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Chapter Thirty Seven (I'm sorry...)

"HE hates me!" She wailed hopelessly to Sabrina.

A little part of her felt guilty for forcing her friend to endure her endless babbling but the larger part of her didn't really care about anything other than the misery she was feeling. Ava had spent the rest of the day wallowing in self pity as she would continually cry out that her mate didn't love her, only to have Sabrina disagree every time in an attempt to console her.

But no matter what she said, Ava wouldn't believe a word until she had her Lucas cuddling with her like he was supposed to do. She internally pouted at the fact that he wasn't doing his job.

"I'm sure he doesn't." Sabrina repeated for the thousandth time. "He's absolutely obsessed with you. It's sickening really."

She peered up at her with a distressed look. "Then how come he hasn't come back yet?" It was nearing midnight and he hadn't even returned any of her calls or messages. She was worried about him and nobody else seemed to know where he went when she mind linked her friends.

Sabrina stroked Ava's head sympathetically from her seat on the edge of the bed. The girl hadn't left the room since the afternoon and only when she was forced to take a bath and get ready for bed, did Ava move from her comfortable spot. Sabrina originally wanted to go out for dinner but instead found her friend in a desperate need of pizza, ice cream and a selection of cheesy romantic comedies.

But as sleep began to call for both of them, Ava's mood dampened as she realised Lucas wasn't come home any time soon. She would perk up every time there were footsteps outside her door but immediately deflate when they would walk past.

"He's an Alpha. He's probably got Alpha duties." Sabrina said and then yawned loudly. "It's getting late and Connor's getting angsty. I should probably get going."

Ava nodded and whispered shamefully, "I'm sorry for being a mess."

"Oh Ava, we're all a mess sometimes." She said, walking towards the door.

"Goodnight." Her voice was muffled in her pillow as she spoke weakly.

"Night, Ava." When no other sound followed, she thought she was alone but then Sabrina added softly, "I'm sure he'll be back and sleeping beside you before you know it."


She was wrong.

Lucas didn't return all night and Ava knew this because she didn't get to sleep until the sun began to rise. She was so used to sleeping with him beside her that it felt unusual to be alone. Mixed with the worry of where he was and the unsettling feeling she had in her stomach, it was almost impossible to get a good night's rest. But when the birds starting singing and the sun began to peak through the window, she closed her eyes tightly, forcing herself to get some sleep.

Through some miracle, she did, cocooned in one Lucas' shirts and squeezing Lu Lu the Second tightly. She whined when she felt the stuffed polar bear being pulled away from her, simultaneously rising her out of her slumber.

Ava felt like everyone was leaving her because of her uncontrollable mood swings. Even the polar bear. Don't leave me, Lu Lu the second!

She hugged it tighter to her chest, a small sob escaping her quivering lips. A warm hand startled her by rubbing her head gently but the tingles on her skin and comforting feeling that overcame her, stopped her from calling out for help. Only one person could give her these feelings.

"Lu Lu?" Ava croaked out weakly, her voice hoarse from crying.

A firm kiss was placed on her temple. "I'm here, baby girl. I'm here." He wiped his thumb under her eye where the skin was wet with tears.

With her eyes still closed, she didn't want to look at him because she felt guilty for acting the way she did yesterday. She was a little angry too for him leaving and calling her a brat but she decided to be angry later. If anything, she was just embarrassed about her temper tantrums.

"I'm sorry for being a brat." She whispered.

"You weren't a brat." Lucas replied, sounding guilty himself.

"I know." Ava hid her smile in the polar bear's white fur.

He chuckled deeply. "I'm sorry for calling you that, even if you were annoying." She frowned at that but he continued, "I'm sorry for making you cry."

Finally, she rolled over to look at him, hoping her eyes weren't too noticeably red. "I'm angry at you for leaving." She said, glaring at him.

"I'm sorry about that too." He looked at her with remorse. He had bags under his eyes, his hair was messy and his clothes hadn't changed from yesterday so she assumed his night was as bad as hers was.

She pulled him onto the bed by his hand and made him lie down next to her, before making his arms wrap around her so she could cuddle into his chest with her leg thrown over his hip. "Where did you go?" She asked sleepily.

Lucas kissed her temple again and hugged her tighter. "I wanted to know why your mood swings were so bad. We were warned it would be bad but I didn't know it would be that bad."

She lightly hit his chest playfully and muttered, "you're exaggerating."

"Whatever you say, baby. I just going to get someone ok?"

She nodded and freed him from her capture. After he left, Ava changed into some sweatpants and a cosy sweater, before brushing her teeth.

"Babe?" He called.

"Just a minute." She shouted with difficulty through the toothbrush in her mouth. Quickly washing her mouth out with water, she walked out the bathroom to see Lucas with the pack doctor, Bianca. "Good morning." She smiled politely.

