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Chapter Thirty Eight

"WHAT do you call a cow that eats your grass?"

Lucas stifled a groan as he lost his train of thought again. His mate was continuously thinking of one terrible joke after the other, aiming to make him laugh. He hadn't been concentrating on school work recently anyway because he had been preparing for the Luna ceremony that was tomorrow. So, he didn't need to be distracted with lame jokes. He also didn't want Ava to fail her exams if she wasn't paying attention.

"Listen to the teacher Ava." He scolded her.

"WRONG! The answer was lawn moo-er. Lawn MOO-er! Are you laughing? Are people looking at you weird?" She laughed evilly through the mind link.

"Ava l- "

She interrupted him by saying, "now this one! Why did the cat go to Minnesota?"

He decided to humour her and finally asked, "why?"

"To get a mini soda!" When he didn't respond for a few long seconds, she sighed exasperatedly. "It's not as funny with our accent. Here, I'll say it again in an American one so pretend you don't know the answer. Why did the cat go to Minnesota?"

Lucas forgot he was in a classroom for a second and face palmed at her terrible impersonation of an American person, earning a multiple of confused looks. I have a weirdo for a mate.

"Yoo-hoo. Don't ignore me Lucas James Owen."

"James isn't my middle name." He told her with confusion.

"It's not?... What is your middle name then?" Ava asked, curiously.

"I don't have one."

"Well... well, you should have one!!" She yelled, making him wince. "And it should be James!"

"Don't yell in my head. People are looking at me like I'm crazy." He told her in a soft yet serious voice.

She only mumbled, "don't look crazy then."

He sighed and again, scolded her for distracting him before telling her to listen to the teacher and do her work.

"I can't! It's sooo boring. Mason's asleep and Sabrina's texting Connor." Ava whined in response.

"Pay attention to the teacher and be a good Luna role model, baby." Lucas said, trying to convince her knowing that the Luna card would work.

She grumbled a fine and shut the mind link, leaving Lucas to carry on with his work. Soon after, the lesson ended so he packed his things in a hurry to reach Ava in time. The hallways would get crowded quickly and if he wasn't there with her, she'd be carried away by the herd of students and get scared.

Lucas pushed his way to her classroom and saw her standing on her tip toes to look through the hallway in the opposite direction of him. She was stood with Mason - Sabrina having probably left to find Connor. With Ava in sight, he relaxed a little and then smirked as an idea popped into his mind.

Sneaking closer with the goal to frighten his mate a little, he held his arms out to grab her shoulders but let out an unexpected scream when she spun around and shouted, "BOO!"

"Ava! Don't do that!" He pouted at her, pulling her into a hug while she laughed loudly at him.

"Y-your f-f-face..." Ava couldn't finish her sentence as her words swallowed by her laughter.

Unfortunately, Mason also found the scare humorous and he finished her sentence. "...was hil-hilarious!" But after being sent a hard glare, he stopped laughing and coughed, adding, "Alpha."

"Yeah yeah. It wasn't that funny." He grumbled as he began to walk through the corridor with Ava by his side and Mason following behind.

His tiny mate giggled and leaned up to kiss his cheek, only reaching his jaw. "I smelt you coming by the way."

He looked at her with raised eyebrows. "Getting used to your new abilities then?"

Ava shrugged and tilted her head up, pulling a disgusted face. "I don't know. You were always a bit smelly."

In response, he feigned a hurt look, before suddenly tickling her side. Despite torturing her, the action produce a look of joy on her face, a look he absolutely adored on her. Only, it didn't last long as it morphed into a pained one in just a fraction of a second. Immediately, he pulled away from her in fear he had hurt her.

She gasped and held her arm out to lean on the wall. Lucas didn't need to sniff the air as the scent of his mate in heat filled his nostrils. The scent was complete, unsaturated arousal and made it hard for him to contain his wolf, more so than usual. His muscles tensed and his eyes darkened instantly.

A scream brought him out of his stupor and his attention was put back onto Ava. From a quick glance around them, he saw that it had captured the attention of other people too. The humans looked at her in worry where as the pack members were sniffing the air, them too smelling Ava's arousal.

"What's happen- " Mason began to ask when he caught up but didn't finish his question as he, too, smelt the scent in the air. Being an unmated male, his wolf felt the desire to mate with the female wolf in heat. He stiffened and briskly covered his nose and mouth with his hand. "You should get her out of here."

"It's b-burning!" She cried. Her knees buckled so Lucas swiftly lifted her up, cradling her in his arms and carried her to his car. "There's f-fire in m-my v-v-veins! Aghh!"

His heart clenched at her screams while his eyes clouded with lust. Lucas attempted to focus on getting her away from all the unmated males. He already grew angry and the thought of anyone seeing his mate in such a vulnerable state was infuriating.

He went to place her in the seat but Ava's hand had a tight, unmoving grip on his shirt. Remembering that Bianca had told him the pain would ease with a mate's touch, he held her closer to him and decided to run to the pack house. It wouldn't be safe to drive with her in his lap and he definitely couldn't let go of her now.

Just breathe through your mouth. Just breathe through you mouth and power through for Ava. In his head, he chanted encouraging words to himself and breathed with a clenched jaw. With her powerful, alluring scent surrounding him, Lucas was afraid he'd lose control and do something he'd regret.

"L-Lucas, it h-hurts. Make the p-pain go a-away."

Her begging didn't help. A step closer to the house was another part of his self control withering away. She was in pain and he knew the solution. Every single instinct told him to help his mate and to relieve her of her suffering - to show her he can make her scream in a different kind of way.

