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Chapter Thirty Five

EVERY part of her body was in pain. Her muscles ached, making her feel like she had ran a marathon when she hadn't even moved from her bed since coming home from their short holiday. Her vomiting had subsided but she felt hot and cold at the same time, while extremely uncomfortable in every position she lay. Ava squirmed on the bed, bitting her lip to stop from screaming out in pain and disturbing everyone in the pack house.

Her eyes were shut tightly with tears spilling out of them. She felt Lucas pull her, now, bleeding lip from her mouth, gently with his thumb. Whimpering, she reached out for his hand and put it to her face, wanting to feel the tingles he gives her. She wanted to feel something other than pain.

"I'm sorry this is happening to you." His voice broke as he kissed her temple. "I'm so so sorry, baby."

The door opened and heels clicked on the floor, followed quickly by someone clearing their throat. "Alpha." Someone, a woman, said.

"Please tell me what's wrong with her." Ava's heart clenched at the sadness and defeat evident in his voice. It was less than a day ago when they were in Paris and she was being marked by the love of her life. Next, she was going home, which consisted of Lucas shouting at almost every single person around them. Now, it seemed his anger was gone and he just wanted answers for her sudden illness.

"There is nothing wrong with her." The woman said to the couple. Ava cracked her eyes open a little and saw a pretty woman in her twenties with a clipboard and a bright smile.

"What?" Lucas breathed out in disbelief, while Ava wore her own look of confusion.

"There is nothing wrong with her our Luna." The doctor repeated and then added to Ava, "you're going to be absolutely fine."

"So why is she in pain?" Her mate asked, clearly starting to be annoyed with her lack of explanation. 

The woman smiled at Ava and said, "you're in transition. You're going to turn into a werewolf."

Her jaw dropped and she was about to ask how, when pain rippled through her body. The feeling of her mate stroking her head was comforting, making her torture subside, though only for a short moment.

"But how? She's human." Lucas asked the question Ava wanted to.

"She must've had a distant relative with the werewolf gene. It's rare that someone turns into one so late after being a human from birth, so that's probably why her body is reacting differently to every other person before their first shift. I think the gene only activated because she was marked by an Alpha. Being the Luna, you would need to be a werewolf to protect the pack so I can only assume, that is why the gene was activated for you and wouldn't for any other werewolf-human couple."

Surprise was on Lucas' face when he turned to look at her and asked quietly, "how do you feel about that?"

"Nervous," she admitted honestly. "But, also really excited." It would definitely be a change and she had never thought she would ever be able to turn into a wolf. Sometimes, she would wish to be one so she could have the same special abilities as her mate and it appeared her wish must've come true. Ava thought she might actually like being a wolf. Maybe now, she would finally be the strong Luna she wanted to be.

"However..." the doctor started.

Lucas' head snapped to hers with anger. "However? What do you mean however?! You just said she was fine!"

"Sh-she is, Alpha. It's just that because she's now got an active werewolf gene, she's going to go into heat soon."

She remembered Lucas telling her about what heat was - another painful experience until they mated, otherwise known as make love. Because she was human, she was supposed to go into heat in a few months but that must've changed now that she was turning into a wolf.

They both let out a large breath of relief, thankful that it wasn't too serious. "I'm happy you're not dying." He whispered, kissing her softly on the lips.

"Me too." She replied and then looked at the doctor that seemed to know everything about her. "When am I going to shift?"

The lady looked at her watch and pursed her lips. "My best guess is any second now."

Ava didn't expect it to be so soon. She wasn't mentally prepared to be changing into a whole different animal. It was exciting before when she thought she had time but now that it was actually happening, she felt terrified. Her breathing starting to speed up as the pain increase.

"Lu Lu, I'm scared." She whimpered. "It hurts. It really hurts." Tears fell down her cheeks uncontrollably.

"I know, baby. I know. You're going to be ok." She felt him curl his arms underneath her, before slowly picking her up. "You're such a beautiful human. You're going to make a beautiful wolf."

"Really?" She asked quietly, looking at him to see if he was lying.

"Really. You stay strong for me now, ok baby?"

She nodded and closed her eyes, feeling him carry her down the stairs. "M'kay." A cool breeze washed over her, making Ava assume they were now out of the pack house. "W-why are we outside?"

"It's going to be more comfortable for you if you shift here." He told her. "Put it there." Lucas whispered.


"Not you. I'm just going to lay you down right here, baby girl." She was lowered on to the ground, though, it wasn't grassy on her skin and it felt more like she was lying on a blanket.

"There a-are other p-people here?" The pain was becoming unbearable so a small scream escaped her lips.

"They're here to watch your big moment." He said. She saw him sit beside her, stroking her forehead and peppering kisses on her face.

Abruptly, her bones started cracking as a piercing pain tore through her small body. It felt like she was being killed and no matter how hard she screamed, nobody was helping her. It was even worse when the presence of her mate disappeared so she was all alone.

For what seemed like decades, the pain eventually stopped and when she looked down, her hands weren't hands. They were fluffy blonde paws. A camera flashed in her eyes, making her whimper and cover her eyes with both her paws. It was weird. Feeling fur and not skin.