"Good morning, Luna." The lady bowed her head in greeting.

"We were together last night trying to figure out what was happening and if there was any way to make you more like your self." Lucas explained, though it only made her more confused.

"I thought I was having mood swings because I was going through wolf puberty." She said with question.

Bianca lightly laughed and said, "it's not the technical term but yes, that's what we thought. However, we underestimated the hormonal in-balance your body would be experiencing right now. Combined with the fact that you're practically just a pup and that you're a Luna, your human body has to change to get use to these changes. Heat always effects a wolf's hormones too so we know it will begin very soon. It's probably already started."

The words were basically going in one ear and out the other but Lucas would explain it to her afterwards so she didn't ask for the doctor to repeat her words. The lady was quite boring.

"So erm is there like a potion that can help me get through this?" Ava asked, looking at them both.

Lucas ran a hand through his dark brown hair. "Well after hours and hours of searching through many different old, dusty books, we did find something..." he trailed off as he again walked out of the room. Just a few seconds later, he came back in with a little teacup in his hands.

Giggles escaped her at the sight of her large Alpha holding a dainty little pink teacup with flowers painted on it. He walked cautiously as to not spill the liquid inside. When he reached her, he glanced at the doctor and said, "why are you still here, Bianca? You can leave." She scurried out after a small bow to both of them.

"Is this going to make me feel better?" Currently, Ava felt on edge, like any little thing would make her snap. It was like she was on the brink of dancing with happiness, crying with extreme sadness or shouting with anger. She wanted to feel like herself again.

Her boyfriend hummed in agreement and put the cup to her lips before she even had a chance to see what was inside. It tasted fresh and surprisingly quite delicious. It was like magic, as her worries seemed to disappear with every sip she took.

"Mmm. It tastes nice." She said, drinking more of it. "What is it?"

"Chamomile tea." He said.

Ava stared at him with a bewildered look. "This took you all night to find?"

"It worked didn't it?" He took the cup out of her hands to place on their vanity table and held her by the hips. "You're going to be ok, baby. We're ok and I love you so much. You're mine even when you're being your little bratty self."


A day later, Ava was addicted to Chamomile tea. It was definitely helping her control her emotions so with that, she felt it was a tiny little bit easier to lie to Lucas. She didn't want to but there was no other option.

She told him that she was going shopping with Sabrina after school but in actual fact, her father was taking her to the psychiatric hospital to visit her mother. When the idea was brought up to her mate, he instantly said it was a bad idea. He thought she could get hurt both physically and emotionally from the visit. Apparently there was no good outcome.

But, Ava knew it would provide some closure and if her mother could get better and become the loving mother she had always imagined, it would be worth it.

"Are you nervous?" Her father asked her with his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. He was visibly sweating a little as he strained a smile in her direction.

She shrugged, feigning a calm composure but on the inside she was the exact opposite. "Kind of. You?"

Chris copied her and shrugged, before laughing nervously. "Not really."

"You've visited her before right?" She asked.

"Yeah and she was great. The doctors say she's been making great progress." The large hospital was coming into view whilst they tried to find a parking space.

"That's good." Ava muttered.

"I've just not been with you so I hope this doesn't go terribly wrong." His eyes widened and then he loudly said, "not that it will go wrong!"

She didn't respond but nodded absentmindedly. Talking to him wasn't easing her nerves so instead, she took deep breaths and counted square numbers. When they parked up, the two walked up to the front desk where her father asked for Adeline Davies. He looked at the short girl by his side, who was staring at the room that held her mother with a frightened expression.

"It'll be ok, princess. You ready?" He asked, softly.

After a moment of hesitation, she nodded and whispered, "you be brave too, dad."

"I'll try." Chris mumbled.

The woman Ava saw sitting on a chair by the window was someone that looked a lot different from the woman who kidnapped her. Her blonde hair was cut short and her clothes were a clean white compared to the grubby dull ones she had seen her in. Her mother looked happier with the small smile on her face and it enlarged as soon as she saw the people walking to her.

"Chris, honey." She said, standing up to hug him. It was as if the sheepish, afraid Chris had disappeared and was replaced with a happier version. It shouldn't have surprised Ava because she knew he still loved her but she didn't expect them to be so comfortable with each other considering how he was in the car. It was like he forgot why he was nervous in the first place.

"Adeline. I've brought our princess to come see you." He said, pulling the timid girl towards them.

"Ava." Her mother had tears in her eyes and put her hands up as if to cup her face but immediately retracted them when Ava flinched. She smiled as if it didn't bother her. "You've grown up beautifully."

"Thanks." She muttered awkwardly, shifting on her feet and then looked at Chris as if to say 'you say something now.' They moved to sit by a table and exchanged small talk about things such as the weather and how they were feeling, avoiding more serious topics like werewolves and death.