But, Lucas didn't respond to her in fear of what would happen if he stopped running and took the time to actually look at her tempting body and innocent eyes that pleaded him to take her. She had no idea of the kind of power she had over him.

Luckily, it only took a few minutes to get home with his rapid sprinting, despite having a screaming body in his arms. He quickly ran past the past members that stared at their Luna in shock and some with blushing faces as they assumed what would happen next.

He brought her to their room and gently threw her onto the large bed, before hurrying to the bathroom in order to run a towel under some cold water.

"Aghhh. Lucas!" Ava screaming his name and writhing in his bed sheets with a layer of sweat in her skin was the sight that greeting him back into the room. It was a sight that very well almost killed him.

Practically leaping to her, he placed the towel on her forehead. Her clothes were matted with sweat and her skin burned to the touch. Lucas touched her face to feel the heat of her skin and noticed the previously cold towel had turned hot almost instantaneously.

"It feels like in on f-fire! Am I in heat?" She half asked and half screamed.

"Yes but you're going to be ok." Lucas said through gritted teeth and began to strip himself down to his boxers. "I'm going to take your clothes off, ok baby girl? Skin on skin contact will help with the pain. We don't have to do anything but I'm staying with you." He assured her.

She gave him a weak nod and wrapped her hands around his neck and weaving her nimble fingers through hair, attempting to pull him down to her. He gave her a quick kiss and then without hesitation, shed Ava of her shirt and jeans, leaving her in a pair of, to his surprise, dark red lace bra and thong.

Oh Moon Goddess give me strength.

Knowing he didn't want anyone to disturb them and walk into the room, especially any males, he ran over to lock the door and then scooped Ava into his arms. He made sure his scent surround her as his possessiveness was at an all time high. He wanted her to forget anyone else existed.

Her screams subsided when their limbs were intertwined with each other's. Lucas' arms enveloped Ava's body, nearly covering her entirely. Where as Ava had her chest pressed against his and was only pulling him closer with her arms around his neck. This made her face just a centimetre apart from his. Every small movement was an Eskimo kiss and just a little closer would've had their lips brush against each other. He looked into her eyes whilst feeling her every breath hit his face.

Lucas even felt her breathing hitch when his groin moved against her slightly. He couldn't help but do it again with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, straddling him so their fronts touched.

They felt every inch of each other but it wasn't enough for him and from the lust evident in her eyes, it wasn't enough for her either.

"Please Lucas. I'm ready." She whimpered, brushing her soft lips against his. Ava must've sensed his hesitation because she said in a more seductive whisper, "I need you."

His grip on her tightened and pressed a sensual kiss to her lips. "I can't hold back anymore." He warned her, giving her a chance to back out and tell him to stop.

She let out a breathy moan when his kisses trailed down the side of her neck. When she gained the ability to speak again, she said, "don't hold back then."


Soft silky skin and mangos. That was the first thing Lucas was aware of when he awoke. Her skin touching his.

Memories of what happened last night ran through his mind, making him nuzzle into the back of Ava's neck and groan at the thoughts. He had never felt closer to her, both physically and emotionally.

He pressed slow kisses on her neck, hoping to wake her. The Luna ceremony was in a couple of hours and there was a lot of preparation needed to be done but he didn't want to rush her and ruin their morning, especially after the night they had.

Eventually, she began to stir in his arms. He trailed kisses on her shoulders and intertwined their fingers. "Morning." He said, his voice husky.

"Morning." She replied and rolled over to look him in the face.

"Last night was..."


He grinned and kissed her nose, causing her to scrunch it up cutely. "So, red lacy thong huh? My girl isn't so innocent after all."

Her face turned scarlet, causing him to chuckle at her shyness. "Sabrina knew my heat was coming up so she made me buy them so I'd be prepared." She explained quietly.

Lucas ran a hand down her side and hummed in content as he eyed the love bites he had left on her skin. "Remind me to thank her." They stayed silent, basking in each other's company, when he said at last, "the Luna Ceremony is in a few hours. Sabrina is meeting you to get ready remember."

Ava's eyes widened and she abruptly sat up, leaving her bare chest uncovered from Lucas's hungry eyes. "We're going to be late!" She made a move to get out of bed but winced a little.

He pushed her down gently and climbed on top of her. "We can be a little late." He said with a smirk.


"Are you nervous?" Lucas heard Ryan ask beside him.

"No." He lied.

"Do you think Ava's going to be nervous?" His second in command asked.

"No." He lied again. Ava had already admitted to being utterly terrified and had apologised in advance for throwing up on him on stage. He had to reassure her that it wouldn't happen before sending her off with Sabrina to get ready.

Lucas looked at his father sitting in the audience. John managed to give him a proud smile before Connor announced that it was time and everyone's attention was brought to the doorway.

The Luna ceremony was an Alpha's equivalent to a wedding. It was when the Alpha accepts his mate as his one true love, the one he will spend the rest of his life with, accepting that they'll lead the pack together and in the future, produce new heirs to do the same.

If anything, it was much more important than marriage. The bond was something more than a piece of paper that could be easily broken.

Lucas' thoughts weren't easing his nerves but when he saw her, there was no running away because he couldn't even begin to imagine doing anything else but standing in that exact spot. She was breath-taking.

They made eye contact, smiling at each other like they knew what the other was thinking. "You look stunning." He mind linked her.

Ava blushed adorably as she took his outstretched hand to stand in front of him. He struggled to remember the words he had practiced for so long however when he opened his mouth, the words seemed to flow freely.

Through every sentence and every word, he expressed his feelings to the entire pack. He made Ava understand that the feelings he had weren't temporary. They would last a lifetime and forever after that. For she had belonged to him since he found her on his tree when he was six years old. And even now, everyone knew she was his.


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