to watch the famous light show. Because it was the school holidays, the place was crowded, meaning that Lucas had to let his mate sit on his shoulders to see anything.

He remembered her excited sequels every time something happened, asking him if he saw it, even though he obviously did as they were watching it together. Since telling her they were going to Disneyland, he had lost count over the amount of times she had thanked him. It was clear she was grateful for the experience, having never been before.

Now, they were relaxing in the hotel room and Ava was flipping through the channels to find something to watch whilst Lucas took a shower. When he finished, he wrapped one of the white hotel towels around his waist, frowning at the fact he forgot to bring his clothes into the bathroom with him. He walked into the main room and searched around his suitcase for some pyjama pants.

Once his pants were on, he turned around and to his horror, he couldn't see his Ava on the large king sized bed. His whole body tensed, thinking she must've walked out of the hotel room. He didn't want her separated from him at all, especially in a foreign country.

Lucas' eyes darkened but because his wolf was rising to the surface, his senses heightened and he finally realised her scent was strong, meaning she had either just left or she was still there. Before he was filled with panic and anger, his eyes zeroed in on the nimble fingers that were clutched onto the thick patterned blanket.

He let out a large breath of relief just as Ava's phone started to vibrate from incoming text messages. Lucas ignored the sound and crawled onto the bed to slowly peel the covers off a little to reveal a blushing face, her eyes squeezed shut.

"Ava? What are you doing?" He asked with an amused smile.

Ignoring his question, she asked her own and said, "are you dressed yet?"

Lucas laughed, now understanding that she was hiding her face from probably seeing an eyeful of him as he was getting dressed. "Yeah, baby." She opened her big blue eyes and stared up at him. "I love you." He cooed, kissing her lips.

"I l-" she stopped as the rapid vibrating from her phone increased further.

"Who is it?" He asked, annoyed at it for ruining the moment.

He saw her eyes focused on his lips, making him smirk. "Probably a phone company. I don't know. Let's kiss again." She leaned up to kiss him again.

"You're so cute, baby girl." Lucas chuckled, getting underneath the blanket to pull her closer to him by the waist. "So adorable and all mine."

She giggled against his lips and replied, "all yours."

More buzzing sounded, finally making him reach breaking point as he groaned loudly, fed up of the disruption. He heard Ava tell him to just ignore it but curiosity got the better of him so he reached over her to get her phone from the bedside table.

"Who is it?" He heard her ask faintly but he could hardly hear as the blood boiled and rushed to his ears.

From Eddie:
I heard you went to Paris. Would've liked a goodbye. :(

To Eddie:
Sorry! It was all so sudden and the flight was really early. Nobody knew apart from the people Lucas already told.

From Eddie:
I'm kidding! Relax! I just miss you that's all. Nobody else is that nice to me.

From Eddie:
When are you coming home?

From Eddie:
It's so boring without you, sweetheart. 

From Eddie:
When are we going to get together like we planned? How about dinner at Alfredo's when you get back?

He threw the phone in rage as he saw the last message. Somehow, Lucas found himself stood up and pacing the room. Surely, his eyes were pitch black. He could feel his body shaking and his fists tightened with his nails digging into the palms of his hand.

A small hand touched one of his hands lightly but he shook it off. Even he felt a pang of hurt at the gesture but he didn't care. There was a much stronger pain in his chest from the suggestive messages that his mate had been receiving.

"What's the matter?" Ava asked with concern.

"What the f*ck is this?" His voice was quiet as he tried to control his temper. He looked at her worried face and pointed to the, luckily, unbroken phone on the floor.

Her eyebrows creased in confusion. "You threw the ph-"

"I mean the text messages Ava!" He shouted and stepped further away from her in case he shifted into his wolf. He would never want to hurt her.

"W-what messages?" His eyes softened at the stutter in her voice and his anger decreased slightly. If she didn't know, she was clearly getting irritated by being left in the dark as her voice raised slight. "Don't be angry with me. I don't even know what you're talking about."

"The messages from Eddie. The ones that say he misses you and that ones where he calls you sweetheart and the ones where he says you have been planning to get together." He grew frustrated just thinking about it but the idea of his Ava not being his anymore killed him. Exhausted and defeated, he sat down on the end of the bed, with his back to her, and put his head in his hands. "Do you want to be with Edward?" He asked quietly through gritted teeth, almost too afraid to know the answer.

"No! Of course I don't!" Ava yelled, surprise apparent in her voice as if she were appalled by the idea.

"Are you going to leave me and get together with him?" He knew it was almost the same question but he needed it to be asked.

"No, Lucas. I don't want to be with anyone but you. I'm not going to leave you." She replied softly this time. Ava rubbed her hands up and down his back, before massaging his tense shoulders, which felt amazing to him.

"He can't say that stuff to you. You're mine." Lucas was always a little insecure that she would find someone new. They had known each other since they were children so he was afraid she'd eventually grow bored of being with him.

He knew he should have more faith in their relationship and their love for each other but he also knew that Ava held his heart. She held the power to easily crush him to pieces and leave him broken forever. Lucas didn't like to voice his insecurities but he still had them. It didn't make him any less of a man. Just a man in love.

Lucas' chest felt a considerable amount lighter. He was still worried about Edward but he should've known Ava wouldn't intentionally hurt him in any way. However, guilt bubbled in his stomach as he remembered the way he had acted in front of his innocent Ava.

He held one of the hands that were on his shoulder and pressed several kisses over the back of it. Turning around, he said, "I'm sorry, baby." He sighed and continued to explain why he overacted a little bit. "It's just that you've been spending so much time with him and we've hardly spent any time alone. He's been flirting with you and following you around like a lost puppy. That's my job." He joked at the end to lighten the mood, though he was partially serious.