"She has my mother's nose. Doesn't she Chris? She has her nose." Adeline said with excitement.

Ava looked at her closely, like she couldn't believe this was the same woman that had attacked her mate. Maybe Adeline was truly ill and now that she has help, she could be a good person again.

"She does." He smiled, throwing an arm over Ava's shoulder, probably hoping to offer some comfort.

"I've missed you. I've missed you both." She admitted to them with a sad smile. "It's terribly lonely here. Everyone's crazy and I can't talk to them without thinking I'm going to be murdered."

Chris forced a laugh and scratched the back of his neck. "I've missed you too, Adeline." He said, ignoring her last comment.

"The doctors have been saying the amount I've improved is remarkable. I think I'm ready to leave. Do you think you could sign some papers and get me out of here? We can be a family again." She said and reached her hand out to the both of them but neither held her hand.

"I don't think that's the best idea. You need help and this is the best place for it." He paused, probably thinking of how to phrase his next words. "We won't be a family again - not like how we would've been because too much as happened. You know I'm filling for a divorce as soon as you're better." Ava's father explained whilst trying to be as gentle as possible.

A look of anger washed on Adeline's face but she took a breath and quickly covered up the annoyance with a painted on smile. "I understand."

Ava wondered if this was what it was like having parents - them forcing conversations to one another and her being ignored.

Seeing the time on her watch, she knew it was about time to leave. Despite not being there for long, it was a long drive to the hospital so Lucas would be expecting her home soon.

"We should get going." They both turned to her, making her feel even more shy. "Lucas is probably wondering where I am." She mumbled an explanation.

Her mother's face fell as she slowly nodded. "Oh. Ok. Well, I hope you visit soon."

Ava gave her a genuine smile and held her hand for a second. "Of course I will."

"I really hope we can have a normal mother-daughter relationship, Ava." She said.

With an encouraging smile from her father, Ava replied, "sure."

Adeline breathed out a breath of relief and grinned at them. "Now I feel so much better. All I need now is your apology."

Ava blinked up at her. "My what?"

"Your apology for being the reason my dear sister is dead." Her mother said as if it wasn't the most absurd thing ever said.

"What did you just say to her?" Chris narrowed his eyes.

"What? It's her fault that Veronica is dead. They are teaching us forgive and forget in therapy and I am willing to forgive our little Ava if she apologises."

"NO!" She yelled, standing up from her seat. "How dare you?! Why would I apologise for doing something that saved my mate's life?" It's not like she was glad she killed someone but there was no other option if she wanted to save Lucas' life. She would do it again without hesitation.

Adeline's face changed into a look of fury. "Now I'm happy I wasn't there to watch you turn into such a horrid child, a cold blooded murderer. I would choose Veronica over you any day." She spat.

"You won't change will you?! Veronica has completely manipulated you into a different person. She's the bad one that took our little girl away from us. She's the murderer." Chris said in sympathy for the wife he once knew.

"Veronica deserves to be dead." Ava hissed coldly, her eyes narrowed into slits. She had never felt so much hatred for a person, especially for someone she was supposed to call her mum.

Clearly, that was the last straw for Adeline as she raised her hand to slap her but before it made impact, Ava grabbed her wrist and squeezed it harshly with her newfound strength. "Don't you dare touch me." She said slowly, watching her mother wince at the pain in her wrist.

Ava pushed her away in disgust but stared in shock as the woman screamed and lunged for her. Luckily, Chris grabbed her by the waist to hold her back and yelled for help. Nurses came rushing in with a needle, speedily getting it ready to sedate her.


"Well... that went well." Chris said, breaking the tense silence on the car ride home.

Stunned by what happened, Ava hadn't said a word since the incident. She went in thinking she didn't particularly like her mother and in the middle of the visit, she thought there was a chance they could bond but by the end, Ava knew she hated her. Now she knew there would never be a positive relationship between them.

"I'm sorry, princess. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have brought you to see that woman." He said sadly.

It's not your fault. At least I'm not going to be wondering what would've happened. At least now I know I hate her. She wanted to say that but couldn't open her mouth to say the words. She was too exhausted.

After a short nap, she woke up to her father shaking her shoulder. "We're home." He said.

Groggily, she walked to the front door and mentally prepared herself for the anger that awaited her from behind the door. She could already hear Lucas' voice shouting from inside.

As soon as she opened the door and walked through, Ava saw that his face was tense with worry. His head whipped around, ready to give her an earful, but as soon as he saw her face, his features softened.

The dam inside her broke and tears poured down her face. She ran into his open arms, sobbing for the picture perfect family she could never have.


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I'm sorry... for this Christmas joke!
Q: What do you call a bankrupt Santa?
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