"Ava baby?"

She jumped and looked at her mate. Feeling extremely happy he was there, she tried to run to him, only to trip over her own paws. As Lucas crouched beside her, she noticed how much smaller she was compared to when she was a human. Yapping happily, she jumped up and down, licking his face as he chuckled.

"You're adorable. Look." He showed her his phone with a picture of a beautiful blonde wolf. Cocking her head to the side, she analysed every inch of it. It was a small thing. It looked more like a puppy than a wolf. This is me? She rested her head on the grass with a huff. Ava had expected to be big and menacing like her Alpha mate. Not a tiny pup.

"Can you hear me?"

She jumped again, startled at the voice in her head that sounded a lot like Lucas. Nuzzling her head into his leg, she whimpered and whined in fear that she was going crazy.

"Don't be afraid. It's just me. You can now mind-link me because you've got powers." Lucas reassured her aloud.

"Hi?" She asked hesitantly in her head.

It made her feel like a lunatic but when he replied, "hi," she licked his hand with excitement at her new abilities.

"Why is she so small?" Lucas asked to someone behind her as he scratched behind her ear, oddly making Ava purr.

She looked around and saw a group of people, mainly her friends and the doctor. The lady stepped forward and said, "she'll grow bigger but it's unlikely there'll be much difference. She is tiny in real life so it was to be expected she'd be smaller than the average wolf but also, because she didn't shift in her early teens like most of us did, she hasn't had her wolf for very long. This means that her wolf's young so she's going to be very hormonal and probably experience mood swings."

"So like wolf puberty?" A pyjama clad Mason said, waving at Ava with a grin.

They started talking again but Ava soon lost interest when she saw a glimpse of her almost white tail behind her. Wanting to see more, she moved towards it only to find it moving away. Growing increasingly frustrated, she made small leaps behind her and pawed at the ground by her tail, unsuccessfully catching it.

Sudden laughter and sounds of awe reached Ava's ears, breaking her out of her little bubble. Everyone was watching her chasing her tail like a dog. No. A wolf. A wolf sounds cooler.

She didn't know whether wolves could blush but if they could, she assumed she was many shades of red. Embarrassed, she hid her face in Lucas' leg.

"Aw Ava, you're so cute!" Sabrina gushed but when she walked closer and went to put a hand on Lucas' shoulder, Ava let out a growl. It wasn't anything as powerful as her Alpha's but it was a growl, something she had never done before and never thought she would do towards her friend.

"Woah. What was that, baby?" Lucas looked down at her petite wolf with wonder. Feeling embarrassed once again, she just nuzzled into him, not wanting to see anybody and just be alone with her mate.

"She's also extremely protective right now." The lady doctor informed them.

Ava just wanted them to go away, especially the doctor who just seemed to get on her nerves. She chewed and pulled at Lucas' pant leg to get his attention. "Make them go, please." She asked him sweetly through the new mind-link.

"Everyone can leave now. Thank you."

They did as he said, leaving the two alone just outside of the woods. When Lucas walked away from her, she whined and tried to chase after him but couldn't walk more than two steps before falling on her face. "I'm just going to shift behind the tree, baby girl. Unless you want to watch." He said, smirking at her when she covered her eyes with her paws again.

Seconds later, a wet nose nudged her body, flipping her on back gently. Lucas' large wolf leaned over her, licking her tummy as she laughed in her head. Rolling back onto her paws, she slowly stood on all fours, wobbling slightly and licked his furry face.

He walked behind her and nudged her forward with his nose. "Don't touch my butt." She said to him, giggling. Ava bent into a pounce position and wiggled her butt in his face. He ignored her weak command and once again, nudged her bum forward, forcing her to take a few steps. Overjoyed that she managed to walk a little, she yapped and walked a few more as he stood right behind her in case she fell.

"I'm doing it!" She yelled mentally, now confidently running faster into the woods.

"Be careful." Lucas warned with a growl as she stumbled over a log.

Only the sounds of them panting and their paws hitting the ground were heard. It was completely silent as she ran faster and faster until she was grabbed by the back of the neck and was thrown onto a black wolf's back. More specifically, Lucas'.

She tried her hardest to cling onto him as he bolted and leaped past every tree and bush. Ava licked the back of his ears, distracting him to the point that he stopped and laid on the ground purring softly.

After a while, she jumped off his back and padded her way in front of him, before crawling underneath his large head and laying down, enveloped in his thick fur. His belly moved up and down as he steadied his breathing from the sprint they did. Ava felt his every breath and enjoyed the warmth he provided for her.

He howled loudly with power, looking up at the moon while Ava listened in awe of the sound she hoped to make one day. "I'm so proud to have you as my mate." Lucas told her, putting his paws in front of her as if he was protecting her from harm.

Warmth bubbled in her chest as heard him in her head. After that, they stayed in a comfortable silence, breathing in each other's scent that was mixed with their own and just happy that they were together.


Thank you for reading!

Our little baby Ava's a werewolf! So many of you thought she was preggers. Who guessed right?

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