She rested her head on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry too. I had no idea he was flirting and I'll tell him to stop. Lu Lu, I love you. You know I do. I can't live without you and it'd be impossible for me to leave you. It would break me."

Lucas turned around when he felt water on his shoulder. The sight of his mates teary eyes crushed him, knowing that he was to blame. He engulfed her in his arms and kissed the top of her head lovingly. "You have nothing to be sorry about. Please don't cry. I hate to see you cry."

"You believe me when I tell you I love you, right? That I'm in love with you? Please tell me you believe me." She pleaded as she pulled away to stare at him in the eye.

"I believe you." He replied honestly.

She nodded in satisfaction and smiled at him widely. "I want you to mark me."

Lucas' eyes widened and then quickly darkened at the thought. "Are you sure?"

He watched her soft blonde hair shake as she quickly nodded her head. "Positive. This way, we'll be each other's. Forever and ever and ever and ever." She said giggling. "And those girls will know that you're taken so I won't have to knock 'em out with one of my super punches." Ava squinted her eyes and punched the air several times.

He smiled at her and tucked her hair behind her ear, lingering his hand on her cheek. "I wanted it to be special."

"It is special. It's always special with you." She said quietly as he pressed his thumb on her lips, marvelling at how soft they were.

"Such a cheese ball." He teased but before she could respond, he kissed her roughly, having enough of talking. If his mate wanted to be marked, then who was he to deny her wishes.


The first thing he noticed when he woke up, was the lack of warmth in his arms where his mate should be. The second was the sound of vomiting from the connected hotel bathroom.

He immediately rushed to where he assumed Ava was. His face paled as he took in the sight of her in pain with glassy eyes and sweat coating her body. He crouched beside her and rubbed her back as she wiped her mouth with some toilet paper.

"What happened?" He asked. He wet a face towel with some warm water and started to wipe her face gently.

"I-I don't know. I just woke up feeling sick and really hot. Everything hurts." She groaned, resting her head on his chest, before suddenly leaning over the toilet again and throwing up everything she ate yesterday.

He looked at her with concern, having no idea of what to do. "It'll be ok. I've got some paracetamol in the suitcase. I'll be right back." He pressed a quick kiss on the back of her hair.

Running to find the pills, he thought about what could be wrong with her. She couldn't be in heat already as he only marked her a few hours ago. He quickly got distracted and remembered the unbelievable connection they felt towards each other as he sunk his canines into her neck, piercing her skin and binding them together. She started to show signs of nervousness as clothes were shed and he grew closer to marking her. Although, almost immediately afterwards, her soft moans followed.

Now is not the time!

Shaking his head of the thoughts and slapping himself on the face to wake himself up, he grabbed the pills from a compartment in the luggage, whilst his other hand reached for a water bottle from the table and ran back to Ava. Her complexion was ghostly white and she looked like she was struggling to keep her eyes open.

Her lifted her off the cold tiled floor and cradled her in his lap. "Come here, baby. Look at me. Don't close you eyes." He put the little pill in her mouth and pressed the bottle to her lips. He doubted it would make much difference but it was better than nothing. "Come on, baby girl. My beautiful baby girl. Drink this water for me and open those pretty blue eyes." He said, trying to mask his worry.

He cupped her chin to catch any water that dripped as she did as he said and opened her mouth whilst he slowly poured the water into her mouth. "Good girl." He whispered and put the back of his hand on her forehead.

It was really hot. Too hot.

Lucas sighed, feeling extremely worried for her but he needed to put on a strong face so he didn't scare her. "Do you feel like you need to throw up?"

She weakly shook her head. "No. Well, not really. I'll be ok."

"C'mon. Up we get." He said and gently stood up with her in his arms as she nuzzled into his bare chest.

He needed to get some clothes on her and himself. Lucas knew he couldn't do anything to help her so the only option was to take her to the hospital. He laid her on the bed and carefully dressed her into one of his long sleeved shirts and some loose sweatpants that she packed in her suitcase. She felt hot but the outside air was cold so he brought a hoodie along with them in case she got cold.

She was barely conscious but as Lucas walked away to get himself dressed, she whined at the loss of contact and reached out to him. "Just going to get dressed, baby girl." He hurriedly pressed a kiss on her cheek and did just that.

"Where are we going?" Ava asked him groggily as he lifted her back into his arms and placed the hoodie over her as a blanket.

"We're going to get you all better." He replied, calmly.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER?!" He yelled to the frightened doctor.

Luckily, there were staff that spoke English in the foreign hospital but unluckily, they were no help. Despite being there for an hour, Ava was no better and seemed to actually be getting worse.

"Sh-she can stay overnight but the t-tests suggest there is nothing wrong with h-her. It m-may be a flu or virus but it doesn't s-seem like it. I s-suggest sleeping it off." The man stared at the clipboard in his shaking hands, refusing to make eye contact with Lucas.


"S-Sir, please l-lower your voice. W-we have sleeping p-patients. You're wife is one of them."

Lucas took a deep breath and tried to calm down as realised the stupid doctor was right. He didn't want to wake Ava up with his shouting. He also didn't bother correcting him because Lucas told the nurses that she was his wife as he walked in. He didn't know why. He just did. He wasn't complaining though.

A buzz came from the doctor who looked at his pager. "Excuse me." Lucas waved his hand as if he was shooting him away. The guy was about to leave, when he paused and said, "I hope she gets better."

He smiled at Lucas, who responded by saying, "gee. Thanks," sarcastically.

The Alpha had Ava discharged and held her sleeping body in his arms. Her temperature had gotten higher with drops of sweat coming off of her.

He realised the problem may not be a human one so the only way he could help her would be bringing her back home and to the pack doctor. He was worried she was having a bad reaction to his bite. Maybe her body was rejecting it. He just hoped for some answers soon.


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