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Chapter Two

THE trees became a blur as his black paws hit the Earth while he ran. Dodging branches easily, with the wind rushing past his fur and the rising Sun illuminating his path, this was definitely Lucas' favourite thing to do.

Besides hanging out with Ava.

Ava. His beautiful mate. He remembered how scared she looked yesterday when they received the news she'd be going to school with him. He spent the rest of the day consoling her, telling her it would be alright. Even if he believed otherwise.

Lucas would usually do whatever he can to spend more time with Ava. He just can't seem to get enough of his little mate. However, this would be different. This wouldn't be just Ava and Lucas. There'd be a whole school. A whole school that could possibly be a threat to Ava's safety. A whole school to stare at his mate. They weren't worthy enough but then again, he didn't think he was either. Though, it didn't matter because Ava was his mate. He felt himself growl as he imagined how many hormonal boys would be there to gawk at his Ava. He'd need to make sure they knew she was his.

As the sun rose, it signalled the end of his run. He had spent the night at his own house before going out for a run to stretch his paws as he hadn't had time to do so in a while. Lucas would've loved to hold Ava in his arms as they slept, especially before the terrible day ahead but he needed to let his wolf out otherwise he'd grow anxious. He needed all the control he could get so he didn't lose it in front of his innocent mate.

Ava had no idea about what Lucas was. What his whole pack was. Sure he felt guilty about keeping a secret as big as this away from Ava, but he wanted to keep her safe. And keeping her away from the monsters she reads about would be the best way to go.

Obviously he'll tell her but when the time is right. That would be when he tells Ava about his feelings and when she returns them without knowing about the mate bond. He didn't want her to feel like she had no choice but to be with him just because they're mates. He wanted her to fall in love with him.

Now he had to rush home to get dressed and pick Ava up. She wanted to have breakfast at the pack house and see John before her first day at college. Plus, Lucas didn't want to leave her in that children's home any longer than she had to be. Another way to keep her safe was to make sure other packs didn't know they were mates so his father had put Ava in the children's home, despite Lucas' protests.

He hated that Ava had to live there. With it being a children's home that only had humans, they didn't know Lucas and Ava were destined to be together. Marcus was the main problem. He was a scrawny little boy that had a crush on her. Lucas wasn't too threatened but he didn't like that some other guy was thinking about her in that way and he was kind of jealous that Marcus got to live with Ava whereas he had to break the rules to visit.

He changed to his human form once he reached near the pack house and got dressed in the pants that he tied around his paw. He was running slightly late but hopefully Ava wouldn't mind.

"Son, where are you going? You're a bit early for school aren't you?" His father asked when he saw Lucas after he had been to his room to put a shirt on.

He grabbed an apple, realising he shouldn't have ran on an empty stomach. "Yeah. I'm just going to pick Ava up and then come back for breakfast." When he came home last night he had told his father to do something about Ava joining school but of course he agreed with Miss Barnaby, saying that it was a good opportunity for Ava.

"Alright. I'll tell Miss Lillian to make some banana pancakes then." John said, knowing that it was Ava's favourite. "I'll tell the pack too." He added, knowing that he has to warn the pack whenever Ava comes so they were extra careful to not show their wolves around her.

Lucas yelled a thanks in return as he ran out of the door with an apple in his hand and the keys of his car in another.


"Lu Lu we're going to be late!" Was the first thing Ava had said as soon as Lucas' car pulled up in front of the children's home. Her eyebrows were creased with worry as she sat on the curb.

"Sorry baby. Woke up late." He quickly lied as he got out of the car to opened the door for his little mate. He quickly studied her outfit. She wore a white long-sleeved crop top with a pastel pink skater skirt. Her usual white converse covered her feet while her usually wavy hair was straight.

Ava caught him staring so she asked timidly, "how do I look Lu Lu?" Lucas was still entranced by her so he didn't respond straight away. This made her nervous so she started rambling as she looked down at her fingers. "Do I look ok? I spent ages picking an outfit. Maybe if we have time I can go change. I-"

"Ava." He finally interrupted her, making her eyes snap to his. "You look beautiful."

Then, her cheeks turned the bright red he loved. "Thank you." She mumbled, suddenly finding the interior of the car interesting.

"Why did you think so much about your outfit. Anything would do." He inquired, not that he didn't appreciate being able to glance his mates silky smooth, tanned legs from the corner of his eyes.

He saw her nervously play with her hands, a habit she tended to do, before saying, "I wanted to make a good first impression on my first day." Then she added quietly, "I didn't want you to feel embarrassed to be seen with me."

The car skidded to a stop, which made Ava thankful there were no cars around them as they were near the edge of town. "Ava." He nearly growled her name out but tried to suppress his wolf. Her eyes widened out his tone knowing that Lucas was angry about something. "I could never be embarrassed to be seen with you." He couldn't stress how much he never felt worthy enough to even be in her presence. How could she even think that?

"Love you Lu Lu."

Lucas anger faded and left a grin so wide he was probably scaring Ava. "Love you too baby." He loved to hear it from her and loved to say it just as much.


A cheerful Miss Lillian greeted them in the kitchen, probably trying to lessen the back to school blues.

"Hello Ava dear. I've not seen you in so long! My! Look how much you've grown!" Miss Lillian crushed her in a powerful hug, leaving Ava squealing and Lucas to eye them, making sure she wasn't in any pain.

"You saw her two days ago." Lucas said in a bored tone as he went to grab a plate of pancakes for himself and Ava each. He took her hand to pull her away and sat at the dining table.

Miss Lillian brought some syrup and some chopped up fruit to the table. "Two days too long Lucas."

Ava giggled at their antics before eating her breakfast. "Thank you for breakfast Miss Lillian. Yummy as always."

She pat Ava on the head and then sat down opposite them. A loud rumble then came from above them along with unintelligible shouts. Lucas saw his friends run into to the kitchen and grab pancakes, all the eager for food.

"Ay Ava! You alright?" Ryan said. When Lucas took over from his father on his 18th birthday, Ryan became his beta as his father was the beta for Lucas'. If he had to choose someone other than himself that he'd trust with Ava, it'd be Ryan. After knowing Ava for as long as Lucas had, Ryan only saw her as a little sister and would protect her with his life. However, at one point, Ryan admitted to having a little crush over Ava. That was also the first time Lucas had punched his friend.

Ava only nodded at Ryan as her mouth was stuffed with pancakes. Connor and Mason greeted her with small hugs and then ate their own breakfast. Lucas knew they only saw her as a sister too.

"So, are you excited for school?" Connor looked at Ava.

She hummed. "I guess. I hope I make some friends."

"No boyfriends Ava." Ryan pointed at her with his fork, looking sternly at the wide eyed girl.

"No. Of course." Ava said, blushing, which made Lucas happier. He was relieved she wasn't looking for a boyfriend.

"Good. Studies first. And remember, you can always come to us anytime." Mason added, the rest of the guys nodded in agreement.

Ava smiled at the them warmly and Lucas was just as grateful to have his friends look out for her. Especially now that she's starting school. "So, you ready to go?" Lucas asked Ava once he saw she was finished.

With a nod, the group stood up and left for school. Each of the guys had a car of their own but preferred to go to school together for convenience. Ava sat at the front with Lucas and the guys all sat at the back. The ride consisted of them warning Ava about what to do and what not to do. She listened intently to what they said but Lucas could tell she was a little excited about going to school.

Pulling up in the parking lot, many of the teens that were already there, stared at the black Jeep Wrangler. Lucas was used to this as himself and his friends were often the centre of attention at the school - wanted attention or not, it was there. Ava however, was not used to this and the many eyes on the car, added to her bundle of nerves.

"Guys, wait outside for a sec." Ryan, Connor and Mason all got out at the command and stood outside to talk about the next football game.

Lucas immediately unbuckled Ava and pulled her onto his lap, her legs facing one way and her back against the car door, leaning on Lucas' hard chest. He ran his hand up and down her back to ease her worries. "Ava you going to be ok today."

Ava looked at his frown and ran her finger between his eyebrows. "You'll have crinkles." She muttered, pouting slightly.

He rolled his eyes at the obvious way she avoided the question. "Ava."

She sighed. "I'll be ok. Promise."

Lucas held his pinky and put it through  hers. Then they put their foreheads together, kissing their thumbs.

Satisfied, Lucas opened the door, placing Ava outside, before getting out himself. She started to walk to the entrance but he pulled her back towards him. "Wait wait wait."

He grabbed the hem of her crop top and pulled it down to cover a bit more of her stomach, only for it to go up again. Huffing, Lucas took of his thick, black jacket and put it on Ava. She took it eagerly, always loving to wear Lucas' clothes. She had said she was addicted to the smell.

Unfortunately, the jacket didn't have his name on but it was definitely a male jacket as it was quite a few sizes too big for her, making it look like she was drowning in the material. So cute. Hopefully, people would know she's his.

With a lingering kiss on her forehead, Lucas said, "let's go."


Thank you for reading!

I can't believe people are actually liking this. It's crazy. So motivated to write loads.

Much love! <3


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